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Material Desires

by Emily Spankfirst about a year ago in taboo
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The Sexual Enlightenment of Grandma Part 2

Material Desires

Since my beloved George passed away I have sadly neglected the gardens surrounding our home and being a particularly bad winter last year I was unable to keep it as tidy as my landlord desires. This came to my attention via a letter in the post on Friday gone where he stated most strongly that I was in breach of my tenancy and if the work was not done ASAP he would seek possession of my home. How I wish George was still alive as he would have dealt with this situation man to man and not allowed me to be bullied by the heartless landlord.

My mind was in a turmoil as I contemplated the tasks ahead and how it would impact on my obese body and aching limbs bought on by the cold and damp of the winter months. I sat alone and shed a few quiet tears dwelling on the fact that not only have I lost my soulmate but unless I find help I could lose my home too. My train of thought and sorrow was momentarily broken by the telephone ringing in the hallway and wearily I rose to my feet and shuffled slowly to the telephone in order to take the call. I lifted the receiver and nervously said “ hello this is Wendy, who am I talking to please? ”. Much to my relief it was Father Daniel enquiring if I was ok as he hadn't seen me at church on Sunday morning which is unusual to say the least. I went on to explain that I have had one or two health issues that have prevented me from making the short walk to the church through the snow and ice as normal but as it has rained and washed away the snow I would be in church next Sunday.

Father Daniel expressed his relief that it was nothing serious that had caused my absence and assured me that if I need anything at all not to hesitate in contacting him in person and help would be available. I went on to explain the source of my concerns in the landlord's letter and Father Daniel assured me that everything will be ok and not to worry as he considers me to be a valuable member of the parish who has fallen on hard times. I explained to Father Daniel that I couldn't afford to pay anyone and he said “ who mentioned paying anything, the Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform “ to which I replied “ thank you Father it will be appreciated more than words can express. In closing he said “ Don't worry, leave it with me “ and he ended the call with God Bless my child.

Now I have always been the pessimist when people say they will do something for me but I was shocked to the core as male and female parishoners of all ages started turning up at my front door within the hour asking what work needed doing. They were turning up with shovels, rakes, lawn mowers, trowels and hoes of all shapes and sizes. They then set about weeding, clearing and re-planting the flowerbeds clipping the trees, bushes and hedges not complaining once despite the weather turning nasty. The only cost was the occasional cup of tea or coffee to rejuvenate the flagging spirit of endeavour within the group. I finally realised that despite the loss of George I will never be alone in this community as we are one big family that will help each other when times are hard.

It wasn't long before all their efforts were rewarded as the gardens were looking spic and span and the weary throng came inside to wash their hands before having a final cup of tea or coffee to warm their souls as the winter sun descended over the horizon. I was so so grateful for all their hard work and thanked them individually as they left via the fromt door vowing that should they need help not to hesitate to ask. A sickly looking lad named Mark who I would estimate was in his twenties had been doing small menial tasks due to his health conditions which had blighted him since birth and he stated “ I am sorry Wendy I have nearly finished cleaning the upstairs windows, I won't be long “ to which I responded “ time is dragging on Mark are you sure you have time “. A second or two of silence ensued before he appeared at the top of the stairs and reiterated his desire to complete the job. I carried on tiding the house and washing the tea cups whilst I waited for Mark to finish, he seemed to be a very long time finishing the final few windows so I went up the stairs to see if he was ok. I slowly started to climb the stairs and I could hear the sound of heavy breathing or something very similar coming from the direction of the bathroom door. I quietly approached the door which was not shut properly, the strange noises were getting louder by the second and I was curious to see what the cause was.

AsI peered through the slight crack in the door I couldn't believe my eyes as Mark was sitting on the side of the bath with his trousers and underwear around his ankles whilst sniffing a pair of my dirty knickers and rubbing the length of his rigid pulsating penis. Now I have only ever seen one penis and that was George's but his weapon was never as big or as hard as Mark's which I am ashamed to say made my old clitoris tingle and my lips salivate just looking at it. I found it impossible to ignore the urge to run my hands up my skirt covered quivering thighs and gently rub my now aching vagina through my panties which was getting wetter the more I day dreamed and drooled silently. It has been months since I felt a rock hard penis in my hands or a big pair of tight hairy testicles banging against my big soft wrinkled butt cheeks as my orgasms grip my aged body. Meanwhile mark's hand was becoming a blur as he pumped his tight foreskin back and forth over the glistening crown of his manly penis whilst pulling my dirty, urine stained panties over his head so that the gusset was over his nasal passages. I thought to myself this dirty young can not only smell my urine soaked pants and anal skid marks but can revel in licking the stale stains on my discarded pantie gusset and there was nothing I could do to stop him in his quest to jerk off. This has to stop now before he wastes the salty semen that I long to taste visibly dribbling from the tip of his throbbing penis.

