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5 Things to Know Before Trying Anal *Must Read*

by Ellowen Ophelia 2 years ago in advice

Many of us are super comfortable with ourselves sexually, but trying something new can always be nerve-wracking. It's super easy to let your mind get swept away in the thought of your booty being penetrated. There are just a few things you should know before you even consider trying.

Trying new things in this world can seem pretty intimidating when it comes down to all the people that might judge you. With sex, it's pretty different though, because unless you're into exhibition, the topic between you and your partner (or anyone for that matter) can be kept pretty private. We all know sex is something we thoroughly enjoy but a lot of people I've spoken to generally find anal super frightening. It's understandable to have pause when trying something new. Today, I'm going to be telling you the things you should definitely know before even attempting anal.

Lather that shit up!

Lube, lube, lube, how do you like it? How do you like it?

Okay, so what you need to understand is anal shouldn't hurt. It's not something to be suffered through. You should be enjoying yourself to the fullest capacity. You NEED lube. It's essential for anal play. Lube not only can help reduce the risk of tearing your asshole apart, but it definitely helps with relaxation as well as sensitivity. Never, ever just wing anal sex. You'll be crying and wishing that knife never harassed your asshole.

Wear a condom!

It is 1000 percent possible to get an STI from anal sex. You may think "wow, I can't get pregnant from this and it feels really good" but it won't feel good when you spend 95 percent of your time scratching your asshole or making trips to the hospital. It's not worth it to risk something so serious. You could die and that's never fun unless it's the racist guy on Grey's Anatomy with the swastika tattoo. He didn't die, but still. He could have and it would have been fun. However, it won't be fun if you die, so wrap it before you tap it!

Foreplay is key!

You can't just lube it up and stick it in with the quickness and expect the best response. You might get a fake response, but a lot of people love foreplay. You could always start with a finger or two in the booty hole. They always say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yeah, that's bullshit. Slip them sausages in.

Slow and steady wins the race!

When you think about sex, rapid thrusts of passion just have to cross your mind. Fast sex is super hot and insanely enjoyable! However, as a beginner in the anal world, you might want to take it slow. It's pretty much common sense. I don't think anyone in this world enjoys a torn asshole.

Hygiene is super important!

First of all, everyone knows what comes out of your butt. I highly doubt any man (unless they have coprophilia) want poo all over their member. I just can't see many men being fond of that. Not only that, I'm pretty sure you don't want a crusty pp inside your booty hole, either. And as a whole, I don't think the fresh scent of a dirty butt hole is anyone's favorite either. Wash your ass!

In Conclusion

It's okay to be afraid of trying anal! However, as long as you take the right precautions, your booty should still be intact by the end of it! Endless amounts of pleasure await for you and your booty! Live it up!

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Ellowen Ophelia
Ellowen Ophelia
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