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Out in the Parking Lot

Or, Self Bondage Trouble

By Vanessa CachePublished 6 years ago 7 min read

Vanessa awoke with a sense of excitement about her. "Today is the day!" she says as she hops out of bed. Today is the day Vanessa is going to tie herself up in her car. She has been waiting for this day for the better part of a week. She gets the computer and logs into her e-mail. There is an e-mail from Kim.

"Just wanted to check in and make sure we are still on for later this morning. You have my number if you need me.

Your safety buddy,


Kim was Vanessa's best friend, and one of the many that knew that she enjoyed escaping her male confines from time to time to live life as Vanessa. She was more than willing to volunteer as Vanessa's safety contact, if Vanessa ties herself too well.

Vanessa goes to the closet and digs around for what to wear. She pulls out a black dress with pink polka dots and a matching pink sweater to go over it. Perfect. She visits the dresser to collect a pair of panties and her suntan pantyhose and dashes off to the bathroom to take a shower. Fresh and clean, she slips on her clothes and begins Kim's only addition for today, makeup. Vanessa tried to remember all the pointers Kim had given her. Being her first time to apply makeup, she was nervous that it would not end well. Makeup applied, next was the wig she has purchased from the party store. The long dark locks of hair swept across the back of Vanessa's neck and rolled down her shoulders. She felt so ready for the day! She went to the hallway, slipped off her slippers, and slipped into her black 3" heels. Feeling the pantyhose hugging her legs as she walked sent shivers of excitement through her body. She went to the closet and gathered together all the things she would need for the day: a blanket, 4 lengths of rope, and a roll of duct tape. A quick stop at the dresser to get a pair of panties, and she is all set. She puts the rope, tape, and panties in a bag and sits back down in front of the computer and e-mails Kim.

"Got everything together, heading to the spot now. Text you if I need help!


Vanessa grabs up the bag and blanket and heads out the door. She opens the sliding door to her van, the seats removed last night, and spreads the blanket out across the floor. She slides the door shut and gets behind the wheel. With a deep breath, she starts the motor and drives to the planned place. The park and ride by the bridge. She arrives a short while later, backs into a parking space and puts the van in park. She scans the parking area and sees a few people coming and going into various carpools. She keeps the motor running, listening to the radio a few minutes. The carpools drive off down the road. Content that she can slip into the back unnoticed, Vanessa turns off the motor and climbs into the back. She sits in the back, laying out everything she needs and gets herself ready for what she is about to do.

"Why am I doing this?" She asks herself. "I could just tie myself up at home, where I WON'T risk being discovered by the police!" Vanessa grabs her phone and opens a text message addressed to Kim. She ponders telling her plans changed and she is going home to tie herself.....

"I'm here. Starting to tie myself now. V"

A few seconds later, Vanessa's phone chimes and vibrates.

"OK. Text if you need me. Good luck! Kim"

Committed to her plans. Vanessa goes to work. She picks up the coiled rope marked "1." "How smart of me to number the ropes so I tie myself just right!" She takes the rope, looping it tightly around her legs, just below the knees, and ties it off tight. Rope number two finds its way tightly around Vanessa's crossed ankles. She takes the third rope, ties a slip knot on one end for later, and ties the other end off to her ankles. She takes the ends of the last rope and ties them together, creating a big loop. She folds the loops down until there is just enough room for her to fit her wrists through and sets it aside. Time to silence herself. She takes the panties and starts stuffing them into her mouth. Once she has them stuffed in, she takes the tape and starts to wrap tightly. One, two, three, four wraps and she tears it off and smooths it off.

Fear shoots through her body as she looks up and sees a police car pulling into the lot. Vanessa is frozen with fear as the patrol car begins a loop around the lot. She is certain she will be, and with her legs tied up and mouth gagged, she can't very well hop into the driver's seat and take off. The patrol car finishes its loop and continues down the road.

Relieved, Vanessa picks up where she left off. She picks up her phone and opens a new text addressed to Kim. She inserts a pre-loaded message:

"Help! I can't get untied! Come rescue me!"

Content her safety checks are in place, Vanessa slips her left wrist into the coils of rope, runs the coils through the slip knot attached to her ankles before slipping in her right wrist. With a quick but gentle tug, she feels the slip knot tighten around the coils of rope holding her wrists. It's too late to turn back now. She is hog tied, in her van in a parking lot. Reality of her situation overcomes her and she becomes electrified with excitement. She's tied up, gagged and helpless, in a parking lot.

She begins to playfully struggle against her ropes. Vanessa is beginning to enjoy her situation when she hears a car pull in. Not wanting to draw attention to a rocking van, she pauses her struggling. The car pulls into the parking space next to her. Terrified, Vanessa watches as the passenger gets out and makes her way to her own vehicle, and both cars leave down the road. Vanessa decides she has played around enough and decides to untie herself.

Vanessa tries to loosen the slip knot clinching her wrists together, but the more she tries to loosen the slip knot, the tighter it gets. She tries to get to the knot holding her tightly hog tied. Just out of reach. Vanessa begins to panic as she realizes she can't reach the knots holding her tight, and the slip knot is not being forgiving. Vanessa realizes she has no choice but to send the text to Kim, requesting her rescue. After some struggling and maneuvering, she makes her way to her cell. She tries to send the text.......nothing. She tosses the phone over her to see the screen and the phone's dead. Vanessa thinks to herself "Idiot! How did you forget to charge the phone!"

Panic again floods through Vanessa as she realizes she is helplessly tied up, gagged, and her phone is dead! Terrified, Vanessa begins to struggle furiously against the ropes holding her tight. No use. Vanessa is not going anywhere. She hears another car entering the lot. Desperate, Vanessa begins calling out for help. "Mmmmmmmmph!!" is all she can hear escape her lips. A second motor starts and both disappear. Vanessa continues trying to escape her bonds. A short while later another car enters the lot. As the motor stops, Vanessa again tries calling for help. Her muffled cries, silenced by the hypnotic click of heels on the pavement. The sliding door behind Vanessa opens. Vanessa tries to roll herself over to see who is opening her door.

"I had a feeling I better come check on you when I didn't hear from you."

It was Kim! Vanessa's overjoyed at the sight of her friend climbing into the van. Kim shut the door behind her and sat down. "Well, Vanessa, get yourself untied! I didn't come all the way to not see a show!" Relieved that it was Kim that found her, Vanessa joyfully took to trying to untie herself for Kim. Content that Vanessa was not going anywhere on her own, she took to untying her. She released Vanessa from the tight hog tie she put herself in. Before she continued untying Vanessa, Kim grabbed Vanessa's bound wrists and lifted them towards the ceiling, forcing Vanessa on her stomach, and forcing her ass into the air. Kim took the opportunity to give Vanessa a few quick, sharp, cracks on her ass. "That's for not charging your phone!" Content that Vanessa has had enough for one day, Kim continues to untie her friend. Once her hands are free, Vanessa gives Kim a big hug before removing her gag. "Have you had enough excitement for one day?" Kim asks. Vanessa agrees, they hug again and Kim gets out. They two women part ways until the next time Kim needs to come to Vanessa's rescue.


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