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Reverse Harem Story

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 2 months ago 48 min read

Zane: Her Cries

I watch as Dante grabs her neck. Then, pulling her back in, he slams her into the chair. I jump up immediately.

“Dante!” He can’t do this.

“Fuck you!” she screams, spitting into his face.

“Oh, you will wish I am soon, trust me.” He turns to look at us. “Get out.”

Hell, I want to refuse, but that will start another argument. I look from him to her.

“I said she wouldn’t die, and she won’t, out.”

I feel her eyes on me, almost begging me to stay, but I simply nod and walk out. I know he won’t hurt her, not really anyway. Once I’m alone in my room, I sit back onto the bed, grab my laptop, and begin to work.

I may as well work, I think, and I manage to focus until I hear a scream. Glancing to the door, I consider going to see her. But I decide otherwise and put on music as I continue. Working, though, isn’t easy. I glance towards the clock. It’s been two hours. As I leave my room, I hear a small scream, followed by a cry.

But once I see her, my eyes widen. Somehow, she likes it. I shake my head at the pleasure in her eyes. I watch as he brings the wooden paddle down across her ass, her scream perfect. I want to say enough, but I think she might actually kill me if I stopped him. So, I head back to my room and sit down. In the two hours, I haven’t heard her once say ‘no’, ‘stop’, or ‘enough’. She has called him names, but that’s it.

As I work, I hear her screams slowly turn to cries and screams of ‘sorry’. Still though, she hasn’t said ‘no’ or ‘stop’. I listen as everything falls quiet. Five minutes later, I hear Dante walk past my room. I wait for a moment, then walk through to hers. Finding her bed empty, I go back into the main room to find that empty as well. So, he took her to bed. He must have taken her to his room.

I return to mine and lie back, letting my eyes fall close. But all I see is her. All I see is Emmi, bent over that table, naked, screaming in pain while looking like she wanted to beg for more.

When I wake, I shower quickly before emerging. Bear and Gunner are sat at the table, laughing. Sitting down, I grab a plate.

“So, she enjoyed herself then?” Gunner laughs, and I look at him, confused. “Bear was just saying he felt bad hearing her screams, and while she was screaming in pain, she was enjoying it. That and the fact Dante left the table uncleaned showed she enjoyed it.” He grins at me.

“Yeah, while it was a punishment, somehow she got enjoyment from it.” How the hell does that work?

“More of a punishment after I refused to let her finish, even six hours later.” I turn hearing Dante. He didn’t.

“Cruel,” Gunner laughs.

“Deserved it. Right, let’s talk.” He sits and grabs some food.

“We need to tell her everything, right?” I know we do, but the more she knows, the more it will break her.

“Yes, but that isn’t what I meant,” Dante says.

“What don’t we know?” None of us know whatever it is, I can tell from their faces.

“Her mum has been planning this, planning to cause a war, using her own daughter. How do we know she wasn’t behind Ian as well and Adelia?” He looks at us, I feel my head shaking, but in reality, we don’t know that.

“I have a feeling she hoped our father would break down and go crazy. That nothing would truly get done because we were all young. What if she never expected us to stand up and take his place?” Dante has a point, but we can’t assume. We need proof.

“So, the plan?” I prompt him.

“We use Emmi.” His words are blunt; I glare at him. “Not like that. She has no idea we know anything. So, we tell Emmi what information to give her. Emmi can try talking about Adelia and Ian while we’re watching. We see how she reacts, what she says. The alternate option is Dean.”

“I vote Dean,” Gunner says.

“Me as well. We can’t expect her to do that, Dante. Not after everything,” Bear explains.

“I’m on their side.” I would rather use Dean and risk him than risk Emmi.

“Okay, so we need to try to get Dean to get closer to Candice, to try to see if she mentions anything. I want to know. Paul got Ian to, but it is strange that Candice had no idea about it, about her own family’s plans.” I don’t know what to think, but I want to find out if it was her. I need to find out if it was her.

“Okay, so we speak to Dean. What do we tell Emmi?” I look at Dante.

“Everything. She needs to know who Dean is.” His words are quiet, and I know what he’s thinking. I know, though, that she will handle it. I hear movement, hear her light footsteps as she walks towards us.

I watch as she sits next to Bear, wincing slightly as her ass hits the seat.

“Tender?” Gunner smiles across at her.

“Not at all,” she glares at him.

“Not what I heard, and the way you hissed as you sat says different. Want me to kiss it better?” He smiles and winks at her; she throws the fork at him, but he catches it.

