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The Rude Awakening

by Emily Spankfirst about a year ago in erotic
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The Sexual Enlightenment of Grandma Part 1

Rising from the warmth of my bed on a chilly winters morning I drew back the curtains and a golden shaft of sunlight burst into view much to my delight. Being single has not been my lot for close on 40 years but my darling husband George passed away suddenly only a few months ago leaving me somewhat lost and alone with no one to comfort and share my life with.

It has been a particularly depressing time in my life but I have found solace amongst my fellow parishioners in the village of Little Bush on Sea and the local cancer support group have been more than supportive since my sad loss even though my husband died of a heart attack. For many years I was the secretary at Little Bush Senior school and retired from my position following 25 years exemplary service in order to spend my twilight years with my one true love.

With time on my hands the school headmaster asked me if I would kindly do some voluntary administration work in the school office as pregnancy cover and occasional cleaning of the school gym for weddings and parties in the community. I was only too happy to accept his kind invitation as it kept me active and stopped me brooding over what I had lost in life and the impact it would have on me both mentally and spiritually in the months that lay ahead.

Oh! dear how rude of me not to introduce myself, my name is Wendy Hinchcliffe, I am unfortunately the wrong side of seventy years old, a rather large lady who is somewhat unattractive due to leading an unhealthy lifestyle due to being barren throughout my childbearing years but instead dedicated my life to the community to supplement my inner sadness. I was born and raised in the village by two loving and doting parents Johnathon & Mary Hinchcliffe in the caretakers lodge just inside the extensive school grounds. As an only child I was encouraged to learn several languages in order to enhance my future employability and not forsake the family name in everything I did from early childhood through my informative years and into my late teens, when I eventually met my husband to be and settled down to married life in time.

Removing my cotton nightgown I gazed at my aging body somewhat disgusted by the wrinkles, the stretch marks on my belly, my heavy sagging breasts with large nipples facing south, and turned slightly to get a glimpse of my abundant cellulite market buttocks, I came to the realization that any future I would have would be loveless and lonely, so I had better get used to my fate and be happy with my own company. Suddenly out the corner of my eye I noticed via the dressing table mirror what I can only describe as a dog-eared and crumpled girlie magazine hidden under a pile of newspapers in the corner of the room. George had always been highly aroused during our sexual encounters but had never shown any interest in other women that we made the acquaintance of or those depicted on the top shelf of the newsagent, sadly how wrong was I? Still naked I ambled over to the pile of newspapers and much to my horror discovered a stack of about thirty pornographic magazines at the bottom of the pile all displaying the female sexual organs of varying age groups from eighteen to fifty. Flicking through the pages out of curiosity it became apparent that they were action books as the scenes depicted both clean-shaven female vaginas and well-developed erect penises in various penetrating positions with jets of glistening semen squirting over the heaving breasts and splayed buttocks.

Despite feeling somewhat betrayed by my dearly departed husband, I couldn't help but reflect on our love making sessions just prior to him passing away when he uttered under his breath several mysterious female names just at the moment of ejaculation. At the time I thought I was mistaken about what I had heard but it is all becoming clear now that my loving husband was making love to me but daydreaming of emptying his testicles inside the wet vaginas of the models in the magazines.

For months now I have been persecuting myself over George's death and blamed myself for the events that took his life so dramatically having reluctantly succumbed to his demands of performing oral sex in the most unusual of places. Being the dutiful wife I always allowed myself to be swayed in favour of heightening his pleasure in all manner of settings such as supermarket store cupboards, railway carriages, pub car parks and the town park bushes but it never crossed my mind once that George would ask me to suck the full length of his erect penis on our toilet at home and drain the salty semen from his heavy sagging testicles. The night in question was much like any other from our previous forty years together as having enjoyed our evening meal and washed the dishes we settled down in the lounge to watch some wholesome television and at about 21.00 George stated that he was feeling particularly horny and asked me in no uncertain terms to perform oral sex on him as it was too early for bed, and he wanted it immediately if not sooner.

