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The Cities Mafia Queen. PT 17

Reverse Harem Story

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 3 months ago 39 min read
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Emmi: News Time

I walk out ready and watch as they all stand and stare, their eyes roaming my body. “I think I look pretty fucking hot.” I smile at them. I’m wearing a skirt suit, almost like a mafia boss queen. It looks impressive, to be honest.

“Hot, sexy, maybe, a distraction, yes. Why that? You always wore dresses.” Zane points to my body.

“As much as I don’t mind getting blood on dresses, I thought this look was more appealing and would stop men staring.” I turn and smile. “With the added bonus of…” I move and lean forward, my hand lifting my skirt, slowly showing my legs. Wrapped around each is a brace with daggers attached.

“Fuck me, can we leave?” Bears eyes are fixed on me as I release my skirt and let it fall.

“Yes, let’s go.” I smile and follow them out.

“List of names. These are people we need.” Dante hands it to me. Looking at him, confused, I nod. “We need you, sugar. Think about the people. Where are they likely to be? Then you go in and confirm they are there.”

“Wait, you want my help?” They actually want me to help?

“You’re family, so yes. You tell us where to find the people, go in, check they’re there, send us a message and watch to see if they run when they see us.” Gunner smiles at me. “Then the chase is on.” His hand twists the dagger around.

Okay, so this is partly on me. I look at the list. Some I know will be together, or at least in the same place. “Pen?” I look around them and watch as Dante reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen before handing it to me.

Sitting, I link people together for those who are likely at the same place. I recognise some of these people. Some are high profile in the city. Others aren’t. “So, who are these people?” I need to know.

“Some are people who own businesses and such, who we need to make aware we now own the city. Others are ones your family had do side jobs against us, or you,” Dante explains as I hand him back the list.

“Okay, so looks like we’re visiting Shaun first.” Dante tells Bear where to drive, and we do. After so long, we stop outside the strip club. The one I used to work at. Getting out, I walk to the door, the guy stopping me.

“Princess, you know the rules.” He stands, blocking my way. Of course, no one knows yet that my mum is dead. We didn’t consider this. How am I meant to get in if people don’t allow me?

“Please?” I look up at him, fluttering my lashes.

“No, I’m calling through.” I watch as he grabs his phone and I grab the gun from the back of my skirt. Swinging it against his head, he slumps to the floor. A vibration has me grabbing my phone.

Already little lamb?

I laugh at Bear’s message. They wanted me in, so it was either that or them coming over and telling him I was allowed. Kicking the guy down the stairs, I step through the door and walk through. I watch as people freeze seeing me, some taking out their phones. Good luck, my brother and mum are dead, so their messages will go unread.

“Shaun here?” I look at the guy as he glances around, trying to avoid looking at me.

“You shouldn’t be in here, Princess.” And there it is again.

“Call me Princess again, and I will flat out stab you. Shaun, now, is he here?” He nods.

“I’ll get him.” He hurries off, so I take out my phone and send the message. I watch as Shaun walks towards me, glancing around as he uses his phone. He stops ahead of me.

“You shouldn’t be here. I got into debt because I let you work here.” He looks at me, waiting. “Leave, because I have messaged your brother.”

“You see, I can’t do that. I’m more scared of the four big crazy bastards outside who I was sold to.” He looks at me, confused, and I hear footsteps coming towards us, which makes me smile.

“Leave now. You will get me fucking killed.” He stares at me and steps back, his eyes going to Dante and the others. “I messaged her brother. She isn’t welcome here. We aren’t allowed to touch her, so I couldn’t physically drag her out. Otherwise, I would have.”

“You shouldn’t have said that.” I shake my head as Gunner pushes him back into a seat.

“I swear I told her to leave!” he shouts, looking at them, then towards me as if asking me to confirm it.

“He did. He told me to get out and that he had messaged my brother. Shame that was the wrong thing to do.” He looks at me confused, and I feel arms wrap around me.

“We have a surprise for you tonight, Emmi. Just wait.” Zane murmurs in my ear as I watch him walk around me before facing Shaun. He sits as close as Gunner and holds out a dagger. I watch them as Zane discusses the new terms and arrangement, making him aware that if he cries wolf again on me, he won’t get a chance to again.

He is quiet enough that no one else hears, making Shaun aware that no one else is told until tomorrow, which makes no sense. If people know I’m allowed to walk into places, it will be easier, surely? Gunner taps Shaun's shoulder before turning and winking at me.

