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The Cities Mafia Queen. PT 18

Reverse Harem

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 3 months ago 22 min read
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Emmi: The Punishment

It has been four weeks, and those four weeks passed quickly. I’ve spent plenty of time at the new house, helping get it sorted, and it looks even more amazing every day. Every day I spend it with a different brother as they continue to clean up my family’s mess.

The border has dropped between the cities, which is amazing. It means Solace City and Wolverson City are together as one. My shoulder has healed, and everything is looking great.

“What do you think?” I hear Gunner behind me, and I laugh.

“You big psychotic bastard.” I look at the small crib. He is fucking crazy.

“Soon, believe me if you’re not already, you will be. I don’t care if it takes fucking you every hour.” I turn and look at him.

He is obsessed with getting me pregnant, which is fucking weird. Yet somehow cute, seeing him with the kitten is impressive, and I can just imagine him holding a baby. The room is bright pink, so I’m guessing he wants a girl. If not, he didn’t think this through. I have no issues with a boy sleeping in a pink room, but there is nothing for a boy in here.

“It is lovely.” It really is. He nods and pulls me out. Pushing a door open, we step through, and I laugh harder. “Really?” This is the same, only blue. I turn and look at him.

“You’re having more than one, little kitten. I don’t care if it takes having ten kids. We get at least one of each.”

All I can do is nod and smile, hugging him. “I love you, you giant lunatic.” He is a perfectly lovable one.

“You might not later.” He walks out, pulling me through to another room. Stepping in, I stand confused.

“Strip.” I turn, hearing Dante’s words, and see him sat in the corner of the room. “You have a punishment and a lesson owed, now strip.” He stays sat while watching me. Moving, I start to strip myself of my clothes until I am stood naked.

“So, what’s the plan? Whip me, cut me, make me cry?” I look at them, feeling determined.

“Maybe a bit of those, but mostly, little lamb, just you begging to finish.” I smile, seeing Bear walk through, then the realisation hits me.

“No!” I want to fucking cry. I run for the other door, but Zane appears in it.

“You’re crazy, Emmi, you will run from us pushing you and not letting you come, but hurting you? You will stand and let us do that?” He laughs as he backs me into the room.

“Jerks! Do it, just don’t expect me to fuck any of you after tonight.” I glare at Dante.

“Really, dirty girl? I’m betting you will be begging to be fucked tomorrow.” I moan, hearing Bear behind me. Okay, so I will. I’m weak, and I will. “Now kneel.” I do as I am told and kneel down. The feel of someone wrapping rope around my wrists makes me smile as Dante simply sits and watches.

“So, if I don’t get to come, does that mean you four don’t?” I want to know.

“Oh, we do, all over you, and inside you.” I pull a face at Zane.

“And you know what, dirty girl? You will love it because it proves just how dirty you can be.” I feel Bears hand grasp my hair. He is right. I will, although I will fight and call them names just to make it more fun.

“So the plan is, we all fuck you, sugar. One at a time, two a time, hell, we might even manage three at a time.” Dante stands and walks towards me. “Lean forward, cheek against the floor.” I do as I am told and feel someone behind me, their fingers pushing into my sex and teasing me.

My shoulder and side are healed now. However, the most I have had with these guys is two, and nothing too crazy. Yet every time, it has built up, more and more, longer, and longer, and now I wonder if it was to make sure I was ready for this?

I’m already feeling like I’m flying and all they have done is tease me with their fingers. A small cry erupts from within me as I feel someone pull against the bar in my clit, my body shaking as I get closer and closer to that edge. Then it stops, their fingers slowly rubbing around my pussy. Just enough to keep me on edge, but never enough to push me over it.

I feel someone's hands palming my ass, the cold metal pushing into me. I wiggle slightly, feeling my ass full as someone's fingers once again push into my sex, moving quickly, but as soon as I get to the limit, they stop.

“Head up, and open.” I lift my head to see Zane kneeling in front of me, my mouth opening and wrapping around his shaft. His hips move as he holds my head against him. Thrusting deeper and harder. My moans are muffled by my gagging, and I feel someone pulling on my nipples.

