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The Human Body

What Is Offensive About It?

By Phil The AnimalPublished about a year ago 3 min read


These are just some thoughts about the pure hypocrisy of the generally patriarchal world society. Men can do or dress virtually as they want, women cannot.

Men Can Get Away With

Let's face it, a man's penis is hardly a weapon, but it can be used to frighten women just by deliberately exposing it. A friend of mine told me it wasn;t the organ but what it implied. If someone thinks he is fine getting his penis out, then the probability is that he may try to attack the woman and use that tube of flesh to rape her. Then it has become weaponised.

Not only that, if a woman is raped, then the victim blaming starts, She'd had a drink, she was wearing a skirt, she was out, she's a woman.

Women are not respected or protected by society, but are expected to contribute and fit in, and do what they are told to do.

On the one hand, women are told to cover up then their bodies are used to sell products.

A woman's nipple is deemed more offensive in the media, and that includes Vocal, Facebook, Instagram and almost any social media platform that a murder weapon, or someone being harmed. A nipple is there to give milk to a baby, it is functional.

But again, if a woman feeds her baby in public they are often made to go somewhere "private" for fear of offending the public.

We have a nasty Trump follower in Britain called Nigel Farage who thought it was fine to bury his face in a woman's cleavage but then said nursing mothers should be covered up. For people like him it is all about control and women are there for use by people like him.

The Body Of A Woman

A man can walk around bare-chested so why can't a woman? Women are constantly sexualised but then get blamed for tempting poor men and boys who can't control their urges. Men and boys need to be educated that women are not chattels, they are people who deserve respect.

In the past I have had to put so many men and women right who see someone out and immediately say "She's asking for it", to which I tell them, "Unless she actually comes up to you and asks for something, she is NOT asking for it". Then we get "But she's wearing a short skirt, or showing cleavage" and I then get more forceful, and tell them that they are asking for a physical assault from me if they keep having that attitude toward women.


I have had several Facebook bans for sharing things, often already on Facebook because there was a hint of a woman's nipple in there. One of the worst was an IMDB share for the Peter Greenaway film "Drowning By Numbers" which had an image of a girl in a swimming pool. I wasn't sure what was wrong, I know the film did have a lot of nudity, but this confused me, so I zoomed in on the picture and there was a little scarlet on the girl's breast, and that got me the ban. If I had shared a picture of a mutilated body I would have been OK.

I find women's bodies beautiful but because of that, I am labelled a pervert. I see the ones who force women to cover their bodies as perverts.

Women should be respected and not have to fear being out alone, but we are in a world where women cannot trust any man that they do not know well, and even then they have to be on their guard.

While the whole world treats women as second-class and chattels, women will have to always be on their guard. I will always stand up for wons rights and protect them when I can, but for every one of me there are many who think that they can do what they like with women.

I hope this has given you some food for thought

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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydredabout a year ago

    excellent points in this awful patriarchal world

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