“He won’t speak.” He smiles at me, and we walk out.

“Won’t him letting people know I am allowed in places make it easier?” I ask. I don’t like the idea of Dean’s fucking bar. Those guys will touch me and throw me out.

“Oh no, more fun if they don’t know.” Gunner beams at me.

The rest of the morning passes in a similar way. I go in, make sure the person they want is there, and then these four follow through and make them aware that they now run the city.

“Next one is a woman,” Dante explains and tells Bear where to go.

“I’ll do it.” I look at them, they all stare at me, shocked. “Julie, I’ll deal with her.” I will. They don’t need to. If she gets crazy, I’ll hit her. They’ve had a few of the guys refuse to follow their orders without my mum’s say so, which meant Gunner stabbed them and threatened to cut them open. Maybe a bit too far, but he got the point across.

“Okay, you take the lead on this one.” Dante smiles at me. I get out and walk into the spa. Stepping in, I am once again greeted with shocked looks and people grabbing their phones.

“Julie around?” I stand and look at the woman, who nods and rushes off, so I follow at a distance. I get to the door she disappeared through and walk in. Julie looks up at me as I approach her and sit down.

“Emmi, you’re not allowed here.” She signals for the woman to leave, she does.

“I’m allowed where I want to be. Changes are happening, and I’m sure you would rather hear it from me than the others.” She looks at me confused, but I can see her trying to get the message sent. Hell, my brother's phone is busy today. I laugh at the thought.

“I would rather you left before you get us all in trouble.” She looks at me, waiting.

“You see, I can’t. I agreed I would talk to you and deal with you. So, it’s either me or those four crazy fuckers.” I point through the glass to where the guys are walking through. She looks around, confused.

“They don’t run this city.” She shakes her head.

“They didn’t. They do now.” I move and sit forward. “We’re going around as many of those who we need to. My mum is dead, at their hands. Jamie is dead by my own hands, so if I walk in here, you let me. Your messages to my brother are unread and always will be.” She looks at the guys as they get closer.

“Emmi, I can’t just agree.” She looks at me like I’m crazy.

“Then I guess I will step back and let them prove to you they have control now. Gunner is looking rather bored.” I laugh; he is showing a woman his daggers, her face is petrified as he licks the blade and winks at her.

“Okay, tell me what I need to know.” She looks at me, and I relay what has been said to the others. I can feel their eyes on me as I talk and tell her. Warning her no one is to know until tomorrow. Tomorrow she can tell people my brother and mum are dead, and everything else, but not today. I treat her like a lady, not with violence but threaten to take away her spa and leave her with nothing.

The guys come stand with me for a while, clearly checking on me before walking back out and sitting outside the room. I talk and explain the new rules to her. She shakes my hand and looks outside to where they are. My eyes follow her gaze and land on Zane. Jealousy begins to flood through me. He is leaning into a woman; I watch as he whispers in her ear and kisses her cheek.

“Oh, you thought you were the only one? Zane is a sweetheart; he and Danielle go way back.”

I shake my head, ignoring her words.

“Ask if you don’t believe me. For nearly a year they were dating. Hell, they made a cute baby.” I turn and look at her, shocked. Her smile is growing. “You didn’t know? Why else do you think he’s slipping money into her hand on the sly?” I turn back and watch as he does.

Zane wouldn’t. I feel my head shake.

“He calls in like clockwork. Seems he is paying her an early visit today. I can show you footage of how often he comes in here to see her if you like?”

“No.” My word is quiet.

“He has always been a player. Zane can’t have one woman, he tried with Danielle, and that failed. She accepted she will never be the only one with him, though.” Her words hurt.

Standing, I walk out. Pulling Zane back, I hold the dagger against his throat.

“Woah! Down Em.” He stares at me, shocked, his eyes going to Danielle. Turning, I grab another dagger and hold it against her, and she screams. Call me crazy, but what the fuck?

“Do it, little kitten, cut them both.” Gunner laughs, clapping his hands, and I feel tears in my eyes. Why the fuck do I care?

“Gunner, not now. Em, what the hell is wrong?” Zane looks at me, waiting.

“You tell me.” I look at him. “Whispering in her ear, kissing her and paying her.” I stare at him, waiting, Gunner, Dante and Bear just watching me amused.

“Right, I have known her for years. Fine, hold a dagger to me but let her go. She has a kid!”