“So much better if they were pierced little kitten.” Gunner’s words make sense. Somehow, having my clit pierced means I enjoy sex way more. But I still haven’t gone further. Maybe next I should have my nipples done? I feel Zane’s cock strain in my mouth, his hips jolting slightly as he comes. I feel it running down my throat as he continues moving slowly before stepping back.

I fight back the urge to beg. As much as I want to, I won’t. But an hour later, I’m still in the same position, each one taking turns to tease me, pushing me to the point of orgasm before stopping. Each one using my mouth as a way to relieve themselves.

I am pulled up to kneel straight, and I watch as Dante kneels ahead of me, his hand slipping between my legs and pulling on the bar, making a shattered cry escape my throat.

“I will tell you what, dirty girl, you prove to me you’re dirty and want it, and I will fuck you until you come at the end.” I cry slightly, hearing Bear’s words.

“Promise, Daddy?” I don’t want to do this and him then refuse.

“I promise, little lamb, so don’t hold back.” I moan and nod, my body relaxing after trying to stay tense and fight off the pleasure. I watch as Dante’s fingers continue to tease me, faster and faster until I am on the verge of an orgasm, then he stops.

“Up you get, little kitten.” Gunner pulls me onto my feet, pushing my body forward so I’m lent over. “I will agree, little kitten, prove to us you’re sorry, make me want to see you come, and I will as well.” I move and wiggle back, trying to push against him. I beg and plead as I feel his cock push into my entrance. I push back more, feeling his length invade me, moans escaping my mouth as his hips begin moving faster.

“Fuck him, dirty girl, really fuck him and prove you want that orgasm.” I moan and rock against Gunner. Dante stood ahead of me. I wrap my hands around his thighs, my mouth opening as he rubs the tip of his head across my lips.

I try to scream, but it’s muffled by me gagging on Dante's cock as they both thrust once hard and deep. I try to breathe even though every part of me feels like it is about to throw up. They keep going, ages passing until I hear them groan, then they switch places. This time Bear and Zane taking theirs. Is this how all tonight will go? Two of them play, release themselves inside me, then switch with the other two?

I scream, feeling something hit my ass, his length pushing inside me again. “What did I say? Prove you want it, dirty girl. You’re not even fucking trying.” Bear’s words make me cry out.

Zane steps back, so I can reply. The only words I manage to say are ‘sorry, daddy’ before his cock is back in my mouth. My body shakes as I feel the orgasm spike, my nails digging into Zane and shit, it feels incredible. He is letting me. My body begins to celebrate, then he stops, my foot stamping down.

He let me get right there, right to the point, so I thought it would happen. I jump and try to scream as something hits my ass. It keeps happening, over and over. He fucks me to the point I am ready to orgasm, then spanks me. I hear them both finish, and they release me. My body wants nothing more than to fall to the floor, but I fight it.

“How are you feeling, sugar?” Dante looks at me. I feel like crying and begging again, but like hell would I.

“Fine, perfect. This is nothing. When do you really get started?” I hear a gasp behind me and smile. “You’re all weak. Let’s be honest.” I scream as I feel someone's hand grasp my hair and pull me up, the feel of the dagger pushing against my skin and being dragged down. Screaming, I try to lean into it more, but someone stops me. My body shakes as I feel on edge again. His hands release me, and I fall to my knees.

I deserved that. I know I deserved that.

“Here, Emmi.” I look up at Zane as he lays on the bed. Standing, I walk to him. He can’t stop me. If I am on top, I can keep going until I orgasm. I straddle his hips and feel his length push into me. My body falls forward slightly, feeling the fullness. His hands grip my hips and hold me up as he thrusts.

My body shakes as I begin to orgasm, and he stops. Everything stops.

“You fucking dick!” I wiggle, trying to get free. I was so sure I could orgasm. I didn’t consider if he would hold me in place to stop it.

