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Watching Eyes

Short Erotic Story

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 3 months ago 23 min read

Sitting at the bar, Elsie gazes at the now empty glass that once housed her drink, sighing she glances at the clock. It’s been two hours since she arrived, two hours of her sitting here, and waiting, thinking today would be different. She thought their anniversary would yield different results from all the other times. Yet, here she is, two hours later, still alone.

There hasn’t been a single call or text, not to warn her that he will be late, or apologise for not being able to make it. This isn’t the first time, had it been she wouldn’t have felt so hurt. It’s become a weekend deal. Every weekend she finds herself dressed up, with every guy's eyes on her, except her husbands.

“I see that you’re back again.” The voice has Elsie turning, she gives a wary smile to the man and nods. Noting that he seems to be here every time she is. His eyes show sympathy for her.

“You know, whoever the person is, that you keep waiting for, and putting so much effort into, isn’t worth it. Maybe it’s time to accept that?”

Deep down, she knows he isn’t worth the effort anymore, but the feeling of needing to try lingers, he’s her husband, and it feels wrong to quit.

“I can see you are not ready to accept that fact. So, how about you let me buy you a drink this time?”

Nodding Elsie smiles at him. Not wanting to refuse again.

“Please.” She watches as he sits down, his smile widens and her eyes begin to scan his body, her teeth biting her lip slightly.

“Tom, can we have the same again please?” The guy orders their drinks before he places Elsie’s in front of her.

“Well, I’m Dwayne. You haven’t asked, but I thought I should introduce myself. You are?” He smiles, waiting to see if he will get her name this time.

“Elsie, I’m Elsie. It’s nice to meet you again Dwayne.”

Smiling he nods, at least now he knows her name. "So, I was wondering, who is it you keep waiting for?" I thought it was someone important, but there is no one worth waiting around for like she does.

She turns her hand lifting to show him the ring, Dwayne looks at her confused, then smiles understandingly. "Ah, I get it." Elsie looks at him confused, waiting for him to explain. "I’m guessing that you two are broken up, and you keep asking him to meet to fix things."

Elsie laughs taking a drink, almost finishing the whole drink. "Oh no. We’re very much together, we still live together, and everything. I just never seem to see him, I hoped that these dates would work, and get his attention. Apparently, they haven’t though, not even tonight, on our anniversary.” She fights back the tears, biting against her tongue. She’s not upset, after the first three times he didn’t show the upset turned into anger.

“I can tell you now. Whoever the guy is, your husband, he’s a fool. What is your plan, Elsie? To do this every Thursday and Saturday and just hope he cares enough about you to show up, even just once?”

Elsie flinches at his words. “Maybe. I haven’t really planned that far ahead. I didn’t consider how long I would do this before giving up. Frustration levels are still good, sex toys and all that help me stay calm, and not just scream fuck it while slashing his suits.”

Dwayne laughs and nods, intrigued even more by her now. “So, sex toys? Surely sex is better than sex toys at keeping frustration levels down.” He can’t help but wonder what sort of relationship she is in.

“If less sex is different in your world, it requires two people Dwayne, and as you can see, I’m alone most of the time, even if he isn’t.” Her head lowers, knowing full well that he is with another woman. She always knows, but accepting it isn’t easy.

He shows up early the next morning, or the next day, sometimes with flowers, sometimes with just an apology. Then, he runs off again, claiming work. It’s Lucy, his secretary, he thinks Elsie has no idea, but she has just been hoping that he will see what is right and stop cheating.

"You seem to be thinking long and hard there Elsie."

She nods, her eyes looking around. She needs to decide what to do, she can’t keep doing this and living like this.

"So, your husband gets to have fun. He gets to do what he wants, with who he wants, while you get what? A life of sitting with nothing, hoping today is the day that he cares?”

Elsie nods at Dwayne, that is exactly how it is. That is how it has been for years now.

“Don’t Elsie, why not give yourself something for a change? Take something that only benefits, you, not him?” He smiles, winking.

She would love to, it isn’t that she doesn’t want to. It’s more the fact it has been so long since she went near any other guy that wasn’t her husband Gaz, and she knows she wouldn’t know what to do.