“Oh, I know, yours apparently.” He looks at me, shocked and laughs. “Don’t fucking laugh at me! Hiding your child like it is a dirty secret!” I scream, watching as Dante, Bear and Gunner turn and look towards Julie.

“Sugar, Julie is lying.” I turn to Dante. “Release Danielle, and let Zane explain. You don’t want to hurt her, him yes, but not her.” He looks at me, and my hand drops from Danielle. Zane looks at her and mouths an apology, my anger growing at him.

“Down, baby.” Zane laughs, but I don’t find this fucking funny.

Screaming, I go to stab him, his hands slamming me against the wall and holding my hands there.

“Something is going on! You whispered in her ear and kissed her! What did you say?” I stare at him waiting. Why whisper?

“Oh, you don’t want to know, baby.” His words taunt me, and I nod.

“Zane.” Dante looks at him, but he ignores Dante and stays looking at me.

“I was saying how much I can’t wait for tonight, for when we meet.” His head lowers, his mouth against my ear. “I was telling her just how much I missed that pussy.” I scream, swinging my head forward and hitting his nose.

“You asshole!” I fight against him, feeling the tears burn my cheeks, Dante, Bear and Gunner sitting down. How can they not fucking care?

“Is that really how you see me?” Zane’s words make me snap my head around to face him. Shit, he is angry. “Do you really see me as someone who would stand right here and whisper shit in another woman’s ear with you right there?” He screams in my face, and I feel a bit more of me break. “To have a child and hide it, pretend like it doesn’t exist and treat it like a dirty fucking secret?” Dante and the others now stand, his hand on Zane’s shoulder.

“I…I.” Shit, my head falls.

“Yes, we fucked, yes she has a kid. I whispered in her ear, yes, did I do anything wrong? No!” I don’t reply. I just stand crying. Everyone is watching, and I feel like I am getting punished. “You want to know what I said? I told her to say happy birthday to her daughter and that there was a present arriving tonight. I gave her money yes because I always do when I see her. After all, she barely earns anything working in this place to afford to live.” I feel my heart breaking under his gaze. Yet, he is scary. This is a Zane I haven’t ever seen.

“Then why do it secretly!” If it is nothing, why do that?

“Because it is like charity! Because she doesn’t want anyone knowing, but you just fucked that up, didn’t you.” He glares at me, and my head falls.

“Julie said…”

“Yeah, and you took her words and believed her. Fuck Zane. No, don’t ask him. He is clearly the sort to proposition a woman and hide a fucking child. I’m hurt, Emmi, hurt that you took that bitches words as truth. That you don’t know me at all.” He steps back, and all I can do is cry, Zane’s glare turning to Julie.

“In there.” Dante moves and pushes a door open; I stand frozen as they walk through. Zane, how did I think that? He was always so sweet, loving. I know he wouldn’t, but what she said, what he did.

“Come on, little lamb.” I feel Bear’s arms cuddle me as we walk through and shut the door.

“I’m sorry.” My apology is weak. “I know, I know deep down you wouldn’t do it, I just, I don’t even know.” My head falls forward.

“Zane, you made your point. Stop being an ass.” I hear Dante shout at him.

“Look, I am going to talk to Julie and sort this mess. Gunner, Bear, follow me.” Dante walks out with them following, leaving me with Zane, which I don’t like. He scared me. Hell, I saw him angry and hateful so much, but this? This was something else.

“I’m sorry, Emmi.” His words are quiet, and I watch as he steps ahead of me, his hand reaching out, my body jumps slightly. “Fuck.” His word is quiet, and he moves closer.

“I won’t ever hurt you, Emmi, I swear.” He lifts my head to look at me. “It hurt, the fact you believed that. The fact you were so willing to hold a knife to a woman’s throat who was innocent! With a child!” He shakes his head and steps closer until his body is against mine.

“I didn’t mean to flip; I didn’t mean to scare you. I love you, Emmi. Please look at me.” I lift my eyes so they meet his. “Please, I am sorry. I laughed it off, then you made out like the child was mine like I was the sort of person to pretend a child doesn’t exist and that hurt.”

A sob escapes my throat as my tears roll faster. “I didn’t think. I didn’t believe Julie, then she kept going on, and you were whispering in her ear, kissing her cheek, and handing her money. I didn’t think Julie would lie, not with you right there.” I want to look down, but his hand holds my head up.

