What Happens at 3:07 AM

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What Happens at 3:07 AM

Scarlet felt fingertips dancing on her ankles. She could feel the edges of sleep slipping away as hands massaged her calves. She moaned as her eyes began to flutter open. The lights were still off. Turning her head to the side, she read the blaring red numbers off the alarm clock.

3 : 0 7 A M

The sun that would typically be shining through the windows slept peacefully outside the cozy house. She closed her eyes back before the patterns began tracing back over her legs.

“Are you awake yet?” asked a low voice from beneath the sheets.

Scarlet made a small ‘mmmm’ sound before pulling the sheets over her head. Underneath sat a very pleased looking girlfriend of hers. Veronica sat between her legs running fingernails running over her skin. Her brunette hair still messed up from their lovemaking an hour ago. Red lipstick still smeared across her skin. Sweaty hair stuck to her forehead.

“If you stay awake, I promise to make it worth it.”

She raised an eyebrow. “How?”

“Maybe I’ll eat you out… maybe I’ll tie you up… or maybe I’ll tease you to the point that you beg me to fuck you with my huge cock,” Veronica whispered, licking up her thighs where arousal was already forming.

Fuck, she knew how to get to her. Even at 3:00 AM.

“Well,” she drawled out, letting her words wash over the woman currently kneeling between her legs. She dropped the blanket, covering her face. “Get to it, then.”

First, was the tongue.

Veronica knew precisely how to play her. She started by teasing the folds, running her tongue between them, drinking up every bit of arousal, teasing her clit just barely. Scarlet gasped. She knew the teasing would lead her to the highest points, but she knew better than to let Veronica know how much she was affecting her. Not yet. Not so soon.

But, they had been having sex for several hours. Even asleep, she had already been worked up. She was already sore—bruises and bite marks from their play for domination earlier.

Scarlet reached her head down beneath the covers, gripping her hair and pulling her closer against her core. “Fucking do it.”

Veronica moaned, each gasp and pull of the hair fueling her on.

“God, I could bury my face in your pussy for days,” Veronica worshipped, “You taste so good.”

Scarlet grinned, tugging more at her hair, knowing that with each second Veronica grew harder and harder. She wanted that cock buried deep inside her, making her scream, making her wail, driving her to the point of insanity.

“Fuck… yes, baby,” she moaned, each thrust of her expert tongue making her come further undone. “Fuck. Give it to me. You know how I like it.”

Veronica grinned before shoving her fingers inside the cunt she adored. The scream made it worth it as arousal coated her long, slender fingers.

“Yes, oh fuck—Veronica—fuck me, please,” Scarlet begged, sweat dripping down her skin. Her hips moved of their own accord, in time with the pace Veronica set.

Veronica continued licking and sucking at her clit. It was red, swollen, and throbbing. Hard. She drew each whimper and moan out from those delicious red lips. She worshipped this cunt. She explored every inch, every spot, every area that made Scarlet gasp and plead and beg.

It hadn’t already been this easy. In the beginning, it had been more of a struggle. Scarlet and Veronica clashed immediately. Both of them struggling for dominance early in their acquaintanceship, never friendship, jumped straight to hate fucking and then slowly it had morphed into Scarlet staying the night.

It had morphed into Veronica cooking breakfast in the morning.

It had morphed into Scarlet buying her the occasional present—usually some sort of scantily-scantily-clad lingerie for one of their nightly encounters.

Suddenly, the two couldn’t keep themselves off each other or out of their bedrooms.

“God—fuck, yes, Veronica. Please, please, please!”

“I love it when you beg like a bitch.”

With a sudden force, Veronica pushed Scarlet over. She found herself on her hands and knees, suddenly face pushed into the bed, as she slapped her ass.

The surprise hitch in her breath was always worth it.

The sting from the slap sent waves from the contact of hand to flesh all the way out to her fingers and toes. Scarlet let out a moan that could be considered feral. Her back arched, giving Veronica complete access.

“I love it, even more, when you act like the bitch you are.”

“Say that again, and I will take this cunt away from you.”

“Oh, are you making threats?” Veronica teased, her sing-song voice sending waves of rage throughout Scarlet. Her cheeks flushed red from the embarrassment she claimed to hate, but it always made her cum so much harder. “That’s cute.”

Veronica run her fingers down her spine, slowly lowering until she felt goosebumps and shivers erupt over her lover’s skin. “We both know who you belong to here.”

“I don’t belong to anyone.”

“That’s right.” Veronica rolled her eyes, using her other hand to play with the sensitive folds out on display for her. “So, you’re saying that this pussy does not belong to me?”

Scarlet’s retort got lodged in her throat when she felt her girlfriend’s cock against her entrance. Her fingers gripped the sheets. Fuck.

“Because… if it doesn’t… then I might as well put it away,” Veronica drawled, her tone absent-minded, which drove Scarlet crazy.

It was only when she felt Veronica start to pull away that her voice betrayed her and she shouted, “No!”

“Oh?” Veronica grinned, her eyes flashing. “Well, then are we in agreement of this property situation?”

Scarlet let her head fall to the sheets. She knew she was done for. She needed that cock inside her more than she needed to breathe.

