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Captured at Home

Or, the Lunch Date Challenge!

By Vanessa CachePublished 6 years ago 11 min read

Vanessa awoke with a start. The ringing phone stirred her from her sleep. She fumbled for it and answered. It was Julia. "Good morning, Vanessa! Are you busy today?" asked Julia.

"Not at all," replied Vanessa.

"Good, I'll be over in a bit! Be ready!" Vanessa hung up the phone, stretched with a yawn and said to herself, "I guess I better get ready." She climbed out of bed, gathered her clothes to wear and headed off to the shower.

Washed and cleaned, Vanessa began getting dressed. First her red satin bra and matching panties. They are her favorite and she wears them often. Next were the pantyhose, dark suntan, followed by a crimson red blouse. She slipped into her new black skirt and zippered it up. Vanessa inspected herself in the mirror. "The skirt is perfect!" she says to herself. It falls just short of the knees and shows off just enough thigh to make them look enticing. She walks up to the mirror and begins putting on her makeup. "I'll try the new red lipstick I bought the other day." she thinks to herself. The dark red lips Vanessa sees in the mirror match her blouse perfectly. A little eyeshadow and she are all set. She puts on her long, red-haired wig and sets it into place. "Perfect!" she exclaims in the mirror.

Vanessa walks into the hallway and starts to slip into her favorite black three-inch heels when she hears a rustling. She thinks nothing of it, telling herself it is probably the cat. As she stands up, she is suddenly grabbed from behind. An arm wraps around her, pinning her arms to her sides. Vanessa tries to scream, but a rag placed over her mouth and nose makes her light-headed. She struggles vigorously to get away, but the damp rag overpowers her and she slips into unconsciousness.

Vanessa awakens on the floor. She attempts to move but quickly realizes she's tied up. Her arms pinned behind her, as are her legs, tied tightly together and folded up behind her, joined to her wrists. She attempts to call out for help, but a muffled whimper is all that escapes the panties stuffed into her mouth, sealed in by layers of tape. Vanessa tries to orient herself, seeing she is in her living room. "At least I wasn't taken anywhere!" she thinks to herself. She pauses to listen. Silence. "They must have taken what they wanted and left me tied up," she thinks to herself. Vanessa tries to get herself untied when she notices a shadowy figure approaching her. Whoever knocked her out and tied her up was still there! They approached her and turned her towards a mirror. Vanessa could see the full extent of their handiwork. Her arms tightly pinned together at the wrists and elbows. Her legs lashed together at the knees, thighs, and ankles. Her ankles tied to her wrists, the knots just out of reach of her fingertips.

The shadowy figure knelt next to Vanessa and put a phone in front of her. It was Vanessa's cell phone with a text message loaded, addressed to her best friend Kim. "Come over if you can, We'll do something fun!" Vanessa struggled wildly to get the phone away from her captor to no avail. The shadowy figure pinned Vanessa to the floor and stuck the phone in her face and let her watch as the text gets sent. A few seconds later a reply arrived. "I'll be over in a few minutes! Kim" Vanessa again struggled wildly, screaming into her gag. She had no idea what was in store for her, or for Kim.

As Kim entered the house, the room was dark, except for a bright light shining down on Vanessa, still tightly hog tied on the floor. "A little dramatic, don't ya think?" Kim asked with a chuckle. "Ok, let me get you untied so we can do our something fun!" Vanessa shook her head wildly, trying to warn Kim that she was not playing around. It was too late. The shadowy figure appeared behind Kim, who quickly met the same fate as Vanessa and was laid down on the floor, sound asleep.

Kim awoke to find Vanessa, still tightly hog-tied and gagged. She quickly realized she, too, is in a similar situation, finding her hands tied together, over her head to a post in the room. Kim tried to move but resistance from the ropes securing her to the post made it impossible. Kim looked down to see coils of rope cutting into her jeans at the ankles, knees, and thighs. Her waist and above and below her breasts were also tightly tied to the post. She tried to call for help, being muffled by the scarf tied tightly between her teeth. Kim's breathing quickened, being restricted by the ropes tied around her chest. Vanessa was also struggling furiously to get free to no avail. They were both helpless and at the mercy of this shadowy figure.

They both froze with fear as they heard someone entering the room. The clicking of heels on the tile floor the only sound made. It was their captor. "So, are we having fun?" Kim and Vanessa both went limp in their ropes with relief. Their captor was their friend, Julia. "I must admit, I outdid myself this time!" Julia exclaimed. Julia walks over to the light switch and with a flip, illuminated the room. Kim and Vanessa could finally get a look at the one who tied them, and they got an eyeful! Julia was wearing an emerald-green mini dress, that barely covered the top of her black pantyhose. The matching heels clicking on the floor as she approached her captives. "I must admit, I didn't act alone. Jim, come in please!"

At Julia's command, her boyfriend Jim entered the room. His enjoyment in helping Julia with her plan was clear. "Jim was the one that did all the tying, I just, shall we say, directed him in doing it," Julia explained. "I also did the gagging on you both." Jim looked over his work, first Vanessa, then he approached Kim. He gazed at Kim like a sculptor looking at his masterpiece.

