Best Exercise for Your Sex Life

by Vicki C 2 years ago in sexual wellness

Improve your stamina, endurance, and enjoyment of sex.

Best Exercise for Your Sex Life

Staying fit and healthy is important at all stages in life for everyone. We read about diet and exercise all the time, from paleo and ketogenic ways of eating to weight training, yoga, HIIT (high impact interval training) and many other trends. I'm no expert in this field, but I have made changes to my diet and exercise habits, which have resulted in tremendous benefits. If you are looking to tone up and trim down for better and adventurous sex, here are my suggestions:

1. Squatting

These are beneficial with or without dumbells and kettlebells, though adding them is recommended. If you have difficulty with your knees or back, squatting with your back against a wall and holding the position for 30 seconds is good too. This is a decent exercise if you like to "ride" on top of your partner.

2. Planks

This is excellent for the core, which, for many people (myself included) is the most challenging area to tone. I find planking for 60 seconds, or two full minutes, a good break in between cardio and weight training circuits. Start off 15-30 seconds and increase as much as you can over time.

3. Yoga

Flexibility and more flexibility. Endurance and balance, as well. You may find yourself wanting to try different positions, and holding them for longer periods of time, on the mat or in the bedroom. Yoga is also great outdoors during the spring and summer. Sex too...

4. Cycling

Good for endurance and an overall body workout. It's excellent preparation for long sessions with your partner or lover. Sprinting is also a decent option if cycling is not your thing.

5. Kegels

Pelvic floor muscle exercises. Vaginal and anal exercises are good for strengthening your muscles and for bodily functions too, not to mention increasing the pleasure of penetration.

In addition to these, dancing, swimming, and martial arts are excellent for overall strength, toning, and endurance, too. From personal experience, many of these activities have improved my sex life in that I'm more eager to try new and more adventurous techniques and kinks. Everybody has their own way to give and achieve pleasure. This includes people of all shapes, sizes, and ages, and healthy body fitness can factor into many body types too. Increasing strength, fitness, and endurance can help your sex life in many ways and is worth the effort.

For those of you into BDSM, you may find your tolerance for pain and ability for flexibility increases to the point where you or your partner may try a position or activity previously not under consideration. Of course, changing up or adding a new kink is best communicated, and mutually agreed upon before indulging to avoid injury and to take into account boundaries and physical limitations. I can speak only from experience that mutual engagement in both the physical fitness and sexual exploration with an enthusiastic partner/lover is ideal and makes the whole journey an amazing experience.

Working out for better sex can really fall into two caregories: looking more fit and attractive for sexual encounters, and getting in shape to improve performance and satisfaction. Either way, regular fitness will achieve both, and more importantly, improve confidence and overall health.

Eating well is a great benefit alongside regular exercise. Avoiding processed foods and foods high in carbohydrates or sugars will go a long way to increasing energy. Together, proper diet and exercise will yield results that will make you feel better, more positive, and increase activity. Getting enough sleep is another important factor, especially to recharge your body after some fun.

It's important to note that sex itself is a good workout. It releases stress and endorphins too. If you enjoy a drink now and again, a glass of wine is good to add. Food and exercise can be incorporated into your sex, by trying creative poses, positions, and enjoying the sensuous pleasures of eating with lovemaking.

Everybody enjoys sex in different ways, and frequencies, and it is good for your body. Keeping in shape will increase your ability the enjoy it more. The more often, the more creative, the better the impact. From quickies to marathons, sex is a great calorie burner and stress release too, as with any physical activity.

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Vicki C
Vicki C
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