“Honestly, I don’t really feel like it, or know what to do.”

Dwayne nods, chuckling slightly, his hand moves as he places a card in her hand. “Listen, if you change your mind. I will be there, feel free to join me.” He winks at her as she stands deciding just to leave, after waiting hours. As she walks to the lift, Dwayne follows her.

She looks at him confused.

Dwayne holds his hands up. “I’m not following you, I swear. I’m going up to my room, and you’re clearly leaving?” He looks at her, leaving it as a question. Eslie nods, knowing there is no point using the room she booked just to sleep alone. The doors open and as she goes to step into the lift, her eyes look at the man standing in it.

“Hunni! Sorry I’m late, work was awful as ever.”

Elsie nods, confused by why he is there. She never expected him to show.

Smiling, Dwayne steps around her and into the lift, as Gaz wraps his arm around Elsie, her eyes watch as Dwayne disappears. All she can do is wonder who Dwayne is, and why he seems to be here all the time.

“I will get you a drink, come on sit.” Gaz leads her to the bar and Elsie follows, her eyes going back to the lift. She knows Gaz saved her, she knows had she got into that lift, she would have gone with Dwayne. Her hand stays in her pocket holding onto the card that Dwayne had slipped into her hand.

Taking a breath she looks at Gaz. “How was work today then?” She watches as his shoulders shrug.

"Same, slow, hectic and boring love." His simple statement is clearly a lie, otherwise, why is he late?

"Should we order food?" She asks, knowing she should eat, she hasn’t eaten.

“No, I already ate before I came. So we will have a couple of drinks then head to our room.” He explains, and Elsie nods, waiting for him to say Happy Anniversary, but she knows he has forgotten. After two drinks, he walks off to the bathroom. Elsie’s head lowers as she realises even on their anniversary she came last, he didn’t even remember.

She hears his phone beeping, and her eyes avert from it.

“So, is he the guy then, the one you keep waiting for?” Tom looks at her from behind the bar, watching as she nods. “Really? Because your face isn’t glowing, something tells me he isn’t the one you should be waiting for.” Elsie looks at him confused, watching as his eyes glance down to Gaz’s phone, and his head shakes. He walks to the other side of the bar, taking an order.

Watching him, she picks up Daz’s phone. Curious now as to what Tom had seen.

Thank you for tonight. The food was incredible, I’m sorry I had to leave early to sort out the family issue. I know we had plans, so I’m sorry for cancelling, I will see you bright and early x

Her eyes stare at the phone, she was the second on his list tonight. Had Lucy not cancelled, Gaz wouldn’t be here tonight. He wouldn’t have shown. She puts his phone down before picking up his whiskey and necking it. Tom watches as she stands, slamming the glass down.

“Erm, Miss. You’re forgetting something.” He points to the bathroom, stopping her as she is about to leave.

“I’m forgetting nothing. It’s time for me to do something for me. He’s probably getting a blow job as we speak, just tell him I left.”

Walking to the lift, she rushes to take out her card, knowing that Gaz can’t follow her. Pushing it into the slot, she watches as the lift moves. Pulling it back out she waits, a moment later the lift doors open and she steps out.

Her eyes scan the room, the penthouse? She looks around, before stepping further into the room, realising she must have used Dwayne’s card. She shouldn’t be here.

She moves to step back, her body hitting something. Turning Dwayne is standing there in nothing but a towel. His hair is wet, the water dripping down his body and a gasp escapes Elsie’s mouth. Her eyes roam his chest as she bites against her lip stopping the moan that threatens to escape.

"Well, this is a surprise, that was your husband, right?” He looks at her and she nods. “Where is your husband?" She looks at him, her head shaking, she shouldn't do this, no matter how much Gaz does, she shouldn't.

"Look, would you like a drink?" He looks at her as she nods, he walks in with Elsie following close behind. Her eyes watch as he pours her a drink.

"Do what you need, talk, cry, scream, even smash things. Whatever it is, do it.”

She looks at him confused, didn’t he give her his card for a quick fuck?

"So, I was right, it was your husband?"

She nods looking at him. "Yes, and no." She needs to accept he is no longer her husband. No matter how much she pretends he is, she has lost him. Why he is sticking around she doesn't know.