“Can we just eat without you doing something to cause bloodshed, Gunner?” Dante laughs as he pushes a plate of food to Emmi. He looks happy, like he has finally given in to her.

“We could always do something else.” Bear turns and smiles at Emmi.

“You wish.” Her words are low as she looks at Gunner, holding her hand out, waiting for the fork.

“He’ll give it back to you if you promise to play nice. Hell, I might even agree to let you orgasm.”

Emmi turns and glares at Bear.

“Don’t need one, thanks. Fork, now.” She looks at Gunner, waiting. He seems far too interested in the turn of conversation to hand it back to her.

“Really? So, you’re not just waiting for that one touch to send you over the edge after our brother fucked you with his fingers and tongue causing you just the right amount of pleasure to hold you hostage from your orgasm?” Bear teases.

“That wasn’t pleasure. I was repulsed and turned off. Maybe train him better.” I laugh, glancing over at Dante, who shakes his head as he works from his phone. No doubt trying to contact Dean.

“So, if I were to bend you over right now and check, you wouldn’t be wet?” Bear leans closer. “Because that heat in your eyes is telling another story right now.” He grasps her neck, causing her to moan. “Exactly what I thought, you just need that small thing to make you scream and come.” He licks against her ear, teasing her.

“Enough. Let’s talk.” Dante sits up straight. Emmi is still holding out her hand. “Give her the fork, Gunner, so she can eat. You can play with her later if you want.” Gunner smiles and hands it back to her.

“We need to talk about your mum and brother, Emmi,” Dante says, his eyes fixed on her.

“I know, and I’m sorry.” She looks around us. “I’m sorry for telling her things, for telling her about your childhoods. I panicked. She mentioned making it look like you guys had refused to follow your parents’ orders not to take me. She threatened Jamie, and I was worried.”

“Emmi, I said you don’t need to apologise again. I meant it. We need to talk about what we have learnt.” She nods and he continues. “Our father had told them the deal was off. After Adelia was born, he realised how mad it was to expect a woman to marry like this. Your family refused. They could have found a new arrangement, but they refused. Our parents discussed how your parents saw you as a burden and a weakness. Keeping you was never an option.” I look at Dante, then turn my gaze to her, and I know that hurt.

“While trying to find out why, we found out about the plan, you getting kidnapped, all that. While it was Paul, he was taking orders from your mum. It was your mum's plan because she knows if we reacted quickly, we wouldn’t think and then we’d fail. So, she wanted to bring up the past, bring up Adelia, and make us weak.” Her eyes stay fixed on Dante, yet they are full of pain.

“But why try to get information? If she wanted that to happen, why not let me get the money quicker? Why give me to you before I had it all?” Emmi looks at him, and I can see she doesn’t want to believe him.

“How would you? How could she ensure you got the money without you realising or asking questions? Think about it, Emmi, how did you always manage to lose your guards when meeting Paul? You were sent here because over the last few weeks Jamie realised that you were rebelling, and they couldn’t control you, and that meant there was a risk you would find out the truth.”

“Then why still try if she is getting information?” She looks between us.

“My guess is a double weakness. First, you give her the information on us, she still makes it happen to you, and we react, then she knows. She knows Zane’s past and will know that fire will have him freeze. She will know dark, confined places cause me to freak out.” Guilt spreads across her face.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t even think.” I can’t blame her. I want to, I want to scream at her for telling her mum, but I can’t. I spent the whole week hurting her.

“There’s something else. I spoke to Dean,” Dante continues. “We spoke about his relationship with your mum, everything. He didn’t want to say, but nothing added up. Him saying he agreed to try to save you, him saying he has a daughter when he doesn’t. He agreed to tell us if we swore no one would find out.” Dante looks at her. “He’s your dad, Emmi. By the time they found out, it was too late to hand you over. Everyone knew your mum had you. Your mum begged your dad not to kill him, but you’re his.” Dante reaches under his laptop and slides the papers across to her.

I watch as she reads, the tears falling from her eyes. “So, our dad isn’t? Dean is? Why didn’t he just say?”

“Jamie isn’t, don’t ask. I know you’re twins, but he isn’t. Dean admitted that on many occasions at events, they would have sex, and within half an hour, she would sleep with your dad, other dad, Eric.” He shakes his head. “Both results are there. Take a look. I had someone from within your mum's network find them and send them to me.” I watch as she turns the paper, her eyes widening.

“She said she was letting me go?” Emmi looks at us, hurt.

