The Seductive Barber (Pt. 2)

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Part 2

The Seductive Barber (Pt. 2)

Callie quickened her pace as she spotted the familiar barbershop. Ricardo stepped outside as soon as she arrived to invite her in. The interior was vintage decor with two red leather barber chairs. Callie approached one of the barbering stations to observe the equipment, cutting tools, lotions and combs.

"Well, what do you think?"

"It feels strange to be inside." Ricardo observed Callie, taking delight in her fascination, as she delicately touched the tools and brushes. After a few minutes, she stopped to look in the mirror. Her reflection seemed different in this place, as if she was another person.

"Why don't you take a seat?" Ricardo asked, eagerly. Callie caressed the vintage leather, envisioning herself as a client. She knew that secretly this was what she wanted. Gradually she moved towards the seat of the chair, facing the mirror as she lowered herself to sit.

"Do any women come here?" she asked, turning to face the barber, who appeared quite satisfied with her compliance.

"Why yes, sometimes we do." He seemed pleased she asked.

"What sort of hairstyles do they get?" There was a pause.

"Well...," he began, following her shy yet curious gaze around his station now. Did she have any idea what he had in mind for her?

"... It depends... Sometimes a woman will request a trim, knowing the skill of a barber provides an accurate result." Slowly, Ricardo approached Callie now, reaching to touch her locks. This aroused her deeply, nervously, but she didn't resist his touch. Firm, strong fingers combed through her tresses root to tip. She closed her eyes, feeling her clitoris swell in response. He can have me right now, she thought, he can take me and have his way with me...

"... Some women, however..." His voice was deep, authoritative and ready to bring Callie to her knees. Instead, he led her to his chair, tugging firmly but carefully to take her there. Obediently, Callie sat down to face the mirror and observe the tall, dominant barber begin to brush her long hair. Long, lush strokes of the brush. She bit down on her lip with eyes half open. Each motion became more deliberate, with increasing force, pulling her head back. She knew he was erect. It happened before when they met briefly that morning. He continued to speak...

"... Some women, they like to go short. Nothing fancy here, of course, but I have shorn the locks off a few women, eager to change their look. Sometimes to the dismay of their husband or boyfriend..."

"I don't... have a boyfriend," Callie pronounced, almost automatically. There was nothing holding her back. Ricardo reached to cup her face from behind, leaning down to kiss her open lips as her hair was pulled down, held in place to keep her from squirming away. She complied, opening to take his mouth, sucking his tongue as he gripped her chin tighter, sliding his hand to cover her throat.

Ricardo's other hand dropped the brush to dive into Callie's blouse and grab one of her breasts, squeezing tenderly as the kissing grew deeper. With her hair held tightly, he wrapped the locks around his fist, holding her head up as he moved towards the front to straddle her. Callie squirmed, feeling the sharp tug back and more aggressive fondling. He undid her blouse, trailing his tongue down her neck and chest, all while she was held in place by her hair. She reached down to loosen her slacks, slipping them off with the panties. Ricardo took over, using his knees to pull Callie's legs apart, once the clothing was pushed off her ankles and on the floor.

He felt her wetness with his fingers, the juiciness coated them. Callie moaned and thrust upward to him, eager to have him take her. He let go of her hair briefly, just long enough to pull off his clothes and return to press his hard, muscular body against hers, in the red leather barber chair, set to recline, pushing them down. Callie flinched when he pulled her hair back now. Her legs lifted to rest on his shoulders as he fucked her soaking wet pussy. She moaned loudly, arching her back, pushing the crown of her head against his fist, clutching her hair.

"That's it. Give yourself to me, your hair... your body..." he spoke in between thrusts in a deep loud whisper, the fist of hair tightening. His other hand on her throat, feeling her vulnerability as he approached orgasm, ready to fill her with his cream, but just then he pulled out, motioning for her to sit up and bend forward, releasing her long, shiny hair onto her naked lap. Ready to take his load. He grabbed her hair again, this time wrapping the mane around his cock, releasing as he did. Coating her in his warm cum. Pulsating as he ejaculated, Callie accepted his load, keeping her position as directed. Ricardo was very satisfied. This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. He eagerly wanted to treat her as well, her body and her hair...

"Sexy Callie... you're next..."

In a daze of ecstasy, Callie swiveled the chair to take a thorough view of her new lover. A dominant, strong barber with a lot of tools and equipment at his disposal. A complete stranger, only familiar from a distance, she felt that he was more than a local barber, and this experience proved just that. She wanted more, and for him to take the lead in having his way...

... with her body and her hair...

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