"Yes, and no? So, what, you're getting a divorce?" He quizzes.

She shrugs her shoulders. "No, we are married, no divorce going through, but I now realise he is more her husband than he is mine. That paper means nothing it may as well have her name on it." He nods sitting down.

“You okay? You look lost.” He smiles at her as she nods slightly.

“Just... I guess lost, yes.” Even her own words don’t make sense to her.

“Okay. Well, what made you come up here and leave your husband down there?” He leans back.

“His phone beeped. Turns out I was second in line even on our anniversary. He had no intention of coming here. His mistress cancelled unexpectedly. Marriage isn’t easy.” It was true, but her marriage was far from easy. It was like a battle every second.

“Marriage is never easy. Believe me, I know. Sometimes one person isn’t enough for some.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Is that why you’re single? Got married and realised you didn’t want just one woman?” He looks at her shocked. “Sorry, the way you said it… it was like you had realised one woman wasn’t enough and left your marriage.” She looks at him realising her words might be offensive.

“No, I was happy with just her. It was her who wanted more. She was like your husband. I did walk away, yes. After a year of it, I realised it wasn’t worth fighting for.”

“I’m sorry for instantly thinking it was you.” She shouldn’t have done that. Why did she do that?

“It’s fine. Most people think it’s the guy, so I don’t blame you.”

“No, it was more the fact I couldn’t see a woman having you and still wanting another guy.” She wouldn’t. Hell, she was staying faithful to her husband through all his shit and he was nowhere near as hot as Dwayne. That was wrong for her to think.

“We can just talk. I don’t expect anything, Elsie. So, how long have things been this bad?”

“About a year. It started out as just one night a week he wouldn’t come home, then it became two. It went from him touching me every night, to once a month, to never.”

He looks at her, disappointed, “Can’t have been never. He must be getting something from you to stay there. Surely there’s sex.” Dwayne can’t understand why her husband was still with her if he didn’t get that from her.

“Once in eight months. Actually, I would say like half of one in eight months, if even that.”

He chuckles, looking at her confused, “How can you get half of one when it comes to sex? It’s either all or nothing, isn’t it?”

“The other week when he finally agreed, it was pretty much a warm-up and he finished and went to sleep. Apparently, his lovely mistress teased him with videos and he figured I could be the resolution to his feelings. So, yes. Half of one, because I didn’t even get close to the edge by the time he was done and asleep. I thought tonight would be different. It’s our anniversary. I had the outfit and everything hung up where he could see it. I hoped it would make him crave me wearing it. He knew but still chose her. A quick flick through the phone, and I realised he didn’t crave me wearing it. He went and bought it for her.”

She glances down at the dress, tears filling her eyes. He didn’t even want to see her in it. He saw it, liked it, and bought it for Karen.

“Well, he is a fool. Any man who chooses someone over you is.” Dwayne smiles at her.

“No, you haven’t seen. If you saw Lucy, you would choose her too. She is younger and has a far better body than me.” Maybe that’s why? She met her husband when she was young. Maybe she’s too old now.

Dwayne replies softly, “No, I don’t need to see her to know he made a mistake. Any man who thinks differently isn’t worth it.” Elsie stands and walks out to the balcony, taking in her surroundings. It’s amazing. Being this high up is impressive.

She finds herself captured by the beauty. It’s so quiet up here. No one can see her. She can just make out the small blobs of people moving down below. Her body trembles as she feels his finger run down her back.

“What do you want, Elsie?” He will give it to her. He will give her whatever she wants just in the hopes it makes her realise she is worthy of more than her husband is giving her.

“Honestly? I just want to feel loved again, not in that sense, but have someone actually loving my body and noticing it. Right now though, I just feel like this body has gone past its use-by date.” Her head falls.

“You are not past your ‘use by’ date. You’re still young.” She is. Looking at her, she’s maybe thirty. She can’t be much older than that. Her husband clearly likes children, preferring a girl who has just left university, barely hit twenty-one, with no life experience.

He strokes Elsie’s back. He wraps his arms around her waist as he pulls her closer to him. His hand feels along her body over the dress, as he presses his lips against her neck. He slowly guides the small straps off her shoulders; the dress falls down to the floor in a pool at her feet.

