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Fetish Friday Post #1

By Velvet ShodunPublished 5 years ago 57 min read
This has got to be why they say don’t mix business with feelings.

The morning had started out easy, nothing that Sasha couldn't handle, but he knew the day would just get progressively worse. He had worn and used the butt plug before, it wasn't like it was a completely new experience. But he knew that his clients could be, and probably would be merciless. Leaving them with control for twelve hours may have not been a good idea, he honestly couldn't decide at this point. It would be determined at the end of the day if he ever did this again.

The drive to work had been pleasing if anything, the subtly patterned vibration moving through his rear. He couldn't help but moan softly as he commuted to the tall office building. Pulling into the parking garage, he chooses a spot, pulls in, then hops out of his vehicle. Grabbing his portfolio case out of the backseat, he locks the car and makes his way upstairs.

Walking out of the elevator, towards the office of the magazine company that he works at Sasha feels an intense sensation ripple from the plug making him yelp in surprise and pleasure. Snapping his mouth shut quickly he tries his best to just get to his desk before he made a fool of himself in front of someone. Sitting down in the fabric wheeled chair he has to suppress a moan from the plug being pressed into him softly as he sat.

Putting his case down and pulling out his phone, he wanted to see what choices his clients had made for today's fun so far. Pulling up the LoverBoy app on his phone, he goes to his own profile, clicking on the picture of his own overly pleasured, open-mouthed face. It pulls up, showing his information and recent activity. He clicks on the newest post, which he had made before leaving work today.



I have a very special idea for today! A couple of weeks ago I had one of you amazing viewers buy one of the items on my wishlist. A JEZEK, from Weiser Tech's Wolverine line!! Now I've already used this toy for its original intent. ;) But I had an idea that I thought every. Single. One of you would enjoy. As you all may know has a special system that can be used with Weiser Tech toys. If you scroll down you can see the table below, with buttons.

This is today's special sale!! Chose one of the selections above and the JEZEK toy will do your desired pleasure. I'll be wearing it most of the day, well I am at work and then for a few hours afterward! I'll be posting throughout the day as the play goes on! Hope you enjoy!

As always my premium Snapvids account is $10 a month and it's $5 to get access to my other links, I know some of you have already found them without paying. :( But that doesn't mean you've found all my delicious content, so pay up or just deal with your scraps! To all my lovelies that pay for my hard work, thank you so much! I adore you all! Can't wait to see how today ends up! Signing out for now Sasha!


Scrolling all the way to the bottom of the post shows who has been buying what, and what setting is currently going on for whom.

8:03 am User BIGBONEDROBBIE paid $25 for Selection #2

8:16 am User XXJohnny775XX paid $75 for Selection #13

8:47 am User MysticFallsMonster69 paid $30 for Selection #5

Sasha looked at the time on his screen, it's 8:53 am right now. The day was just beginning and based on these notifications it would be a long one. He turned on his computer and used one of the softwares to clock in for the day. Even with the distracting challenge he had given himself, Sasha had managed to clock in a few minutes early.

"Sasha! Hey, you're here, I know you're not really late but Nikolai has been looking for you for the last ten minutes." A blonde, petite woman in a figure-hugging outfit rushed into his cubicle informing him.

"Thank you, Janet, I'll see him in a moment, just need to get a little settled since I just got here." Sasha turns and answers her with a partially forced smile. His phone buzzes with another notification and he feels the plug begin again. He bit his lip to keep from moaning and turned away quickly.

"You better be quick or he'll get mad at me for it!" She quipped as she hurried away, most likely going to worry over some other part of the magazine or some other co-worker. Sasha didn't answer, just tried to compose himself and make his way to his boss. Walking into the chic office Sasha stood close to the door, wanting to have an easy escape if need be.

"Nik I was told you've been looking for me?" Sasha fiddled with his hands in front of him, trying to stay focused.

"Ah, Sasha! Yes! I need to go over these layouts with you, then I want you to take any notes to the team and all of you can change it." The taller brunette man gestures to the large cork board behind him, showing new cover layouts pinned to it. Several pieces of cut construction paper and photos from shoots. Sasha looks at them knowing exactly what needed to be done.


For the next hour or so Sasha and Nikolai discussed the board, moving and pinning papers around. It took some arguing and a lot more time than the two of them anticipated, but the new cover layout was discussed and decided on. Sasha taking notes and pictures of the board as they went along, he would need to relay the information so a digital version could be made.

Though they took care of the work well and diligently Sasha did have a harder time than the drive to work, his viewers being as mean as he anticipated. The plug buzzed away as Nikolai continued to speak.

"Alright, if you could take that information to the team and get next months prepared. Once that gets started I need you all to get the ads in place for this month, then we should be ready for the final edit and the wrap-up." He was deep in his work, only having noticed Sasha's strange behavior for a few moments.

"O-Of course!" Sasha had difficulty quipping out as he took a handful of papers from Nikolai and turned to leave, he scurried toward the door, wanting to get to the safety of his desk.

"Oh and one last thing. Sasha, are you okay?" Nikolai stepped towards him as he inquired, Sasha stopped, his hand on the door prepared to leave.

"Yes! Yes, I'm fine!" He denies a bit over-enthusiastically, quickly rushing out the door and across the open office area to his cubicle. Sitting at his desk he takes a deep breath as the vibrations begin to slow, they come to a stop before starting up again violently and making him groan loudly. He can feel eyes on him, but he just tries to act normal. Compiling his notes into an email that he planned on sending to the whole design team. Typing away, he tries to work through the pleasure that he felt, he was beginning to have a hard time not wanting to blow a load. He knew he couldn't do something like that at work, so this was also a time to train his orgasm control.

As he continued to put the email together the vibrations came to an end again before starting again even more violently. He couldn't tell if one viewer was messing with him, or if it was a few working together. Out of curiosity, he takes a moment from his email to pull out his phone and see what was going on. Pulling up the app screen again.

9:11 am User MASTERK111 $75 for Selection #13

9:28 am User GLUPCUPxx20 $185 for Selection #23

9:40 am User CrimsonButterfly1994 $115 for Selection #15

9:55 am User Popeye02Joey $45 for Selection #8

10:02 am User Popeye02Joey $205 for Selection #21

Well, that wasn't a strange sight for Sasha, a regular deciding to have their fun.

"Please don't be too mean Joey." He mutters softly to the screen.

"Who are you talking to?" A deep and unexpected voice asks from behind him. Sasha jumps from the sudden noise.

"What?" He turns in his chair quickly to see Nikolai standing at the opening of his cubicle. "Oh hey! What? Did I forget something?" Sasha tries to change the conversation quickly.