Not wishing to incur his wrath I leaned across his groin, unzipped his fly and was just about to slide my hand inside his pants when he made a grab for my hand and lead me reluctantly to the bathroom in somewhat of a hurry. Upon reaching the bathroom George swung the door open wildly, pulled down his pants to his ankles and sat open legged on the toilet lid with his throbbing erect penis pointing at the ceiling before pulling my head down onto his quivering thrusting groin. Falling between his splayed thighs he pulled my mouth in the direction of his dribbling penis tip and gasped with delight as I licked the tip in a circular motion and burrowed the tip of my velvety tongue into his penis hole. This was not the first time I had sucked George's penis, but he has never been rough before which was somewhat suspicious given how he forced my mouth down the full length of his penis until it grazed my tonsils causing my throat to convulse violently. Unperturbed George proceeded to push my head up and down the length of his penis with increasing speed whilst encouraging me to suck harder and not to stop in any event. Normally George orgasms in a matter of minutes with a small dribble of semen and a deep sigh of satisfaction but unusually on this occasion he seemed to find extra drive and energy to withhold his impending orgasm which did nothing for the walls of my bruised and battered mouth. I could feel George bucking and bouncing his buttocks whilst murmuring incoherently in time with his powerful thrusts when suddenly he gripped my head and forced his pulsating penis to the back of my throat before streams of thick semen drained from his aching testicles filling my mouth to overflowing. George slumped back against the toilet cistern and grabbed his chest as a heart attack gripped his flailing body forcing gasps of air from his lungs and cries for help from his throat. I made him comfortable and rushed to the telephone to call for an ambulance but alas in the time it took me to summon help my poor George passed away much to my distress and regrets at being swayed to give into his demands.

Sitting on the bed surrounded by all these pictures of naked female flesh and erect penises I slowly came to the realization that it was only a matter of time before my beloved George would have died and I would prefer that I was the last to taste his semen instead of some unnamed floozie he met on the street. I will never know if his last hoorah was as a consequence of my deep throated sucking and licking of his penis or the result of a wild fantasy he was participating in that inflicted his heart attack and sad demise. Will this revelation change the way I think of my beloved husband or will I allow it to sully my memories of all the happy times we spent together as man and wife, I think not as I have no proof that apart from his lurid fantasies George was faithful to the end.

So gathering all the girlie magazines together I decide to throw them in the recycling bin or put them out for the garbage collectors who empty the contents of the bin in a couple of days time. Suddenly to my horror I realise that getting rid of such material is not as easy as it sounds because it could fall into the hands of children or offend someone's religious beliefs. It would appear that I am stuck with them and as I can't get rid of them I will box them up and put them in the attic when I have time.

In my efforts to box the offending items I inadvertently drop a magazine and it opened to a center spread of a young virile ebony skinned male with a very large veined penis, erect and waiting for action. I nearly fainted with excitement at the sight of his tackle and the silken duvet I am started to feel somewhat damp with the excitement seeping from my quivering vagina and tingling clitoris. My mind started to play tricks on me as I considered my options regarding making use of this literature or ignoring the desires burning away so brightly inside my aging vaginal cavity. Should I succumb to self-abuse and enjoy the imaginary feelings gleaned from my fantasies with these young virile men with their muscle toned bodies and thick erect penises or stay faithful to the memory of my dearest departed husband who enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh regardless of my feelings. I asked myself would it be so wrong just to relieve myself of this pent-up sexual frustration that I am feeling in the light of my shocking realization that my husband may have in his mind been making love to other women whilst using my vagina as a semen receptacle.

Oh! I am in such a quandary, my mind is in such turmoil, what am I to do?

