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Girlfriend enjoys her exhibitionist side!

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 10 min read
Photo by BlendJet on Unsplash

It all started out as some innocent fun. My girlfriend "Susi" was feeling a little run down and unsure of herself the closer to the big forty she seemed to get. Personally, at 5'02" and 120 pounds, with blonde hair, green eyes, and still perkier than average 36 c cups I thought she looked phenomenal. It didn't hurt that she took the time to work out three nights a week. She'd been a big fan of the local high school football games for as long as I'd known her and one night we were at a game where it was very close. I personally was rooting for the other team as they had a much more impressive defensive line. Anyway, as I was starting to get into it, she pipes up and says her team's going to win so I might as well go start the car. I told her "you wanna bet," still feeling a little cocky from the blowjob she'd given me on the way to the game. As cocky as I was she was never one to be outdone so the bet was on. I took out twenty and she met my twenty with a counter.

"If the other team wins, when we're out of state tomorrow, I'll do anything you want for the entire trip. If my team wins, you're my slave for a week."

Looking at the scoreboard and knowing the opposing team's win-loss record I immediately jumped at the offer. I'd been dying to see her in one of those skimpy swimsuits the entire time we'd been together and she'd never been willing. This was my chance.

In the final seconds, the opposing team sealed the deal and I was on my way to a weekend I would certainly remember. My girlfriend on the other hand had an irked expression on her face the entire way back to the car. I could tell she wasn't happy about losing so I offered to let her out of it.

"No, a bet's a bet and I'm no welcher. You can make me do anything you want starting from the time we leave town to the time we get back."

The next day couldn't come soon enough for me. While I was away on business I'd bought one of those bikinis for her that barely covered her front and the thong in the back was little more than fishing line. It ran from the crack of her cute little ass all the way to the neck of the top, leaving her incredible backside extremely viewable. Throwing the still unopened package in my bag I headed out to the car.

The drive had been a long one and Susi had taken a nap in the car. My excitement at a fun-filled weekend away with her at my mercy kept my thoughts racing and the crotch of my jeans tightened. Pulling into the parking lot she woke up. It was just after six when we checked in. The Hotel was still fairly new, on the outskirts of a decent-sized town in Iowa that I do business in. Getting to the room after the long drive she asked me if I'd brought anything to drink. Pulling out a bottle of whiskey I went for ice and cokes. When I got back I was surprised to see her already wearing my surprise.

"You really expect me to wear this don't you?" she asked.

"As you said, a bet's a bet."

As she looked at herself in the full-length mirror, smiling from ear to ear and occasionally touching herself, I found myself getting harder just watching. She stopped admiring herself just long enough to order room service and poor drinks. As she came toward me I imagined a little pre-swim fun but she told me that if I waited it would be worth it. We sat at the room table talking and she admitted she knew the idea of my showing her off, exposing her to strangers was a turn on. As we discussed it she reached over and grabbed the bulge in my jeans.

"By the feel of this, I'd say a very big turn on." Then there was a knock at the door. Our room service was here. As I got up and headed towards the door to our room she stopped me.

"What are you doing? If showing me off is what you want, we might as well start now."

With that, my normally very publicly reserved girlfriend darted off across the room with nothing but the string from her swimsuit covering her backside. Letting the man from room service into the room she stood unabashedly by the door where anyone that came by would see. As he came into the room with our tray, I could see that she very deliberately walked in front of him, her cute little ass cheeks shaking just right in front of his face. She thanked him for bringing it all the way in and gave him a twenty-dollar tip she seductively fished out of my pocket. I could tell that this was going to be fun.

Even though it was a Saturday, the pool area was vacant of people and the hotel parking lot only had five cars, one of which I assumed was the front desk girls. It was a little after ten when I came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of swim trunks.

"Are you ready?"