"Umm..." Nikolai pauses for a moment, watching the other man with a raised brow, "No, you didn't forget anything, I did. I meant to tell you I need to set up a meeting with you and the whole team for next week."

"Oh... Alright." Sasha tried to act casual, the toy in his ass having a wonderful way of distracting him. Nikolai nods and then just stands for a moment.

"Are you sure you're okay? Not to be rude but you seem a little out of it." He points to his head, "You're not sick or anything are you?"

"No no! I'm fine really!" Sasha says with a large wave. "Just a little jittery I guess. I couldn't sleep well last night, but I'm fine I swear." He says trying to fake a confident smile, then he ran a hand through his dark ebony hair.

"Alright," Nikolai says with a look as he walks away, he obviously wasn't convinced. Sasha was beginning to think this was a lot worse idea than he thought. Turning back to his desk, he tries to stay calm and focused as he makes a decision. He could take the plug out and disappoint his viewers... but keep his job. Or keep it in and potentially have someone find out. The latter thrilled him slightly and made him decide to keep it in for at least a few more hours.



Sasha was about to have a meltdown, he couldn't take it any longer, the teasing patterns, the extended duration with no breaks. He was ready to fall apart in front of all of his coworkers, down his trousers he was a leaky mess. At the end of an after lunch meeting he ran off to the bathroom, hoping to relieve himself in a different way.

Carefully walking through the door he checks the stalls to make sure no one else is in the restroom with him. Once he knows he's alone he hurriedly locks himself into the very end stall. Unbuckling and pulling his pants down, he pulls out his cell phone. Palming his cock he pulls up the record option of the LoverBoy app.

"Fffuck..." He hissed out as the video started, he pointed his phone down at his cock, getting a full view of his hand stroking his length.

"Look what you all have done." He had sent teasing photos and detailed updates on the app all day, but this was the first video he had posted. Sasha's hand worked a bit quicker as he saw a notification on his screen.

1:13 pm User Popeye02Joey $115 for Selection #15, Sasha felt one of the faster, more intense speeds start again, "Ohhhh yesss." He scrolled down to the chat area quickly wanting to type a message to them all, instead he saw Joey's message.

1:14 pm User Popeye02Joey: That enough time? You have fifteen minutes to cum, or else I'll pay for one of the punishments... You know I'll do it, Sasha.

"Joey you're such a fucker." He said loudly to the screen. He wanted to keep from actually talking to be quiet, but his bratty side made him comment out loud. His thumb rubbed over the tip of his cock a few times, for the viewers and a bit more stimulation. He started to moan low. His mouth snapped shut as he heard the main bathroom door creak open, "Shit!" He whispered, he went to pull up his pants, then saw the chat start to blow up. Viewers begging him not to stop, to even be loud, one user kept Sasha's attention the most, Joey.

1:16 pm User Popeye02Joey: Sasha you're in the restroom at your work aren't you?

He couldn't bring himself to answer, out loud or over chat.

1:17 pm User Popeye02Joey: You better not leave, don't you dare stop either. Or I will buy one of the options from the RED LIST.

Sasha was so tempted, he hadn't been punished in a long while and wasn't too opposed to the idea, but he also knew Joey could be harsh... He let his pants fall back down, gripping his shaft again, the plug continuing to buzz away.

1:18 pm User Popeye02Joey: Good boy, you have 12 more minutes.

He enjoyed the praise but so badly wished he was at home so Joey could get a view of him sticking his tongue out in protest. He continued to record himself, leaning against the wall for support, he began stroking himself vigorous. Letting go for a moment to spit on his hand, he groaned softly when his wet hand wrapped back around the hard flesh, but he chastised himself for the noise.

"Sasha? Is that you?" Oh god... it was Nik, "Are you okay?" The hand on his prick stopped a worried feeling washing over him. He got tunnel vision for a moment, staring at his phone, trying to believe this wasn't happening. The chat blew up once again.

1:16 pm User BIGBONEDROBBIE: Is that your coworker? Don't stop!

1:16 pm User MistressCora: Did someone else just talk? Answer them with a nice loud moan for us!

1:16 pm User Popeye02Joey: Answer them Sasha, or else they won't leave. I know you probably are feeling the thrill of fear, but I also want you to cum. Answer them.

1:16 pm User XXJohnny775XX: What? No! Pull them in for a good time with you! We love seeing you with a partner!

"It seemed like you weren't feeling well earlier. I saw you come in here... I know it's a bit strange to come after someone when they've gone into the restroom, I just wanted to make sure you're okay." He called out, Sasha could tell he was growing closer to the stall he was in. His eyes couldn't tear from his screen, heart pounding in his chest.

1:17 pm User JerseyDevilDJ555: Yeah! Pull him in the stall! Maybe he's just looking for a good time! Office work can be pretty boring, I know I would be distracted by your ass if I worked with you! ;)

1:17 pm User BIGBONEDROBBIE: Keep going! I want to see more!

1:18 pm User SurfDude2: Take off all your clothes and give them a nice show in the stall! Like his own personal work stripper!

1:18 pm User Popeye02Joey: Sasha you need to answer him or he'll get suspicious.

1:18 pm User AngelicPeacexX: Just finish up and get out of there!

Sasha shoves his phone into his pocket quickly but doesn't pull up his pants. His hand gripped his shaft again, he would just tell Nik he was okay, have him leave, then take care of this so he doesn't hurt at his desk anymore.

"Yeah, yeah Nik I'm fine! I think I pulled a muscle or something when I was working out last night, but I think I'll be fine, just feeling a bit...sore." He was trying to make the excuse convincing enough as his hand stroked the taut flesh it held.

"Alright, are you sure?" Sasha could hear him step back towards the door.

"Yeah! Of course, and I'll leave if I'm still not feeling better in—" His words are cut off as he feels a sudden intense change from the plug, the pattern bringing a low, long moan from his lips. Shit... someone found the secret choice...

"It doesn't sound like you're okay... should I just let James know you're not feeling well and most likely headed home?" He inquired.

"Yes!" Sasha answered maybe a little too enthusiastically, "Yes, go tell James p-please—" His words are cut by another louder moan. Yep, someone found it alright...

"Are-are you sure you want me to go? You sound like you're in pain?" Sasha could hear his voice right behind the stall door now.

"Yes. Yes, I'm sure I'll be okay." He whimpered as the toy's pattern changed again quickly.

"Sasha I don't think I should go, you don't sound well." He protests.

"Please, Nik! I'll be fine!" Sasha moaned loudly as the vibration sharply changed, that was the final straw. Nikolai shouldered the stall door, bursting through and landing against the floor. He looked around realizing Sasha wasn't on the toilet. Looking up he sees him in the corner, pants halfway down, erect cock in his hand.

