Room 401

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Room 401

Room 401.

Moira could tell that she was burning up. She knew she wasn’t sick, but her skin felt like it was on fire. Ever since she returned from Winter Break, she could only think about one thing—one gorgeous thing. Her roommate. Her college roommate.

The young woman groaned, running her fingers through her wavy hair as she paced their small shared room as she contemplated what to do. Scarlet was, in short, carefree and beautiful. She danced to the music in her head. Her laugh filled up an entire room. Her smile shone like the sun. Her eyes had a way of making you feel like you were the only person in the room.

All Moira wanted to do was kiss those lips.

These lips were the one that teased her for studying too hard. They complimented her outfit first thing in the morning. They were the ones that kissed her cheek when they got sloppy and drunk. Those ruby lips sang in the shower. Those lips, her body, her eyes, it was all Moira could think about.

Maybe, just maybe she had just enough to time too…

Moira bit the inside of her lips, staring at the button on her jean shorts. She could tell she was wet. Scarlet had already been gone for over an hour… just real quick. It would probably only take maybe five minutes.

She edged her fingers along her stomach, just barely reaching underneath the lip when she heard the lock on the door start to turn.

Moira’s heart pounded in her ears as she snapped her hand up, quickly reaching for a nearby book to shove her nose into before…

The door flung open.

There she was. Her long blonde waves tied up into a neat ponytail. Her bangs plastered to her forehead. Scarlet had come to college on an Athletic sports scholarship for soccer, which meant that she was up early every morning for a morning run. Apparently, it was a lovely day outside because she had taken off her running shirt, wrapping it around her midsection, leaving Moira with a spectacular view of her defined abs, sweaty skin, and sports bra.

Fuck, she was such a pervert sometimes.

“Hi,” Scarlet said, sporting a massive grin across her face.

“Hi.” Great response, doofus. So she added, “Uh, how was your run?”

“Great, you know you’re always welcome to join me,” she responded as she made her way over to her bed, taking a huge sip of water from her bottle of water.

“Running isn’t really my thing,” Moira admitted, distracted by the sweat dripping down her long, slender neck.

“What are you reading?” Scarlet asked, inspecting the cover, giving her a weird look, “Fundamentals of Statistics?”

“Uhhhh… studying, ya know?” Moira tried to lie, lamely.

“Okay, dork, whatever you say.” Scarlet grinned at her, sitting next to her on the bed. Moira could inhale her scent from this close away, she wanted to run her fingers along the perfect skin on display, wanted to make her skin glisten but for different reasons. Scarlet picked the book of lies out of her hands and threw it on the floor. “You want to do something today?”

Moira stared blankly at her. “You don’t have practice?”

“It was canceled!” Scarlet grinned before adding on, rather shyly, “The team is going out for brunch, but I kind of wanted to spend the day with you, if that’s okay?”

A deep blush covered Moira’s face as she grinned happily. Would Scarlet rather spend time with her than her teammates? “Uh… yes. I would like that.”

Scarlet’s bright blue eyes sparkled with happiness and hope. Moira couldn’t help but get sucked into them. Now that the book had been stripped from her hands, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. She almost contemplated sitting on them to stop her from reaching out and drawing patterns on her roommate’s well-defined muscles.

Apparently, she had been staring because she heard giggling, followed by, “You can touch them if you want.”

Moira looked up at her. “I’m sorry.”

Scarlet shot a knowing grin at her. Scarlet grabbed at Moira’s hands, and placed them directly onto her stomach. “Moira, it’s okay. I’ve seen you checking them out.”

Moira became entranced almost instantly. Her skin was still warm from her workout, and she could feel each muscle twitch from her breathing. Her breathing slowly became more shallow with each breath. Her fingernails traced each curve down, surprised when goosebumps began appearing on her roommate’s arms.

Scarlet let out a soft moan at the touch, “Moira—that feels… really good, like, really good.”

