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Why Every Woman Wants an Alpha Male 

Most women don't need a dominant alpha male, they just want one.

By Jus L'amorePublished 7 years ago 4 min read

I never put much thought into what being an alpha male consists of. Honestly, it wasn’t until I became addicted to my kindle and started reading hundreds upon hundreds of erotic and romance novels that I really began to appreciate and understand this hot ass, in charge, take no prisoners type of man. When I used to fantasize about a man it would usually involve some baby-faced asshole with a lot of tattoos and a shitty attitude, but now, as I have gotten older, that imaginary arrogant dick wad is no longer able to dampen my panties. What turns me on these days is a confident, hard working, respectable, and stable man (who of course is still colorfully tatted and a filthy bedroom talker, duh).

Why the change? Well I don’t know, for starters if I were to magically be unmarried and able to hook up with that twenty-five-year-old cocky douche bag, I would probably punch his lights out before he even got the tip in. I have no patience for moochers, fighters, and conceited boys like I once did. However, when I was twenty-three, the ruder you were to me, the more I wanted you. It was so sick and twisted yet I see so many young women following the same path. Now in my thirties, when I see my handsome husband come home from a hard day of work, smother my son in kisses, help me with the dishes, and then work on his motorcycle, I am practically bent over and panting before sundown.

Ok, enough about my personal alpha and masturbation material, let us discuss what makes a man an alpha male, so alpha. The guy who makes a lot of money, spends a lot of money, and then talks about all that money, he is NOT an alpha male, he is a just a dude with a small dick and a fat wallet. A true alpha sees no reason to flaunt or boast and definitely has nothing to prove. The man he is day in and day out is enough proof of what he stands for. True alpha man are what they are. Thats part of the whole alpha thing.

Physically Fit

How can this sexy, witty, caring man be fully happy with himself without his exterior matching the interior? I am not saying he has to be this gym-obsessed, salad-eating robot, but he has to give a shit about his health and looks. A diet goes a long way.


While most of the above traits make up a very serious man, a real alpha is also able to let loose and have fun. He has a sharp sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh with his jokes, not because he needs the attention but because he genuinely like to laugh with other people. Thats hot.

Good Friends

Good men surround themselves with other good men. They have a tight group of trust worthy friends who encourage and motivate each other. Whether they are geeking out over the newest movie or playing sports, friendship is important. If you think you have an alpha but notice all his friends are total jackasses, chances are he is putting on a show.


A true man is not afraid to show compassion. While he may not display this side of him 24-7, deep down he is kind, caring, and understanding. For example, Tim McGraw is a kick ass country music heartthrob but he still writes love ballads for his wife. Don't confuse tears with compassion.

Good Dresser

There is no specific dress code for an alpha. While most of my dream worthy alphas rock impeccable well-fitted suits that does not mean it should be his uniform. The key here is dressing appropriate, dressing confident, and the ability to self-express. I find a man in dope kicks just as fly as a man in a tux, place and time correct.

Dominant Lover

That’s right people, an alpha male knows what he wants in the bedroom. His confidence and passion for life only add to his healthy sexual appetite. He is not afraid to take charge and definitely not shy to please his partner. Once again, don’t mistake aggressiveness for dominance. The key to the alpha is creative expression during sex. Learning something new from your man is hot.

Strong Moral Code

A good man possesses a strong moral code. He doesn't degrade others. He is composed and well mannered when need be and never looks to bully or put down anyone. Whether he is at the gym working out his abs, or standing around the water cooler, he keeps his judgments to himself.


This confident man should also be super passionate about life. He looks forward to each new day, setting goals and conquering them. Not just with work, but with love, health, and pleasure as well.


Many alpha males like to be their own boss, not letting anyone stand in the way of their goals. They have a passion for rising up the corporate ladder. Same goes for relationships, when they see the woman they want they go for it. Alpha men are very entrepreneurial at heart.


A true alpha male believes in himself and his actions. He doesn’t fear other people or what they think of him. Just be sure to never mistake a confident man with a cocky man. One can back up his claim, the other is Donald Trump.

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Sometimes offensive yet mostly sweet. Always honest and often vulgar. I'm a wife, MILF, and everyone's homey. From trends and sex to mom life and fitness, I tell it how it is and not how it should be.

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