"Y-you could have just said you needed some privacy..." He muttered a deep blush covering his cheeks.

"I tried to!" Sasha yells in protest as he tries to frantically pull up his pants, turning his back to Nik he gets dressed quickly.

"Well... you shouldn't be doing this here anyway!.." He yells back in defense, "Wait, why are you doing this here?" Nikolai stands slowly, groaning from the now sore parts of his body before Sasha can speak he continues his questions.

"Are you like some... sex addict? Need to get off all the time? I've seen a guy like that on T.V." He stares at Sasha as he gets his pants on, noticing a little bit of something bright green between Sasha's ass cheeks, he once again speaks before letting the other man answer, "Sasha, I think you need to explain something to me... What's that thing on your backside?"

"Fuck..." Sasha muttered in the corner. Pulling his trousers all the way on he turns to Nik, staring at the floor, "I don't think it will help anything if I lie again... I do camming online... like porn." He fiddles with his hands as he looks at the tiles with deep interest. He was hoping this wouldn't turn out bad, like Nik not liking him anymore or something.

"W-why?" Nik asked staring at Sasha's down-turned head.

"F-for the money... And honestly... the company." Sasha could feel his phone buzz a few times, the plug having come to a complete halt.

"You don't make enough working here?" Nikolai watched him intensely.

"Not exactly... I mean this job covers my normal expenses, camming makes it so I can buy more and nicer things... I mean there's a difference between eating hamburger helper and a homemade steak goulash..." Sasha laughed weakly at his own comment, "It's just kinda nice."

"Alright... What's that green thing? What does this all have to do with camming?" He asked with a raised brow, still somewhat confused.

"It-It's a butt plug... I was recording myself on my phone before you came into the stall." Nikolai looked down at Sasha in thought, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the stall.

"Come on. You're going to collect your things." Those words made Sasha scared.

"No! No, Nikolai, I'm sorry! I won't do anything like that here again! Please, please don't fire me!" Nik stopped in his tracks instantly, making Sasha run into him. He turned to the smaller man, grabbing his shoulder tightly. He leaned down the small amount he needed to be eye to eye with Sasha.

"You're not getting fired, we're leaving for the day, that's all I'm saying. Get your briefcase and jacket, that's all." Nik looked at him reassuringly before releasing his shoulders and taking his hand again. He let go of him as the walked out the door, Nikolai could tell a few people stared, he glared back at a few of them as he and Sasha walked towards their respective spaces. Nik grabbed his items and met Sasha at his cubicle, "Let's go." He gestured for Sasha to follow him and walked towards the main office doors. He could feel even more eyes on them now, but he just continued. Wrapping a protective arm around Sasha as they went down to the car park.

"Where are we going?" Sasha timidly asked.

"My home." Nik walked over to, and unlocked his sleek black BMW, opening the door for Sasha, he gestures for him to enter.

"Why are we going there? What do you plan on doing to me?" Sasha looks at him with worry and fear, many thoughts running through his head.

"Just to talk somewhere more private. I want to understand what you're doing fully and why. I know this might not be my business, but I'm worried and curious. You have full choice to go back upstairs, or you can take the rest of the day off and talk to me." Nik continued to point his hand toward the open door with a slight bow, waiting for Sasha's choice. Slowly he walks towards the vehicle, climbing to the passenger seat. Nikolai shuts the door behind him and makes his way around to the driver side, climbing in. He buckles his seat and starts the car, quickly pulling out of the car park he drives towards his home.


Pulling up to the large two story condo, he parks in the driveway and climbs out. Walking around to Sasha's side, he opens the door once again. Sasha was honestly confused and surprised by the way he was acting. He slowly climbs out of the car, his briefcase and jacket clutched to his torso.

"Let's go inside, I can make some tea." Nik looks almost emotionless, but Sasha could tell he was deep in thought, it was the same expression he had when they were working hard to come up with a new idea for the magazine. Sasha nodded and followed the other man as he walked towards the large modern wooden doors. Unlocking them with a code, he opens the door and once again politely gestures for Sasha to go first. A light blush covers the smaller man's cheeks and he quickly walks into Nikolai's house. Pressing himself against the wall near the door, he tries to not touch anything, worried he might dirty or break something.

Nik walked into the entryway, shutting the door behind him. He takes off his shoes and drops his bag by the table near the door, placing his jacket on a hook on the wall. He walks down the hall further into the house. Sasha glances around, not sure exactly what to do. He decides to follow Nik's lead, taking off his shoes and leaving his case beside Nik's. He hung his coat, still warm from his tight grasp, as he dropped the garment onto the metal piece his plug roared to life. He groaned and gripped the jacket covered hook. He had almost forgotten about it, even though it was the reason he was here now. Nikolai came back around the corner with a raised brow.

"Are you alright?" He asked quietly, Sasha's grasp loosen and he turned in shock quickly.

"Yes. Yes. I just..." Should I be honest? He said he wanted to know what and why... "I don't have control of it... Just surprised me... again." He mutters it softly.

"You-You're talking about the green thing?..." Sasha just nodded in reply, "What... is it?" Nik could imagine many things, but he wanted to know what Sasha was using... doing for his viewers. He was having a hard time keeping himself under control, his arousal having sparked back at the office.

"It's a vibrating plug..." Sasha looked at the floor and rubbed his arm, he whimpered softly as the toy continued. He couldn't believe how embarrassed he was feeling, "I have this profile online... It's a special I'm doing for the day. I can show you on my phone if you like." He couldn't understand why he was feeling so forthcoming with Nikolai, maybe it was because he hadn't judged him... yet.

"Let's go get tea first." He said softly, putting his hand out for Sasha to take. He hesitantly walked forward and past Nik, down the hall he had come back from. Nik followed behind not saying anything about the rejection, "Kitchen is just at the end of the hall." They walked into the open space, Sasha gingerly sitting on a stool at the counter. He pulled out his phone and checked his page, since he was going to show Nik anyways.

2:03 pm User Popeye02Joey $425 for Selection #34

He scrolled down to read the chat. Getting lost in the comments and questions.

"Do you like doing it?" Nik's voice pulled him back to reality, but the question caught Sasha off guard.

"W-what?" He asked with furrowed brows and a confused look.

"Do you like the camming? I mean what do you do exactly? It's obviously sexual..." He trailed off, waiting for Sasha's response.

"I do a lot... I talk to people... I do certain acts for money, private videos, photos, chatting. I do a lot. I mean, I think I like it, it's fun and I make a lot of money... I talk to a lot of people, but I've seen how a cam-person can get shunned and rejected by their own audience. They also don't make you feel great all the time." Sasha laughed nervously.