“There has been no woman since the first night I saw you in our place. None, at all Emmi, in no sense. Danielle is amazing. She refuses help. I tried. I offered her a job, she refused. I offered to buy her a house so she wouldn’t need to pay she refused. Every now and then, I would call in here and give her money to ensure she could feed her and her daughter. Did we fuck? Yes. For months, but nothing more. During that time, yes, I met her daughter, briefly, but in no way am I her dad.” He stands and confesses everything. “Her daughter is special, Emmi; I stay out of her life because it wouldn’t be healthy for me to be there then gone. I saw her a lot while we dated, but I walked away. I still want to support her, though.”

“I’m sorry.” That is all I can say.

“Don’t, I am. I should never have said those things to you, made out I was fucking her. I shouldn’t have shouted at you. I saw the pure terror in your eyes which is why I stepped back; I wouldn’t hurt you Em. I don’t blame you, though, for being worried I might, not after what I just did. It was fucked up.” He looks at me waiting.

“Kiss me.”

He laughs at my words.

“Please.” I stare at him. I need my Zane, the kind one, the crazed one when he is angry, not the one I just saw. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me into him. His lips press against mine. I melt into him as I cry slightly.

“I fucking love you, Emmi, so don’t run, please.” His words make me laugh.

“Like I could, you four crazy bastards would hunt me down this time.”

He laughs nodding. “Guaranteed, baby. I think I scared them.” Zane looks towards the door, and I look at him, confused. “That was a new side of me, Em, even I don’t know where it came from.” He holds me against him, and I relax. The door opens, and Dante looks at us, then relaxes.

“Everything good?” He looks at me.

“Yeah, can we just pretend all that didn’t happen?” I want to forget it.

“Sure, Juliet won’t try that shit again.” Gunner grins and pulls me out.

“So, what, we pretend you walked out of her office, and nothing happened?” Dante looks at me, and I nod.

I feel someone's hand on my lower back.

“Nice work telling her the rules, little lamb. Do you want the play later?”

I laugh at Bears words, grateful he is playing along and pretending shit didn’t happen. We reach the car. “I don’t think you can handle it, Daddy.” His eyes widen as I climb into the car, and Gunner sits next to me.

“Okay, Dean’s place next.” I look towards them. His soft smile is trying to calm me, and I know he will talk to Zane and find out what happened. For now, I will forget it, as best as I can.

“Okay, Dean’s place next.” I look towards them.

“You realise this will be a fight, right?” I look at them. “Last time I walked in there, they freaked out and tried throwing me out, physically.” They don’t know what they’re causing. The people there aren’t afraid to throw me out, because had I told my mum or brother, the whole club would defend each other.

“Then I get fun.” Gunner smiles at me. “Even if you’re not allowed in there, even if it’s a death sentence, they should never lay a finger on you.” His words are quick. He’s right. They could simply message my brother to tell him that I am there and then ignore me. They didn’t. The last time I went, they tried to grab me, so I fought back.

“In you go, sugar. If you see them, message us straight away,” Dante instructs me.

I walk into the bar and instantly spot the guys, but I have no idea what they want them for. So I hit send on the message and walk to the bar. Dean isn’t here. From what I know, they’re still keeping him in their hotel until they’re sure he is safe.

“Out!” I jump and turn to face Sam as he barks at me.

“No. Can I have a whiskey, please?” I turn back to the bar and smile at Dave, the bartender.

“Three seconds, then I am dragging you.” I turn back to Sam.

“Try it, but I guarantee it will be your death!” I look at him, waiting. His hand moves to grab me, but I kick out and watch him fall back. He goes to get back up, but I kick him down and straddle him, holding the knife against his neck.

“Touch me again with your filthy hands, and I will cut them off.” I dig the dagger in more and watch as a few people stand to stop me. But they don’t move yet.

“You couldn’t!” he shouts as he grasps my hair, pulling my head back, his hand going for my neck. I swing the dagger down against his shoulder. Pulling it out, the blood begins to run, and he screams, fighting against me.

“Little kitten, don’t kill him. He’s mine.” I glance up to see Gunner smiling at me. Okay, so Sam is one of the guys on the list, but still, I want to cut his hands off. I feel someone pull me off him.

“Sit.” Zane steps forward and grabs Sam pushing him into a chair while Gunner walks around, instantly stopping in front of Oliver.

“You as well, over there. Let’s make this quick and easy.” Gunner drags him over and throws him down next to Sam.

“You have a choice, Oliver, quick death or slow? His is slow because he touched Emmi.” Zane looks at Oliver, waiting. His eyes glancing around, and clearly, he is about to act dumb. “Don’t do that, Oliver. Candice is dead, so is Jamie. But Candice spilled a lot of secrets before she gave in. One was about you.” Zane leans closer.