I can't think straight and fall back onto the crumpled sheets of my marital bed in despair. My large heavy white breasts spread out across my heaving chest as I allow my mind to wonder into a semi conscious state of delirium at the thought of a young ebony buck approaching my sex starved wrinkled torso, fulfilling a delicious sexual fantasy. I gasp quietly as my imaginary lover kneels beside my head and eases his velvety penis tip between my salivating lips, stretching my oral muscles to their limit. I couldn't resist the temptation anymore as I reveled in the heady aroma of his growing excitement and gently sucked on the pulsating flesh of his penis as he slowly slipped in deeper and deeper before thrusting his muscle-bound hips back and forth creating a more powerful sucking action by my lusting orifice thus inducing groans of illicit pleasure from his grinding torso. I felt so dirty and disgusting but it felt so wonderful imagining a strangers penis pumping my mouth as only George had done, in my excitement my quivering hands moved over my sagging breasts and taking a straining erect nipple in each hand proceeded to twist and pinch them violently with trembling fingers causing my wide hips to buck and thrust. I could feel my clitoris tingling with pleasure as it stood proudly between my now splayed soaking wet vaginal lips, my sexual arousal heightening as I imagined my young virile lover moving his ebony hands all over my quivering torso and his velvet like tongue tracing a line over the rolls of ivory flesh to my now aching and pulsating vagina as a large puddle of female nectar formed between my bounteous buttocks.

With my mind still racing and the unique feeling of multiple orgasms building in my vulva I repositioned my face under his swinging ebony testicles and sucked greedily on a wiry haired orb whilst pulling, squeezing and stroking the other one causing loud yelps of pain to emanate from his vocal cords. It was evident that despite his obvious pain his excitement had continued to grow as his large girthed penis slapped loudly against my cheek in response to my gracious sucking of his pulsating manhood and a small dribble of pre cum trickled from the eye of his penis.

Not being one to miss out on the chance to eat semen imaginary or not I opened my salivating mouth and allowed the semen to trickle to the back of my throat. In the meantime my vagina was screaming out for attention and reaching onto the bedside table I took hold of a large Christmas Candle whilst imagining that my young ebony lover was positioning himself between my large quivering thighs. Reaching down I pushed the candle between my slippery lips and imagined my ebony lovers penis penetrating me in one long stroke testicles deep sending me into raptures of delight as he pumped his imaginary manhood back and forth against my tingling clitoris. With pleasure etched on my contorted face and my obese buttocks pounding on the bed springs I dreamed of my ebony lover ramming deep and hard as I screamed for more and I soaked the bed sheets with torrents of hot vaginal secretions which seemed to flow forever.

Never had I known such powerful earth-shattering orgasms despite being married for forty years, don't get me wrong I had a warm glow every time George thrust his more than ample penis deep inside my vaginal cavity and yes I did squirt on rare occasions but never had I gushed to this extent. My imaginary ebony lover was really going to town on my vagina as his massive girth stretched my lips to their normal limit and beyond as he drove his pulsating penis deeper and deeper with each powerful thrust.

Oh! how I wished he was real and I could taste the perspiration dripping off his brow and feel the tightness of his thrusting buttocks as he ground his hips against my vagina and emptied his aching testicles deep inside me. The Christmas Candle had served me well as a surrogate penis but it was never going to have the same pliability or texture of a real throbbing pulsating penis in the final throes of an orgasm. It wouldn't taste the same as a sexually abused and totally drained semen covered penis with an aftertaste of sweet vaginal juice to show my appreciation of my imaginary lover and the wonderful love making session enjoyed, totally oblivious to my surroundings.

My mind suddenlyreturned to normality as I became aware of a tapping noise being made on my bedroom window. Reaching for my silken dressing gown I draped it over my naked shoulders and tied it around my waist making sure that my decency was maintained as I was unsure who it could be at this time in the morning. Drawing the curtains back slightly I gazed out into the garden and a dark figure appeared at the window, panic over it was Errol my West Indian neighbor who was tidying his garden and heard what he assumed were screams of pain and anguish coming from my house as it transpired in our short conversation when I opened the window to speak with him. Now Errol was something of an enigma to me as we had shared greetings in the past but never held a conversation but from what I gather his wife had run off with a so called friend of his leaving him to be a reclusive loner. Not overly attractive and quite portly I would say that Errol was in his early thirties and whilst not overly talkative was quite pleasant to talk to according to George my late husband who knew him a little better than I did. Somewhat concerned about what he had unwittingly heard he inquired if everything was ok with me and did I need any help as I seemed somewhat distraught when he caught a slight glimpse of my silhouette through a small opening in the draw curtains much to my slight embarrassment.