She knew she shouldn’t push it, not when this was her roommate, but she couldn’t help herself. She swung one leg over Scarlet, effectively straddling her onto the bed, pushing her back down into the mattress, and her long, toned legs hanging off the small twin bed. Apparently, Moira couldn’t find the words, but her body was taking action for her. She undid the sleeve knot tied around her waist and got that out of the way before stretching her fingers out wide as she pushed them up towards her roommate’s bra and dragged them down to her gym shorts.

That caused Scarlet to let out a much, much more vocal moan. Moira could hear the strained hint of desire hidden beneath the surface. Maybe she wasn’t the only one having these burning feelings towards her roommate?

She took a brave glance up. Scarlet’s eyes were closed, her arms loosely gripping the sheets, looking like she was biting the inside of her lip to keep any more noise from coming out. Moira looked back down again. Without a second thought, she leaned down and placed her lips where her hands had been.

“Oh, god,” Scarlet hummed. Moira leaned her head up to ask if it was okay, but firm hands were already shoving her back down. With renewed confidence, she began biting and licking and sucking the abs she had been admiring since she stepped foot in this room in September. Scarlet was becoming less constrained with her vocal appreciations. Fingers twisted in her hair, “What are we doing?”

Moira was caught off guard. “I’m inspecting your abs.”

“This is quite the inspection.” Scarlet let out one of her laughs that made Moira weak in the knees. “I might need your qualified expertise elsewhere.”

Moira snorted, leaning up and capturing her roommate’s lips in a kiss. Their quick, giggling kissing turned from something soft and light into deep and exploring. Moira let her hands wander and dance across Scarlet’s exposed skin.

“Take your shirt off,” Scarlet breathed out between kisses. Moira ripped her shirt off, throwing it to an unknown part of their dorm, before diving back in and attempting to consume Scarlet. Now that these feelings were being unleashed, no longer tamped down, she needed to explore every inch of this beautiful woman for as long as she would let her.

“I didn’t even know you were into girls,” Scarlet moaned, using her athletic strength to flip them over. Looking down at the flushed, heavily breathing woman below her, “I would have done this a long time ago.”

“You never asked.”

“What else are you into?”

“Basically anything.”

“I need you to be more specific than that,” Scarlet emphasized like she knew. Which she did. She had observed Moira enough to understand what lay beneath the surface, even if she wasn’t sure what her sexual preferences were.

Moira gulped quietly, suddenly very shy again. “I… I like to be dominated. I haven’t done it very much. My ex and I tried it a couple times, but we never quite got it right.”

“Would you like to try that with me?”

Moira nodded. “Very much so.”

Scarlet grinned, leaning her weight down onto her hands, holding Moira’s arms above her head. “Good girl.”

Moira moaned at the praise.

“I’ve been hoping for this, Moira. I’ve been wanting, wishing, pleading with the universe that this would happen one day. You’re just so shy.” She took one finger and stroked her blushing cheek. “I could never tell. And then, well, when you just couldn’t stop staring—my hope began to build again.”

“I couldn’t help myself,” Moira breathed, “You’re so beautiful.”

“You are so beautiful,” Scarlet purred into her ear before kissing the side of her neck. The vibrations near her ear sent shockwaves through Moira’s body. She could feel how wet she was getting beneath her jean shorts. When Scarlet placed her thigh between her legs, she let out a long moan.

“I’ve been positively dying to hear that sound,” Scarlet bragged more to herself than Moira, who was currently trying not to become a total mess. It was a losing battle. Scarlet hooked her finger around the front clasp of her bra and snapped it open. The woman underneath her squirmed out of the straps, displaying her breasts in full view.

“I always imagined it would be after a game. You would come to cheer me on, we’d win the game, and then you would kiss me in the heat of the moment. And then I would drag you to the locker room and fuck you senseless in it.”

Moira squirmed as those lips descended lower on her skin. The hands that were once restraining her now cupping each breast.