“Yes,” she gasped out, “it’s yours.”

Her reward came in the complete fulfillment she got when Veronica slid inside of her. Scarlet gasped as Veronica bent over her, her fingers wrapping around her wrists and holding her in place.

“You’re going to let me fuck this pussy?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Good girl,” she whispered directly into her ear, the hot breath making the girl underneath her squirm. “And you will scream my name?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“And this pussy belongs to me?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“And who do you belong to?”

Scarlet blinked, choking on the words. “I belong to you. Always.”

Veronica pushed her hair behind her ear, the gentle action always reminding her sub that this was more than domination. Scarlet felt her muscles relaxing, her body submitting, and her mind going blank. A sharp pull on her hair letting her know who was in charge.

“There she is. That’s right. That’s my good girl,” Veronica whispered, slowly beginning to slide in and out of her. Scarlet’s walls closed in, swallowing her, making Veronica’s eyes roll into the back of her head. It continued to amaze her how good having her cock shoved inside this pussy felt. It was like nothing else. It drove her crazy with want and need. She moved faster.

“Please, Miss. Oh god, fuck me.”

Scarlet moaned at each thrust, meeting each one with enthusiasm. She rocked back and forth, feeling herself open up more and more each time. Veronica ran her fingers over her back, drawing sharp pants from the woman below. Scarlet breathed through her teeth as she fought the strangled moan of pain and pleasure.

“Now… do we want to try that again, dear?” Veronica chastised, clucking her tongue before continuing to thrust harder and deeper. “Who is my little bitch?”

“I am…” she garbled into the sheets, her mouth drooling. “I am your little bitch.”

“Good girl,” she whispered, pulling her head up so that her ear was next to her mouth. “And you will remember that.”

Veronica pushed Scarlet’s face back into the mattress as she clamped both hands again down over her wrists, holding her in place. She continued her thrusting, reveling in the way each thrust produced a gasp or moan or plead. Their whole relationship was an adventure. Between battling each other for dominance, teasing each other throughout the day when no one was wiser, Veronica loved all of it.

One final slap to the ass for good measure as she kicked her legs open wider, and she set a brutal pace. Each thrust harder and deeper as she felt Scarlet’s cunt spasming around her.

“Fuck… yes… oh my—fuck fuck fuck—please! Miss!” Scarlet moaned incoherently. “Fuck me harder, please!”

God, her girl was so good. She placed on hand on her back, shoving her all the way into the bed, knowing her girl was in such a state—she wouldn’t dare move those arms if she knew what was good for her. She closed her eyes, soaking in the begging combined with the feeling of her warm, hot pussy encompassing her.

“If I had a collar for you, I would use it to choke you right now,” she mumbled, half-heartedly just trying to fuel Scarlet’s inner fantasies. It always made her cum harder when Veronica talked about all the degrading, humiliating things she would do to this body when-

“I wish you did,” Scarlet barely breathed out.

There was barely a hiccup in her thrusts before Veronica reached around and grabbed her throat, “You know your safe word?”


“When you can’t speak?”

“Snap my fingers.”

“Good girl.”

And then Veronica squeezed. She continued thrusting, feeling the physical vibrations of Scarlet’s moaning across her fingers. She didn’t think her moans could feel any better than when that heavenly mouth was devouring her. She loved having her beautiful girl at her mercy. She loved knowing that Scarlet loved her place beneath her. The trust. The devotion.

“My good girl is going to let me fuck her so good, isn’t she?”

She squeezed harder.

Scarlet nodded frantically.

“My girl is going to take whatever I give to her, isn’t she?”

More nods.

“My girl wants me to cum inside her and fill her up so that my cum is dripping all over her, and then she is going to want me to do it again and again and again.”

Scarlet was clawing at the sheets, her moans strangled and breathy as Veronica kept her tight grip, watching her fingers with intense pressure.

“You feel so good, baby girl,” she whispered, biting her ear. She placed sloppy kisses to the side of her face, thrusting impaling her with such force. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t think straight.”

Veronica had a feeling she was already there as a scream erupted from the woman below her, her body convulsing in waves of shock, but Veronica didn’t let up. She kept going until she heard another cry. Scarlet’s walls clamped down around her member, squeezing down onto it until she had no other choice but to let go of her own orgasm. It rocketed through her. The evidence spilled out of her, inside her girl as it always did, and left her gasping.

Both women were left gasping for air as she immediately released them, falling off to the side. Veronica lay on her back, staring at the ceiling when she felt a warm body crawl up next to her.

“Okay…” A deep breath. “You definitely made that one worth it.”

Veronica felt proud.

“You can’t wipe that smug look off your face.”

“You’re not even looking at me right now, your eyes are still shut.”

“I know it’s there.”

Veronica continued to plaster the smug grin across her face.

“I want to keep you,” the voice continued, throwing an arm across her Domme.

“I think you will that it’s me who gets to keep you,” the authoritative voice slowly beginning to slide in again.

“Well… let’s keep fighting over it,” she grinned, nipping at her shoulder. “That seems to always work out well for us.”

Lady Domitille
Lady Domitille
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