“Oh no, you’re wrong.” I look at him confused as I feel someone behind me, their hand pulling out the butt plug.

“Mmmm.” I shake as Gunner's hands palm my ass. I feel his cock slide into me, and it feels great, but it’s too much.

“How's it feel, dirty girl, having two cocks inside you.” I moan, hearing Bear’s words, and wiggle, trying to remove the discomfort. I don’t want to talk or admit it feels fantastic.

“Now fuck us, prove you want the orgasm.” I feel Gunner’s and Zane’s hands release me, but I don’t move.

“Move your fucking hips, little kitten.”

“Fuck you! I give up with this game.” Maybe if I refuse to play, they will let me?

“Well, don’t cry. I gave you a chance, little kitten.” Does he mean no orgasms? “Hard and fast.” I hear his words as he and Zane begin moving, and it is too much. My body shakes, and I nearly orgasm, but they stop. Not for long, though, as they soon keep going. Every time I get on the edge, it is like they holt and laugh as I try to throw a fit.

“Are you sorry yet?” Zane laughs, and I spit at him.

“Fuck you, it’s shit anyway,” I scream. Maybe that was wrong. He pulls on the bar while they fuck me, and I’m there, right there, the heat spreading through me as I hear them groan, feel them fill me… Then they stop and move away.

My body is tired. I’m tired. But it hurts. I want to finish, and not being able to fucking hurts! My body is pulled, and I find myself straddling Dante, so the same routine again. I give in again. Instead of fighting them off and calling them names, I beg and plead for the orgasm. I ride them hard and fast while begging and crying, but they keep going, each time taking it in turns, and I can’t stand it.

“Is this what you needed, dirty girl? To be filled by us all?” I whimper, hearing Bear’s words.

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” I moan, lost in the sensation of both their cocks filling me, while I watch Gunner and Zane palming theirs.

“Have we filled you enough with our come to make you happy, or do you want more?” I want to say more, but saying more means even longer without an orgasm, even longer left on edge. Maybe I’m crazy, but I want it.

“No, Daddy, fill me up so when I move, I’m reminded of just how much you all proved you own me.” They do, constantly swapping, constantly fucking me. Bear has me pinned against the bed, but he isn’t fucking me like he normally does. He isn’t relentless, he is slow, and it feels wrong.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” I look at him, watching as he leans back to watch as his cock slides in and out of me.

“Just watching how your pussy takes me, dirty girl, it’s so hungry for our cocks.” His hips draw back slightly. “And watching all the cum drip from you that proves you’re our dirty whore.” I whimper as he keeps going. I won’t argue; he’s right. So instead, I keep begging for them to let me orgasm. I keep telling them how dirty I am for them, and only them.

My body is dropped onto the bed and a toy thrown at me.

“Play, don’t finish, but play while we do.” Dante’s words are strong, so I do as I am told. Pushing the toy inside me, I begin moving it slowly, watching as they all palm their cocks. I kneel up between them, sure they want me to be a good girl and play with myself, but I want that orgasm.

I lick along Dante’s cock, and he groans, my mouth quickly sucking on the tip before releasing him. I move and do the same with them all, constantly teasing them as I push myself to the edge. I could so easily orgasm. Someone's hand pushes me back, so I’m laid down, my hand still moving the toy as I hear them groaning, watching as their come spurts onto my body. My finger runs through it all before I place it into my mouth and suck it clean.

“Dirty girl,” Bear growls, staring at me.

“Bath and bed.” I watch as Dante takes the toy and places it on the side. Giving up, I walk through and get showered. Walking back into the room, I fall onto the bed. The fuckers honestly left me without an orgasm? Screw them.

I open the door and get back onto the bed. Moving, I push the toy into myself and begin moving it. My moans getting louder as I move it faster. One of them will come in and fuck me now.

I watch as my phone lights up.

Sugar, are you fucking yourself?

I smile, reading the message from Dante, and reply with yes, my moans getting louder.

I can hear you moaning through the walls. Get your ass in here now.

