The Seductive Barber

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Part 1

The Seductive Barber

Callie passed by the barbershop on her way to work each morning. It was an old fashioned shop with the barber pole, vintage red chairs and black and white photographs from previous generations of barbers and clients. The shop was a fixture in the neighbourhood, standing out in between the high rises and glossy, glass condominiums, office buildings and parkettes. A few other stores were also reminiscent of earlier times: a diner, comic book store and laundromat, though the barbershop made the strongest impression.

It was a nice walk to work, especially in the late spring and summer. Callie would often slow down to peek inside, curious about the barbers. It was tempting to observe, almost enjoyable to watch men being groomed and shaved. She sometimes wondered if being a hairdresser or barber would have been a better career choice. Financial administration paid well, but the sensual nature of hairstyling was alluring.

Did anyone else feel this way? Callie thought, running her fingers though her long mane of thick black hair. It was shiny and wavy. What would it be like to be sheared? It was an unexpected idea, and over time, it manifested into a small fantasy.

Could it happen? Callie always had long hair, and the idea of cutting it, even to chin length was daring and scary. There is no way I could just walk in and get a haircut. Besides, only men are clients. Not a woman on sight. She tossed the idea out of her mind, for a little while...

Then one day, Callie was running late. Instead of slowing down by the barber's, she dashed by, only to be approached by a man standing outside.

"Hey, I see you around," he said. His voice was deep and accent sounded European, but unfamiliar to Callie. He stood just over six feet, slender and muscular with short chocolate brown hair swept back and hazel eyes. His smile was generous. Callie was shocked, but responded quickly.

"I live around here, and pass on my way to work," she responded.

"I see...," he paused to step closer to her. "Do you like the shop? I notice you looking inside. Does it interest you?" Callie felt her cheeks redden and felt embarrassed by the stranger's observation. He had been watching her all this time? For months?

"Well...yes, I like it. The vintage look, the style.."

"Have you ever considered coming inside to visit and take a closer look?" Did he suspect her curiosity? Callie paused for a moment, appearing shy and unsure of how to respond.

"I..would it be OK to come inside?" She chose her words carefully, and the stranger's smile widened.

"Absolutely, of course!" He was enthusiastic. Callie needed to get to work, though she could drop by after.

"I can drop by after 4:30," she offered, noticing his gestures of satisfaction as he moved closer. He reached out to touch her hair, and Callie recoiled in shock.

"I'm sorry, I should ask, may I touch your hair?" She bit her lip, then nodded slowly. The tender sensation of his strong, skillful fingers gliding through her mane was arousing. He looked into her eyes, watching her melt into submission as he continued. Gentle, firm strokes. Callie had no idea of his growing erection, but very aware she was getting wet. The mutual attraction was instant, intense.

"I...I need to go," she quivered, and the stranger concluded his fondling of her hair.

"I understand. My name is Ricardo. I will see you later, yes?" Callie nodded.

" the way, I'm Callie." It was an unexpected twist, this arrangement, and she was both excited and nervous about meeting later.

"Nice to meet you, Callie. I will see you after work." She agreed, and left quickly to make sure she wasn't too late. For the entire day in the office, she couldn't stop thinking of the tall, strong barber, their immediate mutual attraction to each other and his eagerness to meet. The whole idea made her stomach flutter...was he aroused by my hair? The length of it or the texture? Did he secretly want to cut it? Was he attracted to her sexually? There were so many questions and feelings inside. Callie hadn't been on a date for almost six months, following a nasty break up with her ex-boyfriend... Meeting the barber could be just what she needed. Callie counted the hours, minutes until the end of work.

Refreshing her makeup and brushing her hair in the washroom, Callie ran into her co-worker Simone.

"You look hotter than usual," she teased. "You got a date?" Callie smiled.

"Yeah...something like that."

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