“Okay, fine. I admit I did it, I admit I planned to help Mich take her, but then I realised how fucked up it was. I agreed to be one of the guys who would use her for the weekend until we dumped her in your city.” His confession is quick.

“Pussy.” Gunner looks at him, annoyed, and I laugh. Of course, he spilled. He will get a quick death.

“A deal is a deal. You die quickly.” Zane turns and looks at Sam. “You, however, have a long night ahead of you. So let this be a warning. I don’t care if she is fucking a guy in the middle of the room, no one touches her, no one speaks of her, no one tells anyone.” Zane looks around.

Everyone is staring at him, confused.

“Candice is dead for her betrayal of her own daughter. Jamie died for his betrayal. The city is no longer theirs. It is ours. Anyone with an issue, you know where to find us,” Dante explains, pulling me to him. His arm wraps around my waist.

“Home, sugar. Oliver will be dead quickly. Sam will have a long time.” Standing, we walk out. I watch as the guards grab Sam and Oliver. Sitting in the back between Zane and Gunner, I smile.

“Did he hurt you?” Zane looks at me, and I shake my head. “You screamed.”

“I screamed because he messed my hair up! I kept it perfect all day, and he messed it up.”

Gunner laughs. “So all I need to do to drive you crazy is mess up your hair. Good to know, little kitten.” He moves closer, his tongue gliding across my neck. “Tastes like heaven,” he murmurs as he presses a kiss against my neck.

Dante: Telling Her

At home, I send Emmi through to her room to clean up as I walk into the kitchen and check everything.

“Okay, get out there set up while we get ready.” I walk off, trusting that they will do a good job. We all need to change and be ready, and I’m hoping this makes her feel like she can trust us. I hope so, anyway.

After getting changed and showered, I walk out. Then, going to her room, I open the door and peek my head around.

“Something hot, think of a party, elegant, sexy, that sort of thing.” I want her to take a little longer getting ready. Turning, I shut the door.

“All sorted and set up. So we just go with the flow?” Zane asks.

“Yes, because even if we plan this, we will fuck up, so we just go with it. Sit, eat the meal, then tell her.” It is a perfect plan. Walking through, I smile, seeing the rose petals on the floor. Every now and then, a full rose lays waiting. We all stand by the table and wait.

I hear her door first, then her footsteps. She stops. “Pick them up,” I call through to her and hear her moving again. Every now and then, she stops and is clearly picking up the roses. I watch as she emerges, and I smile. She steps towards us, looking confused.

“I thought we were going out?” She glances around, confused.

“No, this is private, just for us,” Zane explains as he takes her hand and leads her to the table. We sit and eat and discuss things, not so much business, not so much doom and gloom. We talk about what sort of bedroom she would like, what changes she would make to this place if she had a chance. All those things and more.

It’s clear she wants more. This house is big, but it lacks gardens. We never needed them before, but maybe now we do? It also isn’t her house, sure we say it is, but to her, this was a place she was forced to be in at the start.

We have finished eating and now are just sat talking. I watch as she laughs with Gunner and stabs him with the folk to prove she isn’t scared of him. I watch everyone and how different they have become. She has pulled them out of themselves. Made them live again.

“So, we were talking about you not wanting to decide. I asked you to tell us how you truly feel, and you freaked out.” I look at her as I say it. She nods, and her eyes go to Bear. I laugh slightly. “Screaming you loved him as he fucked you didn’t count, sugar.” She rolls her eyes.

“I wasn’t thinking of that.” I laugh at her words and look at her. “Okay, it reminded me of that, but I wasn’t thinking I had told you how I felt. I just remembered that night.” Her face flushes, and I smile.

“So, what if we prove to you we’re not going to hurt you, leave you, give you up, or anything else?” I look at her, waiting.

“I don’t know.”

“You do know. The truth, please, Emmi. We get you’re worried about getting hurt, but tell us the truth. If we prove to you that we won’t hurt you, prove to you how we feel, will you trust us enough to be open and honest?” Zane speaks now.

“I guess.” Her words are quiet, and I can already see she is freaking out. Maybe this is a foolish move, but I need to do something.

“Give me five minutes.” I walk off into my office, grabbing the phone and laptop. I do a quick search. I know a place, and I know it will help. So I call through; getting it is easy, considering no one in the city will say no to us. I print off the sheets and walk back out, sitting down.

