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Who Exactly Spurts the Cream of Useful Ideologies?

by Roscoe Forthright 2 years ago in politics
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Not smart dead people of the 20th Century.

We need a better plan.

Roscoe Forthright is more likely to create a useful philosophy, like Spiritual Fucking, or Blow-Jobs for Higher Consciousness, than followers of Jung, The Communist Party of China or any elected leader in the United States of America or European Union. And certainly not Vladimir Putin. The smart professors at major universities, worldwide, are adding nothing useful to the conversation. Much of what they think up and publish never reaches anyone except other professors. Much of what they publish has more to do with furthering their careers, than providing useful new ideas for the organization of governments and economies.

I remain astonished by what humans deliberately did to each other during the 20th Century. Many of the failed philosophies of the 20th Century have been dragged into the 21st Century, and continue to cause horrors. The Communist Party of China enslaving its people; millions of citizens in the Mid-East, Africa, Mexico and Central America fleeing failed governments, hoping not to die, hoping to build some reasonable way of life elsewhere. We truly need a better plan. The old, failed self-destructive ideologies, and the religions which support and collude with those ideologies must be replaced by something more useful, workable, customizable, rational, and above all~~ less self-destructive and genocidal.

When business or political leaders decide they are more important than other people, and their ideas and their way of doing things are the only way, and they push that agenda on the rest of society, pushing self-destructive behaviors into the lives of tens of millions of people. The people have three choices: acquiesce to the dictatorial control, roll over and die, or revolt. Not one of these three choices is good for any society or civilization. The body is fighting against itself. Individuals no longer see themselves as an integral part of a viable Oneness. And the leaders falsely believe they are in charge of the the Oneness, keeping it all together. They are, in reality, destroying the Oneness, destroying all common good by the arrogant misuse of their power. This is what created our current form of global economics and politics, which can only be called, Economic Slavery. Economic slavery for hundreds of millions of people. Billions, when we include China and India. Who thought that up? Who decided that was the best way to run a planet? I was never asked to vote on that agenda.

The well-paid slaves put up with it, and tell themselves everything will be OK (at least for me and my immediate family.) The ten of millions of people who barely survive in this slavery system, are pushed around one generation to the next, and the ultra-wealthy seem to think that is the best way to run the planet. It makes the most cash in the least amount of time. Everyone gets a cell phone. And we get to monitor them, and fed them propaganda over their cell phones. We notice big Hollywood movies. In the past 50 years some of the most successful films have been about slaves revolting: Spartacus (1960) , Gladiator (2000) and the Hunger Games films. Why? Because we all know we are slaves, and we want to be courageous like Kirk Douglas, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Lawrence. Bollywood also offers films where the handsome, young free hero, triumphs over the bad leaders of government.

We do not see such films made in China. From China, we get the cheery Kung-Fu Panda.

It remains an historical fact: the 20th Century was the most destructive era of human history, and many bad ideas from that century are still in play in the 21st Century. Self-delusion and self-destruction continue because tens of millions of people remain unaware, uneducated to the basic facts of their existence. That is: their reliance on economic slavery as a form of economics and a form of political control. Leaders of nations are especially arrogant and uninformed. Many seem to enjoy being uninformed, and listen to no one other than themselves. Many enjoy being the top dogs in the kennel of top dogs-- biting and shitting whenever and wherever they want to.


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Roscoe Forthright

Erotic filmmaker and novelist. I use x-rated heterosexual short films as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. Laugh all you want. This actually works for many people. Fucking is universal! And very popular!

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