“I checked your phone early this morning. It has a tracker on it. No doubt, as soon as she said you could leave, she was putting her plan into action and then dumping you here after they had finished. I’m sorry, Emmi, I wasn’t going to tell you.”

“I…” she trails off and looks around. Then, silently, she stands and walks out of the room. I hear her door close.

“Do we go to her?” Dante asks.

“Give her space. We destroyed her whole childhood and made her realise she was seen as nothing but weak, a pawn to use. She needs space.” No one should be there right now. She needs time alone to process it, then someone to check on her.

“So, the plan for going forward?” Gunner looks all too excited right now.

“We keep her safe, make sure she can’t be taken. Strengthen everything around us, more guards, more watching, everything. Then we wait. We have proof of what her family’s plan was, but again, we can’t take action when it’s their own family they are doing it too, not ours,” Dante explains.

“You’re joking, right? She is our family; she took the shit you gave her last night. She chose us,” I insist.

“Let’s wait and see. You and Bear are getting attached too fucking quickly! She chose us, yes, because she had no other option. Do you really think she would if we gave her a card and a pass to get out of our city? No, she would take it and fucking run.”

“She wouldn’t. I know she wouldn’t.” Bear looks at Dante.

“Let’s just forget Emmi for now, please. Give it a few days, then we will see. Right now, someone needs to let Dean know, catch him up on everything. Gunner and I will go around and try to find out who these new guys are. We’re taking a trip to Solace City.” Dante stands and grabs his coat.

“Solace City?” He never willingly goes there.

“Yes. Time to start scaring people into realising they fuck with Emmi or us, they die. We all know Jamie won’t stop us. He won’t even try. So, decide between you who is going to meet Dean and who is staying here. Have her ready for tonight. We’re going out,” Dante explains before walking out of the door.

“I’ll speak to Dean. You’re the soft one, so you’re best right now,” Bear says before getting up and walking out. Sitting at the table, I consider it. Will she really stay? If that choice was there, would she stay? I feel like right now, she would leave. Maybe if we gave her more freedom, she would stay? Maybe Dante is right, and she isn’t ever going to be part of our family. She’s here purely because her family forced her to be. I spend the day working, but she never emerges from her room, not even for the food I cook.

After leaving her a note on the table, I walk through to the gym. She can’t leave, and while I can have the guards tell her where I am, I prefer to leave a note. I get changed and begin working out, yet my mind is still focused on Emmi, on the question of if she would choose us.

Hearing a noise, I turn and see Emmi bent over, sorting out weights. Why the hell did we buy her exercise clothes like that? My eyes stay fixed on her ass, watching as she works. Nope, I need to do something, anything, otherwise my eyes are staying on that perfect fucking ass. Groaning, I walk over and stand behind her.

“You ever done this before?” I focus on her face in the mirror, watching as she nods and smiles at me. “Okay, show me.” Standing right behind her, I watch as she holds the weights and squats. This close, I can’t see her ass. Now though, I can see her breasts in the mirror.

“Almost.” My hands move down her body and grasp her hips. “Ass out more.” Releasing her hips, I nod at her. She smiles sweetly at me and adjusts herself, tensing as I feel her ass against my body. Closing my eyes, I ignore her, slowly feeling her body move, her ass grinding against my cock as she squats. Grasping her hip, I shake my head. God, I need to feel her.

“Put them down, right now.”

She nods, her body moving again, this time her ass sticking out more as she wiggles it against my cock. I watch as she puts the weights down. Grabbing her, I turn her body to face me.

“I want to feel what your mouth is like, Emmi,” I whisper into her ear as I kiss her neck.

“Then do it.” Her body pushes towards me more.

“Don’t tempt me. Now strip. Everything.” She starts removing her clothes, her smile growing. “I’m not fucking you, Emmi. Now lie down.” I watch as she does as she is told. Lying down, she looks up at me, and I move to the floor on top of her. My eyes are fixed on hers as my mouth captures hers, consuming her moans as I force my tongue into her mouth and tease her more. Her legs wrap around my body, holding me hostage against her.

I move, my hands releasing her legs from around my hips as I slowly leave a trail of kisses down her body. “I want to taste you, Emmi, feel you come around my tongue,” I murmur, soft and teasing as I continue to kiss down. My tongue swirls around her bud and her hips push up, burying my face deeper between her legs. I would normally force her down, hold her to the floor, but I will give her the freedom. My tongue strokes down her lips, pushing into her pussy, my nose rubbing against her bud as I thrust my tongue into her small tight hole, my mind imagining my cock pushing inside her.

