The Rookie

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... and his beautiful body

The Rookie

As I strut down the long hallway of the hotel, I imagined his face when he would see me in my attire: three inch heels; tight, black, short skirt; red lips; and black eyeliner. I smirked to myself, thinking of hands pulling me into the room and hoisting my legs around his waist; skirt riding up around my ass. I started to feel warm and excited the closer I clicked towards the room in my high heels and reminisced of the last time I saw him:

I had come out of my catnap as he emerged from the shower with a white hotel towel around his waist, chiseled back and chest fully exposed.

Well aren’t you comfortable?

He sat down at the computer desk, trying to get the internet working.

“It feels so good to shower,” he commented.

“Yeah, I need my turn,” I replied, indicating my ratchet hair. “You said I can borrow some clothes?”

“Yeah.” He had gotten up to pull open the top drawer. Boxer briefs had lain folded next to each other as if to say, “Ta Da!”

“Ummm… do you have any shirts?” I asked.

As I had showered off the smell of lake water, I briefly fantasized about my date joining me in the tub.

Well that’s not realistic; he JUST showered. 😏

A P.E. uniform had awaited me on the bathroom counter after I had finished cleaning off. I had dawned the over-sized t-shirt and shorts to come out of the bathroom and find him in nothing but boxer briefs.

“I actually feel like I’m back in school with a P.E. uniform,” I said dryly.

“So… I basically just made you my student,” he said. All I could do was look away and shake my head as a smile had broken out across his face.


We had gone down a YouTube black hole for a while before I decided it was time to crash. I had cuddled up to the pillows and lain on my side, facing the outside of the bed, ready to fall asleep. He had climbed onto the mattress and straddled his arms on either side of me.

“Can I get a kiss?” he asked.

Oh… I’ve been wondering all day if you were interested or not

I turned my head and sleepily pecked him on the mouth… but that hadn’t been enough. He continued kissing me as I had rolled onto my back and encircled him with my legs. Pillows were tossed off the bed as our tongues teased each other. He had peeled off my panties and the sports shorts he let me borrow, while I stripped off the large t-shirt. Licking his fingers, he had slipped them inside of me and began moving them quickly. He placed his other hand lightly around my throat and squeezed gently. My eyes rolled up as my back arched. He worked me for some time before raising his hips towards my face. I grasped his penis in my hand and wrapped my mouth around the head of it.

How does he actually taste good?!

It didn’t take long before he pulled himself out of my mouth to slip a condom on. He grabbed my hips to pull me further down the bed, and slipped inside me.

The memory had me smiling as I approached the door. I saw that the security lock was holding the door open. He was expecting me, but I didn’t think he would leave the door open.

That could only mean one thing.

Pushing the door open, light music played around the corner. I placed the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside handle, closed the door, and bolted the security lock. Upon rounding the corner, there he was, as I expected; lying on the bed, naked in all his fabulous body glory. His hands were tucked behind his head, exposing five inch biceps. Chest rising and falling. One muscled leg was bent lazily with the other fully extended. His eyes were closed and did not open as I set my things down at the desk.

Glorious looking butthead. You were supposed to meet me at the door and tear my clothes off.

I couldn’t be mad, he intentionally made himself so inviting. I sat down next to him on the bed and began caressing his soft skin. He breathed in deeply and turned his head to the side, enjoying the sensation of my hands gliding along his chiseled body. His eyes still didn’t open.

Dammit Rookie! I didn’t do my hair, makeup, and strut around in high heels all day for my co-workers! Open your eyes! For all you know, I could be one of the cleaning ladies!

My fingers had only roamed his muscles when I started; biceps, abs, quads… but I wanted his eyes open. I kicked off my heels and crawled onto the bed, hands and knees. I lightly began tracing his dick with my index finger. This time he breathed in deep again and let out a sigh, burrowing his head underneath his pillow.


I tied my long hair up into a bun, then wrapped my hand around his shaft and slowly began pumping. With my other hand I massaged his balls. The head of his penis began to bulge, so I leaned over and slowly ran my tongue along his tip. He let out a sound of pleasure and tightened his stomach.

Oh my God, those muscles!

I wrapped my lips around his head to deep throat him, while I roamed my hands along his defined abs.

I can’t get enough of this body!

I used his dick like a sucker while I traced every crevice of his body with my hungry hands. I heard his pleasure and looked up to see his head lifting off the bed, eyes still closed. I gathered his tip in my mouth and massaged with my tongue. He dropped his head back down with a sigh and his legs closed around me as his hands bunched the sheets into fists.

What a waste of an outfit.

I stripped down to my panties, then lowered myself to his ball sack to straddle it between my breasts. I continued pumping him in and out of my mouth as I pressed my chest against his balls and explored his body with my hands. Finally… FINALLY he opened his eyes and smiled at me.

“Get on top,” he said.

I crawled on top of him and he stripped me of my black, lace panties. He slid his fingers inside of me and rubbed my juices around my clit and outside of my vagina, then he pushed himself inside of me and my body shivered to take him in. He kept me on top of him for a minute before he rolled me over onto my back. He took both my ankles and placed them on his shoulders, then sunk himself deep into me and lowered his body so that my legs were over my head and our foreheads touched. We breathed each other in as we kissed and danced our tongues in and out of the other’s mouth. My hands clenched his butt as he penetrated me deep. The view of his abs as he humped me was even more of a turn on.

This may be one of the only times I wish for mirrors on the ceiling. To see all sides of him riding me would be glorious!

He had begun slow and deep, then rose himself out of me so only his tip dipped inside of me. He started thrusting hard and fast, still with my legs over my head. I let out a moan. It hurt so good as he penetrated even deeper and faster. My fingers dug into his perfect ass and my toes curled.

Then he brought my legs back down and in the same movement, turned me over onto my stomach. He licked his fingers again and rubbed them along my vulva.

“Oh my God, your pussy,” he breathed.

“What about it?” I asked.

“Your lips,” was all he answered. I didn’t have the chance to get him to elaborate before he thrust himself into me, doggy style. He leaned forward, so that his lips were next to my ear as he humped me.

“You feel so good,” he breathed. I could only moan in response while he glided in and out of me. My fingers dug into the covers while my body shivered with orgasms, and noises that came out of my mouth were probably too loud. Seconds later, I heard him exhale as he pulled himself out of me and felt his cum on my back. I panted as he ran to get a towel and throw it over my body.

“You came all over my dick,” he commented.

“Oh, sorry,” I said, a little self-conscious.

“No, it’s a good thing,” he stated.

After he finished cleaning me off, he began massaging me.

Seriously?! I get to climax AND receive a massage?!😍

My body was already relaxed and satisfied after sex, but the massage made me feel like a glutton for pleasure. The smile on my face stayed in place even after his hands were no longer on me. He laid down next to me with his eyes closed again. MY eyes roamed his body; the five o’clock shadow on his face, the bulging biceps, defined abs. I heard him giggle and my eyes went back to his face.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re looking at me like I’m a snack,” he said with a smile.

That’s because you ARE.

“Oh… sorry,” I replied sheepishly.

So NOT sorry.

Xena Warrior
Xena Warrior
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