"That doesn't sound like a lot of fun, or worth it," Nik spoke as he got a kettle onto the stove and the tea ready.

"Well..." Sasha couldn't admit it... that Nik had been partially right in the restroom, "I guess I'm sort of a shopping addict." It wasn't the truth, but it was several times a better excuse. Nikolai turned and looked at him analytically.

"Sasha you wear Outlet brand clothes to work... You're lying to me aren't you?" He set the teapot in his hand down, walked the small distance to the island counter, leaning on it towards Sasha almost menacingly, "You don't seem to get it, do you, Sasha. I like you, a lot, and I have for a long time." Wait, what?!

"I've wanted us to be close friends, but you've been oblivious. I brought you here because all of this has me deeply worried. So please, just tell me the truth. Have you met any viewers in person? Have they paid you for sex? I'm not judging you... I just, if this really isn't good for you then I don't think you should do it." He was rambling, his concern so much more apparent than earlier.


"I just want you to be safe and healthy. I know you don't have many other friends and that your family lives far away..."


"If it's what you want to do and makes you happy, then I just recommend not doing things at work. It might not be a good idea if other people knew.."

"Nikolai!" Sasha raised his voice and Nik's eyes snapped to his, "I haven't slept with any of my clients. I was lying, I do it because I like sex, I like the work. I'm free to do as I please, I can say yes or no to anything. I tried just going out for one night stands before this but it just... It didn't make me as happy or satisfy me." Nikolai paid close attention to his words, soaking in the information.

"I had to worry about other people's attachments in real life, online I don't have to care about other people's feelings. I can make myself feel good and not worry about disappointing sex. There's a lot of reasons I do it, it works for my life. I don't have friends because I'm a very shy person, in person. Online I can be confident, I can be me..." Sasha bit his lip nervously and stared at the counter, still worried what Nikolai would think of him.

"You can be yourself around me... I don't think there's anything I'll dislike. If that's what you're worried about." Nik's hand covered one of Sasha's on the counter.

"Y-you don't think I'm weird or disgusting for doing it?" His eyes finally rose to meet the larger man's again.

"No! Hell, I'm a bit jealous I didn't know it was a thing people did. I could have been making money and jacking off for months now." Nikolai laughed heartily at himself, Sasha cracking a nervous smile. He knew Nik was talking about his break up that had happened, it had been a long term relationship. Nik had been bitter for a long time, so he was a bit weirded out that Nik was cracking jokes now.

"Oh... yeah, that would have been interesting." He wasn't sure what else to say. Nik turned back to the now screaming kettle, throwing the pot together.

"I don't want to come off rude, but all of this has lead me to a thought..." Sasha looked at the man in question, "Why didn't you try to find someone to have a relationship with? Why do you want more... unattached experiences?" He didn't even turn to ask Sasha, just popped teabags into the pot.

"I was hurt badly once before... and every attempt after had been disappointing." It was a harsh truth, Sasha knew he had built a wall, he liked it that way, "I like being alone." Nik couldn't help but scoff.

"It doesn't seem like it to me. I see how you long after everyone at the end of the workday, convincing yourself to go home and stay in because it's not worth going." Sasha's jaw dropped, he gaped at Nik as he brought the tea and some cups over. Pouring them both one with a grin, "You may have been oblivious to my friendship, but that doesn't mean I don't know you well."

"I'm happy, okay?" Sasha took his tea and sipped it quickly, scalding his tongue. He puts the cup down quickly and whines.

"You knew that was hot Sasha, I just took it off the stove." Nik scolded him as he walked over to the freezer and pulled out an ice cube, dropping it into Sasha's tea.

"Don't be mean! I just hurt...mmmmahhhh" Sasha had gotten used to the pattern at the door but a new one had started right after it.

"Will you go take that thing out?" Nik looked at him with a frown.

"I'm still supposed to have it in for four more hours, that how long I had left of my shift at work." He muttered and played with his phone again mindlessly. Nikolai snatched it from him and pressed the button to go to the home screen.

"Which app is it?" He asked sternly.

"L-LoverBoy, it's got the pink icon of a guy." He looked at his hands in his lap now and fiddled with his fingers. Nik tapped away at his phone screen, opening the app. It pulled up the home page, showing all the different cammers. There was a drop-down menu that showed categories, top cammers, and other pages. Nik click the profile picture in the upper right corner of Sasha. His profile loaded showing his page, and bio. Nikolai scrolled down to the posts, the most current one at the top. He continued to scroll, reading Sasha's entire post and menu.

"So people have been buying from this all day, activating the toy, that's what's been making you jumpy and strange?" He asked glancing at Sasha.

"Yes." Nik continued to tap away reading the comments on the post and the clip that Sasha had taken. He didn't pay attention to the video, but what he did see made his cock stir with interest.

"I have a proposition." He said as he now looked over Sasha's entire profile.

"W-what do you mean?" Sasha looked at him confused.

"How about we give them a little send-off video for the day, and I'll make up for your revenue loss." Sasha was the most dumbfound he had been since getting to Nikolai's house. He wasn't sure how to answer, because it sounded like Nik was offering to have sex and to pay him. He didn't know whether to be angry or flattered.

"I think I should go." He stood and walked back toward the entryway, Nikolai stepped forward and grabbed his arm before he could get far.

"I didn't mean to offend you. I think what you do is... attractive. I just want to help I guess." He wasn't coming up with good excuses to his suggestion.

"I'm not just some fuck-toy Nik."

"I get that, honestly... I've been planning to take you on a date for months but I just never found the right time... and the few times I did try to ask I made it too difficult for you to catch on to. I'm sorry. Why don't we go out for early dinner?"

"You think asking me on a date is going to make this all better?"

"No I-Sasha I'm nervous okay, you've literally just told me how easily it could be for me to lose my chance with you. I know I've probably already fucked up... I just, want you to give me a chance." He sounded so desperate. Sasha thought for a moment, maybe he had just been so nervous he was making a fool of himself.

"Fine I'll go take the plug out... and you take me on a date, then we can talk."



Sasha and Nikolai sat in a restaurant booth, both of them squirming like fish.

"So... you've been wanting to go on a date for a while now?" Sasha questioned quietly, he hadn't believed it back at the house, but nowhere they both sat.

"Yes, I've liked you for a long time. I didn't think you were secretly so lewd." Nik poked fun, Sasha blushed deeply and looked down at his menu.

"I just know what I like and couldn't find anyone that could do it right. They say if you want something done, do it yourself." Sasha quipped back, he was teetering between shy and bratty. Nik's playful, comedy attitude making Sasha act irrationally. Nikolai grins across the table.