I reassured him that everything was fine and there was nothing for him to get concerned about as what he heard was a horror movie I was watching in bed and I had forgotten to turn the volume down on the television set. Just as I thought I had deflected his thoughts of something more sinister I became aware that my dressing own had parted whilst I was leaning against the windowsill giving Errol an unplanned free view of my large sagging ivory breasts and erect pink nipples. Errol's face was a picture when he got a free shot as his eyes widened, his mouth dropped open and it became noticeable that his penis was stiffening at an alarming rate and making a tent in his pants. Errol feeling his penis straining for freedom tried unsuccessfully to cover his groin with a trembling hand but drew more attention than if he had left it alone as the taught material grazed against it's throbbing head and a dribble of semen left a wet stain on his pants.

It became evident that the weather had taken a turn for the worst as a winters chill filled the morning air and I offered Errol a cup of tea to warm the cockles of his heart as I was getting cold and needed to close the window. Errol hesitated at first because of his embarrassment at staining his pants but thanked me for the offer and made his way to the front door which I opened in anticipation of his arrival 30 seconds or so later whilst I retired to the bathroom for a quick shower to remove the vaginal secretions covering my cellulite marked torso and all evidence of my over excitement earlier.

I don't know whether to put it down to old age or continuous arousal but my forgetfulness got the better of me on this occasion as having got out of the hot shower I walked into the living room completely naked much to the appreciation of Errol who sat there bemused but enthralled. Hurriedly I wrapped my white fluffy towel around my upper body and secured it at the waist to prevent further revelations and made my way to the kitchen to make a warming drink as promised closely followed by an over-aroused Errol who attempted to make polite conversation in order to defuse the situation and put me at ease. Little did Errol know that my old and sagging body was crying out for male attention, and I was prepared to do anything in order to satisfy my sex craving vagina and tingling clitoris hiding in the wrinkled cavity between my ample quivering thighs. It was only a matter of time before I aroused Errol enough for him to give in to his carnal desires and take advantage of a woman old enough to be his grandma but aroused enough to satisfy his wildest dreams and earth-shattering fantasies.

Errol took a seat on a bar stool next to the breakfast bar in the center of the kitchen and whilst offering general chit chat continued to run his approving eyes over my cotton covered body as the boiling kettle switched off it was only then that I realise that I keep the cups in the bottom cupboard and throwing caution to the wind I bent over opened the cupboard and reached inside. Errol nearly fell off the stool as he was treated to the sight of my stretch market ivory buttocks coming into view and parting to reveal the tight brown wrinkled hole of my anus and the swollen wet lips and labia of my over aroused vagina.

I think it got too much for him as Errol reached out a trembling hand and slowly moved his hand in a circular motion over the expanse of hot flesh much to my delight whilst unzipping his straining zipper on his pants and allowing his erect and pulsating penis to bobble into view right before my longing eyes. Never one to need to be asked twice I turned very slightly and pursing my lips he inserted his quivering ebony manhood deep inside allowing my velvety tongue to lick around the crown of his sweet and salty penis head inducing twitches of delight in his straining torso. The heady aroma of manly perspiration filled my nostrils as his testicles bounced against my chin, and he abused my mouth in a pumping action whilst I sucked harder and harder on his penis head. His grunts and groans became louder and louder, his thrust became harder and harder, but I was going to make him wait as I wanted all of his semen in one long hot powerful spurt.

Feeling a little uncomfortable in the kneeling position I allowed his pumping penis to slip from my oral grasp and gingerly got to my feet allowing the towel covering my swinging and saggy breasts to fall to the floor. Not wishing for his erection to subside I reached out and grasped his pulsating penis in one hand and rubbed the palm of my other hand over the head of his taught penis before leading him into my bedroom in anticipation of penetration beyond my wildest dreams. Errol however seemed somewhat unsteady on his feet as I lead him in the direction of my heavily stained bed whilst pulling and pumping his tight foreskin back and forth along the length of his penis. It became evident that Errol was have trouble holding back his orgasm and in wild abandonment I flopped back onto a large puddle of cold vaginal secretions. Reaching out I wrapped my arms around Errol s neck and pulled him down on top of my rolls of belly fat before allowing my quivering fat ivory thighs to spread as wide as possible as the tip of his pre cum coated penis forced its way deep inside my soaking wet and slippery vagina cavity.