Everyone is looking at me, confused. It is a last-minute change. For the end of this plan, whether this works or not, Emmi gets it at the end. I nod to Gunner and watch as he walks towards her. Pulling her chair away from the table, he kneels in front of her.

“To admit how you feel is scary, especially when everyone you loved or who you thought loved you have hurt you.” His hand grips hers, and he holds out a box before opening it. “It is from us all. We can’t all give you a ring, so this one I picked from us all. One you can always wear.” He holds out the box, and she looks inside. I have to admit it is stunning. I expected Gunner to choose something fucked up like a dagger necklace. He didn’t. He picked a beautiful choker. Well, I called it a choker. He said it was a collar. He is more into the lifestyle stuff than us. So I’ll let him do it.

“I love you, little kitten. Seeing that fire in your eyes when I called you little kitten the first time made me realise.” Then, moving, he wraps it around her neck before kissing her. She turns and looks at us like she will talk, but I hold my hand up to stop her.

Gunner moves, and Bear takes his place. “This is also from us all, but I chose it. Something you never remove. Well, once it is attached, of course.” I laugh at his words and her confused look. She opens it and looks confused. “I love you, little lamb. I am glad you came willingly.” He moves and whispers in her ear, and I have to laugh. He and Gunner just assume she will agree. Which is fucking crazy.

“Really?” She looks at us all.

“Not my idea, all theirs.” I laugh as she looks towards Gunner and rolls her eyes.

“Sounds like a plan, big guy. So when does it happen?”

Gunner smiles. “Now!”

“Not now! Gunner, you can pierce her later, not now.” Crazy bastard is going to fuck everything up. He nods and laughs. I watch as Bear kisses her and moves back.

Zane now taking his place and holding out a box. He opens it. “I love you, Emmi. I felt it from the moment I laid eyes on you. From that first orgasm, you had me captive. So this is part one of your ring.” He places it in her hand and kisses her before moving back.

Moving, I walk to her. Kneeling ahead of her, I smile.

“I was cruel. I shouted at you, used another woman, pushed you away and used you. Not because I didn’t want you, I thought about you every night. I craved you, but you scared me. I love you, sugar. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given a shit about you being here. I saw you on the balcony, and I realised I wanted you more than anyone else, and that scared the shit out of me.”

Moving, I open my box, taking the ring from her. I remove the one I have from the box. Slotting them together, I place the ring on her finger. When one ring is removed, it becomes half a heart, but when they are together, it is a full one.

“So, will you marry us? I don’t care if I have to kill several people to get them to agree. Will you marry us? Because we do love you.” I watch as she looks between us. “Actually, don’t answer yet.” I stand and reach across the table. Grabbing the papers, I hand them to her, praying that she understands and knows now that we really do love her.

Emmi: Saying Yes

I sit and hold the papers. Everything going around in my head. They have all admitted they love me. They are trying to make me see that.

“Do you love me, though?” I look up and watch their shocked looks. “I was forced on you guys. You had no choice.” I walked away and came back, but they didn’t get a choice.

“Emmi! We are here. We love you. We let you go because we loved you. We aren’t you. We couldn’t come back to prove it. Us showing you we loved you was us letting you go. We love you and want you by choice, not because you were placed here.” Zane’s words make me smile.

Glancing down, I look at the papers. I know they want me to say it, but saying it scares the fucking shit out of me.

“You’re our family, Emmi, because we want you to be,” Dante says.

I open the pages and stare at it: a house. So beautiful, it is big, with gardens. This place doesn’t have gardens, and I miss that. I have missed having the garden to escape to. The house looks fantastic, or it will once it is done nicely.

“All bought, to prove to you we want you. To prove to you that we’re a family. This place was our father’s. We lived here as ourselves, a new place where you belong that is equally yours,” Dante explains.

“I do.” I look up at them all. “I do feel the same about you all which is why choosing was so hard. That was why I didn’t want to choose because to choose and only have one of you I don’t want. I would rather have none of you than only some of you.”

I glance down at the ring.

“You’re avoiding it.” Zane looks at me, and I know I am, because saying out loud that I love them makes this so much scarier. I take a breath and close my eyes. It makes it easier.

“I love you, all four of you, which makes me scared. For many reasons, one is that you will hurt me. Me accepting I do, will get me hurt. Another reason is fear because this can’t become anything. Who do I marry, who do I have kids to? Who do I sleep with at night? There is so much there that scares me. I know poly relationships work with three people, but me and four guys?” I don’t even know.