Withdrawing my sticky fingers from the slippery confines of my soaking wet old vagina I reached out and grabbed the door handle and in one movement opened the door and let out a scream of derision. Well Mark nearly fouled himself as he tried to cover his pulsating penis with his one hand and removing my saliva soaked panties from his head in overwhelming embarrassment at being caught pleasuring himself at my expense and in my own home. Hiding my overwhelming lust whilst attempting to look more shocked than turned on I screamed “ what the hell do you think you are you doing Mark, that is a disgusting way to behave young man and in my house too “ Mark stuttered “ I am so sorry, please forgive me but I saw your dirty panties and and and “. I went on to add “ you are one sick, horny young man, do you not realise I am old enough to be your grandmother “ Mark thought for a second before begging “ please, please don't tell anyone about this, I promise I won't do it again”. I thought for a few seconds whilst noticing his now flaccid penis hanging between his trembling thighs whilst his hairy testicles swung to a stop and thinking silently what a waste of a wonderful opportunity. In answer to his distraught exclamation I retorted rather sternly “ oh so I am supposed to let you defile me, sniff my dirty, urine stained panties and you get away scott free I suppose? “. The silence was deafening as I awaited a favorable response from him and suddenly he blurted out “ I beg you please don't say anything, punish me in any way you want but don't tell my family”.

By now my vaginal juices had started running down the insides of my opulent ivory thighs as a consequence of soaking wet panties and ideas running through my mind about how I could punish him suitably and inflict revenge most fitting. By now Mark was visibly upset and shaking with horror at the thought of being exposed as a pervert but seemed somewhat relieved when I told him to face the wall and touch his toes if he was genuinely sorry. Reluctantly Mark did as he was told somewhat gingerly and I silently gasped with inner pleasure as his muscly round tight butt cheeks came into view and a line of thick bushy hair down lead down to his tight puckered butt which concealed two large heavy testicles and his flaccid cock swinging between his thighs. The anticipation of how dirty but erotic this was got the better of me and I reached out my soft wrinkly hands, caressed his tight butt cheeks in ever decreasing circular motions and ran a gentle finger tip along the deep crack in his butt. Mark groaned as he felt my hands on his naked cheeks and yelped as I reached down to fondle his swinging testicles gently. His thighs started to visible shake with pleasure as I reached under his testicles with my free hand and slowly worked his foreskin back and forth. His once flaccid penis was very quickly becoming semi erect much to my joy and a puddle of pre cum trickled over my flailing fingers.

Suddenly I induced a loud throaty squeal from his now quivering torso as I stopped fondling his now tightening testicles and raised my hand skyward before bringing it down in contact with his bare butt with a loud slap as the flesh on his butt rippled in resistance. Time and again I repeatedly slapped his butt causing him to scream in pain as I alternated butt cheeks despite him trying to shield his reddening bruised flesh. Mark cried out “ stop please stop, I promise not to hurt you again “, his cries for mercy fell on deaf ears as I ignored his pleas for mercy but carried on shamelessly enjoying the pain I was inflicting in retribution and in search of total submission from this poor excuse for a man.

Having inflicted what I can only describe as six of the very best slaps my body could muster and somewhat satisfied I told Mark to face me and stand upright before I proceeded to undress him very slowly running my hands over his taught chest, pinching and biting his erect nipples and admiring his bulging biceps and rippling 6 pack as I slowly ran my tongue gently down over his stomach and breathed in the heady aroma of manly excitement emanating from his genitalia and my mouth eagerly took his rigid penis deep inside it's velvet confines inducing gasps of pleasure. Now standing completely naked for my weary eyes only and under my control I told him to lie down on his back on the pink fluffy bathroom carpet. Still not being totally submissive Mark reluctantly did as I told him but only after I insisted he did as he was told or the consequences could be dire for his family. As he lay there wondering no doubt what was next I undid the hem of my skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor pushing down my underskirt as it went. He couldn't take his eyes off my Ivory folds of flesh as I stripped slowly and erotically taking off my bra allowing my big saggy breasts and stiff brown nipples to swing free just out of reach of his outstretched trembling hands. Mark lay there looking up at the creases and folds of my obese body, unable to touch my ample parts but enjoying his first glimpse of a mature woman in all her glory whilst stroking the length of his now rigid penis and tight testicles as he waited in anticipation of me removing my soaking wet panties but his punishment was far from over and the pleasure at least for now would be all mine. Stepping over his torso but with great difficulty I positioned myself facing his feet and bending my knees to a kneeling position lowered my big panty covered butt over his face making sure his arms were secured at his side by my legs despite him struggling unsuccessfully to escape forcing me to exclaim “ why sniff dry dirty stained panties when you can have fresh, sweaty and cum filled panties instead? “. Mark let out a muffled groan as I got comfortable with his nose pressing against my panty covered wrinkly old butthole and his mouth pressed against the wet material covering my swollen meaty vaginal lips. It felt so dirty but so wonderful as I let out the occasional burst of anal gas and rubbed my wet aching vagina against his mouth whilst he gasped and groaned forcing his hips skyward as his erect penis throbbed and twitched on his belly with a glint of pre-cum oozing from the eye. Occasionally I could hear him licking and sucking loudly on the material sodden gusset, swallowing greedily the hot sticky vaginal juices squirting from deep within