I thought I was going to pass out as Errol pumped his hard penis in and out of my tingling vagina whilst inserting a stray finger into my puckered anus which surprisingly opened despite limited resistance adding to the torturous orgasms that I failed to hold back exploding in my vulva. Grasping his powerful and muscular buttocks in both hands I yelled at him to ram his penis into me...."harder, harder"...encouraging every last thrust with complimentary exclamations about his large manhood and sexual prowess like I have never felt before. Errol was biting and nipping at my sagging breasts whilst pulling on my large nipples in time with his deep hard thrusts. Suddenly Errol reached the point of no return and lurching forward his rock hard penis slammed testicles deep into my vagina and warm spurt after spurt of thick white semen cascaded deep inside me much to my ecstasy and unrequited delight as my vagina squelched and squirted in response.

Totally drained of vaginal juice and the energy to move I lay in my now cold puddle of vaginal secretions with Errol laying on top of me, still twitching with sexual excitement but totally breathless. Slowly Errol regained his senses and I felt his once erect penis soften slightly and it slipped from my wrinkled vaginal lips closely followed by a stream of salty semen which dribbled down the crack in my buttocks and coated my already slippery asshole as Errol retreated to a standing position between my open thighs. Suddenly without the need for invitation Errol grasped both my ankles and pushed them up to my chest, being powerless to stop him I half expected him to dip his head down and kiss my vagina passionately but to my horror and surprise he edged his now revitalized penis to my anus before applying light pressure and sliding into my rectum forcing a gasp of pleasure from my lungs and the feeling of wanting to evacuate my excrement.

Never have I had a penis in my rectum or anywhere near it as whilst George was adventurous anal intercourse was never on the menu. Errol appeared to be something of an anal expert however as he slowly worked his large pulsating veiny erect penis in and out of my tight anus ring and highly lubricated rectum much to my delight and undenying pleasure, extracting yet more squirts of female juice from my overworked vagina as the heady aroma of warm excrement filled my nostrils with the slimy coating of his ebony penis.

What started out as long, slow, tender and gentle thrusts quickly gave way to hard banging plunges as Errol' s heavy testicles banged against my big ivory buttocks in an ever-increasing rhythm forcing my groans of pleasure to fill the air in anticipation of one final spurt of hot semen filling my forbidden cavity that he had taken a liberty with. With perspiration dripping onto my aching breasts and screams of effort bursting from his lungs Errol gripped my thighs and lunged hard into the depths of my overstretched rectum as a jet of silky smooth salty semen cascaded into my anal cavity adding to my pleasure and overwhelming satisfaction before finally falling forward onto my quivering body in complete sexual exhaustion.

Slowly but surely both Errol and myself mentally returned to normality as we lay entwined motionless and his once throbbing manhood went limp and slipped silently from my overstretched anus. Being released from his manhood I told Errol to go and take a shower whilst I waited for my anus to recoil as I had no desire to poop myself as a consequence of our anal exploits. Errol rose from the bed wearily with his excrement coated penis and testicles in his hand and made his way with his clothes to the bathroom down the hall leaving me to try and regain control of my anus whilst he took a much needed shower. My anus had really taken a battering as it seemed to be taking an eternity for me to regain control of my anal muscles but it is better to be safe than have a bed covered in foul smelling excrement to clean up through haste.

Meanwhile, Errol had finished taking a shower and came back to the bedroom fully dressed much to my displeasure and announced that he had to be going as the council workmen were coming to do some jobs in his house which would take the rest of the day. Feeling that I had regained control of my nether regions I stood up and put my full length dressing gown on, I thanked Errol for his help and assistance and showed him out of the front door with a passionate parting kiss just in time as his excrement colored semen started to trickle down the back of my thighs.

Shower time for me I think.... Is this the start of pastures new?


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Emily Spankfirst

Born into a world of swinging on a grand scale back in the nineteen fifties I developed an over active mind for all things erotic and started out on a quest to share some inspiration with my fellow human beings through my tales of lust.

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