“It will all be worked out in time. All that matters is how you feel about us. That you love us, little kitten.” Gunner smiles at me, and he doesn’t seem like his crazy self right now, which feels weird.

“I love you all the exact same. I love how different you all are and how different you all make me feel. I’m sorry for not telling you guys. For shutting down when you asked that day.” I should have just told them then.

“Don’t apologise. You needed to see we loved you, really loved you, for you to trust us. We understand that,” Zane explains.

“So, the house?” I look towards Dante.

“I realised that while you could change this place to fit what you like, you will never feel like it is truly your home. It was ours, and you were forced to come here. Yes, you came back freely, but a fresh start. A place with a garden, still heavily guarded but a garden. The other things you mentioned we will work out. Marrying us all won’t be an issue. I can sort that.” Dante explains.

“So, is it a yes to marrying us?” Zane looks at me, waiting, and I nod, feeling like I want to cry. I’m too damn emotional right now.

They all hug me, my body relaxing against them all. This feels like home, a real home. I’m here because I have to be.

“Piercing time, little kitten?” Gunner looks at me, and I laugh.

“Only you and fucking Bear would buy me a bar for my clit! Nice way to get me to have it done.” I laugh, looking at them. I remember someone telling me Gunner does everyone's tattoos and piercings. Which I am grateful for as I don’t think there would be anyone else I would want to do this.

“Soon, I need to know some things.” I look at them and watch as they nod and sit.

“What happens now with my parents’ house, businesses and money?” I don’t know.

“It’s all yours, Emmi. Everything. We may have taken over the city, but we did that as a family, and that includes you. So anything they have like that is yours,” Dante explains.

“Ours. Whatever they had is now ours. I don’t want things to myself.” I don’t. I want us to share. “I do, however, want the house gone. Like knocked down to the ground gone.” I don’t want to see it again, ever.

“Are you sure, Emmi?” Zane looks at me, worried.

“Yes, there is nothing in it I want or need. Nothing in it is personal. Nothing in it holds good memories. Anything of mine is tainted because I know they looked at it all and watched everything.” I don’t want to remember that.

“Okay, ideas what to do with the place it is built on?” Dante looks at me.

“A place for kids, teens that sort of thing. Somewhere for them to go, there’s nowhere in the city for them.” There isn’t anything even close.

“Okay, we’ll get it sorted. Dante, can I have a word?” Zane walks away, and Dante follows. I watch as they talk and as Zane leaves. What did I miss?

“How's your shoulder, little lamb?” Bear asks.

“Feeling better. Why?” Is he going to fuck me again? I smile at the thought.

“You still have a punishment due, that’s all.” I turn and look at him, shocked. “Come on, little lamb, you went out, disobeyed orders, put yourself in danger, and so much more. Then you nearly fucking died!”

I look between them. “I tried to save you all! I killed Jamie, I tried killing my mum, but you lot wouldn’t let me!” But I know what I did caused all this. I thought taking down my mother would prove I am in this until the end, but they stopped me from hurting her. Apparently, this little Princess shouldn’t kill her own mother, so they did, and now? Well, I’m safe, we’re safe, but I still fucked up, and they want my blood.

“You’re not getting punished for your mum’s or brother’s actions, Emmi. More the fact you were reckless. If we’re in danger, you protect yourself. At least, I hoped you would,” Dante says.

“Fine, what is this punishment? It better be good because, as you have learnt, I like pain.” I stand facing them, my body shaking.

“You say that, yet you’re shaking, little lamb.” I feel Bear behind me, feel his hand stroking down my back. “Anyway, not tonight. Give it a week for your shoulder to heal, then you will see.” He bites against my neck, causing me to moan.

“Why not now?” I look at them, hell, I want it now. I’m turned on to hell, and want touching now!

“Because you need to be healed. Believe me, little kitten, you need to be healed and ready. Now, how about that piercing?” Gunner looks at me, and I nod. I guess my punishment is delayed for a bit.

I follow Gunner and Bear through to the room.

“Strip,” Gunner commands. Nodding, I remove my clothes, all of my clothes, watching as their eyes widen.

“Dirty girl.” Bear stares at me as he pushes me back onto the tattoo chair. They release it so it lays flat. I feel someone grasp my leg and strap it down, then the next one. I look up at them, confused. I thought I wasn’t getting punished?

