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The Pendulum

Karen finds herself fascinated by an unusual flea market find.

By Rhea CorvosPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Karen's eyes fluttered open. Morning light slanted through her bedroom window as a bird sang somewhere close by. She wondered why she was sitting. Had she fallen asleep this way last night? How weird.

Yesterday had been fun, she thought. It had been nice to flirt with the cute college girl at the flea market. What was her name? Barb? Beth? She'd had amazing legs, and the rest of her wasn't bad either. Karen had gotten a little bit of a bad girl vibe off her, but she was just selling these little artisanally made clocks. Who knew there were still clockmakers around?

The piece that the girl had sold her hung on the wall, its pendulum swinging rhythmically. It was a glossy black art object, almost impossible to use because it had no numbers. Karen frowned. Never mind the numbers. It didn't even have hands! What an odd little gadget. Why had she bought it? And was that a flash of green on the pendulum?

Something about the clock stirred a memory of the flea market girl. Showing her how to wind it, how to watch it, how to look very carefully to make sure it was working right. You had to watch the pendulum, Becky said. Yes, that was her name. Becky. It was a pretty name that stuck in Karen's mind now. Becky. Becky. Becky said to watch the pendulum. She told Karen how important it was to watch, and Karen knew that she was right. You had to make sure it was working. Anyway, it felt good just to rest her eyes on the green flash, and to listen to Becky's soothing voice. Becky had instructions for her—instructions about the clock. Karen had to watch the clock every night, starting as soon as she got home. Becky knew what Karen had to do to care for the clock. It started with Karen watching the clock very carefully, keeping her eyes fixed on the pendulum as it swung back and forth. Karen remembered how good it felt to watch the pendulum, just as she was watching now. She felt sleepy and serene, just as she did now. Her pussy throbbed with desire, just as it did now, as Becky's words poured through her empty mind. It was easy to listen to Becky. To obey Becky. To sleep for Becky.

Even now, slumping on her bed again, Karen felt her eyelids become heavy and her thoughts grow slow. At the same time, she felt her fingers move between her legs just the way she liked. The pleasure of her heaviness, of sleeping for Becky, of being obedient, made her sigh and gasp. Even as her mind succumbed to the swinging pendulum, her orgasm erupted through her body, just as it had done again and again all night long. Karen hadn't even had time to wonder why she was naked, why her fingers were buried so deep in her cunt. She was asleep again, deep in a trance that pulled her down into the oblivious depths of obedience to Becky.

Karen would wait now, but not for long. Her early resistance had worn away like a rock in a river and her mind was placid and content in her ability to obey. Soon she would wake, and then come, and then sleep. Wake, come, sleep. Wake, come, sleep. After not too much longer, when her mind was putty and her thoughts completely gone, she would hear the doorbell ring three times. Then, she would rise, answer, and obey.

The clock ticked exactly one hundred times. Karen's eyes fluttered, opened, and landed on the pendulum.


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