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My Roommate's Hypnotic Lesson

I'd always found Rita attractive, so why was I feeling so... sleepy?

By Rhea CorvosPublished 5 years ago 8 min read

My day had been long—too long. I'd spent 10 hours on my feet at the diner, then another three in Advanced Geometry 701. Who knew grad school would be so much work? After slogging home through the rain, I was just about ready to throw down my bag and collapse. I dropped my raincoat on a chair, flopped onto our overstuffed green couch, and unhooked my bra. A wiggle here, a shimmy there, and I was finally, gloriously free of its constraints. This was the best part of my day. I can't walk around without a bra because my boobs are just too big and my nipples stick out like lighthouses whenever the temperature drops a degree—or when a cute girl walks in. But being bra-less was the next best thing to walking around naked.

And the apartment was clean! My new roommate, Rita, was just great about keeping everything tidy. She'd only been living with me for a week, but already the place looked like something out of a catalog. As scenery went, she wasn't bad either. Her long black hair had a natural shine that complimented her flashing green eyes, and I'd already noticed the way she walked. Rita liked to saunter, no doubt showing off her succulent ass. If we weren't roommates, I'd probably have hit on her, but I was pretty sure about her straightness... at the time. As I flopped onto our overstuffed green couch, she walked in, putting down her hair.

"Hey Delia," she said. "How was class?"


"That bad, huh?"

"It's just going to be an adjustment. How was yours?"

"Well, I learned something really interesting." Rita was in school for psychology. She was kind of a whiz kid—at 25, she already had a Master's and was now deciding on her Psy.D thesis. I had to admit, I was a little envious. It had taken me until I was 26 just to realize how badly I wanted to devote my life to math. Rita's ability to go after what she wanted only added to her hotness. Idly, I wondered if my interest in her would ever become a problem between us, but then I dismissed the thought. After all, Rita had mentioned boyfriends. There was no way I had a chance.

"What did you learn?" I asked.

Rita giggled. "You're going to laugh at me."

"No!" But the look on her face made me want to laugh too, and I had to resist cracking a smile. "What?"

"It's... hard to explain. I think I ought to show you. Have you ever been hypnotized before?"

I frowned. "What, like a stage trick? You can't be serious, that only works in movies."

Rita's perfectly arched eyebrows rose. "Oh, is that your assessment, Dr. Delia?"

"I'm sorry," I said, and I did mean it. "But hypnosis? That's a little unbelievable."

Rita huffed, causing her generous breasts to heave alluringly. "If you're so sure, then you ought to listen and see if you can resist."

"Right now?"

"Yes. I'm just going to talk and you can listen, but listen to every word." Her voice took on a smooth cadence, a flowing quality that was easy to enjoy. Like a good audiobook, the kind you turn on at night right before bed. "You don't have anything to be afraid of because hypnosis is fake, so you can just relax, focus, and concentrate on everything I say. You don't even need to pay attention to the exact words. You can just listen to the sound of my voice and relax, because you're in no danger of being hypnotized. There's nothing wrong with letting go after your long, difficult day. The couch is so comfortable and your body is very tired and heavy. Very tired. Very heavy. The couch is tired, my voice is sleepy and tired. You've had a very long day, so it's nice to just listen and let go of your heavy, heavy body."

Listening to Rita's voice was so pleasant that I felt myself starting to drift. I hoped she wouldn't mind. I was still focusing completely on her words, her voice, I just felt like all my limbs had been filled with sand. At the same time, I hadn't felt so content and relaxed all day. Maybe she couldn't hypnotize me, but it was nice to let go for a minute.

"Your body is too heavy to move now. You can feel it sinking down into the nice, soft, sleepy couch, but it feels so nice that you don't mind. In fact, you have no desire to move at all. You just let yourself sink into the deep, sleepy couch, feeling sleepy and tired as your eyelids start to get heavy and sleepy. That's right. Every little blink makes it harder to open them back up again. It's easier to let them stay closed for longer and longer as you get sleepier and sleepier."

Holding open my eyelids was starting to get very difficult. I sighed deeply as they closed, giving me a moment of blissful relief. I could feel myself falling deep down into a warm, comforting darkness, guided by Rita's beautiful voice. Then I fought my eyes back open. I couldn't fall asleep on her. That would be rude. But I felt so sleepy, and my thoughts were coming so slowly, and Rita was still talking softly, smoothly.

"In a minute, I'll count to three. When I reach three, your eyes will finally close and you'll fall into a deep, deep sleep. You'll have no thoughts, no worries, no cares or curiosities. You'll only want to listen to my voice and obey me. Nod if you understand."

I felt my head bob as though it were far away, attached to someone else. I had never felt so relaxed and content, but I was also so sleepy. Rita's voice felt so nice. I just wanted to listen. She had so many good things to say, so many good ideas. It felt good to just give in.

