Why Does the Sex Have to Dwindle??

After all these years....

Why Does the Sex Have to Dwindle??

Imagine this, you've been with someone over five years. You are still being intimate but only a few times a week at best. It's frustrating!

When the relationship started, you couldn't keep your hands of each other. Sneaking off, to any dark area, a place where you cannot be seen for a quickie because neither of you can wait until later to have him inside. This lasts for the first few years and it is exciting!

Now as you lie on the bed one Saturday morning, he wakes before you. His movements tell you he is done sleeping, but you stay there, eyes closed hoping for that morning quickie. He sits on the bed, watching TV as you wait.

Pushing the covers down, acting like you are just trying to get more comfortable but really, you are showing him that your attire is less than inappropriate. That almost see through tank top, outlines every part of your ever hardening nipple. The pretty pink color can be seen through the barely there material.

You know he looks back at you more than once. You know he can see that you are turned on by something. Still, he sits, paying more attention to the television and animals that come in and out of the room than you.

In your head, you are screaming "Take me Dammit!" to no avail. What happened to the man that attacked your body every chance he got? Your interest in him had not changed, it has actually grown into more desire. Thinking about it, you wonder how it is that after all these years, you are even more attracted to him than when you met. What the hell is wrong with him? Had he lost his need to penetrate you? Had he found someone else? Knowing the latter is not true, you beg for him to realize that you want him. Must you yell, "Can you not see I'm horny?" at him?

This is the question I am pondering over this Monday afternoon. What happened to make the sex dwindle?

I understand that after years of being together, residing in the same home, spending so much time with one another, you get comfortable. But, does that mean that the sex should suffer? Women need that intimacy, we need that closeness, some more than others.

Yes, we often hear men complaining that she always says "No," or "She doesn't give it up enough." There are also women saying the same thing about their man. I am one of them. I believe, no matter how long the relationship is, making love, fucking, foreplay, screwing, quickies, should happen at the least five times a week. Even if it's just oral play, it should be done.

A type of depression hits when we go days without that sexual interaction. Men say that their woman are distant or pissy all the time. It can be easily resolved. Hug her, touch her, kiss her. Even the simplest form of intimacy is enough to pull us out of that depression. The problem is, we have to ask for it. If we are constantly asking for that simple thing, it makes the depression grow deeper.

Having to lead you to what we want frustrates us, pisses us off, increases the anger. Men do not think of these things. They get comfortable and take those simple, trivial things for granted. Large expressions of love are not what we desire. We desire those stolen kisses, the hidden brush of our nipple in a public place, the sly smile telling us you are going to make us feel sore in the morning. They drive us wild with anticipation. It is so exciting, revving our motor is what we need. Just DON'T NOT FOLLOW THROUGH! Do not make the gesture or promise and then fail when it is time to come through.

Don't tell me how much you love being inside me, or how excited you get touching me and then not show me any type of want for days after. As time goes by, those words become lies which are followed by tears after you blow inside, roll over, leaving us unsatisfied.

Always make sure she is more than pleased before you let yourself go, guys! You have no idea how much that means to us. It shows us an importance that you cannot in everyday life.

All I ask in ending this rant is, stop letting the sex dwindle! Ravage us from time to time. Make love to us the others. If there's only a moment, play with us, make us feel special. Showing us that intimacy keeps our head, heart, and vagina happy.

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