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Story Time With Susie

Susie Fantasies Seemed Like True Stories

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 12 min read

To begin with, what she was doing with me, was the biggest of questions. After years together my old lady and I eventually started to experiment with new and exciting things to keep the spark alive in the bedroom. At forty-five she had done more than I, experienced much more of life, and had far fewer inhibitions. It's not that the sex was ever bad, she just preferred it to be more adventurous, something I still after five years, struggled to keep up with. Susie was an exotic beauty with blonde hair, a dark, all-over tan, 34c's that were full and exceptional for a woman twenty-years younger and a set of legs that were tight, well-toned, and ran all the way up to her exceptional hindquarters.

We started having story night. It was her code for being tired but wanting to play anyway. She would light up some candles around our bedroom, typically wear just a thong or lacy thong to bed, and wear this perfume that drove me insane; vanilla something or other. When I got home from work, she would be standing at the door, or in warm weather, on the porch, wearing nothing but one of her sexiest thongs and that perfume I mentioned. Usually, she would already have a glass of wine for the two of us to share and after a brief session of teasing me, would send me off to have a shower.

After I was done showering, I would wrap a towel around myself and join Susie in the bedroom. In the candle-light, her skin glowed. She would tell me to lay down and get comfortable, which wasn't hard to do after a long day at work. This one time, however, things were different. At the time I did not realize it, but Susie was a prophetic liar and could tell a story like nobody I knew. Looking back, with hindsight, she may have been a sociopath but that's another story.

As I laid there, on the night in question, she started everything out differently than normal. Story night was usually about one of us, usually her, sharing some odd fantasy or sexual desire. I laid back, my head hitting my pillow, feeling comforted that I was home and in one of my favorite places. Susie rolled over, her bare breasts against the side of my chest, her leg teasingly wrapping around mine. She looked longingly into my eyes.

"I think we need to talk," she told me.

I looked at her, wrapping my arm around her as I said, "Alright, what's up?"

Susie was a phlebotomist at an area hospital at the time. Which, is someone that draws blood, if you don't know the term. She'd been doing it for years, as she finished her forensics degree. Eventually, she would be the head of the Coroner's Office.

"So, something kind of happened when I was at work yesterday. I've been trying to figure out how to tell you about it. I'll admit, I'm not sure how you'll react," she told me, suspiciously wrapping her hand around my cock and beginning to playfully stroke it up and down.

"Just start at the beginning," I said, kissing her on the forehead.

I was sure it must be important, she was trying to shield the blow. Her story started with how she had to go up to do a specially ordered test on a patient at three o'clock in the morning.

"I stopped at the nurses' station and told them I'd been in room 212 for a while as I had to run and AB on the patient there, Mr. Jones."

"Kind of sounds like you were doing your job," I told her.

"Just wait," she said. "Anyway, since an AB test takes thirty minutes, the girls said to let them know when I left. It was probably because they could get away with logging rounds since I was going to be in there. I told them that was fine because the needle goes in deep and can't move. Any startling the patient could hurt them."

"Right, that makes total sense," I said, not really knowing if it did or not but in the midst of the handjob she was starting on me, I really wasn't complaining.

"Anyway," she sighed. "I walked into the room, sat my tray down on the window ledge, and turned around to wake up Mr. Jones. That's when I got the surprise of my life." Susie kissed my neck as she asked me, do you really want to hear this.

"Yes," I said.

"So, when I turned around, Mr. Jones was sleeping in the nude and..."

"And?" I asked, nudging her.

"Well, he had the biggest cock I have ever seen!" she gleamed as she told me about it. "It was at least ten inches long and Jesus, babe, as big around as my wrist."

"So, you got a free show," I said, feeling a little intimidated.

"I did!" she excitedly agreed. "As I stood there, looking at him, I felt like a pervert but I couldn't help but stare. After a few minutes of staring at that beast of a dick, I started to hear myself thinking naughty things. It was like hearing the devil on your shoulder. Part of me was saying this is wrong but part of me really wanted to touch it."

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed. "You didn't"

"I'm sorry..." she hesitated. "I couldn't help myself. It was huge. I thought you were huge but he was like nothing I had ever seen before."

"Well, I guess it's not that big of a thing," I said, having mixed feelings about the revelation she had touched another man. Part of me was irritated by this and yet, a little part of me thought it was kind of hot.

"I'm sorry but it didn't stop with touching. I nudged him to see if he'd wake up and then noticed that he was on a Demerol drip. So I knew it would take more than a touch to wake him up. Knowing that I couldn't help but do more than touch him. Before I knew what I was doing, I wrapped my hand around him and started to stroke his massive dick, like I'm doing yours. As I stroked my way up and down it a few times, the voices started again."

I asked, "What did they say, stop before you get fired or worse?"

"One of them did. The other one said to... Well, you know what I really love to do to you."

"You didn't," I said, my cock twitching in her hand.

She smiled at me, running her tongue around my ear, briefly. "So, I stepped back for a minute and looked at this ripped, beast of a man. He was absolutely gorgeous, his dark brown skin, his muscled body, and his giant cock. I called his name a couple of times, 'Mr. Jones', 'Mr. Jones'. When he didn't wake up it was like I was on auto-pilot. Before I knew what I was doing, I leaned over him and ran my tongue up his shaft all the way to the head of his tool. I looked up and didn't see any reaction from him. I know it was wrong, baby, but I had to have him in my mouth."

