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by Phil The Animal about a year ago in nsfw
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Defending The Rights of Women Against The Patriarchy


Note this piece may offend people , there are lots off words and scenarios that people may deem inappropriate even in Filth.

I take off your sandal , and start to kiss your ankle on your bare leg. My tongue works it’s way up your shins and thighs , kissing and kissing and caressing …..

As you can see I am totally useless and trying to write erotica

So this is about essentially how over thousands of years women have been belittled , bullied , dominated and abused by men and the patriarchal system that has developed to keep men in charge and women controlled, also men are subject to a generally pointless concept of physical modesty.

This whole article is about things I’ve heard , read or think I’ve heard or read and also my personal opinion. Check elsewhere if you believe I am wrong and let me know , I am always open to constructive criticism.

Essentially I see clothing as a practical necessity to keep us protected from weather and with pockets to give us somewhere for wallets , keys , phones and whatever . That’s it. I have no problem with people seeing me naked although I know that people don’t want to see me naked.

The comedian Dave Allen did a great take on physical modesty and wondered who decided that genitals had to be hidden. What if they had decided that noses were the offensive part of the human body> Would we have to wear nose coverings when we went out. Ironically with Covid we are now doing this. The video is somewhere on Youtube , but I cannot find it anywhere.

The next thing is female nipples , how come men can go topless and show theirs but women are deemed as sluts should they ever show the slightest amount of bare flesh. Even breastfeeding women are berated ,. The essential reason for this is the sexualisation of women’s bodies, and the continual defence of male abuse for any reason but mainly because they are men.

Women’s breasts are primarily for feeding babies , but are also a wonderful part of erotic intercourse as well.

Women who don’t have sex are prudes but if they do are sluts. A shameful attitude. I heard a great definition , “A slut is a woman or girl who acts like a man”.

I love women who think for themselves , are happy in themselves , and where I can defend them against abusers , but many men feel they are entitled to do what they want to women , with the patriarchy behind them.

Women deserve what they want and need and if they want lots of gorgeous wonder sex, then that is fine by me.

Do you know that in films actresses were told to shave their armpits because it would cause “boys” to think of female pussies or cunts (more on that later , it is a powerful world and should not be used as a term of denigration) , again defending males. The next thing was the depilation of female genitals. I shave mine (Remember I am male) , to make me look bigger : (said he laughing , I need all the help I can get).

Female genitals are often referred to as their vagina, but that is just the sheath for the man’s “pork sword” , again enforcing the patriarchy stace of men controlling women. The word cunt is the whole of a women’s genitals , her clitoris , vagina , labia everything that makes sex wonderful for her and over the years men have turned it into a word of denigration , when it realit id is a word of female power. If you are comfortable using the word cunt for your sex you show you are comfortable with yourself.

Germaine Greer gave a great evaluation of it on Balderdash and Piffle, a BBC program on the evolution of language. I recommend a couple of retired English Teachers watch the series. This was the first program they saw. The YouTube version is below.

I believe the mind is the greatest sexual organ and there is an incredible coming together when two intelligent imaginative people meet in sexual congress, and for that I will include my “Just My Imagination” YouTube slideshow for you to enjoy, very suggestive but legal, but now an 18 restricted on.


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