The First Time!

by Kai Storm 8 months ago in fiction

Deep stroke time!

The First Time!

Yes, people, it is again story time and I've got another hot one for you. Just like my previous blog called His Slut in Public, this story also comes from the confessions section of my life and yes, I did just make that up. I really love the fact that people feel comfortable enough to talk to me about anything and everything, especially when they know I will blog about it. At the same time, I always assure people that whatever I write about, I always include a veil of anonymity by not writing the story the way it was told to me, therefore, I know the 'real' and I entice you with the fantasy. This confession came from an inbox conversation so the opportunity to get answers for any follow up questions I had were immediate which made the interaction more exciting for me. Believe me when I say that the tea poured in this conversation was boiling hot so as I pour out my version for you, please sip slow!

YOUR GIRL: "I know this might seem nosy of me but I read your last blog about fucking someone they met online and was curious if you've ever done something like that."

ME: " point I'm making by being vague is that we now live in a time where technology is in our pockets, therefore, the conventional ways of meeting people have literally gone out of the window. The thought of meeting and pursuing someone online is not far off and I'm no judge of who people fuck. Also, I feel like I tell on myself a bit in my blogs so if you're reading them regularly you already know the answer to your question. What are your experiences on the subject? I'm assuming you don't mind talking about it."

YOUR GIRL: "It's okay, I get what you're're telling me but at the same time not telling me and I can understand that. I had to talk about this with somebody and you're the perfect person so here it goes...I met this guy online and we've been friends for a while. Never flirted with him or anything like that, just friendly conversation and jokes. He left a great impression on me from the first time we spoke so when he hit me up a couple of weeks ago, telling me that he was coming to my city for a business meeting I suggested that we meet in person and hang out. The thought of him possibly being a different person than what I knew of him online didn't cross my mind and I was excited to see him so as far as I was concerned it was going to be fun."

ME: "Well, so far everything seems innocent and legit so my only question is at what point did you fuck him? Not jumping ahead or anything (I am just a little) but again I assume that's where this story is headed."

SIDE NOTE: If you know me you know I'm all about getting to the gist

YOUR GIRL: "Of course, and I'm getting to that, I wanted to make sure you knew the back story behind the story, get it? Let me finish telling you. We decided to meet up for dinner and drinks at an Asian restaurant that was located next to the hotel he was staying at and thank goodness he looked exactly like his profile picture. At the last minute, I worried about that but was quickly assured when I saw him in person. We had a great dinner, the bartender loaded us with liquor and I hadn't had sex in the last three months so when our conversation turned sexual, it wasn't long before we were in his room and ripping our clothes off each other. When I tell you that I've never seen a dick that big in my life PLEASE BELIEVE ME! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me since I was drunk but when he put it in me I immediately knew that my eyes didn't deceive me. I felt every bit of that dick from the front, back, side to side, honey, and it was fucking amazing. Never in my life did I ever have as many orgasms as I had while he was hitting it from the back, all while half hanging out of the patio window. Before you ask I'm going to answer by saying, yes honey, he wanted everyone to hear me moan and because I was drunk and horny, I did everything he wanted me to...and I do mean everything! I think I got about an hour's worth of sleep that whole night because we kept going at it till the sun came up. THE ONLY REASON we left that room the next day was because he had to go to the meeting and I needed a minute to recuperate."

ME: "Recuperate, you say? Damn! I have to say that sounds wonderful and I'm a little jealous. I hope you're not about to tell me that you felt guilty or remorseful or worse, that he turned out to be an asshole afterwards."

YOUR GIRL: "Hell no, I just wanted to talk about it! I was sitting here, scrolling on Facebook and saw you sharing a link to your blog and immediately thought you were the perfect person to tell!"

ME: "True and I thank you for thinking of me. You're absolutely right, great dick will have you talking!"

WHAT DID I LEARN FROM THIS STORY? Be free, be you, have as many orgasms as you can and if you have them with a person you just met a minute ago, don't be ashamed! Celebrate the cum!

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