His message is an order, but I don’t fancy following orders right now. So, instead, I move it faster, my moans getting louder.

Now sugar or you will be sorry.

Standing, I walk through to his office. He has his back to me.

“On the desk, spread those legs.” I do as he says and sit on the desk ahead of him, my legs spread apart as his eyes look at me hungrily. “Play.”

I look at him shocked. “Fuck you. If you’re just going to tease me, I’m done.” I go to move, but he stops me.

“Play. I promise I won’t stop you.” He says that, but I feel like he will. I feel like as soon as I’m about to orgasm, he will stop me. I want to stamp my feet and throw a fit. “Think, sugar. You’re not meant to have one all night. I could always spank your pretty ass and send you to bed.”

Damn, he’s right. I watch as he leans back in his chair. My hand moves and slides between my legs, my fingers teasing my own clit, pulling the bar slightly as I continue to tease. I watch him as his eyes stay fixed on my fingers as they push inside of me, moving slowly to start with.

I move my other hand, palming my breast while staring at him, watching as he unfastens his trousers, excitement building within me at the thought he is going to fuck me.

“Not fucking you, Princess, I plan to fuck my hand while I watch you,” he taunts. He called me Princess, yet the way he said it makes me want to hump him until he begs for forgiveness. I don’t though, I don’t think I can take sex again tonight. So instead, I begin playing quicker, my fingers pulling against my nipple as Dante’s hand moves over his cock, his other one gripping my neck.

“Faster, Princess, and use this.” He releases my neck and hands me a wand. As I take it, his hand replaces mine over my breast. “I want to see you dripping.” I do as I am told, my fingers moving faster within me as the vibrations from the wand pulse through my clit, my cries of pleasure getting louder as I orgasm, finally feeling the release I have wanted all night.

With my body shaking, I continue, not stopping as another begins, as Dante comes too. His juices land on me as I orgasm again, my hand grasping the wand tighter as I lean against his hand grasping my breast.

He moves back, taking away the wand. “Now sleep, sugar. We have a long week ahead of us.” He cleans himself up and kisses me before lifting me from his desk and turning back to his work. Back in my room, I fall asleep instantly. I hated it, but at the same time, I loved it. But I also know I don’t want to do it again.

Eight hours, eight hours of them playing, fucking me, teasing me, and not once giving me a chance to have a release. While it was amazing, I can’t do it often. I smile, though. The house is complete, and it is just like a real family home.

Dant: A New Threat

A month has passed, and Emmi is excellent, but now we have a new threat. Wensendale City, and Garrod. He keeps trying to push his foot through our city with his dirty work, dirty work, which I will never agree to. I watch as he walks towards me and sits down. I don’t bother shaking his hand. I don’t do that shit. I look from him to the guys with him. I know Jax, and I wonder how long he will do this for before he runs home to his wife?

“So, do you agree?” Garrod leans forward, looking at me.

“No. My city isn’t a place for that. If I catch any of your men in it, you can guarantee they won’t make it out alive.” I listened to his arrangement, and no amount of money makes it right.

“Your loss, Dante. The Wolversons would be well known in many cities had you agreed.”

“For the wrong reasons. Women are not weak. They are not a liability or a way to create money. Not in that way. Our city has survived many falls of other cities, many wars. We do not plan to change it. People are happy in our city as they know their wives and daughters are safe. They may be at risk, but their wives and children are safe.”

I can’t agree. I had hoped the police and navy team would take him down and save that city from him, but I have seen it undone. Garrod won the police over. He got free. Of course, he was lining their pockets. Anyone who didn’t notice was a fool.

That city is no longer controlled by the police. Instead, it’s controlled by Garrod, and Jax, although Jax doesn’t see that. He and Melody have the power to run that city, but he walked away with Garrod, and I can’t help but wonder why?

“Well, the offer is there. You’re always welcome here, Dante, you, and your family. From what I hear, you have a lovely wife to be. You and your brothers together?” He looks interested, and it brings a sick feeling across me. I know where his thoughts will be, but Emmi is nothing like that. She is amazing and not a woman forced into this. So she will have extra guards, as I know this sick fuck will take her as a way to gain money.

