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Your Girlfriend Can Get Away With More Than You

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 10 min read

In 1997 I learned a lot about the woman I intended to marry, at the time. We were leaving a work function around the holidays and Susie had gotten especially worked up, drinking, dancing, wearing her sexiest outfit. I understood. She worked hard to get into the shape she was in, putting on enough muscle to fill her legs out and look good in leather pants. She wore a sheer black buttondown blouse with a black lace bra beneath it. I was a little surprised she was going to a work function, even a holiday party, dressed so provocatively. We danced, ate a little, drank a lot, and spent the night carrying on with some of her co-workers and colleagues. Then, as the night went on, people started to depart the rented club around eleven but Susie was anything but ready to settle down for the evening.

"What do you want to do now?" she asked me, pawing at my right arm as I let the car warm up for a moment.

"I don't know, what sounds fun?" I replied, curious if she had anything in mind.

"Take me to see strippers," she demanded.

Strippers, had I heard her correctly. She knew there were not any clubs with males dancers in our area. It was something we had debated several times, usually after I'd come home with glitter on me and she'd ask how would I feel if she spent the night with strange men gyrating all over her. I usually just shrugged it off, not that it was happening unless she drove to Chicago or her and the girls hired dancers to come put on a private show. Either way, I didn't find it to be as big an issue as she.

"Strippers, really? Why the sudden urge to go to a strip joint?" I wondered.

Susie explained that she had always wondered what goes on in one of those places and the way she was dressed felt like she could compete with the girls on stage. She had a valid point. Even at forty, I had always admired her physique, even before we started dating. Now, at forty-five, she looked five years younger than she had when we met. I had no doubt that she was the most attractive woman in the room wherever she went, including the strip joints but I was pretty biased.

So, we went. About twenty minutes later we pulled into Showgirls. For context, Showgirls is a small, almost hard to notice, club on the wrong side of town. It opened before the fall of the areas' industrial complex. It was a great idea to put it there when it opened. Now, it barely survived from day to day, as the economy collapsed. In 1997, when it was still new, it was a thriving den of ill repute.

Susie and I walked in and I hoped that nobody would notice us. That really was foolish on my part. Growing up in the area and working as an officer for local law enforcement, I basically knew everybody, especially the types you find in strip clubs. Most of the girls there had been arrested at some point, usually for crimes related to having excessive amounts of fun. The owners, at the time, had hired a manager that was the county's want to be Don Gotti. The face was, he really was more like the stay puffed marshmallow man from Ghostbusters but I found it easier to be nice to him than give him the grief he aptly deserved.

Walking in, the middle of the bar was filled with tables. I opted to take her to the left, where the bar was. It lined the entire center of the east side of the building. Opposite the bar, from where we were sitting, was the stage. From there, Susie noticed the row of three leather-covered sofas. That was the private dance area, an area separated from the rest of the bar by a sectioned four-foot wall designed to make it easy for staff to check on the girls and monitor things, keeping their behavior above board, for the most part. Once she had viewed the layout and how casual things were she seemed to feel more at ease, even commenting on how it was nothing like she pictured in her head. I thought, albeit briefly, that I was off the hook and could relax. I quickly learned I was mistaken as I turned to order a couple of drinks.

"Hey James," I heard as a set of hands landed on my head, rubbing my bald skull. I turned around to see one of the dancers, a dark-haired girl in her thirties. Her name was Shay, both on stage and off, and she was the biker type. She had long straight black hair, a banging body with perky tits, a nice round ass, and great legs. When I turned around she gave me a hug, like we were two old friends.

"Hi!" I yelled over the music.

"You coming over to the stage?" she asked, wondering why I wasn't at a table or sitting stage side.

"Eventually," I told her, my eyes darting to my left.

Shay ran off like the entire greeting was a hit and run. It wasn't a minute later we heard the D.J. announce overhead that it was time for Shay to take the center stage. Susie was asking me how I knew Shay so well and how many strippers I knew. In a very ambiguous but assured tone, I told her a few. Shay got halfway through her first song before I heard her yell from the stage, 'Come join me'. She was looking directly at where we were sitting so I assumed she meant me. When I got off my barstool, she shook her head and pointed right at Susie. I took a few ones out and handed them to Susie, telling her to go tip her. Susie suggested that we go sit at the stage.