Her moans begin to get louder as my tongue moves more. I start pushing my fingers into her pussy along with my tongue, and I feel her hips move as she grinds her perfect cunt against my tongue, her hands grasping into my hair. Hell, I forgot Dante didn’t let her finish last night. There is no way she’s letting me stop before she does.

I begin moving my fingers faster as my eyes close, and I see me fucking her. Soon, soon I will fuck her. I don’t care about rules. Not today, but soon. I hear my name escape her lips as she forces my mouth closer to her pussy, my tongue pushing deeper into her as I feel her tense around me. The orgasm flows through her as she continues to chant my name. She tastes like fucking heaven; I don’t want to stop. We should though, she needs to eat. Food, not me, my mind tells itself. I kiss up her body, her legs wrapping around my waist again.

“Please.” She looks at me with big puppy eyes.

“I’m not fucking you, Emmi; you know the rules.” She should have more orgasms every other way before sex.

“Fine, don’t fuck me. Just strip, just tease me.” Her hands begin to try and push my joggers down. Laughing, I stare at her as my cock becomes free, her hand grasping it as she rubs it against her pussy. Hell, she is really pushing me.

“Please. Just tease me, make me come again.” Her free hand wraps around my neck. I push her other hand away from my cock, grasping it and rubbing it along her perfect lips. Hell, this just makes me want to thrust and hear her scream.

“Not fucking you, Emmi. I do this, then you behave.” I look down at her as I rub my cock against her sex. Her hips pushing closer as I feel the wetness drip free from inside her, my hand moving faster, rubbing myself against her quicker.

“If you finish, I want to see you finish, and with me,” she pants.

Nodding, leaning down, my lips capture hers as my tongue moves into her mouth. My hand pumps on my cock as her hips move and she grinds her sex against me. This is too close; I can just thrust slightly, and I am inside her. Shaking my head, I try to ignore the thoughts. Her moans are getting louder as I continue palming against my cock.

“Please, I want to feel you finish on me.” Shit. My head lowers slightly as her hips continue moving. I can see she is close, so fucking close to finishing, and now, now my mind is wondering how her cunt feels tightening around my cock as she does. I feel myself ready to release as she moves. Her body pushes mine back so she is straddling me, her hands quickly pulling my hand from my cock as her hips slam down, a scream escaping her mouth as my cock pushes through the perfect walls. Her body shaking as she orgasms causing me to finish too, my cock jolting inside her as my release floods through me.

Shit. Staring at her, I shake my head. Hell, I could just fuck her. She did this, she did this! I watch as her pleasure stops, her hips going to move, but I grasp her. “No!” Moving, I lift her from me. “Bad!” What the fuck, I was that close, that fucking close I didn’t even realise what she was doing.

“Am I in trouble now?” She smiles at me, trying to climb back onto me, but I stop her.

“Fuck yes!” How can she think she isn’t?

“Am I getting punished?” She licks her lips. Standing up, I grab my clothes. I need to escape.

“Later, yes. Right now, no.” That took everything, everything I had not to thrust and making her fucking scream.

“You could always punish me by fucking me until I scream your name. Screaming and coming around your cock.” I grab her, my body slamming hers against the wall, grasping her as she screams.

“Shit, just… Just get out. Seriously, get out right now before I fucking hurt you.” My body shakes as I stand back, only just able to bring myself to look at her.

“Zane.” Her voice is small and there are tears in her eyes.

“I’m fine, just go, Emmi. Just go. This is my fault. Just give me space.” I kiss her head and walk off. Losing control isn’t an option, especially not now. She shouldn’t be fucked like that yet. Leaning my head against the wall, I try to breathe, try to calm down. She screamed. She actually fucking screamed as I slammed her against the wall.

After getting dressed, I head back through and find her in her bedroom.

“Did I hurt you?” I need to know.

“No, Zane, you didn’t hurt me, I swear.” She smiles at me. I want to cuddle her, but I can’t. I know I can’t.

“Okay.” I don’t bother talking. There’s nothing else for me to say. So, I leave; I need a drink. Then I hear Dante laugh. Shit, they’re back already. As I walk through, they all turn and look at me.

“I don’t know what was funnier to watch: her tricking you, your face when she did it, or you shouting ‘no’ and ‘bad’.” Dante laughs more.

“She actually tricked you. Your face was priceless!” Bear beams. I should have fucking known they were watching.