The power became nearly as much a turn on as having his nose and mouth sniffing my undercarriage but I wanted still more as by the look of his pulsating penis he was getting more pleasure than I was. Lifting my overbearing butt above his face I pulled my gusset to one side then with him struggling lowered it back down but this time with his mouth on my wrinkly old butthole demanding that he should lick it or else. Reluctantly at first he had an initial taste but to my joy his velvet tongue was soon lapping away at the puckered hole relishing the flavours and mopping up the stray vaginal juices that had flowed copiously down the crease of my butt. I have to be honest at this point but I was getting so incredibly hot and I thought my overworked vagina was going to explode especially when I shuffled my butt backward and his velvety tongue slid amongst the folds of my inner labia before a gush of vaginal juice flooded out all over his face and chest. His tongue was driving me wild as my hips bucked and ground wildly as he sucked and gently chewed on my over excited clitoris releasing vocal outbursts of “ screw me you randy bugger, screw me, screw me ooooooohhhhhhh aaaaaarrrrgggghhh “ as orgasm after delicious orgasm rippled through my body. Totally drained I fell forward across his twitching torso and raised my butt off his weary mouth allowing him the opportunity to lick his lips for the last few droplets of vaginal secretions.

Suddenly I was disturbed by the movement of Mark trying to get me off him by rolling me over onto the floor, which I rebuffed as I hadn't finished yet and taking his flaccid penis into my warm mouth I proceeded to suck gently on the head and ran my tongue up and down it's growing length much to his delight. Mmmmmmm it tasted so good, salty but succulent. I wrapped my hand around it's girth and started to tug back and forth making his hips shake violently as I continued to suck harder and harder making him wince with a mixture of pleasure and pain. I don't yet understand how I managed to punish him without touching his penis at all but I am glad I resisted the temptation and saved the best till last. Mark's breathing was getting out of hand as was his groans of pleasure, so I had to do something to slow him down a little and prevent premature ejaculation. As I was still weighing him down with my body I inserted my index finger in my mouth before slipping it under his tight testicals then pushed it deep inside his tight butthole despite it's resistance and his wasted objections. Having embedded my finger in his butthole I inched forward and lowered my gaping vagina down on his throbbing erect penis which sunk in testicals deep in one thrust. I felt his hands grasp my ivory coloured saggy breasts and squealed as he pinched and twisted my erect nipples in time to my pumping up and down on his throbbing pulsating penis and thrusting finger in his butt. My clitoris was on fire, I couldn't take much more of his penis pumping my squelching vaginal passage then suddenly Mark groaned and his hips banged violently against my splayed vaginal lips as streams of salty cum filled my vaginal crevice sending my clitoris into spasms of joy and ecstasy cascading jets of hot sticky vaginal juice all over his testicles.

Totally drained I rolled off Mark onto the floor and we lay there for what seemed like an eternity, neither one of wanting to speak first but just soak up the pleasure still rumbling through our bodies. It was getting late and I was starting to feel the cold so getting to my feet gingerly I threw Mark a bath towel and told him to take a shower in order to remove any evidence and defuse suspicion as I had a clean cut reputation to maintain. His penis remained stiff even after the punishment and the pleasure he had endured but I was tired and worn out as it had been a long day. I put my pink fluffy house coat on and left him to clean up whilst I made us both a warming drink downstairs in the kitchen. His drink was nearly cold when finally he appeared in the kitchen, he either had a very long shower or jacked himself off before the shower but either way his punishment was sweet and sexually rewarding.

Mark made his excuses, then put on his winter coat before asking “ am I forgiven now and can we draw a line under this sorry affair? “ to which with a rye smile on her face I retorted “ Same time next week? “.

Mark didn't reply but said goodbye and exited through the front door closing it firmly behind him, leaving Wendy to relive the whole experience in the hope of a repeat performance who knows when and where.


About the author

Emily Spankfirst

Born into a world of swinging on a grand scale back in the nineteen fifties I developed an over active mind for all things erotic and started out on a quest to share some inspiration with my fellow human beings through my tales of lust.

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