“We do. Emmi chose to stay when she was given a chance to leave. We can stay in touch, Garrod. I may visit from time to time, but I want none of your men and that business in my cities.” I don’t want them near Emmi, and something tells me they will use her to take our city. The crazy thing is, I would hand it over to save her.

“That is great. We shall be off.” I watch as they walk away, shaking my head at Jax. He’s a fool for leaving his wife, does he not see? I sit for a moment and finish my drink before walking out.

“Well, if it isn’t you.” I laugh, hearing Emmi’s voice.

“It sure is, sugar. You were told to stay indoors.” I don’t like the risk of her being in this city. Sure they say she won’t be touched, but Garrod isn’t a man of his word.

“I got bored. Bear, Gunner and Zane left. I don’t know where to, and I got bored. Come fuck me.” She smiles at me, and I laugh.

“Later. Now let’s get back and ready to leave.” I want out of this city now, not later. Back at the hotel, we get ready, and I ensure the plane is ready. After, I watch them walk through.

“So we got information,” Gunner says it like it’s the best gossip ever.

“Share it.” I look at him, waiting.

“Melody, apparently, she isn’t as lonely as you thought. Oscar, Diogo, and Roland are keeping her bed warm, news is. Silent news, that is, that I don’t think Garrod knows Lucas isn’t dead. He’s planning to show up at the last minute and takedown Garrod.” Well, I hope they succeed because Garrod’s toxic behaviour is spiralling, and because he has the police in that city under his thumb, no one can stop him.

“Well, we can hope.”

“If he does? Then what? The town is close by, the second closest town to ours,” Bear says.

“We wait. If it happens, I’ll speak to Jax. He has the ability to take over the city and clean it out like our parents did if he decides to. If he chooses not to, then we step in. Too many from that city will come to ours thinking they can do the same shit. I won’t allow it.” I won’t, and I don’t care if it means killing a whole city of people.

“Now, can we leave?” Emmi looks at me, smiling.

“Fine! Actually, close your eyes and strip.” She turns and pulls a face at me. “Now, sugar. Strip, keep the lingerie on, but strip. I have a surprise.” I watch as she obeys. Removing her clothes, she stands with her eyes closed.

Zane wraps the blindfold around her eyes and I place the dress on the floor and help her step into it. Pulling it up, I fasten it and put her shoes on. We walk out, the blindfold still over her eyes. She has no idea, but she will soon enough.

We get in the car, and amazingly she sits quietly, no talking, nothing. We know she will soon. As we step on the plane, she sits again. After ten minutes, she gets bored, fidgeting and kicking Gunner’s legs.

“Play nice, sugar. Or I’ll cancel your surprise.” I laugh and watch as she sits back and sulks. The plane lands, and we again guide her out into a car. We drive for a while before stopping outside our destination. Pulling her in, we stand at the front of the aisle. I remove her mask and watch her eyes widen.

“Erm, what the fucking fuck?”

We all laugh. How could we not? “We’re getting married, now.” I point to the priest, although he looks at us like we’re crazy. The registrar also thinking we are. I don’t care. Actually, we don’t care. We gave her the collar, the two rings that connect into one, and the clit bar. We have another ring, once that is five different colours of gold entwined together. One to symbolise each one of us.

“So, we’re getting married?” Emmi questions.

“We are. Now stand nice and listen and do what you’re told.” Standing, we listen to the priest, and we all repeat what he tells us. It’s a quick wedding, because well, it’s purely for her. To make her feel safe and like there is only her. Which there is, and only ever will be.

I smile at her finger with the ring on. It looks perfect, just like her, perfect. I watch her, watch her smile, and how much reassurance this small fake wedding has given her. But, of course, it isn’t legal. How can it be? The dress is perfect, though, long, and white, ballgown style, with a perfectly deep plunging neckline. One, I plan to remove from her myself. Maybe not tonight, but one night.


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