“Yeah, we didn’t want to just walk in on you two, so we searched CCTV to see if you were busy, just in time to watch it unfold.” Dante continues to laugh.

“Whatever. I’m getting a drink and then I’m going out.” I can’t stay here.

“No, you’re not. We have plans, go back into the gym, hit the bag, then we’re going out,” Dante says.

“Whatever,” I say again. Her taking me by surprise was nothing. It was how quickly I flipped afterwards.

Emmi: The Hit

Inside my room, I see a note with a box under it. The note simply says, ‘wear me’. I feel like rolling my eyes, but I won’t. I hear the door opening and when I turn, Zane is standing there, looking at me.

“Did I hurt you?”

Wait. I stare at him, shocked. “No, Zane, you didn’t hurt me, I swear.”

I try and smile at him, but he just says “okay,” and walks away. He didn’t hurt me. I only cried because for a moment, I actually thought he was going to fuck me, then he stopped again.

I take a shower and put on the dress from the box laid out for me. I smile down at it; it’s beautiful. Long and white, with a V-neck that plunges down far too low, but if they want men staring, then so be it. I can’t wear a bra because the back is also revealed. I laugh slightly as I put on the shoes and walk out. I watch as Bear, Gunner and Dante turn and stare at me.

“Now, that’s hot and worth fucking.” Bear smiles at me as I roll my eyes.

“Sit, sugar,” Dante says. I nod and do as he says.

“I’m in trouble, aren’t I?” I know I am. I can feel it.

“You’re in a lot of shit, taking advantage of Zane like that.” I stare at Dante. No, I didn’t. Did I? “You waited until the moment he was weak and pounced. I would say that was rape, to be honest,” Dante says.

“No.” It wasn’t. Was it? “He wanted it; he was just worried he would hurt me.” I saw the fire in his eyes, the pure want in those final moments.

“Or he just couldn’t escape. I think it was that. You took him by surprise and made him run.”

Shit. I glance around them. I feel awful. I didn’t even think. Maybe Dante is right. If that was a guy doing it… Shit. I feel myself panicking.

“Little Lamb, calm down. He’s joking.” Bear nudges me and smiles.

“He’s right, though.” I look to Bear. “He’ll hate me now.” Why the hell did I do it?

“Kitten, Zane doesn’t hate you. He enjoyed it, and he could have stopped. Sure, you took him by surprise, but he could have stopped you. Dante was playing. Stop it.” Gunner turns and looks at Dante towards the end, shaking his head.

“I’m fine. Listen to Gunner. I could have stopped you, Emmi, I just didn’t see it coming, and part of me knew what was happening, and I just wanted to see what your next move was,” Zane says as he wraps his arms around my body.

“But if it was the other way around?” I look at him, watching as he laughs slightly.

“Emmi, you don’t have the strength. Had I not wanted you to, you wouldn’t have moved my hand, and it wouldn’t have happened. Stop worrying. Dante is just a jealous ass.” Zane laughs, kissing my neck.

“Nah, not jealous.” He winks at me and laughs. “We should leave though. Let’s go.” Dante stands and grabs his phone from the table.

“So, where are we going?” They are all dressed up, and so am I.

“A charity event. Raising money for different causes, from homelessness to hospices, and such,” Dante says as we walk out together.

In the car, I find myself sat between Bear and Gunner. Zane and Dante are in the front talking. As always, one car is ahead of us and one behind us. After a short while, we stop and Gunner smiles at me, holding out a box.

“For you, kitten.” He winks as I open the box and pull out a kitten mask. “Masks are required. It keeps the identity of those who donate hidden.” He smiles at me as he fastens it around my head.

As soon as we walk in, we’re escorted to a table. Dante throws something at me, and I catch it instantly. “You’ll need that as well. Go crazy.” He winks at me as I look down at the item. It’s to bid. I look back up at him, confused. “Items go up for auction, all money raised is given to the charity. Every item is donated. There’s one you will want,” Dante explains. One I will want?

I sit quietly and watch as time passes by. All four are smirking at me, but I have no fucking idea why. I haven’t even tried to bid on anything because their eyes are all on me. Hell, Dante’s haven’t left me for even a second. It feels like he is constantly undressing me and fucking me in his mind. Screw this!

Turning, I face them. “Can this ‘no one fucking me’ end please? You’ve been teasing me for over a month. I want fucking.” I don’t care anymore.

“You have to choose one, Emmi,” Dante insists.

