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Top 3 Fetishes That Make the Most Money *Must Read*

If you're strapped for cash and looking to make some with quickness, here are a few fetishes to get you started in the fetish industry. These fetishes range from hundreds to thousands of extra dollars a month, which in turn could be a huge financial benefit in the future for you! Read on to learn about the top three fetishes that make the most money!

By The Darkest SunrisePublished 5 years ago 4 min read

As taboo as fetishes are, people choose to embrace the fetish industry on account of the abundance of money that has, and has yet to be, made. Working a normal nine to five job sounds perfect when your morals are pointing due north. Some people, though, find beauty in embracing the financial benefits that fetishes have to offer. For many moons, people have hid their fetishes; many still do. Hence, it can be easy for men and women to venture into the fetish industry, or become customers of the fetish industry secretly and safely.

Today I am going to be going over some of the top fetishes that make the most money in the fetish industry. Who knows, maybe you'll even give it a try or maybe you'll find some outlets to consider. Money isn't everything, but it sure can buy you feet pics.

Foot Fetish

Speaking of feet pics, this is one of many high paying fetishes out there. Tons of people spend money for pictures of dainty feet. Some people even pay for pictures of dirty feet. It's a weird thing to think about if you aren't into that sort of thing, but the foot fetish industry brings in so much. Many men, as well as women, have made $800+ a week just selling feet pictures alone. Of course, the quality of the feet do come into play, so if you have pretty ones, snap some toe pics and make some quick cash!

Food Fetish

If you are familiar with Youtube, then (regardless of your opinion of her) you probably know Trisha Paytas. She is a perfect example of people getting paid to eat. While Youtube is a very different platform than sites strictly dedicated to eating, I figured this picture would show you the gravity of the amount of food some people take in to make money. The beautiful side to it is that you can make a whole lot, and in a sense, control your income. Depending on how many videos you put out, you could make a lot. Top mukbangers make $10,000+ a month, simply doing their videos. I don't know about you, but my job seems like petty cash compared to that. I'd eat forever if I could make that type of money. The only downside is the damage it could do to your body. But, I mean YOLO, right?

Panty Fetish

If one thing is for sure, we all, at one point in life (hopefully more), have worn a pair of panties. It seems like second nature to hop out of the shower and slide into a pair of nice bloomers. Some people, however, love the idea of doing very naughty things to women's used knickers. This is yet another fetish that could ultimately provide a steady income if regular clients were a reality.

Imagine going out on the town with friends and then coming home and packaging the undies from that night to be shipped out to a paying customer. It's like you're barely doing anything for money.

In some other cases, people prefer the owner of the panties do some very nasty things before shipping them out. I won't go into too much detail, but I will let your imagination linger a bit.

Moving onto the financial side of this venture, you can make thousands of dollars a month, or even 100 dollars a day, if you become advanced in the business. It's a super easy way to make money once you've got your foot in the door!


These are some very interesting ways to make money in the fetish industry. I'm positive there are so many more that remain underground. However, these three are a safe start if you're interested!

Many people consider even the slightest fetish taboo, but when it comes down to it, people will pay for pretty much anything they like enough, and there is no shame in making cash off of something that makes other peoples' spines tingle.

Make your coins, and don't let a single person judge you!

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