“Or it would be a party. We’d both get a little too tipsy and kiss, and then we’d never stop,” she breathed against her nipple.

“Mmmmm, Scarlet,” she panted.

“Or maybe I would catch you masturbating or vise versa, and then we’d help each other out,” she murmured as she licked the sensitive flesh before capturing a nipple into her mouth and sucking.

Between the desperate moans, Moira managed to mutter out, “You almost did.”

Scarlet stopped and grinned up at her, “It’s cute that you think I didn’t know that.” With that, she craned her neck back up and left a bruising kiss on her neck. Moira sighed happily, not pushing her away even when she knew it would leave a lasting mark on full display. She was marking her, claiming her. It sent rushes of happy endorphins to her brain and heat down to the apex of her thighs. “You’ve always been mine, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” she breathed out, “I haven’t been able to think about anyone else but you. I can only masturbate to thoughts of you. I daydream about you in class.”

“Well, the next time you get these urges, you tell me because I’ll take care of you,” she breathed out softly, almost lovingly, in her ear. “This heart and this body and this pussy is mine now.”

“Yes,” Moira said, as she could barely register her own thoughts at the moment.

“I mean it, M. I really like you, and I take care of what’s mine,” she murmured against soft skin, placing gentle but possessive kisses across every inch. “I want to lay you naked across my lap and spank you when you’re being naughty. I want to look up at the risers when I’m playing and see you in my jersey number. I want to kiss you softly when you need it, and rough when you need it that way. I want you to talk to me when you’re stressed at school, and I want you to talk to me when you’re so horny you can’t think.”

“That last one… right now…” Moira sighed happily, enjoying the lavish attention on her. Everything that Scarlet was whispering to her sent electricity through her bloodstream. She would have danced up and down if it didn’t feel so good and so right to be underneath this goddess. This was right where she wanted to be.

“I know, baby,” and then she promised, “and I’m going to make you feel so good.”

“Fuck,” Moira panted, wanting to desperately shed every inch of clothing off her body right this second. Scarlet ripped her own sports bra off her top, letting her breasts fall into Moira’s view. She sat there, stunned. In awe. She ran her fingers along her sides before allowing herself the honor of touching. They were so soft and delicate.

But before she had too much of a chance to enjoy them, Scarlet was futzing with the buttons on her shorts. Moira helped her slide them off where they joined her bra somewhere on the floor.

Scarlet pressed her lips right against her ear, her husky breath fast-tracking Moira’s brain into overdrive. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t think straight.”

She danced her fingers down to the cotton thong still nestled between Moira’s legs. She pushed apart her thighs slowly. Scarlet could already see how wet her girl was.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered, playing with the fabric and feeling how wet it was, pulling it to the side, “You are drenched.”

Moira could only whimper in response. She was still partially convinced this was a daydream she hadn’t woken herself up from, but that thought went out the door when Scarlet touched her bare pussy for the first time. It was like an electric shock that struck through her entire body. Every hair stood at attention. It was pleasure and bliss and happiness all rolled up into one touch.

Scarlet ran her fingers up and down her folds, exploring and touching. She smeared the wetness around, enjoying the way it made Moira squirm happily. Her cheeks and chest were flushed a delicious shade of pink while her breathing became deep and labored.

“God,” Moira whispered, her hips subtly rocking with the movement of that hand, “You feel so good.”

The blonde woman smirked, leaning down and placing her arms on each thigh, holding her firmly down and in position, “Just wait.”

“Huh? What…” But Moira barely had time to register the words before Scarlet dipped her head and ran her tongue along the entire length of her, “Oh, fuck!”

She knew she was almost screaming now, but she didn’t care. She’d heard her neighbors enough times to know that these walls were thin enough that everybody knew everyone’s business. The entire world could know that she was fucking Scarlet, and she wouldn’t care.