“Screw one! I can’t choose yet.” How can they just expect me to never have sex until I decide who I’ll marry?

“I didn’t mean like that. I realise expecting you to not fuck anyone until you pick one of us is wrong. I mean, you have to choose which one of us fucks you first.” He looks at me, waiting for my answer.

“Why not all of you?” I hear Zane choking on his drink as Dante laughs. “I mean it! I don’t want to choose. So, one of you fucks me, then the other, followed by the next two. All of us together in the same room.” I watch as his eyes widen.

“I want to fuck her now, never mind later,” Gunner says.

“Behave, Emmi, don’t push yourself too soon, too far. You decide when and only when you actually feel ready and like you really want to. Not just because you want fucking by anyone.” He looks at me.

“That was today with Zane, but he ran after I tried.”

“I ran because you made me break the damn rules.” He laughs slightly.

“Next up to auction off for Children First Society is Emmi’s Club.” I turn, hearing the auctioneer speak, and Dante laughs.

“What is that?” I stare at Dante.

“It’s a woman’s only fight club. I set it up this week. You might want to fight for it. Don’t you lose it, sugar, or your ass will be worse.” He winks at me.

“I’ve never done this.” I look at him, panicking.

“Just raise it when you want to bid.” So, I do as he said, and I watch as slowly people stop bidding, but one arrogant asshole is still going.

“She has 150k,” Dante calls over, and I look at him, shocked. “Now, he will stop.”

“200.” I stamp my feet in frustration as the guy bids again.

“250,” Dante calls across. Leaning over, he whispers in Gunner's ear, and I watch as he walks off.

“You will get it for 250, sugar,” he says with a wink and a laugh.

“300.” I turn and glare at the man, seeing Gunner behind him.

“350 here,” Dante calls out, winking at me. Gunner appears back at the table, smiling.

“What did you do?” I look towards Gunner.

“Told him he can keep bidding, but if he won, we would take it for free purely because it had your name on it.” He smiles slightly. “While holding a dagger against him. He wanted it for the wrong reasons anyway.” I have to laugh.

“Why would you buy a club and name it after me?” Are they fucking crazy?

“You like fighting, right? So, I decided that could be yours. Women only, with male guards, of course, a safe place for you to escape to if you want space.” Space? I stare at him, shocked. “I’m not saying you will be free like you want to be, Emmi, but we will try.” He smiles at me as I feel tears fill my eyes. Hell, even just that is more than my family ever did. I wasn’t allowed to go to any clubs. I was told no woman should learn to fight. I cross the table and hug Dante. I don’t know why but this, this small thing, has just made me so happy.

“You’ve been with us for a month Emmi, there is still a risk, a lot of risks. But you chose us, so I’ll try to give you some freedom.” He smiles at me as I kiss him. “Now get your ass sat down. Gunner has an item coming up that he wants.” Nodding, I sit back down and find myself just staring between them all. I could start crying, I really could. The word freedom keeps running through my mind. Is it freedom? Sure, they’re saying it is. Somehow though, it still isn’t freedom.

Without warning, my body is thrown to the floor, and I scream, Dante towering over me as I hear the gunshots. Pain shoots across my back, his body suffocating me as he tries to keep me covered entirely.

“Kill him!” I hear Dante’s shout as everything suddenly falls quiet. I’m shaking as he climbs off of me and looks down. “Are you hurt?” he asks, his eyes full of worry.

“No, my back just hurts from where it hit the chair as it fell back.” That’s all. His body stays over mine, his eyes scanning the room.

“Who the hell would bring a gun and try shooting someone here?” Bear asks.

“Not just someone, Emmi. They aimed for Emmi. Had I not looked up at that moment, he would have.” Wait, me? I stare at Dante, shocked. “No one will ever hurt you; I swear.” He pulls me from the floor. “Get an ID on him, find out how he got a gun through, and if someone failed or let him, deal with them. I’m taking her home.” His arm wraps around me as he guides me out, a few guards following us as we get into the car, and they drive us home.

All the while, I stay cuddled against Dante, unsure of why the hell anyone would try to shoot me. I feel my body shaking against his, but the adrenaline burning faster. Walking in, he guides me to his room.

“Get showered, then put this on.” He hands me a shirt, but I shake my head. Fuck showers. Fuck their rules.

Dante: Giving In

She stands before me, shaking slightly, but her eyes are still wide and bright.

“Fuck me.” Her words are stern and make me laugh. “I mean it! If you don’t fuck me, then I swear I will go out there and fuck your guards. No more saying no, just do it.” She pushes herself against me, a moan escaping her mouth as she does.