"Very good, Delia.



"Three. Sleep now."

My eyes finally closed and I felt myself fall deep down into a bottomless well of blissful sleep, free of thought and concern. Rita's voice was still there and I relaxed into it as she told me to fall deeper, to become more obedient. I was a very beautiful woman and so eager to please Rita. Rita was my Mistress. I wanted to taste her pussy, to push my fingers deep into her cunt. I wanted to please my Mistress. It was my only purpose. Listening to my Mistress's words ignited a fire in my stomach, deep where the seat of my desire burned. Obedience to my Mistress was the ultimate pleasure. There was nothing I wanted more than obedience. I seemed to fall deeper and deeper into my Mistress's words, the pleasure of listening to her voice making me moan and squirm. How I loved to obey her! Obedience was pleasure. Obedience was pleasure. Obedience...


My eyes opened, but something had happened to me. I looked at Rita and felt... funny. Turned on. Aroused by her in a way I hadn't been by anyone for a long time. It was time to turn in and masturbate furiously for a few hours before I did something... embarrassing. I cleared my throat. "Uh—I think I ought to go to bed. Thanks for the demonstration."

"You will find that you're unable to rise from the couch," Rita said. "Go ahead. Try to get up."

I tried, but I may as well have been sewn to the furniture. My look of shock must have been hilarious, because Rita giggled.

"Very good. Your subconscious mind obeyed me so well just now, and you know what obedience is. What is obedience, Delia?"

"Obedience is pleasure, Mistress." I gasped, both at my unexpected statement and at the rush of lust that overwhelmed me.

"Very good. Now Delia, I see that your nipples are very... erect. You'd like me to touch them, wouldn't you?"

I did. I so did. I needed to feel Rita's supple fingers on my buzzing, aching nipples. They were pushing through my shirt, twin nubbins of pure need, and I was desperate for her to run her thumbs over them. "Yes. Please. Please touch them."

"You'll need to convince me," Rita purred. "I'll need to feel very, very good before I give you a treat like that. You'll need to... please... your Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress." I didn't even wonder where my obedience came from anymore. I needed her. I needed to obey her. I needed to please her any way I knew how.

Rita settled herself on the couch and I reached for her, taking her hips in my hands and pulling her close. I had a tried-and-true technique for romancing a woman, but now I didn't know if I could keep myself together. I was too distracted by my slavish lust for my roommate. Kissing her deeply on the mouth, I ran my hands up under her shirt, making her moan in ecstasy. In response, my soaking wet pussy throbbed and thrilled. I kissed down her neck, feeling under her bra and releasing the clasp that held it together in front. Her breasts practically fell into my hands, pert and firm and soft all at once. I squeezed them gently, rolling her nipples between my fingers just like I so badly wanted her to do with mine. She gasped and bucked her pelvis up to meet my aching pussy, and I knew that I had to remove her leggings. To serve her. To please her. It took so little effort that I might have dreamed it. Maybe she'd been naked the whole time. Maybe her manipulation of my mind went so deep that I hadn't known until now that she was entirely nude, laid out on the couch before me with her perfect body arrayed like a spread. She parted her legs, and I saw that her delicately maintained public hair was also black. I also saw that her labia were slick with the wetness of her cunt. She was positively dripping!

My mind had become a blank. My only purpose was to serve my Mistress, obey my Mistress, please my Mistress. I plunged my face into her cunt and licked her, sucking her vulva gently before concentrating the action of my tongue on her hot little clit. She moaned harder as I sped up the pace of my exertions, causing me to shake and moan myself. Her every pleasure set off a sympathetic wave in my enslaved mind, my entire being in thrall to her needs. I tongued her with urgency, with fervor, and she screamed harder, her cries mounting. Finally, my mouth desperately working her nubbin of pleasure, I plunged my fingers into her vagina to touch her g-spot. Rita came screaming, grabbing my hair and the couch hard as the juices of her arousal covered my face. I'd never felt such joy in my life. I was pleasing my Mistress! I was giving her pleasure and being obedient! My only purpose was obedience and obedience was my pleasure.

When she finally relaxed, a smile played on her lips. The spell she'd put me under seemed about to break, and for a second, something in my mind fought, perhaps thinking that it could be free.

"Oh no you don't," Rita murmured. "Not when your nipples still need to be touched by me. Not before I get to torture you with ecstasy."

"What... have you..."

The last of my ebbing will went into the question, but I never had a chance. Rita sat and put her naked arms around my body, drinking in its every curve, its every shaking need. Then, she looked into my eyes and said the word that would both arouse and enslave me for the rest of my life. And oh, what sweet servitude it would be.


I'm a writer of erotica and a submissive lesbian hypno-fetishist. If you liked this story, check out my other work on Amazon!


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