"Maybe you'll be surprised tonight... if you'll have me over that is." He looked down to his own menu nonchalantly. Have him over?

"You're really pushing it Nik." Sasha glares at him, then back to his menu.

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm just excited and getting ahead of myself..." He was very quiet for a moment, "I never thought this would happen after all." He muttered, before Sasha could respond back the waitress came over.

"Hello my name is Janessa I'll be your server today, what can I get started for you two?" She quipped with a forced smile. Sasha glanced at her, then back to the menu, realizing he hadn't actually read it well they were sitting there.

"I'll just have a water." He closes the plastic book and slides it across the table. Nikolai gives him a disapproving look before looking back down at his own menu.

"We'll both have an iced tea. I'll have the 8 oz. steak meal with a baked potato and steamed vegetables on the side. Oh, and we'll have the appetizer sampler, I almost forgot about that. He will have the shrimp scampi with extra shrimp and garlic bread, as well as the side salad." Sasha just glared at Nik as he spoke, this man was really making two sides of Sasha fight today. His rational side that said this is his boss and the irrational side that said be a little slut and take his money.

"What dressing?" She asked as she quickly wrote the order.

"Make it a caesar salad but leave the dressing on the side, and add extra croutons to that. Once we're done with dinner, I'd like the apple crumble and I think he'll have the molten chocolate lava cake." Nikolai closed his menu, handed it to the woman and grinned devilishly at Sasha.

"Alright. I'll put the order in and be right back with your teas." She actually grinned at Nik and then walked off swiftly.

"I could have ordered for myself," Sasha said, his eyes locked with Nik's.

"And when she gave you the opportunity to you didn't." He wasn't wrong... but that doesn't mean his comment didn't irritate Sasha.

"Have you secretly known about this all along? Are you just fucking with me today or something? Because I'm not in the mood for games." Sasha had grown annoyed, he didn't know what he was doing in this restaurant with this man, when he should be back at work.

"Fine, then I won't play games. I've been trying to beat around the bush and be coy for your sake but obviously, you don't want that..." Nikolai sighed, his face growing stern, "I didn't know anything about your camming until today, or the fact that you are kinky at all. I've been attracted to you for a very long time though Sasha... I just didn't know how to tell you, and it took a while to figure out if you were even into guys." Sasha's mouth opened to speak, Nik rose a hand stopping him.

"I've kept my feelings a secret, and it's practically killed me. Especially since you never notice when anyone wants to even be friends let alone if they hit on you. I don't know what to tell you other than this is a dream come true. I don't know if you are interested in me at all, but I'll wait to see if your feelings grow, as mine did... I only keep offering sex because I keep thinking it's what you want." He looked at the table now, his strong demeanor falling into almost shame. Sasha felt bad... They were both just very confused. His hand covered Nik's.

"It's not what I want... I told you, I've been hurt and turned off so many times... I just want to learn about you right now. Let's just start there." He paused in thought for a moment, "Why do you work at the magazine?"

"You really want to talk about work right now?" Nik scoffed.

"Yes." Sasha looked at him unfazed, "I don't understand why you work there, I can tell when you get super stressed, and if something isn't stressing you out you just goof around. Its almost like you don't care but care too much at the same time... I don't get it and I've truly been wanting to ask for a long time."

"Oh..." Nik was shocked that question had so much back context, "Alright. Well, I was just making art for a long time but my father was angry. He said I was ungrateful, that I was letting my degree collect dust trying to chase the clouds. I was honestly making a lot of money before, and I think that was the problem. He was jealous, irrational. I got this job to make him happy..." He sighed again, a lot heavier this time, "He died three months after I got it, I may have not been happy... But he was proud." He was staring at the table in deep thought, he shook his head and looked up at Sasha, "That's all that mattered."

"Why didn't you quit then? You've been working at the magazine for almost two years." The waitress came by and dropped off their drinks and appetizer sampler. A white plate covered in garlic pita bread, some cold vegetables, a few fried mushroom, and onion rings with ranch and hummus. Sasha mouth watered at the sight.

"Because of you." Sasha choked as he was drinking his tea, coughing harshly. Nik jumped in worry and pat his back softly.

"W-What?" He gasped out.

"I stayed because of you like I said you weren't really my friend. I knew if I left I might never see you again. There were a lot of times I thought about leaving, but then I would go to work the next day and see you, and all those thoughts just kinda... vanished." Nik sat down once Sasha was breathing fine again and began munching on the appetizer. Sasha sat kind of dumbstruck.

"Oh... okay." He hesitantly began to eat the food. Today was full of surprises for both of them.

"Why do you work there?" He popped a fried mushroom into his mouth after he asked.

"I like the magazine, and the people I work with. It also keeps what little family I have off my back about where money is coming from..." Sasha grinned feeling a bit better about having someone to talk to with about his camming, he bit into a hummus covered pita piece.

"Why don't you try harder to make friends at work then? I mean I'm just a bit confused since so seem so much more of a people person online." Nik continued to casually eat and drink, obviously comfortable around Sasha.

"As I said earlier, it's easier to just say and do online. In person, you can't just ignore or block people after you say something." Nik burst out laughing.

"Sasha you can't live like that. I mean, I get it, totally. But you need to get out and have real relationships."

"I do have real relationships."

"Sasha, all of those people pressure you. At the end of the day, it's literally a room of over twenty people all rallying together convincing you to do something for them for money. Not to be an ass but those aren't relationships, those are transactions." Nik was digging himself new holes left and right, every chance Sasha gave him.

"This is exactly why I stay home, online." Sasha scooted out of the booth and stood just as the waitress came over with their plates. She stood near them with the big tray not sure what was going on.

"Wait, Sasha." He didn't listen he just walked toward the door. Nikolai groaned and pulled out his wallet, sifting through it he pulled out a hundred dollar bill. Placing it on the table, he turned back to the waitress, "Keep the change." He dashed after Sasha and out the door, the smaller man already walking across the parking lot to the sidewalk.

"Sasha! Where are you going?" Nik asked as he caught up to him, Sasha just kept walking.

"I'm going home. You're sitting here judging my life on a date that I don't have time for. I should actually be back at work but you dragged me out here. Which makes no sense, your supposed to be my boss after all right? James is gonna fire us both though at this point, you think I should go find him and suck his cock to make it better Nik?" Nikolai stepped forward, grabbed Sasha's shoulders and kissed him roughly, shutting him up. He pulled away as they both relaxed.