"Really," I said aloud.

Susie got up and walked right through the center of the crowd. She walked up to Shay and held out a dollar to tip her. Shay turned her hip to her, pulled the strap from her g-string aside, and let her slip it in. She went on to sway around the pole and shimmy her way down into a deep, open-legged squat, rubbing her hand across her pussy as she teased the crowd. To my surprise, Susie took a seat at the center of the stage. I took this to mean we were sitting stage side, so I joined her. Always, I'll always be glad I did.

As we were sitting there, drinking and watching Shay start to get out of her stage outfit, Susie asked me, "Is this all there is to it?"

"Pretty much," I answered.

Shay came back around, dropping down to her knees in front of my girlfriend. She looked over at me and winked, crawling like a jungle cat towards the edge of the stage. Susie was surprised when Shay reached the edge and put her hands on Susie's thighs, forcing them open. I heard her let out an excited "Oh my!" I really wanted to see the show unfolding in front of me but was terrified of what was going to happen when we got home. Shay crawled the rest of the way toward the stage's edge, hanging off the stage and supporting herself on Susie's lap. As their faces got close, I watched Shay snuggle Susie's neckline, seeing her tease my girlfriend with her tongue as their lips got close. From where I was sitting I bet I was the only one that could see what was happening with their hair in the way, but Shay pried her tongue into Susie's mouth, pushing to a passionate girl-on-girl kiss right there in front of me.

"Jesus..." I sighed. Shay scooted back, rolling into a reverse flip as she peeled her g-string down her thighs. She was completely nude. Susie, I now noticed, had undone the top four buttons of her top even though it was sheer. I asked her about it and she replied, 'aren't you hot?'

Shay made the rounds to the one other guy that was at the stage side, and then came back. When she got in front of Susie, she told her to put her arms out. I had never seen this before and was surprised when my girlfriend didn't ask. She just seemed to take Shay's ques and run with them. So she held her arms out and up at the elbow just as Shay performed a handstand in front of us. It was pretty cool until she shifted her weight forward and dropped her feet across the back of Susie's chair. As her feet rested there, she crawled her legs down the chair and before I knew it, had them wrapped around Susie, across her raised arms.

"Oh god," I said.

Before I knew it, Shay had her legs wrapped around Susie's shoulders and was working her shaved pussy towards my girlfriend's face. Susie seemed to have an awkward smile on her face and she was as wide-eyed as I ever saw her. The arousal I felt seeing this was unmeasurably high. Soon, I got to see this exotic stripper's pussy pressed into my girlfriend's face, and to my surprise, Susie stuck her tongue out. Shay ground herself into Susie's tongue, reaching up with her one arm and pulling her head tight into her crotch as she held herself up with the other arm.

"Thank god this place isn't known for being higher classed," I spoke out loud, rubbing my hand on my crotch to hide my raging erection.

Shay's set was getting to the end and she rolled herself back and over, finishing with an inverted twirl around the pole. Susie had her sheer top all the way unbuttoned and was sitting there, visibly winded, excited by their little show. When Shay walked off the stage she walked right over to Susie and pulled her off the chair she was in. The two made a bee-line to the private dance area. After a couple of minutes of wondering what that was like later, the manager came over to the stage and told me I needed to see the show. We walked over to the entrance to the walled-off area and took a look at the two girls. I was shocked to see Susie on the middle sofa, completely stripped. Shay was riding her face as the two were intensely enjoying sixty-nining one another.

The manager asked me, "Did you know your girl liked strippers?"

"Nope, not at all," I answered.

"Did you know you hit the jackpot?" he followed up.

"Not until tonight," I told him.

"Since you're a cop, can you make sure this doesn't get me busted?" he asked me, a look of concern starting to flash across his face.

We both finally realized, even as much fun as this show might be, this was crossing a line. Tommy walked into the private area with me and we pulled the two apart. I told Shay if she wanted to come over later, she was more than welcome to come over and finish her snack. Susie smiled at me, kissed Shay, and said please do.

It all sounds like a lot of fun but this was the night I found out my girlfriend liked women as much as I liked women. It made for some awkward discussions as I learned, after five years, that my prim, proper, professional, girlfriend, spent her teens and twenties as a biker/party girl.


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Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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