Top Ten Shocking Sex Facts *MUST READ*

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Sex can be shocking enough, but here are some interesting sex facts that might have you tilting your head slightly to the left.

Top Ten Shocking Sex Facts *MUST READ*

Men have a g-spot in their booty hole.

Guys are so good for that "that's gay" attitude when men even so much as look at them. Little do they know that with one swift finger up the booty they could be having the time of their lives. This one wasn't really a shock to me because growing up I remember finding this out and giggling about it for hours. That's probably why some men like when their boyfriends or even girlfriends pop a finger inside the hair cavern that is their buttocks. While some outright say that they enjoy the touch of a women in that region others are not so willing to try. Some men are super into it but hide such things in fear of shame. If people are eating ass in 2018 I feel like a finger is okay.

Sock sex can speed up the process.

No, don't stick a sock in any orifice of your body. That is cause for infection. However, studies show that if a man has a hard time finishing he should just slip on a pair of socks. Apparently it's easier to let the storm troopers out when your feet are warm. It sounds a little crazy to me and I'm not entirely sure I believe it due to past experiences but hey if it works for you do it. Not everyone is into the hours and hours of naked cardio. I find myself thinking "are we there yet?" when thirty minutes rolls by. Drawn out smashing isn't always where it's at.

Vaginal sex can improve memory in women.

I thought this was crazy but I actually kind of dig it. Supposedly vaginal sex gets the blood in your brain flowing and helps to sharpen your memory. Ladies, if you are as forgetful as me you better use this trick to your advantage. Especially you ladies that are in college and taking several quizzes and tests a week. Just call up your boo and be like "hey I got a test, come take me to pound town". You'll get an A and your boyfriend will get his boots rocked. Plus it's never a bad time to get a good dicking.

Men orgasm more than women.

As unfair as this is I know it to be true. Men will spend forever smashing your brains out and then POOF a few strange noises and eyes rolling into the empty abyss behind them and they're slumped beside you almost already passed out. You find yourself thinking "but wait I'm not done." Have you ever felt that way? I know I have. It's super crooked too. Like, guys get to beat the shit out of your passion purse, have a few blissful seconds of euphoria, and then your just laying underneath him, spread eagle, with his sweat dripping all over your face. Not cool, man. Not cool.

Vegans Better Check The Box

Apparently their is a milk protein that is used inside of most condoms. Guess what that means? All vegans will probably get pregnant after reading this article. Hahaha, I joke, I joke. But no, seriously, their is milk protein in condoms and we all know vegans aren't about that life. God bless birth control.

Oral sex used to be illegal.

I like a nice throat pounding sessions so I can only imagine how many people were distraught by this. Oral sex was once extremely illegal in Canada until 1969. Which kind of makes me wonder if that's why the 69 position is called 69. Hold on... ,I think that just blew my mind. Get it? Blow. Tehehe.

Men Have Erections On The Regular

Men seem to have erections far more times a day than you would actually think. Like, yeah, we all knows guys are super horny and ready to burrow in anything that has a warm hole, but I never knew that 11 erections during the day and 9 erections at night was average. That kind of sounds like a sex addict to me.

Sexercise: Sex Can Burn Calories

Having vigorous sex for more 30 minutes or more can burn 200 calories or more. All I have to say is, if you want more hanky panky and your girl wants a smaller gut it's a win win all the way.

Shaving can make you catch a disease... or two.

Most of us love to shave ourselves in that special area because it somehow embarrasses us when some on of the opposite sex sees that our hedges need clipped. Ladies and gentleman suffer through the embarrassment because the more you shave the more susceptible you are to getting some weird ass diseases that are curable as well as incurable in nature. Save the trees!

You Can't Say Happiness Without Saying Penis :D

Hahaha, I'm a juvenile.


Sex is beautiful, crazy, adventure. So many things can be learned during the journey of exploring our bodies as well as others. Facts are facts and there is sure to be a part two to this article soon!

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