“Emmi.” How the hell can I keep saying no?

“Please, you told me to choose. I choose now, I choose you. You said no to all of you, so you, I choose you to fuck me first.” Her body pushes against mine. Turning with her in my arms, I push her down onto the bed. I climb onto her as my mouth captures hers, the kiss starting slow and soft before it becomes aggressive, both of us fighting each other to dominate the kiss, my mouth swallowing and muffling her moans. Without breaking the kiss, I pull her dress, tearing it open.

Glancing down, I smile. “I fucking love peepholes.” I grab her nipple and pull, causing her to cry out slightly. Her legs wrap around my waist, and I feel my cock pressing against my trousers, feel her hands moving down and pulling my shirt, the buttons flying off with the force as she rips it open.

I hear a moan escape her mouth as she bites against her lip, her eyes on my body as she begins to stroke along it. “Now, please.” Her small plea making me laugh.

“Soon.” I kiss down her body, my tongue reaching her pussy and feeling the wetness there already. “Slow, sugar, I will fuck you, I promise.” I grasp her hips as my tongue begins teasing her, her hands in my hair as she forces my face closer to her sex.

I keep going, my tongue flicking along her bud, watching as her body shudders and cries escape her mouth while she orgasms. I lean over her, shrugging off the torn shirt as she unfastens my trousers and pushes them down. I kick them off as she grasps my cock, my hips jerking as her hand begins to slide over it, slowly fisting my cock. Damn, she needs to keep her hands off me.

Her leg raises and wraps around my waist, her body wiggling and try to push down onto me. Laughing, I grab her hip and shake my head. “Slow down.” Kissing her neck, I grab her hands and pin them down. My hips moving, a moan escapes my mouth as I feel my cock rubbing against her.

“Please,” she whispers as she tries to move. “Don’t tease, please.” Moving, I push against her, my body sinking into her deeper as she cries out in pleasure.

“Fuck, you’re so perfect.” I push deeper into her, grasping her face, and look at her. “Are you okay?” I stare into her eyes, and she nods.

“Can I have my hands?” I shouldn’t take that from her, not for her first time, so I release them. Slowly and gently, I grind into her, hearing her moans that sound so fucking perfect. I keep going, slowly speeding up but still trying to be gentle. Her hands are constantly touching and feeling across my body as if she’s searching for something.

She looks amazing as she orgasms, her hands clasping onto me, and slowly, my hips stop. This was for her, just her.

“Don’t stop.” Her small cry is destroying my soul, but I still shake my head. “Please, Dante.” I watch as she kneels in front of me.

“What do you want, Emmi?”

“You to fuck me, really fuck me! That was amazing, but after the way you were the other night, I know that isn’t you. You were soft and gentle; I want you to make me scream.”

I laugh at her words, but she looks completely serious. I stare at her, shocked. “You fucking mean it?”

“I can say stop, so fuck me, anyway you want, just fuck me!” She looks at me, begging both with her words and eyes.

“Turn around.” She nods and turns. I push her down, so she is bent over before me. “How hard do you want it?” I ask as my cock pushes into her sex, her hips trying to push back onto me. “How fast, how fucking dirty does my slut want it?”

“That, I want that!” Her cry is loud as I draw back before thrusting again, hard, and deep, her screams slowly destroying that lock I have around my heart and soul. “Faster!” She tries pushing back against me, her hands grasping against the headboard. I hold onto her hips.

“Stay!” My mouth begins to tease her sex, my tongue gathering the wetness before working up to her ass. I let my tongue tease over it, hearing her muffled moans as she sinks her face into the pillow. “I want you soaked.” My words are quiet as I continue teasing her. When I am convinced that she’s wet enough, I move back, my cock once again pushing into her.

“Soon, soon, I will be the first one to fuck you here.” My finger pushes against her ass, sliding inside. Her body shakes and collapses forward, my arm wrapping around her as her pussy clamps around my cock, my hips moving once more as my finger begins to work in her ass. Soon, very soon, I am fucking that tight ass of hers. She cries out in pleasure as my hips speed up.

“Please! Dante, stop been so fucking soft!” she screams, trying to push herself back on me.

“You don’t want soft. What do you want?” I thrust, causing her to scream. I can’t be myself, not yet, not this soon, but her begging, her screaming for it, is destroying all my control.