Scarlet hummed as she continued her ministrations, drinking Moira in. She tasted sweet and heavenly. She traced every fold, plunging her tongue back inside to gather more arousal and lick her most sensitive spots. She could feel Moira’s hips trying to buck, but she held her down tight.

Moira was clutching at the sheets, twisting her head so far, trying to shove them in her mouth.

“Scarlet,” she gasped, her eyes screwed tightly shut. Her body was craving something desperately, but she didn’t know what. “… More.”

The blonde woman peaked her head up, her lips shimmering with arousal. She knew what Moira was asking for. “Turn around. On your hands and knees. Face down.”

Moira opened her eyes, blinked a couple of times, and without even second guessing herself, climbed around and did exactly that. She let her head rest on the sweaty sheets. Scarlet wasted no time in removing the soaked panties and spreading Moira open.

It was a sight to behold. Moira was completely open to her.

“Good girl.”

Those words slid down her spin right to her pussy, throbbing with need. She tried to stifle her desperate moan into the sheets, but Scarlet noticed it. When she raised her hand and brought it down on the bare skin of her ass, she couldn’t hide it as the sound came spilling out of her.

“That’s my…” slap “… good…” slap “… good…” slap “… girl.”

Moira cried out, allowing the pleasure and pain to mix together into a delicious combination, and feeling the evidence dripping down her thighs. Scarlet immediately saw this and leaned down to clean it all up with her tongue. Moira had no idea that someone could make her into a mess this quickly. She could feel herself drooling onto the sheets, refusing to move from the position she was ordered to.

Scarlet dipped her fingers into her dripping pussy. “Fuck, Moira, you’re so tight.”

Once the intrusion began, Moira’s thoughts became consumed with being filled by Scarlet. All the different ways she could be fucked by this perfect woman. Fingers, dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, but the only words that she could muster were, “Fuck me, please.”

“I do like it when a woman begs.”

“Please fuck me, Scar.”


“I need you to fuck me,” Moira pleaded, her voice raw and hoarse.

“Is that really begging?”

Moira breathed in slowly, she could feel the fingers inside her playing with her, toying with her. Scarlet was teasing her, touching her in all the right spots, but not taking her in the way she needed.

“Please, I’ll do anything,” Moira begged.

Scarlet grinned, her girl looked so beautiful like this, so spread open for her, begging her. She ran her fingers down her spine, loving the involuntary shudder and gasp that is elicited, “Anything?”

“Anything,” Moira swore, trying to move her hips to shove those fingers deeper inside her.

“Would you let me use a toy on you?”

The question made Moira’s brain short-circuit, so the only thing she could do was nod. Scarlet only paused for a moment, to contemplate how she could have gotten so lucky, before moving at lightning speed to pull said-object out from under her bed, “Stay there.”

Moira stayed exactly where she was. She felt empty. She missed the loss of those skillful fingers, but the knowledge that they would be replaced by something else only made her anticipation and arousal grow. She couldn’t tell exactly what Scarlet was doing, but that somehow only made it sweeter.

Scarlet’s return was announced by the cold sensation of the tip of a toy being pressed at her entrance. The sensation made Moira jump, but Scarlet’s calming warm hand on her back settled her.

“You said you would let me do anything?” Scarlet breathed, starting to run her hand along her backside, around the sweet delicious curve of her ass stuck out in the air.

“Yes, please,” Moira moaned, “anything.”

“Well then,” her voice calm and collected. Moira heard the sound of velcro and shivered, knowing that meant this particular toy was a strap on. Scarlet was really going to fuck her. “Then your sweet little pussy is going to take my cock until you cum all over it.”

Moira’s eyes rolled into the back of her head when she felt Scarlet’s cock shove inside her fast and hard. She knew she was making sounds, but she had no idea what she was saying as she felt the continuous motion of Scarlet thrusting inside her.

