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A Walk Through The Tombstones

Creepy and Macabre Turns Into Sexy Fun

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 6 min read

Walking out the front door on a Saturday night I was sure we were in for some excitement as I watched my girlfriend bouncing down the stairs. She was wearing a thin, almost flimsy sundress that left little to the imagination. As we walked out to my explorer she flipped the back of the dress up, showing me she wasn't wearing anything beneath it. Heading out to dinner and a movie she told me to head north.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"For a walk through the tombstones," she replied.

A short time later we arrived at a small cemetery on the farthest edges of town. You know the type, the one every town has with the older tombstones and strange-looking crypts. This one even had a mausoleum with the name Finch over the doorway. From the looks of the place, it'd been there for a long time. Not knowing why we were there other than that Susie had her camera with her I pulled in and drove around to the backside of the land. Halfway down a long drive from one end to the next, she told me to stop. She was looking out at a country valley where the sun hung low over the tree line. It was quite a sight. I understood that much if nothing else.

"Come on babe," she said excitedly.

Getting out of my explorer with her we walked up and down the drives through the cemetery as she snapped pictures of the different headstones and crypts. She was quite the shutterbug but more than that, I was watching her sway side to side sexily. She was something to watch. As we got over to the mausoleum she handed me the camera and stood against the entrance. She posed in front of the entrance smiling and having a good time as I took picture after picture. I wasn't that great a photographer I'm sure, but I have to admit I was beginning to have fun.

When she pulled the top of her dress off to the side, showing some skin as she struck pin-up poses, I cheered her on encouraging her to show some more. We were having an awesome time as she teased with high shots of her uncovered thighs, unbuttoned the front of her dress, revealing more and more of her five foot two inches tall 120-pound frame. Then, as I was getting pretty worked up, she unbuttoned more buttons, leaving her midsection and most of her breasts on view for the camera. I snapped shot after shot of these, wondering if I'd be able to get copies or if these were for her personal use. Surely, I thought, she'd give me copies. That's when it happened. She stepped forward, walking seductively towards me as she let her dress slide down her well-tanned body. She dropped her dress in front of me, stopping just long enough to give me a long and seductive kiss.

"Follow me, babe," she said, invitingly.

For a moment I forgot the camera in my hands. I watched as she strolled through the center of the cemetery towards the valley view on the other side. Finally finding my wits I began following her, taking shots of her toned backside, admiring the way her ass shimmed side to side as she walked. She was lost in her own little world it least until we got to the fence line.

As I snapped pictures, approaching her, she dropped down on her knees and seductively motioned for me to come to her. Getting closer to her, she grabbed her tits in her hands, cupping them as she tweaked her nipples. She was full-on putting on a show for me right there in the middle of the cemetery in nearly full daylight. With the sun dropping in the distance behind her it was an amazing sight, that later would turn out to be incredible photos.

Finally getting to where she was, she reached up to my belt and undid it, looking up at me with a sly grin on her face. Looking around us, she took my cock out in her hands and began to stroke me as she let out an almost innocent laugh. When she took me in her mouth, running her tongue around the head of my cock, the lusty feeling in me caused me to drop the camera on the ground. I wrapped my fingers in her sandy blonde locks of hair as I began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her mouth, effectively face fucking her right there for the world to see. I could feel myself losing control. My knees began to get weak and rubbery from the excitement I felt within. She must have felt it too. Susie pulled away from my cock and pulled my hands down, dragging me to the ground.

As I hit the grass at my feet, Susie pushed me down to the ground to straddle me. As she pressed her body against mine she reached down and took my cock, guiding it into her wet hole. I could feel her pussy juices against my crotch as she slowly glided down onto me, taking every inch of my cock inside her. She kissed me, feverishly, like an animal devouring its' prey. As she began to lose control of herself, riding me harder and harder, grinding down onto me, I fought to resist the urge to explode inside of her. After the cunning seduction and the talented blow job, I'd just received I wasn't holding out long and she knew it. Pushing down onto me harder and harder, feeling her own explosion nearing, she began to scream out. As she did I could feel the walls of her sweet spot tightening on my dick causing me to thrust upward into her, losing my own load in the process.

"Oh my god!!" she screamed into the open valley.

As she dropped against me, letting out a satisfied laugh into my chest as she lay against my exhausted body, we clung together in a moment of satiated passion. She was still laughing, however, leaving me to wonder why. Before I could bring myself to ask her what was so funny, I heard the sound of someone coughing behind the bushes just fifty feet from where I'd just had my brains rocked by my completely nude older girlfriend. I started to hop up, trying to scoot her off of my lap, when she stopped me.

"What are you doing, someone's here," I told her, trying to get to the truck.

Laughing she told me it was a friend of hers that wanted to watch. I was amazed and horrified that she'd done such a thing while finding it incredibly hot at the same time. Rolling off of me she just chuckled to herself, proud of her accomplishment. "Wait until you see what I think of next!"


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Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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