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By LiciaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Captured By Yours Truly

It's the day after and my head is still reeling… Did I really do that? What happens now? Am I open to love, or do I just need to have a little more excitement in my life? I can’t find the answers alone but I’m not ready to call Jilly yet. I know what she would say do, jump on that man and keep riding. Yeah, she’s hilarious. I got so drunk off champagne, that I went straight from the limo to my couch. Dress, heels, make up and interestingly of all the mask still on. I take my shoes off and begrudgingly get up. My 1pm Sunday yoga alert is going off which woke me up. Where is my damn purse? Under the couch cushions... yeah that tracks. I check my messages and see Jilly sent me some drunk gifs. But one message in particular caught my eye. It said my ex wanted my new number and asked if she could give it to him. NOPE. Yesterday morning I probably would’ve jumped at the chance to hear his voice. Not today though, not after you know who has touched me. Speaking of my neighbor, I wonder if he got up just as confused as me... I wonder if he even remembers... I take a look out my window towards his house and there he was, also in his front room. Sipping something, book in hand, sitting in what I can assume his favorite chair. Maybe he felt me staring because he looked over out his window. I wanted to duck out the way but it’s something about this man that makes me so freaken brave. He smiled at me, always a good sign I guess. I smile and do a little wave. Then it hits me; I’m still in last night’s attire while staring at the man “I did” in last night’s attire. The embarrassment must have been all over my face because I swear I could hear him laughing. I put my “excuse me” finger up and rush up my stairs. I needed to talk to him but not like this. I turn the shower on and wipe away the make-up. My doorbell rings. I throw my robe on and rush back down. I open the door and instantly become speechless. Its him. There he was; t-shirt, gym shorts, and a tray with a single rose, orange juice and French toast… My favorite… I parted my lips to speak when he ran his tongue across them. He took me by the hand and led me back upstairs to my bedroom. He pulls the covers back and sits the tray down. Perhaps breakfast in bed? He starts slowly taking my robe off and kissing my bare shoulders. Walking step by step behind me, we walk through the doors of my en suite bathroom towards the sound of running water. I don’t know how this man manages to take off his clothes without me noticing but he does. He steps into my emarald overhead walk in shower, (there go those glistening water drops again ) and takes my hand once more. Everything, and I do mean everything, expressed his desire for me. I couldn’t think of what to do so I let him take control of my body. He lifted me again, only this time he held me against warm wet tile. I felt like I couldn’t breathe when he entered me. Thrusting upwards till I let out a moan to rival all moans; I was in pure ecstasy. Is this my life now? Will we just have random rendezvous filled with passionate love making? Will we ever take the time to get to know each other on a deeper level? Well mental level, because he’s pretty deep right now…He was right, I was his... How could I have made it this far without this man, is a mystery to me. I think he’s near the end but without ever pulling out, he takes a seat on the marble bench inside the shower. Sitting on top of him I gaze into those deep brown eyes, and he stares right to my soul. He begins exploring my petite but shapely breast with his tongue and nibbled ever so softly when he got to a part he liked. He stops and takes another moment to look me square in the eyes (what beautiful brown eyes) only this time, he wanted permission to continue. I started to sway my hips into his to let him know he HAS my permission, hell he has me. As I ride him, he groans, I’m pretty sure he won’t last now. But he does… Damn, he doesn’t want it to end and neither do I. He kisses me, and as if to connect fully, looks to me for permission… I knew what he wanted and I gave it to him… Wrapping his arms firmly around my back, he explodes and so do I. We sit in silence with me still on his lap and my head on his shoulders; water still running down on top of us. This couldn’t be love. Could it? Lust? Yea that’s it. Lust, right? Right? The way he held on to me, what could it mean for him? This is how a man holds you when he’s in love. We’ll talk later I suppose… For right now, I wanted to just be and I have the sneakiest of suspicions so did he…


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