Elsie squeezes her eyes shut. Dwayne steps back in awe; his eyes widen seeing her. Hell, she looks fantastic. The leather basque and suspenders look amazing. He uses his hands to turn her so she faces him. He takes a long moment to admire her. He will make her realise she is beautiful and her body is amazing. He stands there looking at her. Elsie glances at him in confusion. Her mouth opens to talk, but Dwayne puts a finger on her lips.

“Just shhh… Let me enjoy looking before I touch.” He speaks softly as his eyes stay on her body. Her husband is a fool. No other woman should replace her; no other woman should make him turn his head.

He steps towards her allowing his hand to stroke her body. A shiver courses through her core. His head lowers to trail kisses along the top of her breasts. She arches, begging him for more.

“So, how long? How long has it been since he touched you like you were made from the finest materials known to man?” His eyes hold hers.

Her mind thinks back… it was so long ago. But she knows when. It was the last day of the holiday before they returned. Lucy had just started being his secretary.

“June, two years ago.” After that, sex was just that: sex. There was nothing special about it. Everything she tried didn’t succeed. Sure, that first year they had sex it was like the other night, just more often. Was that when it started and she never realised? Elsie shakes the thought from her head. She won’t think about things like that now. She’ll figure it out later.

Her eyes now focus on Dwayne. She traces them along his body. He is covered in tattoos. For some reason, she likes it. Gaz was clean, in a sense. He didn’t even have one tattoo. Actually, Gaz was different in so many ways, one being that he didn’t work out. Elsie finds herself biting her lip as her eyes trail along Dwayne’s abs. A whimper escapes her mouth. She moves her hands from her sides and strokes along his torso. Her body shakes with pleasure as she feels herself getting pulled in deeper.

Dwayne smiles at her. His hands settle on her hips as she strokes his body. He will let her have this moment. His eyes stay fixed on hers as her hands move across his body. Her breathing becomes shaky as she reaches for the towel wrapped around his waist. Dwayne grasps her hand and shakes his head disapprovingly. The towel isn’t coming off yet.

His arm wraps around her body, pulling her closer to him as they kiss. He caresses her before pushing her down onto the small patio sofa. His body towers over hers as he plants kisses along her skin. Her fingers tangle into the small thong. He shakes his head.

Taking off the suspenders and stockings right now would be a waste. He takes the thong in his hand, tearing it as he throws it aside. He teases her gently with his mouth along the inside of her thighs slowly making his way closer and closer.

Elsie moans loudly as his tongue brushes along her sex. Her hips push up to get closer to him as she cries out. Her hands tangle themselves into his hair, holding him hostage between her luscious thighs. He begins to flick his tongue faster, pushing her to her limits. Elsie cries louder as she orgasms, her body shaking as the fire burns through her.

She takes hold of him and pulls him to her. She wraps her legs around his waist as she moans, pulling him closer. His mouth presses against hers hungrily. She reaches towards the towel to remove it.

He takes her hands in his own, “No.”

Standing, he pulls her up with him. He doesn’t want to make this quick. He has no doubt tomorrow she’ll regret it and go back to her husband, even if he isn’t there.

He holds her against him; her back against his chest. He moves his mouth to her neck, tormenting her. He slides his hand between her legs, his fingers pushing inside her. His fingers begin flexing slowly, as his other hand tangles into her hair. He holds her head back against him, giving him access to her neck. His mouth plays on her skin as his fingers move quicker. Elsie’s cries get louder. She keeps her eyes fixed on the city as he keeps going, pushing her to orgasm once more.

He turns her around to allow her to watch him. He raises his hand to his lips and slips his fingers slowly in. He swirls his tongue around tasting her juices. A moan escapes his throat as he tastes her. He steps closer to her, holding her between him and the balcony.

Slowly, his fingers are released from his mouth. Leaning down, he kisses her gently.

“You taste amazing.” His voice is low and raspy, as he holds her hips. He feels himself almost losing control. He tries to even his breathing as Elsie’s hands move down to the towel. This time Dwayne allows her. He watches as she tugs at the only barrier between his cock and her. The towel drops to the floor. Her heart flutters faster.

