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The Unexpected

Sitting, waiting, anticipating...

By TJnrPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

Sitting, waiting, anticipating...

Unable to see, unable to move, I can hear footsteps getting closer and a voice. Uh oh, I hear more than one voice. I want to scream but can’t, there is something in my mouth preventing me from talking. He is standing next to me, stroking my hair, the other stroking my cheek. My heart is pounding against my rib cage trying to escape.

He pulls my blindfold off, I squint in the light turning to look up at them. Both my eyes widen, wondering what is going to happen next. Both men grimace at me then turn to each other and laugh. The one on the left has dark brown hair, medium build, Hazel eyes and chiseled jaw. The one on the right is tall, has blonde hair, steel gray eyes, and the same chiseled jaw. I think to myself that they must be brothers, they have the same features but different hair and eyes. My mind returns to where I am, I feel a hand moving up my leg. I try to move but realize I am tied to the chair. I can feel him caressing my leg as he gets higher, I have a weird sensation building in my stomach. How can I feel like this, I don’t know the man and he has only touched me after taking me hostage.

The blonde one is on his knees in front of me, caressing both my thighs. I feel myself getting wet, like really wet. The other, standing behind me, I can feel his hands slide off my shoulders, down my skater dress and under my bra.

“Feels like she is horny, Max.” He laughs.

“I can see that, bro.” Max says to his brother. It was then I realized that I had no panties on under my dress. Max moves his hands further and further up my thighs until he reached his goal. I started to squirm. I really wanted to fight them off but my body was saying different. He started doing slow, tantalizing circles over my clit, his brother pinching and twisting my erect nipples until I squealed, my body giving in to the pleasure they were inflicting upon my body.

“I think she is ready, Owen.” Max says to his brother whilst standing up. He starts to untie my hands. Owen is pinning me down with his hands on my breasts. Max kneels in front of me to untie my ankles.

“Make sure she is secure, don’t want her running for it.” He looks at me devilishly. I stay still while he unites the knot around my ankle, not bothering to attempt anything. If I'm being honest with myself, I want this, I have accepted it now. Maybe I won’t have to have any more dreams about this scenario. I would have lived it. I feel my juices trickle out of me. Owen removes his hands from my breast. They suddenly go cold. I want his hands back there, I want to feel his calloused hands holding, pinching my breasts. There is a chain around my neck attached to a leash that Max is holding. He tugs on it.

“Stand please.” It was as if he was being sarcastic, but I didn’t mind. I stand willingly and follow them through the empty room. Through a doorway I see a bed, in the middle of the back wall, it’s a four poster bed. I can see chains on each post and I see something dangling from the roof in the corner of the room. He walks me over to the bed and throws me on it. Owen already has my hands in his grip attaching cuffs. They feel soft on the inside, nice and furry. My attention is drawn to Max. He has attached cuffs to my ankles and raised my legs up in the air. He then stalks across the room to a cupboard. I can’t see what is inside, he is blocking my view. I feel a hard sting on my left thigh. I jumped in shock at what had just happened. I looked up to see Owen kneeling above my head, readying his hand for another blow on my right thigh. I see his hand come down, feel the sting, the burn...the pleasure...

I see his hand coming down again and find myself welcoming the blow. Max is back at my feet now. I still can’t see what he has got from the cupboard. I’m plunged back into darkness as the blindfold is returned. I feel cold metal moving down the inside of my dress, then I hear the shear sound of scissors. They have cut my dress off, the coldness comes back to my chest. My bra was next. Once naked, something was placed on my stomach. I started to breath rapidly, wanting to know what the object was. Fingers returned to my clit, applying little pressure. I must have been soaked down there, his fingers slide lightly around the inside of my lips, slightly probing my hole. I feel a hard pinch on my nipples. Owen must have returned to those, he was still kneeling above my head. The pinching feeling didn’t go away, it was getting tighter. The pain was pleasurable.

I felt myself trying to get Max to put more pressure on my clit and he does. I’m squirming beneath his fingers. I can feel an orgasm building. He must have sensed it. He says, “Don’t you dare cum, girl.”

Max stops rubbing my clit and grabs the object from my stomach. I hear two zips being undone, one after the other, hearing condom wrappers being ripped open. One of them plunges into me relentlessly, almost beyond pleasure into pain. The thing in my mouth is removed and a cock is shoved into my mouth. I happily accept it, lapping at the underside with my tongue.

“Well, well, well, looks like you were right about her, Max.” Owen says with a growl as he pushes further down my throat. He holds it there for a minute, while Max is pounding my slick, swollen pussy. I’m almost over the edge. Max slows his pace. Not letting me go over the edge, my orgasm dies down and that's when I felt it, the object on my stomach come to life, buzzing on my stomach. I start to panic, thrashing as much as the restraints would let me. It fell off my stomach. Still panicking slightly, I hear the two men chuckling and mumbling to each other. I can't hear what they are saying, I'm too distracted by the pleasure, the pain. The object is placed on my clit as Max is pounding into me. I start to buck and squirm beneath him and the object, letting out muffled moans around Owen's cock, hearing him breathing harder and harder, letting out long, low groans. He started slapping my breast, my flesh stinging after the first blow. It quickly changed to pleasure. Nothing else registered. I was taken to the edge and brought back countless times. I was a shivering wreck but they still continued, not letting up one bit. Max was in my mouth now, pushing his cock so far down my throat I gagged ever time. Owen was balls deep inside me. I was on the edge again and by the sounds of the two men, they were too, both pounding my holes simultaneously. I felt Max swell in my mouth, his load shooting down my throat, holding himself deep in my throat, growling with his release. Owen was next plunging faster and deeper into me. One last thrust deep inside me, he groans deep and loud. They both stay that way for a few minutes, keeping their cocks deep in my holes, then eventually pull out.

"Now it’s your turn." The vibrator is turned up and put back on my clit. I buck and moan with pleasure. My orgasm rips through me, making me thrash and buck against the bed.

I can hear muffled voices. I wake up still cuffed to the bed. I start to panic. I feel hands caressing my breasts.

“Shhh.” They both say in unison.

“We’ve got you little one.” Max says.

“You’re safe now.” Owen wipers into my ear before placing a kiss upon my cheek.


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