"Ready for what," she smirked back at me as she threw on a tee shirt and grabbed a towel to throw over her shoulder. I decided to let it slide as the two of us headed off to the pool. Once down there we noticed the hot tub first and decided to get in for a dip. If the walk down hadn't started a tent in my shorts, seeing her take off that tee shirt and stand there in the middle of a publicly open with her ass completely on view, that had done it. I was now squirming I was so uncomfortable in those trunks. Immediately she slid over to where I was and gave me a long tongue filled kiss before reaching down and pulling my cock out. My little slave girl was not only displaying herself for me but was giving me a handjob in the hotel hot tub. After a few minutes of this, and the teasing of the past few hours, I shot my load into the bubbling waters around me and slumped back against the side wall more relaxed than I'd been in ages.

"So, anything else you want me to do special?" she asked, nuzzling my ear.

All I could think of at the moment was to tell her my fantasy of her being naked in a public place. The suit was one thing but completely naked would be really pushing the limits. I don't know if it was the drinks in the room or her being working up from playing with me in the hot tub, but she nearly eagerly agreed and began slipping off her suit under the water. Once she had it off she curled up next to me and the waters started to slow down. The timer was running out.

"Go turn it back on and if you want you can go for a swim. This is so comfortable I'm going to stay in a while," she cooed.

As I was getting out of the hot tub to turn it back on I heard the door to the pool house opening. A man in his late forties walked in alone. As I turned on the water I looked back at my girlfriend to see her smiling his way. He walked over towards us and asked how the water was. She answered that it was wonderful but that her boyfriend was going to go for a dip and cool off a little. When he asked if she minded if he joined her, I was shocked at the answer.

"No, come on in. I could use the company while he does laps." She looked back at me with a lustful gaze. "Don't stand out there too long, you need to get your laps done". With that I walked over to the pool, her suit still stuffed in my pocket. I hopped into the corner of the pool that was closest to the hot tub. Just to keep an eye on things. As I was watching our new pool house visitor I noticed the two of them sliding closer. Then I heard him question her.

"No you're not, I'd need to see or have proof of that". Well, she must have told him that she was naked in the water, beneath the bubbles, because with his request for proof she looked over at me and stood up in the water. Being 5'2" isn't tall even in a hot tub but her neatly shaven pussy was on display as well as her perky tits and tight little ass. After proving herself, she dropped back into the water and sat right next to our friend. I could see the two of them chatting and now my cock was getting hard again but part of me wanted to see how far she would take this experience of being caught nude in a hotel by another guest. Well, it wasn't long before I would figure it out.

At about eleven the pool lights had dimmed. The pool closed at eleven-thirty but it was such a sparsely populated hotel that I figured they were just shutting the lights down early. I got out of the pool and headed over to the hot tub. As I got to the edge and sat down the water had long since stopped bubbling and I could see my sweetheart's tiny little hand working her new friend's cock.

"Enjoy your swim dear," she asked.

"Not as much as you're enjoying yourself but yeah," I answered, watching, amazed at the show she was putting on.

"Don't worry baby," she said, "I'll be done soon". As I got comfortable she started pumping his cock harder and faster than before. I marveled at how open she was about it all, me sitting there, her completely naked with another man and fisting his manhood right in front of me. As she noticed the bulge I was again getting she turned to face me with an obsessed look on her face. Spreading her legs she backed up against her new friend, taking his cock slowly inside her. She'd gotten him so worked up that just a couple minutes of this and he began shaking, grabbing at her tits, tightly, as his orgasm rocked him. She just leaned back gasping for air she was so excited by it all.

"I'm ready to head back to our room," she said. "Thanks, I had fun," she told her new friend as she hopped off of him and scurried out of the hot tub. I went to hand her the suit still hanging out of my pocket but she opted for a towel. Drying off quickly she draped it over her shoulders and grabbed my hand as she pulled me for the main corridor to the hotel. Still in shock, and ready for another round of my own with her, I wondered what I had created.


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Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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