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The Housewarming Gift

Or, The Train Ride Surprise

By Vanessa CachePublished 6 years ago 11 min read

Kim jumped up when the alarm went off. Excitement shot through her body as she silenced the alarm. "Time to go surprise Matt today!" Her friend, Matt, had moved to Cleveland recently and had called her to make good on his promise to have her out when he settled in. Kim took a shower and went to the closet. "Hmmmmm.....Guess I'll wear his favorite things when I get off the train!" She grabbed up the clothes and sat on her bed. First the black push up bra and matching garter belt and panties. Next, she slid her black thigh high stockings on her legs. Kim felt more and more sexy with every passing second. She slipped on a black skirt and low-cut leopard print top. She stepped into her black three-inch heels and walked over to her mirror. "I look hot," she said to herself as she looked into the mirror. She grabbed her keys and the handle of her suitcase, loaded up her car and was off to the station.

When she arrived at the train station, Kim parked her car, took out her suitcase and walked into the station. She could feel the passing glance of more than one guy as her heels clicked on the tile floor of the station. She purchased her ticket and walked to the platform. She found a bench and sat down to wait for the train. She was texting Matt to tell him she was waiting for the train when it pulled into the station. The thunderous roar of the powerful diesel locomotive was almost deafening. Kim stood up as the doors opened and got on board. She found her sleeper compartment and went in, closing the door behind her. She secured her suitcase. She walked out and took a seat in the next car. The loud horns of the train signaled it was about to leave the station. 'I hope Matt likes the surprise I packed,' Kim thought to herself as a naughty grin came across her face. She sent another text, saying she was on her way, then slipped off into a nap as the train sped down the rails.

"Now arriving at Albany!" the conductor announced over the P.A. system, startling Kim from her sleep. She sat up with a start and looked out the window. A few more passengers shuffled onto the train. One of the new passengers, a bearded man well dressed in a grey suit with a purple shirt underneath sat across the aisle from Kim.

"Pardon me, do you have the time?" he asked in a deep and gravelly voice.

"No, I do not," Kim answered without looking at him, a shortness in her tone as she spoke to him. 'Who doesn't have a watch or the time on their phone today?' she thought to herself as the train left the station, continuing on the long journey.

The view out the window grew dark as the sun began to set. 'Guess I should get some sleep,' Kim thought to herself. She got up from her seat and started towards the next car and her sleeping compartment. She reached her door and slipped in the key. As she opened the door, someone grabbed her from behind, her arms pinned to her sides and a hand tight over her mouth. The wail of the train's horn drowning out any attempt Kim made at yelling for help as she got forced in the door by her assailant, the door closing tight behind them.

Kim's hands were pulled in front of her before she was forced up against the wall of the compartment, her attacker's weight and strength pinning her tight against the wall, her mouth still covered tightly. "Have the time for me now?" her assailant said in a deep gravely voice.

'The guy in the suit!' Kim thought to herself, remembering the man in the other car. She tried uselessly to struggle away from him as he used his free hand to reach for her suitcase.

"Let's see who you are and what you have to offer," the man said to her. Kim's heart filled with fear as the man unzipped the suitcase and emptied the contents on the bed. He found her wallet and opened it. "Well, let's see here, Kim. It says here, thanks for the hundred bucks." He stuffed the money into his pocket and rummaged through her things some more. "What's this, Kim? A bit of a dirty bird, are we?" He pulled a red ball gag from the pile of items and dangled it in front of Kim's face. She tried to plead with him not to do what he was thinking, but it was too late. Before she knew it the ball gag was pulled deep into her mouth and buckled tight. With both of his hands available, he grabbed Kim's arms and pulled them together behind her back. He forced her down into a kneeling position, bent forward on the bed. "What else do we have, you kinky girl you?" he asked as he rummaged through Kim's things.

He found a few lengths of rope and quickly used one to tie Kim's hands behind her back. Her heart raced as the coils of rope were tightly secured. "What is he going to do to me?" Kim wondered as he tightly secured her ankles with another length of rope. Before long, ropes were tightly tied around Kim's knees and waist, holding her wrists tight against her back. Kim tried furiously to get her hands free or scream for help, a muffled scream being all that escaped. Her captor took her compartment key and walked towards the door, looking at his watch. "We haven't much time, I'll return shortly."

As the door closed behind him, Kim quickly resumed her attempt to get herself untied. She managed to get herself sitting up on the bed. 'I'm not getting myself untied,' she thought to herself. Kim uneasily made her way to her feet. With no other choice to find help, she began trying to hop towards the door. The train's motion made it almost impossible to hop without falling over, but her bound knees and ankles made sure walking was not an option. After a few hops, Kim lost her balance and fell to the floor. She feverishly continued her attempt at escape. During her struggling her skirt slowly rose up her legs, revealing the tops of her stockings and the garters holding them up. Muffled cries were all that could be heard as Kim tried again to scream for help.

She heard the door open behind her and tried to see who was entering. 'Is it a conductor that heard me calling for help?' she thought to herself. She quickly learned she as wrong as the deep-voiced man stood over her.

