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The Horned-God Demands Full, Gushing Erections

by Roscoe Forthright 2 years ago in religion
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(excerpt from the novel, GRIMOIRE.)

Horned God by Allan Spiers

The following are the closing pages of one scene, in my unpublished pagan novel, GRIMOIRE. A filmmaker goes into the woods with his actress-witches, to make a documentary of a pagan ritual, a ritual to invoke the presence of the Horned-God, the Cosmic Masculine-- and they all get more than they ever imagined.


The girls now remove their robes and sit close to their god The High Priest now manifesting Deity. The Horned-God Himself. Drawn into the body and mind of the priest, the Horned-God now sits down with His worshipers. He sits crossed-legged like a yogi. His shiny cock, fully erection appears to shimmer and emanate radiant energy, and deep-purple light. The girls lay their heads in the lap of their God, mouths and adoring eyes inches away from the sacred, glowing cock. With one hand, each girl grabs the long, alluring erection. All three girls, all three hands stack up along the shaft, between pendulous testicles and bulbous cockhead. Like stacking hands on a large, purple, glowing baseball bat.

The cockhead now emits radiant sound, a resonant humming-- OMMMMMMMMMM! It changes color an appears azure blue, while the rest of the Holy Phallus remains deep purple. At this moment, the High Priest, the tattooed, muscular handsome young man, appears to be in seizure. His eyes roll up and back into his head. Something is not right. Some inner torment is shaking the young man. Not knowing what to do, the three girls continue to knead, kiss, lick and caress the full erection, hoping the seizure will subside and pass.

Suddenly, the crisis is over. The High Priest is serene. A smile spreads across his face. In a voice, not his own, the High Priest says: “Remain calm, young ladies. The Lord Shiva now commands your priest. I have entered his mind and body. Your ceremony, intended to summon the pagan god, has summoned Me, Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds. Fear not. There is nothing in your minds or hearts which needs destroying today. Unintentionally, you have performed the precise Rites to bring Me into manifestation, to appear before you, to speak my Mind in plain, easily understood English.

The phallic rite, sucking, kissing and stroking the cosmic cock, and the sincerity of your intentions have brought you exactly what you desired. I am the Horned-God, and also one hundred-fifty-seven thousand other gods, on twenty-thousand worlds. I precede and follow the creation of every planet capable of sustaining intelligent life. I create and I destroy. This is my cosmic nature. In the sacred literature of India, in the Vedas, nothing is as holy as the worship of my phallus, and images of my phallus.” The God laughs, “Very few humans get to see my erect cock in person. Consider yourselves blessed. In the past 10,000 years only 512 men and women have seen my living, naked erection. Only 43 human females have tasted my semen.”

The God is silent for a moment.

Lord Shiva continues, “It is no accident the creative energy and power of the Universe is masculine, and the creative receiver, birth-mother and teacher of the Universe is feminine. Both the Sacred Cock, and the Sacred Vagina are essential to the swirling cosmos, essential to keep planets within their orbits, essential to keep human minds in balance, to move those minds away from self-destruction. Therefore, the Sacred Phallus and the Sacred Vagina, the Spurting Cock and the Orgasmic Vagina should be worshiped with intense devotion, with a humble spirits, spirits eager to learn Divine Cosmic Truths.

I say all this, because hundreds of millions of people on your planet remain unaware, uneducated to the facts of their own existence. Their minds and bodies are separated from the Oneness, because they have had little or no education about Divine Truth. I come to teach you one basic fact. And hope you share this knowledge with other people: Each living human being is an essential cell in the living tissue of the Universe. The Cosmos Itself relies on daily interaction between healthy, joyful living cells. When millions of people are killed for no good reason in wars, or specific acts of violence, the Universe Itself is harmed and diminished. When a planet such as yours, continues to perpetuate self-destruction, the citizens learning nothing worthwhile at all, over centuries and centuries of war and slavery. I step in, and annihilate the planet. If the disease has been particularly pernicious, I annihilate the whole star system, and sometimes the whole galaxy. Bad behavior by a handful of powerful humans, on one world, depletes and destroys the creative spiritual energy of other planets, even uninhabited planets. I am the Ultimate Solution to the bad behavior of your selfish, small-minded, uninspiring, short-sighted, self-destructive global leaders.”


About the author

Roscoe Forthright

Erotic filmmaker and novelist. I use x-rated heterosexual short films as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. Laugh all you want. This actually works for many people. Fucking is universal! And very popular!

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