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Two Little Words

Get Naked

By Jason Ray MortonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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There are just those things that people are going to imagine doing without clothing and I say to them, kudos. It's the magic two words that can unleash a sense of freedom most puritanically raised people will never get to experience. Separately, they are a verb and an adjective in the English language. When you put them together, as long as it's not in a prison setting, they can make your day a whole lot more relaxing, entertaining, liberating, and just downright fun. I am referring to those two words we all love to hear even though we all don't feel comfortable doing, get naked.

There are a few ways to be able to shed your boredom and even your inhibitions. We all have them, those little voices that tell us no, don't do that. Maybe we're insecure about our bodies. Having missed a few days on the treadmill a week for the past...ever, I completely understand those feelings. Once you've gotten past them, however, you'll find it's no big deal. If you need a little thrill in life, getting naked can add enjoyment to just about any activity.

1. Sleep, Naked. While I imagine many people already do this one, and if not they should, but this one has actually got some bonafide health considerations to consider. You're in your bedroom room, in complete privacy and you're getting ready to get under the covers. Sleeping naked keeps your clothing from catching onto your blankets, sheets, whatever it may be, and keeps getting bunched up from causing you to wake up struggling to get around in your own bed. It allows the skin to breathe freely, in those normally covered areas, and in a bed with a good pair of sheets, feels fantastic after a long day.

2. Do Chores. It's Saturday, you're home alone or with someone that won't be bothered or offended, why not get rid of the clothes as you start getting dirty, cleaning your house. Your house is your castle and there should never be anyone in your castle that would rob you of this little joy. If you don't live alone, have kids...etc. Kick them little shits out for a while and enjoy the freedom while you pick up around everybody else's mess.

3. Swimming. It's mostly an outdoor exercise but if you have a pool and a fenced-in yard, take a dip without that suit. You'll feel unencumbered by the straps of your suit and the boys can let the boys out to be free for a bit rather than cramped up in trunks. Just keep in mind the size of your fence and beware of nosy neighbors, especially the ones without a pool.

4. Special Functions. If you look around, and I have as I thought of the idea for this article, there are a number of organizations for nudists that sponsor social events. The Chicago Sun Club sponsors a bowling event a couple of times a year, allowing for anyone wanting to shed their clothes while they knock down some pins and meet like-minded people to do so. Just remember not to bring the bowling-ball back into your little ones, fellas.

5. Tanning. If you don't get to go to the beach or want to work on an all-over tan there are always tanning beds. You get into a room with a tanning bed, get time to prepare yourself by putting on sunscreen and your favorite tunes before starting twelve minutes of warm, glowy, heaven.

6. Hiking. We all know where there are some backwoods areas that we like to explore. The more remote the better in this case but get out in the wilderness, shed them clothes, and enjoy a commune with mother nature. It's good to keep shorts, and a tee-shirt for the ladies, just in case you come across any unexpected hikers that have found your favorite path.

7. Late Night Strolls. Go ahead, go for it. It sounds kind of naughty but when you think about it, who's it going to hurt if nobody knows. Take a drive out into the country somewhere. Find a safe spot to park and go for a walk under the stars. When you feel absolutely comfortable and know for sure you've found a safe or at least low-risk place to go for it, get your clothes off and enjoy.

Times are changing and with them, views on nudity have changed as well. Different states and cities are openly allowing women to be topless in public. Bowling alleys can be rented out for nude bowling competitions and entire cruises are scheduled for nude and clothing-optional entertainment. One good thing about the newer, liberal America, is it's getting more acceptable to Get Naked.


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I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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