"I'm sorry, okay. I know that doesn't just fix things, but I'm sorry. I just want you to see how good the real world can be because you have a pretty dark outlook at this point. I don't like seeing a person I know is so wonderful hurt so badly and holding themselves back. I want to help you, so let's do this together. Let's mess up, let's say the wrong things, let's take each other out and fight, but let us also try to fall in love, try to have a happy life. Give this a chance Sasha, why not try a real relationship for once?" It was honestly a tempting offer, Sasha's heart was begging him to say yes, but his head said no, he would just get hurt again. That's exactly what Nik said was going to happen anyways.

"No, I need to go." Sasha pushed him away and Nik's grasp gave way.

"Alright... At least let me drive you home, the news said it's supposed to rain tonight, and you shouldn't walk." Sasha reluctantly nodded. They both went to Nikolai's BMW, Nik opening the door for Sasha again. He climbed in, Nik shut the door behind him. Nikolai walked around and climbed into the car. Starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot, "I'll need directions." He muttered.

"Turn left out of here and go back towards the office, I'll get my car from the park." Sasha snapped, crossing his arms and looking out the window.

"Alright," Nik said softly, following his instruction.


Nikolai pulled into the parking garage, quickly finding Sasha's car and parking beside it.

"I'd really like it if you would just take some time to think about it..." Nik quipped, Sasha opened the car door and climbed out. Slamming the door he walked over to his car, climbing in quickly. Nikolai didn't leave, so Sasha started his car and quickly left, realizing he left his briefcase at Nik's house just as he was halfway home. He shook his head, he wasn't going to turn back for it.

Sasha drove the rest of the way home and rushed into the solitude of his apartment. Sliding against the front door to sit on the floor, he began to softly cry, angry with his own cowardice.


Sasha lay on his bed, fully prepared and in a sexy little outfit. His camera set up perfectly. He lounged on his phone, replying to all of the prying questions.

4:48 pm User Popeye02Joey: Where did you go, Sasha? Why is the toy offline? What happened?

4:53 pm User MysticFallsMonster69: Yeah, what was the end of that video? Did he get caught at work?

5:07 pm User HairyHarry: I wanted to order from the menu! Why is the toy offline? You said you would be using it for at least another hour!

5:11 pm User Popeye02Joey: Sasha? Did you get in trouble at work?

5:12 pm Cammer SassySashaXoXo: I'm fine everyone, nothing to worry about. Almost got caught by a coworker, so I had to put the plug away well I was still at work. Got home a bit early so I thought I would hop on video chat if anyone wanted to talk!

5:14 pm User BIGBONEDROBBIE: YES! I'm so glad you're home early!

5:26 pmCammer SassySashaXoXo: Lol good! I'll get the camcorder started!

5:39 pm User MistressCora: Welcome home sweet boy.

5:47 pm User JerseyDevilDJ555: What did you tell your coworker?

Sasha wasn't going to tell them the truth about what happened, it didn't matter. It was better if today was just forgotten. He stood and walked over to the cam, pressing the button to start recording. He walked back to the bed and situated himself comfortably again.

"Hello, Lovelies!! I'm just gonna be hanging out this evening, maybe doing a little playing for the right price." He winked, "I did have a long day after all, so let's hang out and chat for a bit." He laid back and looked down at his phone again, reading the chat.

5:58 pm User Popeye02Joey: It's good you're home safe, make sure to take a bath and relax when you have time.

6:02 pm User AngelicPeacexX: Why are you home early?

"When I almost got caught in the restroom I told my coworker I was just feeling sick, my boss sent me home for the night, so I guess lucky me!" He grinned at the camera as he spoke.

6:14 pm User Hash4King: I wanna see you fill up your little ass! Your videos are delicious!

He frowned slightly at his screen but then his smile snapped back quickly. He didn't want the chat turned into a witch hunt just because he got a little offended.

6:16 pm User MistressCora: Joey is right, be sure to take care of yourself this evening.

6:17 pm User BIGBONEDROBBIE: Is it just the regular menu this evening beautiful?

The regulars could be so kind sometimes. He smiled brightly and looked up at the camera again.

"Yes just the regular selections and only the left side tonight, today was honestly a bit strenuous. I'll be sure to eat and bathe once we're done. I had some food earlier so I'm fine for now." Speaking directly to the people in the chat.

6:22 pm User UserUnkown03: Is he really just gonna sit there on his phone? I came here for assplay!

6:24 pm User JerseyDevilDJ555: Don't be a dick! If you want to see him do anything you have to pay like everyone else, and even then he doesn't have to do what you say!

Sure was an interesting room tonight... It made Sasha think about the event earlier. Maybe Nik was just worried about him? I mean he didn't say stop camming, not outright. He had just suggested that Sasha get out more basically... maybe... Sasha looked back down at his phone, his attention drawn by the special cha-ching noise that happened when someone bought something from his menu page.

6:28 pm User LaiPaints paid $12,000 for Ultimate Private Selection.

He stared at his phone for a moment, not believing what was on his screen. Someone had bought an exclusive package off of his menu.

6:30 pm User AngelicPeacexX: What's that mean??

6:31 pm User Popeye02Joey: That means Sasha is going to be disposed for the rest of the night, damn. I was hoping I would be the first to buy that option. Have a good evening beautiful!

6:31 pm User JerseyDevilDJ555: Wait... You're cutting the video chat short tonight?

Sasha read the screen as the other viewers talked about the purchase. Joey wasn't wrong, he would be busy the rest of the night.

"Sorry, everybody! Joey is right, I'm going to have to sign off even though we just started. But I'll be here in the morning bright and early... hopeful." Sasha climbs off of his bed and walks towards the camera as he speaks. Standing in front of it his whole face now takes up the frame, he winks as he finishes his sentence.

"I hope you all have as great of an evening as I'm about to! See you lovelies tomorrow!" Sasha pressed the button to end the recording and double checked it was off. He sat on the end of his bed and stared at his phone trying to process what just happened. He felt anxious but his thumbs worked away on the screen, pulling up the user's profile. Their picture was just of a modernistic painting of deep reds, greens, and blues. There was no bio and just the required info was filled out, Sasha was skeptical, but some people just wanted anonymity not to necessarily lie. He tapped the little chat box and started typing.

Sent by SassySashaXoXo at 6:37 pm: How may I be of service tonight?

Sent by LaiPaints at 6:38 pm: I don't need anything from you tonight, I have a proposition.

This maybe Sasha even more skeptical of the individual. Proposition, for what? The menu option they had chosen was one of the largest packages Sasha allowed. This viewer could have a plethora of photos, hours of chatting with Sasha, and a lot more. So what did they want?

Sent by SassySashaXoXo at 6:40 pm: Alright. What would that be?

Sent by LaiPaints at 6:40 pm: Go on a date with me tomorrow.