Scarlet watched as Moira mindlessly met each of her thrusts. With one hand, she grabbed a fistful of her pretty hair and pulled back, enjoying the way the woman underneath her yelped with a mixture of shock and pleasure. The hair felt silky and smooth between her fingers.

Moira, overcome with desperation, felt the pull in her center. It was growing and growing, and the only thought that consumed her was getting pushed over that edge. Every inch of movement fueled her. The burning passion in Scarlet’s actions, from her thrusting to the delicate hand on her lower back to the hand tightening in her hair, awakened something new inside of her. Her only thoughts were about Scarlet or the indescribable pleasure she was receiving.

Scarlet nudged her thighs further apart with her knee, allowing her to thrust even deeper into the woman below. She quickly moved her hand from her back to her throbbing clit.

“Oh, my fuck…” Moira screamed into the sheets, the sensation of being filled by her new lover while those nimble, slender fingers played with her below had turned her into a blabbering, wild wreck. “Please, please, oh god, I’m so close.”

The moans rolled off her tongue without permission. Her body met each thrust in a perfect rhythm. She needed her orgasm like she needed air.

Scarlet, completely wound up and dripping down her own legs, could only focus on giving her that complete moment of bliss. Moira was so beautiful, a jumble and disarray of words and sounds, beneath her. Her typically composed, well organized, thoughtful roommate, a complete clutter of chaos and sweat because of her. Because she wanted her. Because she wanted her cock buried inside her.

She hovered over her then, mouth pressed hotly to her ear, her tongue snaking out to lick and then bite at the sensitive spot. Breathing heavily, she forced between frantic thrusts. “I wish this cock were real, buried deep, so I could cum inside you- fill you up- make you mine.”

“I am yours,” Moira promised, white starting to flash behind her eyelids. She was beginning to see stars. The sweat covering their bodies made them slide and fit together so seamlessly. “No one else. Just… yours.”

She knew she was screaming because she could hear her neighbor pounding on the wall, but neither of them cared. Moira was hopelessly screaming Scarlet’s name over and over, and Scarlet was doing anything and everything to keep her screaming.

“Cum for me, baby,” Scarlet said, with a bite to her shoulder.

And then Moira was. She was seeing stars. A heat that had been lingering inside burst out as she cried helplessly into her sheets. Eyeliner and mascara were staining the crisp whiteness. She felt everything loosen and completely take everything Scarlet had to offer.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck… Scarlet… yes, oh my…” she muffled the rest into the bed, screaming louder than she thought possible. She felt her orgasm cover the strap on, leaking down onto the bed whenever Scarlet pulled out before plunging back inside her. Scarlet continued on, milking out her orgasm for as long as possible.

Once she had been spent, her body and throat slowing down, Scarlet did too. She ran her fingernails up and down her back. Moira smiled blissfully at the familiar soothing gesture. When Scarlet finally pulled out, she gasped, but not in relief, in loss. It had felt so good to be so filled.

Scarlet gave her a few minutes to calm down before she slowly rolled her over. Moira’s hair was a mess, her makeup smudged, and her chest was still moving frantically up and down, desperate for air. But there was a huge, shit-eating grin plastered to her face.

“Wow,” was the first word to be uttered.

Scarlet giggled, resting her body on top of Moira’s. The beds were small, barely big enough for one person (let alone two). She nuzzled into her neck, leaving little, loving kisses along the warm skin.


“Fuck, yes.”

They both giggled that time, the playfulness of their normal relationship brought back to the surface.

“Was that okay?” Scarlet clarified, needing to make sure. “I didn’t make you uncomfortable at any point, did I?”

Moira looked up at her, flabbergasted, “You better be planning on a repeat performance of that after every run you have.”

“Whatever my lady wants,” Scarlet grinned, sealing the promise with a forceful kiss that left both women longing for more.

“Mmmmm, yes. Yours,” Moira hummed between their kisses. Perfectly content to stay in Room 401 for the foreseeable future.

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