I was angry at first but my cock twitched with excitement. What she was telling me was so wrong, and yet it was turning me on like no other story she ever told. I was squirming in her hand and starting to practically fuck her fist.

"His cock was so big, that I could only take the first three or four inches in my mouth. So I started licking my way around its giant head and then, as I stroked it, took it in my mouth and started to suck on him. I felt like such a little whore but couldn't stop myself."

I whacked her hard on the ass. This story sounded less and less like fiction and the way she was practically dry humping my leg told me she was getting off on the idea of cheating on me. She thought, considering how hard I was, with how much precum was coming out of me, that it was me just being playful.

"Anyway, this is where my adventure goes off the tracks a bit. As I'm sucking his cock, I hear his voice. Mr. Jones woke up. I was shocked, and a bit scared. I backed away but he told me to slow down. He made a joke about the bedside manner of the nurses here being more than he could have hoped for. I tried to apologize to him. I told him I'd never done anything like this before but he was so amazing I couldn't help myself."

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I grabbed my tray and was going to run back to the lab. I was already typing my resignation in my head. That's when he said, 'I wouldn't do that if I were you.' He told me that I had already committed a crime and most definitely was going to get fired or worse. Then he told me, come back here, maybe I don't call for a supervisor."

"You got lucky," I told her.

"Not really," she explained. "I walked back to where I was at and he looked me up and down. Then he tells me since I had seen all of him, he wanted to see all of me. I almost left, until he told me it was a better deal than jail. I stood there, frozen, and feeling a tear streak down my cheek. In seconds, I had ruined everything. I asked him what he meant?"

"So, what did he mean?" I asked, full well knowing the answer to my query.

"He told me to strip. I didn't know what to do. I thought about accepting my punishment but then I would lose everything. I thought about you, and what this would all do to you. I asked him, 'If I do this, will you not call the cops' and he told me if I didn't he was definitely calling the cops. So, I took off my lab coat. I was standing there in that black sundress, the one with the buttons that go all the way down. I started unbuttoning them until it was completely open. Mr. Jones complimented my lace bra and panty set. I let the dress fall off my shoulders. Mr. Jones told me to turn around, so I did. When I did, I felt his hand grab my ass and he told me it was nice. He ordered me to undo my bra and let it fall to the floor," she continued.

As she's telling me this story I start to play with her tits with one hand and caress her ass with the other. The story is getting my juices flowing and I can feel my balls tightening. I knew, that even though it sounded like my girlfriend of five years had cheated on me, I was getting extremely turned on.

"So I'm standing there, completely at his mercy, when he pulls me closer to him. As I'm practically bent over his bed again, he ripped my panties off my body. As he was holding me against him, I felt his hand as he found my crotch. He started to rub my pussy and he put a finger inside me. While he held me down, as I was considering what to do, I thought about you, I thought about our life, honestly, I thought most about not going to jail for a sex crime. He made it clear that he wouldn't call the cops on me if I was cooperative."

"You are so bad..." I stopped as she lowered her mouth and put it around my precum covered cock. She only gave me a couple of quick sucks before letting it out of her mouth. She looked up at me, her face still against my crotch as she started to stroke me towards her face.

"So I let him finger me and then he tells me to finish what I started. I couldn't believe it. I had wanted to before but now he was blackmailing me. I took him back in my mouth and began sucking him again, using my hands to stroke his massiveness, hoping I could just get him off and this all be over. He was just too much for it to be that easy, his cock reaching above his bellybutton. He reached down and pulled my head up. Mr. Jones held my hair as he stood up next to the bed. Then he bent me over. I wanted to scream but he pushed my face in a pillow as he put the massive head of his cock against the lips of my pussy. He bent over and whispered, 'I've wanted to do this to you since day one' and then started to push himself inside me. I felt him sliding in slowly, sliding in so far he was pushing me against the hospital bed. Then he started fucking me with his massive dick. He fucked me so hard that I didn't think I'd survive. I thought he was going to tear me in two. I felt myself starting to get so wet it was crazy. I was loving every bit of this monster inside me. I'm so sorry but I had the strongest orgasm of my entire life. Then he pulled me down to the floor, put me on my knees in front of him, and told me to hold still. He made me open my mouth and said if I didn't want to wear it I better swallow all of him. As hard as I tried, when he came in my mouth, it still drizzled down my chin and onto my chest."

As she told me how this stranger came in her mouth and over her face, I shot my load all over her face. I came harder and it seemed to last forever as shot after shot of my cum splashed across her mouth, forehead, and cheeks. She looked up at me, looking like something out of a porn movie. I couldn't believe I had gotten off so hard from such a story and to top it off, she looked up at me, a worried look on her face.

"So you're not too mad?"

"I guess not, you did still come home to me," I said, trying to discern between fantasy and reality.

"Good, Mr. Jones told me as long as I stay cooperative and visit him once a day until he gets' discharged, he won't call the cops."

To this day, I still can't believe she was such a story teller.


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Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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