Sasha couldn't believe what he was reading, first Nik, now some stranger on the internet? I mean it's not the first time someone has asked him on a date online, but it is the first time someone has given him a reason to...

Sent by SassySashaXoXo at 6:41 pm: I don't even know you, I don't even know what you look like. What if you're just some kidnapper?

Sent by LaiPaints at 6:42 pm: I could tell you I'm not but we both know that someone's word isn't enough for that. It'll be like a blind date, we can go somewhere of your choice and meet there.

It didn't sound like the worst idea, but lots of bad things to happen to people even in well-populated areas... Sasha was on the fence if he said no the viewer could just take his money back and it could just become a distance memory. Or he could take a risk and make a good wad of cash...

Sent by SassySashaXoXo at 6:49 pm: Alright... Meet me at Cochino's in the city at seven tomorrow evening. You better give me a good ass time though...

Sent by LaiPaints at 6:50 pm: Someone lives up to their chosen name, I'll see you then. I'll be wearing a black shirt with a yellow flower on the pocket.

Sasha saw the viewer's little profile icon change from available to offline. Well, guess that's all the talking we're doing tonight... What the hell did I just do? He fell back on his bed and groaned.



He leaned back in his desk chair, the room mostly lit by some LEDs on the back of his T.V. and computer monitor, the only other light source a warm, dim floor lamp. Staring at the screen Nik grinned, satisfied with himself. He read the end of Sasha's message over and over again then chuckled. He imagined what it would sound like to hear the usually timid Sasha so bratty, it honestly made a jolt of arousal shoot through him. Standing up, he pushed in his chair and walked out of the room. Going down the hall he made his way to his bedroom, walking through to the attached bathroom.

Nikolai started the shower, the hot water steaming the room quickly. He examined his face in the mirror, thinking about the previous events from that day. He felt like he had really messed up with Sasha, he was hoping this could be a second chance, but he was also worried Sasha would just get upset again. He had just been curious when he hopped on the site after he got home, he had only seen part of Sasha's profile and he wanted to see the entire site.

Taking a good few hours looking over the whole site, random cammers videos and parts of people profiles Nik eventually ended up on Sasha's profile. Clicking on the tab the read MENU, a screen pulled up with a message from Sasha and a table kind of like the one he had done for the toy today. Nikolai read through every choice, price, and reward that came with them. His eyes landing at the bottom of the menu on the highest priced option, Ultimate Private Selection. $12,000 for a whole 24 hours of chat time, 50 behind the scenes photos from shoots of your choice, 6 hours of never-seen videos, and 50 custom Snapvids. After that Sasha had tacked on that other items could be added with the discussion.

Once he found that selection a plan formulated quickly. He hit the button to purchase without really thinking, then hopped up quickly to get his wallet. Maybe it would be a bad idea, maybe Sasha would think he was trying to buy his affection... but if he got mad tomorrow Nikolai would plead his case, and if that didn't change things he would leave Sasha alone.



Sasha sat in a booth waiting for his mystery date, he had gotten to the restaurant a bit early feeling anxious. He asked the hostess if he could ask her for help if need be, having never even been on a normal blind date, she was sweet and agreed enthusiastically. Telling Sasha if he needed anything to ask her or ask one of the waitresses for her. He was still nervous, squirming in his seat, but he felt safer knowing someone was there watching out for him.

He waited for a while longer before he saw a man walk into the entryway, speak to the hostess and then walk towards him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, it just had to be a coincidence. But he knew it wasn't as Nikolai walked directly up to his table, he opened his mouth to speak but Sasha cut him off.

"What are you doing here? Are you the one that was online?" He snapped harshly, glaring at him.

"Yes, I am Sasha. But please just let me explain." Nik pleaded and sat down across from Sasha. Raising a brow, Sasha looks at him unimpressed.

"Then start explaining." He bedpans.

"I told you before, I just want a chance. I'm not trying to get you to stop camming, I just think it's unhealthy that, that is all you do other than work. Can't you see why I'm concerned? I'm not judging you, Sasha, please just let's try this afternoon again." Sasha sighed deeply, maybe he had acted too irrationally. He hadn't given Nik a real chance anyway, and to be honest, he had been holding back his giddy-ness about Nik being attracted to him all day.

"Fine." Nikolai grinned and opened a menu, glanced down at his own open on the table. Sasha actually made some choices this time, it wasn't that Nik didn't order good food, it was more of a defiance thing at this point.

"I like your profile by the way. It seems a lot more organized and better designed than some of the others I saw." Sasha blushed deeply at the compliment.

"How long were you on there last night?" He muttered.

"Before talking to you? About two hours? It might have been three." A waitress came over.

"Hello, my name is Kira, would you both like to start with drinks?" She grinned and looked between the both of them.

"I'll have a lemon drop martini. We'll also get the Greek salad and the pita appetizer, then when dinner comes could I get a rum and coke?" She wrote down quickly as Sasha spoke, Nik just watched the other man's face in subtle shock.

"Of course, and do you know what you would like for dinner already?" She asked him.

"Yes, actually I'll have the open-face chicken gyro, and then for dessert, we'll have a big order of the Loukomades." He smiled wide at Kira, closed his menu and handed it to her, she turned to Nikolai.

"And for you sir?" She asked him.

"I'll have a bourbon on the rocks, and the Moussaka please." She writes his order down and then takes his menu.

"Perfect, I'll be back in a moment with drinks." She speedily walked off, Nik turned back to Sasha.

"Look who's doing the ordering now." He chuckles softly.

"You're paying." Sasha snaps unamused.

"I planned on it. Now please don't be so cold Sasha." Nikolai pouted exaggeratedly at him, "I just want you to have a good time tonight."

"Fine, then we're going dancing after we eat." He states as Kira comes back over dropping off their drinks. Sasha takes a sip quickly, "Why were you on there for so long last night?" He looks at Nik with furrowed brows.

"Because I told you I was curious, I couldn't ask you more about it because you were mad. I did my own research instead." He took a sip of his drink slowly, "Why are you so defensive about your camming?"

"I-I'm... Because... In real life people are judgmental, and it's not considered normal... Why are you so persistent?" He quipped.

"Because you are the sweetest, smartest, most kind person I've ever met... You're also the first person that hasn't treated me different because of my looks, or because they know about my art." Sasha looked at him confused.

"You get people treating you different for your looks often?" Nikolai chuckled softly.

"Yes I do Sasha, a lot of the women at work actually oogle at me when they think I'm not looking. I honestly have most of my life, not to sound all woes me I'm attractive, I just wanted someone to see past that. That I'm a lot more than a pretty face." Sasha scoffed.

"Someone is full of themselves."

