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Shelly's Fantasy Part 5

Max Begins To Become A Nymph

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 6 min read

If you've been keeping up with Shelly, Sam, and I, as Shelly's adventures become the titillating spark making all of our lives more fun, then you know it's been a while since I've been able to talk about what an adventurous lifestyle I found myself living. Shelly was still coming to visit every other weekend, only now, Sam would join us at least one or two days a month. Sometimes, it would just be us three girls hanging out at my place, drinking wine, talking about our lives, making dinner, and then spending the night together. When the weather was nice, you could find us out in the hot tub, or lounging around the pool, buzzed on vodka and lemonades while we worked in getting rid of any remaining tan lines.

Well, it was getting to the point in August when the weather began getting extremely hot. I'd started losing the clothes around home more and more, even when my sweet Shelly was not around. Other than Sam, not a lot of people came to visit without calling ahead so I would leave a pair of shorts and tee-shirt handy, just to have something to slip into if there was an unexpected knock on the door. The rest of the time I had taken to a naked lifestyle around the house or if I was in the back yard or in the pool, and definitely while I slept.

It was Friday and like most businesses, I was working from home whenever I could due to the covid-19 restrictions. I'll admit it, working at home was feeding into my new lifestyle more than I thought. I kept a white-blouse and jacket handy for Zoom meetings. It hid the fact that I was sitting there naked from the waist down during meetings and allowed me to have more naughty fun. I would imagine that any number of my colleagues, their faces all visible during meetings, might notice my lack of proper work attire. The more I saw their faces, the more I thought about how much fun it would be if I just showed up naked one day. Of course, I could never do something so brazen when it came to work, I did have to cover my bills after all. During one such meeting, I decided to wear a jacket that buttoned up to my sternum. As I put it on, realizing how much it covered, I decided to go for it and wear just the jacket. I could set my camera to see just my face and the very upper portion of my shoulders.

I sat down at my desk to work that morning, at about eight-thirty. I hadn't buttoned anything up yet and my tits were basically on display. I didn't have a meeting to sit in on until after ten that morning so I was just enjoying the little secret with myself. When it was almost ten, I decided to get my camera going and see how this was going to look to anyone attending. The look was quite sexy, like something out of a magazine, a picture of a supermodel. I sat there, waiting, anxiously wanting the meeting to start. When it did, I made sure I leaned in as close as I could without being too obvious. From their perspective, there I was in a suit jacket with what most probably thought was a blouse with a very low cut neckline. As the meeting went on, and listened to the division head drone on and on about the poor performance during the first months of this year's pandemic, I started to lose my focus. One of the girls I work with, Wanda, was texting my cell phone. I was a little surprised by the first text.

Wanda: Girl, do you have anything on besides that blue blazer?

I immediately looked myself over. There was no way she could possibly know, was there? I asked her why?

Me: Why would you ask such a question?

Wanda: Because I don't! LOL

The text was connected to a picture of Wanda in a full-length mirror. She was wearing a blue button-down on the screen in front of me. In the picture, she was wearing a blue button-down and from the waist down, nothing at all. Oh, my god! Wanda was as naked as I was and as naughty. I really couldn't believe what I was seeing and then it hit me, why did she send me the picture?

Wanda: That new little honey has finally loosened you up I see.

I really did not know how to respond to her. As the meeting went on, I kept staring down at the picture. Wanda had the most shapely legs I have seen on any woman, Shelly included. Her dark eyes and cocoa skin had always made her attractive but those legs, I desperately wanted to run my hands up those legs, until I found myself close enough I could taste her sweet pussy. As I sat there, daydreaming through the last part of the meeting, pondering what it might be like, to be on my knees in front of this beauty, I felt myself getting wet from focusing on her. Jesus, I was supposed to be listening to the new marketing plan but all I could think about was throwing Wanda down and having my way with her.

Wanda: I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

This message came with another picture. This one was of Wanda, standing in front of a full-length mirror, wearing just a pair of thigh high stockings and heels. She quickly followed it up with another message, telling me that was her original idea for the meeting. I typed her back, how much I really wanted to see that outfit on her one day.

Wanda: That can be arranged. Send me a pic of your pussy. I want to see if you're shaved or not. I bet you are...

I wasn't going to at first. We did work together and eventually, we were going to be back in the office. How would I face her if I did such a thing? Thinking about it though, got me hotter and I found my fingers sliding beneath my desk. As if I were on autopilot, I unbuttoned the bottom two buttons of my jacket, letting the bottom open across the top of my thighs. I turned on my camera phone and carefully slid my fingers between my now spread legs. Slowly, I began to touch myself, sliding a finger up and down my moistening slit. Then, for some reason, I decided to turn my phone on video. I held it just past my crotch and began fingering myself, making sure that I recorded every bit of it. I was enjoying the sensation and the thrill of looking at my coworkers as I got myself off just below my desk. I began circling my clit with my thumb as my first two fingers found their way into my pussy. I got worked up very fast and before I knew it, I was starting to cum, right there at my desk with my phone recording my masturbations. Oh, oh, I bit down on my lip, to keep from being obvious.

When I was done, I opened up my camera and clicked on the video. I hovered over the send button for a good minute or so until thinking, fuck it. Send.

A couple of minutes later, my phone chimed again. It was from Wanda.

Wanda: Jesus! I'm going to have to go fuck my husband as soon as this meeting is over. That got me hotter than a firecracker woman!

Me: You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

When the meeting got over I practically tore off the jacket I was wearing, ran out to the pool, and dove in to cool myself off. Shelly was turning me into a monster and I was honestly starting to love it until I realized that the appointment I had with the pool man, was for today. As I swam around in the pool, not sure what to do, I asked myself what would Shelly do? I can't wait to see her tomorrow. I guess I'll have a story to tell her.


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Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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