"Trying to get away, are we? That won't do." He picked Kim up and sat her on the bed. "Time to get ready," he said, pouring something into a rag. He pulled a large suitcase he brought into the room when he returned and unzipped it. He moved as quick as lightning and snapped the rag over Kim's nose and gagged mouth. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she slipped into her forced slumber. With Kim out cold, her captor lifted her feet and laid the large suitcase on the floor. He placed her feet down in the suitcase and slowly lowered her into the suitcase, folding her into the fetal position in the suitcase. He closed and zipped up the suitcase, leaving a small opening to allow air into the suitcase.

As the train slowed to a stop, he could hear the announcement, "Now stopping at Erie." A smile came across his face as he stepped off the train, wheeling Kim behind him in his suitcase. He thought to himself, "Right on time."

Kim woke from her forced slumber and began to survey her surroundings. Darkness surrounded her aside from the occasional passing lights from exit signs. 'I'm in a car? How did I get here?' she thought to herself. She tried to move, discovering her hands still securely bound together behind her back, her elbows now tied as well. She looked down to see her legs still tightly bound, the ropes cutting into her knees and ankles. More ropes were then added, cutting into her thighs, just below the tops of her stockings. Kim called out to the driver, demanding to know who they were and where they were going. The driver paid her no notice and continued driving. Agitated, Kim again demanded to know where she's being taken. The car slowed to a stop and the driver got out. Kim tried to sit up and see where the driver had gone, the seatbelts buckled at her waist, chest and legs cinched tight, holding her tight to the seat. She heard the car door open next to her head and instinctively looked up to see who opened it, being met with a strip of duct tape being pressed tightly over her lips. Two more strips insured Kim was not talking again as the door shut.

"That should keep you quiet," the driver said to Kim, his voice deep and gravely.

'The guy from the train!' Kim thought to herself. 'Why did he grab me? What does he want with me?' she thought as the car resumed its path down the highway. They drove for what Kim thought was hours, the only sound coming from the GPS unit giving directions to her captor. Kim tried to move about in the back seat to get comfortable, but the seat belts kept her held in her place with no room for movement. A few more turns and the car pulled into a garage, the door closing behind the car as the motor went silent. The door opened again and darkness came over Kim as a hood was pulled over her head.

The seat belts were unbuckled and Kim instantly tried to find her way to a sitting position. Her captor climbed into the back seat with her. Kim's heart raced as he slowly moved his hand down Kim's thigh. 'What is he going to do to me?' Kim thought to herself, each of the thoughts racing through her head worse than the one before it. Suddenly, she felt the ropes loosen around her thighs, then her knees and ankles were freed. Before she could act on her new-found bit of freedom, her captor grabbed her by the arm, pulling her from the car and helping her to her feet. Before she could fully get her bearings, Kim was forced forward and out of the garage.

Kim was walked through a door, hearing it shut behind her. Her hood was removed to show a dark room with a single bright light shining down on a wooden contraption in the middle of it. The room was silent, the clicking of Kim's heels being the only sound as she was lead towards her captor's devious invention. She tried to get free from his iron grasp on her arm to no avail. He positioned his captive behind his creation, knelt behind her and spread her legs, securing an ankle to each side of the device, coils of rope holding them in place. He stood up and grabbed Kim at the waist, bending her forward and using more rope to tightly tie her down to the table of his evil structure. "Now for the fun," he told her.

Kim looked up as he vanished into the shadows. She heard nothing to give away his location until she suddenly felt something on the inside of her knee, making her body tense up. She tried to see what her captor was up to behind her, but the ropes held her tight, not allowing for any movement. Her protests muffled by the tape over her mouth. He took one of the toys in his hands and again, grazed Kim's leg with it, this time in the middle of her inner thigh. Again, she jumped as it caressed her thigh, sliding over the top of her stocking and on her exposed skin.

He reached over and took hold of her skirt, pulling it up and exposing her garters and panties. Kim shrieked through the tape over her mouth, trying uselessly to tell him not to do that. Another shriek as she feels the stings of his cat-o-nine tails across her backside. He continues his punishment, one stroke after the next striking with precision on each of her cheeks. Kim felt something sharp slide up her hips, first on one side, then the other. With a tug, her captor slipped off her panties and dangled the cut material in front of her face, taunting her with them before draping them over her face. He resumed his torment of her backside, each swing of his devious whip across her cheeks stinging and reddening them more. Kim tried getting herself off of his contraption, but the ropes securing her to it kept her from getting herself away from his torment.

She was pleading with her captor through her gag to end the punishment. With an evil grin, he stopped his assault with the cat-o-nine tails. Kim's body froze when she felt him slip a paddle slowly across her backside. She whimpered as she heard and felt the crack of the paddle. Swing after swing stinging more than the last. When he thinks Kim can take no more, he sets down his tools of torment, walks over to the doorway and turns on the lights, revealing a room full of devices and contraptions for Kim to be tied to and teased or tormented with to her. She could still not see the identity of her captor until he walked in front of her, cleared his throat, bent down until he was nose-to-nose with Kim, bringing relief to her as she saw who it was, and said to her, "Welcome to my house. Ready to be my housewarming gift?"


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