The Sad Truth About Gentlemen's Clubs

by Jord Tury 7 months ago in industry

For those considering a night of strip teases and overpriced beers

The Sad Truth About Gentlemen's Clubs

Gentlemen's Clubs have been around for many, many years. And still, not everybody entirely agrees with them. Depending on who you talk to and what questions you ask, you might just find two completely opposite individuals. That's alright, because truth be told, nobody is forced to visit one to begin with. And, to be fair, it's not like the dancers even care whether you show up or not. They still get paid at the end of the week regardless of the ambivalence over the topic. But, for those who are between choices and intrigued to know the details behind the experience – allow me to clue you in. Although, to be honest, you might not be overly thrilled to hear what I have to say.

Truth is, Gentlemen's Clubs are after your money. And I don't mean a few quid for a couple of beers and then calling it quits. No – I mean they're literally after everything you own. Whether it being cash, credit card or life savings; hired dancers are trained to squeeze you for all your worth no matter your financial situation. And, depending on how you tackle it, you can either offend somebody just trying to do their job, or walk away with a hole burnt deeply in your pocket. That's a situation plenty of anxious people have had slumped on them in the heat of the moment. And, more often than not, shy people tend to fork over every penny without wanting to escalate the situation further.

Sure, you can ask somebody why they would go to one of these clubs in the first place if they don't have the spare cash. But, nine times out of ten, hosts and dancers trick guests into thinking they're spending little but really charging ludicrous amounts. This often comes in the form of advertising cheap drink deals on arrival. As you drink more and begin to feel careless, dancers look to possess you and swipe you for whatever it is you have. This can mean playing you like a fool and asking for a drink of water, only to then dash your card across a £50 payment machine in a split-second decision. Sadly, the chances of this happening are very likely and people have in fact been left penniless because of it.

Guests are, of course, made to feel welcome. And, to many – that is exactly what you feel. However, you must prepare for unbelievable amounts of attention depending on who you're with. This can often be enjoyable or uncomfortable, depending on your mood and social levels. However, despite your look or posture, dancers are trained to approach you and attempt to win you over with various flirtatious methods. If, for whatever reason, you aren't enjoying the situation, they'll happily leave. But you can expect the next in line to come along shortly after. So, if a quick beer is what you're expecting – think again. If you want to leave, you'll probably have to do so rather rudely. Unless you've maxed out your credit card, of course. Then they'll gladly show you the door.

The main objective for any club is to keep guests in their seats and always pressed down with spontaneous drinks or chatty dancers. If, however, you have the look on your face like you want to leave, they'll gladly rise to the challenge and try to sway you over. This can lead to free drinks which they'll charge you for before you leave, a further dancer joining you, or promises of cheap extras which turn out to be fake. Again, depending on how you tackle the situation you can either offend of spend. Either way, unless you're a multimillionaire, you're pretty much going to roll downhill.

Dancers are very good at their jobs. It's what they've been built up to do, so of course, they pull it off flawlessly. And at no point could I slate them for just wanting to earn their wages and carry on in life. However, that being said, the corruption behind the business and the trickery is what gives it all a bad name. Because, sadly, for too long people have been exploited the second they've been lured through the door. And yes, a lot of the time it is their own fault. But there's a collective group of people who've been trapped and torn apart for unnecessary financial gain. That's the problem that nobody seems to address, unfortunately.

It's been years since I've ventured into a gentlemen's club, to be honest. But, the truth is, that was enough to put me off from ever wanting to go back in the future. But that doesn't mean you, a curious soul, should scratch it off your bucket list for good. Instead, simply take this as a warning for what's to come. And, if you happen to wake up in the morning with holes in your pockets and a feeling of regret in your chest, just remember: I warned you.

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Jord Tury
Jord Tury
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