"She needs more rope!" Jim exclaimed. He no more said the words, than he took to work. adding tight coils around Kim's hips, further securing her to the post. Kim tried to struggle but could move nothing more than her arms. "That won't do...." Jim said and quickly took to tying Kim's elbows to the post, tying between each elbow and its side of the post. Kim was not able to move at all. "Much better," Jim said.

"So here's the deal." Julia said, "You two manage to get untied. Whether you each untie yourself, or one of you gets free and unties the other, it doesn't matter. You get untied, and lunch is on me!"

Julia, content in the fact that she is not buying lunch, turns to Jim, who looks at her with a gleam in his eye. Jim says to Julia, "I have a better idea..."

Before she can react, Jim pounces, grabbing Julia's hands behind her back and tying them tight together. Julia tries to protest but is quickly met with a pair of Vanessa's panties stuffed into her mouth, Jim's hand holds them in until his hand is replaced with multiple wraps of tape, ensuring Julia will protest no more. Jim continues about his work, first tying Julia's elbows together tightly, then wrapping coils of rope around her chest and arms, each wrap of rope squeezing her ample breasts together from above and below. He runs a rope over her left shoulder, threading it around the ropes under her breasts and pulls it tight, pulling her breasts even tighter before running the rope up over her right shoulder, securing it to her elbows. Jim leads Julia to the post holding Kim fast and backs her up against it. He wraps the rope around Kim and Julia's waists, repeating the process at Julia's hips, thighs, knees, and ankles, securing Julia to the post and further securing Kim as well. More rope is added around Julia's chest and the post, adding more ropes to an already secure Kim.

Jim walks about the room, looking over his work. He grabs Vanessa and slides her to where both Kim and Julia can see their helplessly hog tied friend. "New deal," says Jim, "if you beautiful, helpless women free yourselves, lunch is on me!" He laughs to himself as collects his jacket and sunglasses. He fishes his keys out of his pocket. "See you in a bit!" he says as he walks out the door. He pops back in and flips the light switch, saturating the room in darkness. "Can't make it too easy for you, can I?" He laughs heartily as the door closes behind him.

Left in the surrounding darkness, the three helpless women try to struggle against their ropes. Faint mumbling through their gags is the only sound heard as they try to communicate with each other. Vanessa struggles against her ropes, rolling from side to side as she tries to escape her ropes. Julia can only whimper into her gag, the ropes wrapped around her making it impossible to move. Kim tugs and pulls on the ropes holding her wrists over her head. She manages a little slack and slips her wrists free, only to discover Jim had tied them together before he tied them to the post. Kim tried to tell Julia and Vanessa she had freed her wrists, but muffled excitement is all that could be heard.

Masterfully, Kim works the ropes around her elbows up her forearms, reaching the knots and untying them, allowing her to bring her still-bound wrists down in front of her. Feeling that the knots on her wrists were out of reach, Kim took to finding the knots holding her tight to the post. After a lot of feeling around and fumbling with the knots, Kim was free. Her ankles and wrists were the only things still held fast by Jim's ropes. Julia, realizing she was also freed from the post tried to get herself untied as well. The ropes still holding her legs at the knees and ankles cause her to lose her balance, and she falls to the floor with a thud.

Kim unties her ankles and feels around to remove the scarf keeping her silent. Once off, she uses her teeth to undo the last knots holding her wrists together. Kim calls out to Julia and Vanessa, "Yell so I can find you!" Julia and Vanessa yell loudly into their gags as they continue to struggle. Kim follows the trail of "Mmmmmph"s to one of her helplessly bound friends. Kim feels her chest and discovers it is Vanessa. Kim takes to freeing Vanessa from her tight hog-tie. Vanessa's sound of relief through her gag relays her appreciation. Kim takes to the knots holding Vanessa captive, freeing her from her ropes in a few moments. Kim finds the end of the tape keeping her friend quiet and rips it off, Vanessa spitting out her panties as soon as the tape releases its grip. "Thank you so much!" Vanessa exclaims as she and Kim share a hug, both happily freed.

Vanessa feels her way across the room and flips the lights on. Kim walks over to Julia and stands over her. "Should we untie her?" Kim asks. Vanessa joins Kim standing over Julia, kneeling down next to her.

"No, let's leave her for Jim!" Kim nods in agreement. "Let's get her to the bench!" Vanessa orders. Kim grabs Julia by the ankles, while Vanessa grabs her under her arms. Together they carry Julia over to the bench and lay her on it on her side. "First, let's make it irresistible to Jim!" Vanessa declares as she grabs Julia's dress and pulls her large, firm breasts out of her dress. Julia tries to protest, her gag keeping her protests muffled. Kim and Vanessa each grab some rope. They roll Julia on to her stomach, her exposed breasts pressed against the wooden bench. Vanessa takes to tying Julia's waist to the bench as Kim ties her knees. They grab more rope, Kim tying Julia's thighs to the bench while Vanessa ties her hips to the bench. Kim grabs Julia's ankles and folds them up behind her, touching Julia's heels to her backside and holds them while Vanessa secures Julia's ankles to her elbows. The pair stands up to admire their work. Julia tries to move and get free to no avail.

Kim and Vanessa leave a note for Jim, telling him to enjoy his woman. They left it near Julia's bound and helpless body, grabbed their sunglasses, and went out to lunch.


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