"At least I'm not so oblivious I can't even tell when someone wants to be friends. People stare at you, at work too you know." He sips his bourbon again.

"I don't believe that."

"You don't have to, just pay more attention your next shift at work." Nikolai laughed, Sasha shook his head and Kira soon came over with their appetizers, Sasha digs in quickly. He was filling his mouth to keep from snapping at Nik again. His anger was waning, Nik was honestly trying to be sweet, and he had just been rude the entire time. He slowed his eating.

"Nik, I'm sorry. I guess you're right about me getting out... I don't know why I've been being so difficult." Sasha sat looking deflated.

"It's alright Sasha. I know you're just worried, you don't want it to be like the past. But you can't ruin things for yourself before they happen..." Nikolai sighed, "Let's just forget about this afternoon and the site for a few hours, try and just have a good time?" He offered, Sasha nods and munches on more of the food. They eat quite a bit in silent, until Kira comes over with their meals, placing them down.

"How is everything so far?" She inquires.

"Really good," Sasha says as he stares at his plate, mouthwatering.

"It's wonderful." Nik grins up at her as he speaks. She nods and walks off again, "Why do you want to go dancing after this?" He asked before taking a bit of his meal. The question makes Sasha clam up, honestly, it was one of his favorite things to do, and he hadn't in a long time.

"I just thought it might be fun, though I would make it worth your while." Nikolai glared at him.

"Sasha, we said no cam chat." The small scold makes butterflies in Sasha's stomach.

"Sorry, sir." His eyes grow wide and he stares at his plate, not wanting to face Nik.

"Is there a particular club you want to go to?" He eating his meal slowly, savoring the deliciousness.

"Not really, there's one close by if you just wanted to go there."

'Alright. How's your food?" He asks pointing at Sasha's plate with his fork.

"Good." He mumbles, he was a bit shocked. Sasha hadn't ever been dommed in person, was Nikolai secretly a dominate?



The conversation had managed to get kinder as they ate, taking the time together to learn more about each other. They laughed over shared moments at work and jokes that each other made. When Sasha relaxed he realized he wasn't having a bad time, and Nik was actually a really funny and sweet guy.

The two of them walked down the sidewalk towards the nightclub Sasha had mentioned, they were just enjoying the walk together. Sasha hesitantly took Nikolai's hand in his, Nik grasped his tightly when he realized what he was doing. He looked over and grinned at Sasha.

"You having a good night?" Nik asked.

"A lot better than I anticipated, I thought I would be in someone's trunk by now." He laughed and Nik shook his head chuckling. It wasn't a far walk as they walked up to the dark building with a red neon sign, AFTERLIFE, in cursive. They got in line, Nik throwing an arm around Sasha's shoulder as they waited. He leaned into the smaller man's ear.

"I can't wait to see you dance." He muttered Sasha's cheeks flared red.


It wasn't a long wait, they showed their IDs to the bouncer, got a stamp on their wrists, then went inside. Deep House music was pumping through the space as bodies moved on the dance floor, it was a busy night. Sasha grasped Nik's hand tightly and pulled him onto the dance floor, slipping between the people. Pressing close to each other, Sasha's back to Nik's chest, they started to sway and bounce with the music. Sasha let the music take control of him, his body moving and sliding across Nik. They danced well together, their bodies moving in a sensual rhythm. Sasha leaned his head back onto Nik’s chest and his hands clutched Sasha's hips holding him close.

The two of them dance for a few songs, their movements getting more in sync and pressed as close as they could. After a while, Sasha could feel Nikolai's hard cock press against his ass. He grinned to himself, turning his head slightly to press his lips against Nik's ear.

"Someone's excited." He giggles, turning his head back, Nikolai moved his mouth close to Sasha's ear in return.

"How could I not be when I have the sexiest person in here in my arms?" Sasha felt his own cock begin to harden from Nikolai's comment and movements. They continued to move to the music, the two of them growing more eager and lost in their own world of lust. Sasha leaned into his ear again.

"I want you. Now." He mutters lustfully, Nikolai took his hand and dragged him off to a dark, hallway. Quickly he pressed Sasha against a wall, kissing his neck, his hands slip under his shirt caressing his stomach.

"Are you sure? Do you want to leave? We can go to my apartment?" Nikolai asked between kisses.

"Nik, shut up and fuck me." That was all he needed to hear, stepping back he unbuckles and unzips his pants, pulling a small bottle of lube out of his pocket he covers his cock in it. Sasha pulled his shorts down, slipping one of his legs out. Nikolai picks him up, Sasha's legs wrap around his waist, as he shifts Sasha up onto his hips both of their shirts ride up. He feels Nik's cock poking against him.

"You are a naughty boy Sash," Nikolai's comment makes Sasha's cock throb between their stomachs, "Look at all those people that might see us, Sasha, you really want my cock in you right here, right now?" Sasha turns his head, Nik pressed him tightly against the wall again, looking at the crowd of dancing and drunk people that might catch them, it made Sasha's cock throb again.

"Yes, oh god yes Nikolai." Nik grins and shifts, pressing his prick inside of Sasha he groans low. The tight, warm feeling making his eyes roll back as he slowly entered the smaller man.

"Fuck, you feel so good." He slowly starts thrusting, being gentle with Sasha. Each thrust draws a whimper from his lips, Nikolai palms his cock, his other hand holding Sasha's ass. His hand matches his own thrusts, "Let's cum, then get out of here." Nik pants out the words. Sasha just nods and moans as Nikolai picks up the pace of his thrusts and strokes. Sasha is soon turned into a flushed, breathy, sweaty mess. Nikolai groaning and growling as he continued to fuck him fast and harder.

"Look at them, Sasha. Just imagine if one of them saw you, if you locked eyes with one of them." Nik's words made fear and pleasure run through Sasha, he moaned loudly, glad the music was covering their noises, "Mmm I'm already close Sasha you're squeezing me so tightly."

"I am too." Sasha gasped out, Nikolai's hands shifted to Sasha's hips, making him bounce on his cock a bit differently and deeper, "Oh fffffuuuck." Sasha soon was a rambling, sticky mess as he came all over both of their stomachs.

"Ooohhhhh good booyyy." Not but moments after Nik filled Sasha with cum. Slowly he pulled out and let Sasha down, but he hugged him close once he was standing. The both of them breathing heavily, once they had calmed Sasha pulled his discarded shorts back on and Nik put his cock back in his pants. Both of them pulled down their shirts and then left the club hand in hand. Slipping through the bodies of everyone, having left a little mess in the hall.

To be continued...


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Velvet Shodun

25-year-old writer and amateur voice actor, I honestly just have a passion for creativity and sexuality.

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