What are you doing? Her mind screams the question at her. She doesn’t know. She just knows she needs this. Maybe after tonight, it’ll make her see she needs to walk away from Gaz.

Her hands move along his body before grasping his cock. His body tenses as her hand slowly glides along his shaft. She kisses a path along his chest. She’s crazy. A giggle escapes her mouth as she makes her way down his body. She begins to get on her knees, but Dwayne stops her. He tries to pull her up. He doesn’t want that from her.

“Please, it’s been ages,” she begs. Her eyes flash up to his. He slowly nods and releases her hand. He watches as her hands run down his body. He shuts his eyes and his head falls back feeling the warmth of her mouth wraps around his cock. She sucks gently, bobbing her head.

Her tongue trails below his shaft and a groan escapes his mouth as she keeps going. Dwayne throws his head back with pleasure. His eyes stay shut as her mouth pushes him closer to the limit. His groans become heavy as he whispers her name. A jolt runs through Elsie’s body hearing him say her name. He becomes undone and cums in her throat.

He pulls her back up. He slips his arms around her and lifts her up. Her legs encircle his body as he sits her on the edge of the balcony. His cock slowly pushes into her sex. Elsie’s hands wrap around the back of his neck as his hips begin moving. Slow and teasingly, he kisses her neck as he keeps going. Her moans remain consistently quiet as she feels herself wanting to beg for more. He pulls her closer to him. His hips thrust once, hard and deep, causing her to scream, and then his hips move slowly again.

He moves one hand up her back, tangling into her hair. He pulls her head back, his other arm wraps around her waist holding her against him. His eyes gazing into hers causes a small whimper to escape her lips. He thrusts deep and hard one more time. His hand moves from around her waist to grasp her throat.

Keeping her against him, he shoves his cock deeper and starts to rock his hips back and forth. He stares at her face as she orgasms almost instantly. He continues rolling his hips with his shaft deep inside her. Her body trembles as she orgasms again. Her moans become louder. She has missed this. Actually, she’s never had this. Gaz never gave sex this much attention.

Dwayne's arms wrap around her, keeping her against him. He carries her into the bedroom before placing her on the bed. His body towers over her. He places her legs around his arms and he thrusts, pushing his cock into her sex. He doesn’t stop. His hips continue to move, each time getting faster and harder.

He admires Elsie as she screams and orgasms again. She digs her nails into his back, attempting with everything she has to pull him closer. Dwayne’s hips move faster and faster. She cries out his name and orgasms, pushing him to finish. His hips slow down little by little until he comes to a stop. He flips onto his back next to her and pulls the blanket over her body. He watches her as her eyes close.

He missed this. He missed having a woman. He stops that thought before it can lead on: she isn’t his. He knows she’ll go back home to her husband and keep trying. She’ll think if she doesn’t, she is quitting. Why is it always the jerks who get women like this? Women like her who no doubt wake up tomorrow and feel nothing but guilt. She won’t remember how many women he has slept with while they were married. His arm wraps around her. He won’t see her again, he can’t. If she is leaving her husband, fine. He can’t be that person, even if her husband has already ended their marriage and just hasn’t told her.

"I should go." Elsie moves and starts getting dressed regretting what she has done.

"You feel guilty right?" Dwayne stands up and looks at her as she nods.

"Why? You say he cheats, are you planning to stay married to him?" He needs to know, something about her draws him in.

"I want to stay no, I really want to be able to say it's over and walk away, but I can't."

"Why don't you tell him? Tell him what happened tonight, see if he does what you do." Elsie nods as she walks towards the door. His hand stop her.

"If and I mean if you ever find yourself here waiting, anywhere waiting or needing, just let me know" Elsie nods and takes his card before leaving.

She should leave Gaz, she should tell him about tonight to see if he thinks she's worth fighting for like she has been with him.

Dwayne stands looking at the door, confused about who the woman is. He swore never to touch a woman who was taken, but her? She sucked him in.


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Indie author of hot fiction, and taboo subjects. You can find my on all social medias and my books on Amazon.

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  • Carol Townend3 months ago

    This is brilliantly raunchy. I love the burn up to the main story.

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