“Why are you fastening me down?” What the hell did I miss? Bear wraps the strap around my hips, pulling so I can’t move, then my hands. What have I missed? I look at them, confused.

“People don’t get strapped down when they have a piercing.” What the hell?

“It’s for your own good, little kitten, trust me.” I watch as Gunner puts on gloves and starts setting up, but Bear has a look of amusement on his face. How bad will this hurt? I feel like panicking. I watch as Gunner starts getting ready, my body trying to jump as I feel Bear’s fingers push into my pussy, slowly moving, causing me to moan.

I try pushing my hips up but fail. I can’t even concentrate or keep track of what is happening. One minute Bear is teasing me, then I feel it and scream, my body trying to jump, but as I do, Bear pushes his fingers in deeper, causing me to cry out in pleasure. The orgasm was so fucking perfect. I moan and writhe as their fingers continue to tease.

“Dirty girl, you fucking loved that. I felt you tighten around my fingers at the pain.” Bears eyes are fixed on mine. All I can do is nod as his fingers continue to tease me slowly.

“Are you going to fuck me now, Daddy?” I look at him moaning, knowing that Gunner is watching. Every part of me is begging for him to.

“So needy, so demanding.” His fingers push deeper, causing me to cry out. “Not tonight, little lamb. My dirty girl doesn’t get fucked tonight, not by anyone's cock.” His fingers move faster, and I feel a hand palming my breasts. Pushing upwards, I moan, seeing Gunner. Holy shit. I whimper slightly, watching as his hand rubs against his cock. Pumping faster as his eyes stay on Bear’s fingers that are fucking me relentlessly.

I try to push down on his hand, but it’s useless. I’m strapped down tight. I watch them both, and for some reason, them both palming their cocks while Bear fucks me with his fingers is a tease. I want to touch them, feel them, hell, even lick them. Moaning, I struggle to decide who to watch.

Bear moves and lowers the leg pieces of the chair so he can stand in front of me. His fingers still in my sex, pushing harder and deeper.

“Please.” Hell, they might be giving me pleasure, but this is fucking torture. I moan and try to wiggle, but still, it’s useless. I watch as they get closer to the edge. Gunner’s hand grasps into my hair, turning my head to face him, and he pushes his cock into my mouth.

I don’t fight it. I just moan and begin sucking. The orgasm begins within me, and I feel Bear thrust into me. His hips grinding a few times as he groans and comes. My orgasm flows through me as I feel them both finish at the same time, Gunner’s cock pushing deeper into my throat as he comes. Moaning, I pant and continue to tease his cock with my mouth as he moves back and winks.

Why do I feel like I’m missing something here? Bear moves, planting a kiss on my lower stomach before walking out. I watch as Gunner removes the straps.

“What was that?” They are up to something.

“Just some fun, little kitten. It was fun, wasn’t it?”

I nod and moan.

“Keep it clean, or let me know, and I will help.” He smiles as he hands me my clothes back.

“So, while it was fun, what was it about?” They never play with me together. The closest it ever got was that day Bear pinned me against the wall, and then he fucked me with his fingers. The rest of them stayed out of it, though.

“Just seeing how you handle two of us. If you don’t want to choose, just curious.” He learns forward and kisses me. “Mmmm, imagine our wedding night, little kitten. There won’t be a moment of sleep for you.” He walks out, and he’s right. There won’t be any sleep for me. I didn’t even consider that.

I walk to my own room and lay back in the bath for a while. As I step back into the bedroom, I see Zane sat on the bed. “Hi.” I look at him suspiciously. Why has he suddenly appeared in my room? I walk towards him confused, waiting to see if he says what he is doing. He doesn’t. He simply smiles at me, that smile getting bigger.

“Okay, Zane, what have you done?” I laugh and stop at the bed.

“Nothing. Maybe a little something.” He stands and grasps my hand, pulling me across the room. He stops me in front of the dressing table. Wait, this is different? I look towards him, confused. “You never had privacy. This is the one and only key.” He drops it into my hand.

“I don’t understand.”

“It can be locked. Anything personal you have, you can put in here. I promise and swear none of us will look. You are the only one with a key.” I look up at him. I didn’t expect this. “Look, most kids, especially girls, have diaries and shit they keep. You should be able to keep parts of your life private. You should be able to write how you feel without worrying if we will read it. We won’t. It is gift from us all.” He kisses me quickly before walking out, and all I can do is smile. I was so sure coming here meant having no freedom, only now I have it, and more than I had ever expected.


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