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Why Do Guys like Sexting? Here are 7 Reasons

by Alicenaraa Naraa 12 months ago in advice

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages and pictures to another person.

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages and pictures to another person. It is, however, worth noting that this act is viewed differently by both men and women. Most women shy off sexting because they consider it a form of intimacy. Research shows that women in healthy relationships will not likely sext a stranger or past lover but will likely sext their current partners. However, men in healthy relationships will sext a stranger without flinching. That brings us to question why it is so easy for them. This article explores some of the reason guys like sexting.

1. They want fun

Guys see sexting as a way of having fun and experimenting what’s out there for them. A guy who is bored and chooses to sext a lady, pretty much wants to experience fun. Sending dirty messages isn’t an issue to them as long as they pour their immediate lust and get someone who’s willing to pour their smuttiness out as well.

2. They want sex

A man who desires a certain lady wouldn’t mind sexting her when the opportunity arises. It will be a boost to his ego plus the guy may see it as an opportunity to show his prowess to the lady and eventually win her, even just for a fling. Other times, the guy may be horny, and may be looking for a way to satisfy his desires, in return he will sext with the view that he is doing the act itself.

3. They do not think its wrong

Mixing technology and relationships complicates how we view some issues in life. Some people think sexting is not cheating. Some guys view sexting as a casual conversation with a friend. As long as they have not done the act itself then they will not think it is wrong. At times, they may feel guilty and hide it from their partners but the excitement that comes with such sneaky texts makes them think its not really a bad thing.

4. Get a sexy picture

Sometimes all guys want from sexting is to get a sexy nude photo from ladies. Some guys do not mind if the face is hidden as long as they are staring at a naked body before them. In contrast, however, some men prefer lady’s nude that exposes her body and face, they see it as an element of trust.

5. Failed Relationships

One reason that could make guys sext is a failed relationship. This could be due to being cheated on or their inability to be faithful in a relationship. In order for them not feel single and horrible, they opt to sext. This makes then feel empowered because someone out there thinks of them as attractive.

6. Excitement

Partners who have been in a relationship for some years can testify that at some point the thrill in their love starts to fade. The relationship becomes boring and monotonous. Guys in such situations will likely fall into the temptation of sexting so as to get the excitement the relationship does not offer.

7. Validation

Individuals who experience low self esteem can turn to sexting to show off their prowess of how ‘manly' they are. This could be, because nobody recognizes them, or are eyeing a lady who is out of his league and cannot have her. By showing how strong they’re built, how dirty they can sext and how experienced they are, they expect to impress their sexting partners and in return get validation that someone out their thinks of them as hot.

There are many other reasons out there why guys sext, and this are just some of the reasons why that guy is sexting you all night.


Alicenaraa Naraa

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Alicenaraa Naraa
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