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Remembering Amber

A Woman's Only True Love

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 10 min read
Remembering Amber
Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

"Tie me up."

I had never uttered those words to anyone, and why would I? Who wants to be tied up? It sounded fun, all of a sudden, and I went to one of those sex shops and bought some fun restraints. They weren't much, as I really wasn't into anything hardcore, but it was something that I found myself wanting to try. Call it an experiment. So, there I was, surprising her for her birthday, with this new adventure.

"Once I'm tied up, you can do anything you want to me," I giggled, trying way too hard to be sexy.

I had on my cutest lingerie, a red silk teddy, red lace panties, and black thigh highs to accentuate the look of my legs. Amber always commented on my sexy legs, making me feel like the work I put in at the gym was worth it and I liked showing them off, to both men and women. I often wore thigh-highs or stockings and a garter belt when I went to work just to tease the boys in the office and irritate some of the women that I worked with. A few of them really needed to put the donuts away or stop hitting the potluck table so often on "bring a dish" nights. Sure, it was fun, and a way to show the guys at work how much they were appreciated, but give me a break. When they had to buy stronger chairs for the one area of the department dominated by women, the rest of the ladies should have taken a hint.

Amber attached the restraints to my wrists, cuffing each one to a post at the head of our bed frame. She was on top of me, her all-natural 36 D tits swaying just out of the reach of my lips being able to grasp onto them. Dammit all to hell, I hadn't thought of that. As she teasingly kept herself just above my reach, holding my arms in place as she attached the last cuff to my left wrist, I playfully managed to lick her nipple as I stretched my tongue farther than I thought I could. After showering, Amber always tasted like strawberries. She used strawberry-flavored body oil, keeping her skin moisturized.

I looked up at her in time to see the surprised look on her face. She was so gorgeous, her long black hair cascading down around her face, framing her perfect features. It was, of course, her eyes that had drawn me to her, to begin with. She possessed the most hauntingly blue eyes, like something out of a movie. They were almost supernatural they were so blue. She just smiled back down at me, obviously enjoying the feeling of absolute power she had over me.

Once my wrists were secured to the bedpost, Amber slithered her way down my body. Her hands grabbed and groped at my flesh as her tongue glided over me, grazing its' way down the center of my chest, down around my belly button. She kissed me softly, as she started to pull at the waistband of my panties. Amber kissed my stomach as I felt her tug my panties down around my hips and my sort of plump ass. She got them to my knees before bringing both of my legs up in the air and pulling them all the way off my body. For a moment, she held my legs in the air, spread open, leaving my pussy on display. She reached down and gently teased me, rubbing her thumb around my clit, sending shivers of joy up and down my spine. She leaned in, slowly, looking up at me with those haunting blue eyes. Her face disappeared, leaving just the black hair-covered top of her head for me to see. I felt that first kiss, as her mouth touched my pussy, her tongue slowly, gently, licking its' way into my slit as it found its' target.

Amber was just teasing me. She did not stay there long, just long enough to make me want more. She hopped off the bed and began tying my ankles to the foot of the bed. My legs were tied wide open for her to enjoy me any way she wanted. First my right, then my left. She stood at the foot of the bed, softly massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples. I could not believe how incredibly turned on I already was, and we had just begun to play.

"Now, what should I do to you first?" she rhetorically asked me. I was so excited I would have let her do anything, no matter how kinky it was.

Amber got between my legs, kissing her way up my right leg, running her hands up both as she did. Chills came over me. Goosebumps covered me from head to toe, causing what little hairs there were on my body to stand up. The excitement left me feeling flush. Feeling her tongue lick its' way up my leg as her hands roamed over me, nearly more than I could take, I let out a soft "coohing" sound that told her I was enjoying her devilishly teasing me.

When her tongue found my wetness, she wrapped her arms around my thighs and began to masterfully lick me, occasionally grabbing at my ass as she plunged her tongue deep inside me. Amber had a tongue like Gene Simmons from Kiss, and could nearly fuck me with it, it was so talented. She gave me the tongue lashing I so desperately craved, going from tonguing my pussy to licking up and down my slit, putting just the right amounts of pressure on my aching clit. She stayed there, driving me to the point I was bucking against her face, starting to regret that I was restrained and couldn't grab her head and hold it there. Just as I felt like I would explode in ecstasy, Amber stopped. UGH!

I didn't have to suffer long, however, as she slowly came around the head of the bed and climbed on top of me. She lowered herself onto my face, putting her neatly trimmed womanhood right in front of me. I kissed her pussy softly before sticking my tongue out, slowly licking up and down her shaved slit, not stopping until I found her spot just below the slight tuft of hair she left. Amber started to move forward and back on my tongue, riding my face. I didn't mind it, I loved how she tasted. While I was working her sweet spot with my mouth, trying to get as much of her in my mouth as I could without the use of my hands, I was treated to the incredible view of her ass as she lowered herself all the way down. Her hands began to roam over me, starting at by perky 34c cups. She pinched my nipples, hard, the way I liked it. God, she knows my body so dam well.

As I continued to orally service Amber, she found her way back to my soaking pussy, licking at my clit as she inserted a finger inside of me. The more I hit her spots, the more she worked to hit mine. I was going insane, as we were feverishly working each other's holes sixty-nining each other. Amber was getting as worked up as I was, her juices covering both my cheeks as she began to grind on my face, smothering me with her incredible ass. When Amber finally came she sat straight up, reached behind her, and grabbed me by the hair. She pulled my face up into her as far as she could get it, so far I could barely breathe. She was so excited I decided to surprise her, sticking my tongue against the opening of her ass and pushing it against her hole as hard as I could. When I did, I was treated to a surprise of my own. Amber began to shake uncontrollably and squirted her orgasm all down the front of my chin, onto my tits, and down my stomach.

"Oh my god!" she screamed, nearly falling off of me.

We laughed about it for several minutes. Neither of us had ever squirted before and when she did she soaked me, nearly getting her juices to my toes.

"Don't worry baby, I have something else for you," she told me, getting up and leaving the room, leaving me tied up.

When she returned, she was sporting a new toy. It seemed that I wasn't the only one that visited the sex-shop. Amber was wearing a strap-on with the most impressive fake cock I had ever entertained being fucked with. It was a thick, ten-inch long strap-on. At first, I couldn't believe that she wanted to use that on me, it was so big. Being tied up and abused by this fake love toy, somehow gave me the sexiest, most vulnerable feeling in the world. I was getting off being her submissive little sex doll.

She got between my legs and smiled at me. I wondered why, until she took her hand from behind her back. She was holding a bottle of lubricant, something that I didn't need I was so wet. As she put it all over her fake cock, I realized she was about to fuck my ass with this monster-sized toy. I looked at her, a scared look on my face.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll be gentle," she said, seeing my look of anxious trepidation.

Amber reached back and undid the ties holding my legs in place. She raised my legs, putting my ankles above her. I felt the head of the monster as it touched my virgin asshole. Amber blew me a kiss and told me to relax and that I'd love it. I tried to breathe the best I could, realizing that I had promised her she could do anything she wanted to me.

Slowly, quite gradually, she slipped the head of the mammoth, soft plastic, toy inside me, stretching my sphincter muscles. She held my legs up around her head, kissing my calves softly as she slid the head of the fake cock further inside me. At first, even with all the lube, it was not a comfortable feeling. I slowly relented to it, however. Amber started to pump her massive toy in and out of me, getting it further in with each thrust. I felt my body begin to betray me, as I was starting to enjoy the abuse this woman was putting me through. She had nearly half of it inside me as she started to thrust more vigorously, getting it far enough in that I could feel her against me. I was breathing heavily, feeling the most confusing and of my life as it built up inside me.

Amber began to rub my pussy as she fucked deeper into my ass than I ever imagined possible. The sensations of my nerves down there were incredible. I was getting wetter than I had ever been and Amber knew it. She rubbed her hand against my pussy, getting it soaked in my juices. Amber took her hand and pushed it against my face, pushing her fingers in my mouth. I'd never tasted myself before but I sucked her fingers clean as she continued to pound me anally. Then she kissed me, kissed me deeply. I exploded, exploded all over Ambers' fake cock. I came harder than she had, so hard that it had to have been because of her fake cock invading my ass.

We both fell against each other, exhausted and satisfied. She rested her head against my shoulder, looking up at me, with a look I had not seen from her before that night.

Sometimes, even now, ten years later, when I'm with my husband it's Ambers' face that I see. Nobody has ever treated me that way again. I realize, after visiting a counselor numerous times, it may be that Amber is the only person that I've ever loved that way.


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Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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