“I want the fucking beast in you, Dante, the beast I keep seeing behind those shadowed eyes, fuck me like the beast would.” The last shred of sanity slips from my mind and my hands grasp her hips.

“You want it rough.” I hear her small cry as she nods. Moving, I thrust into her, hearing her scream follow, but instead of slowing down, I go faster, pushing deeper, pushing harder as I hear her screams constantly getting louder, calling out my name as she tries slamming back against me while I fuck her. I feel her sex tighten on my cock as she begins to chase her orgasm, and shit, it feels epic! Groaning, I feel the tingle in the bottom of my spine as my balls begin to draw up. My hips speed up as I push deeper, hearing her call my name as I free myself inside her. I thrust one more time, just to try and get one last scream from her.

Slowly, my hips stop, and I hear her whimper as I remove myself from her. Rolling her over so she is facing me, I look at her. Shit, she’s crying. “Emmi.” Maybe I went too far? “Emmi, please.”

“That was amazing.” Her words relax me slightly.

“Then why the fuck are you crying?” I laugh slightly.

“Because part of me is glad I never got it before, part of me is glad I get this, get you, get them.” I look at her confused as I pull her closer.

“What are you talking about?”

“I feel like I’m falling in love with you all. Even that week that you were all cold, part of me still craved you, still felt like I loved you.” I stare at her. “I know, it’s crazy.” I want to say yes, that she is crazy, but for now, I won’t. I just want to cuddle her and sleep, and so I do.

When I wake, the first thing I see is Emmi, asleep and wrapped around me. I need to get information today on who tried shooting her. Moving carefully, I peel back the blanket, then stop. There’s blood. Why is there blood? I try to remember last night, but even when I woke hours ago, there wasn’t blood. Then I remember. It’s been a month, a month since she came.

I get out of bed, shower, and get dressed before running her a bath. When I return, I lean over her and kiss her. I watch as she wakes and looks at me.

“Morning.” Her voice is quiet as she smiles at me.

“Morning. I ran you a bath.” I sit next to her, and she looks at me, confused. “You started bleeding; you get in the bath. After that, I will sort the bed.” I kiss her lips but when I pull back, I see the panic in her eyes. Maybe I should have just left and acted like I didn’t notice? “Don’t panic. Go get in the bath and let us know if you want anything.” But she just keeps scaring at me. Okay, maybe I should leave?

I step out and see Zane. He will know. I quickly grab his arm as he walks past.

“So, yeah, I am just going to say it since this feels awkward. Emmi is bleeding. I ran her a bath and told her why, but she was freaking out. She wouldn’t get in. So, I came out here.”

He laughs. “Dante, she’s used to having no one there, remember that. Sure, her family was, but she was alone. Wait until she’s in the bath, sort the bed, and don’t mention it unless she does. She’ll be embarrassed. She lives with four random guys and just got blood on the sheets." He turns and walks off before stopping. “There are some sanitary items in her bathroom. I had them brought in last week. Leave them in the bedroom.” Then he continues walking away. Okay, I can do that. I step into my room. She isn’t in there. That’s probably for the best. I strip the bed and put on new sheets, then fetch the sanitary products and leave them on the freshly made bed.

In the main room, Zane, Gunner and Bear are sat at the table having breakfast, just like every morning. I put the sheets in the wash and walk back through.

“Right, who was the guy?” I sit down and look at them.

“Never mind ‘who was the guy’, she’d be dead, you realise that? Had you not reacted and knocked her back, she would be dead!” Zane looks at me, worried.

“She isn’t, and believe me, whoever it was will be dead.” Okay, the guy who tried shooting her is dead, but I doubt it was just a coincidence.

“So, the guy we identified as Kain,” Gunner says, and I look towards him, shocked.

“Looks like we have some people to visit then. Gunner, you’re coming with me. You two stay here, wait for her to wake, and I will send you a list of people. We go for anyone who Kain is connected to. I don’t care if it means killing everyone he knows. We find out why.” Standing up, I grab my phone.

“Breakfast?” Zane looks at me.

“I’m not hungry right now. Move, Gunner.”

We go straight to the car. We have several stops to make.

The first is a bar: Kain’s bar. Well, his brother’s, but he lives here, though. Sitting down, I look around me, everyone quietening down. Tapping my fingers on the wood, I wait. Then I see him: Ryan. I watch as he walks over to us, shoving his phone in his pocket and smiling. But his hands shake, and I already know the little weasel knows.

“Can I get you a drink on the house?” he asks, and Gunner’s laugh booms around the bar. I guess everyone in here will learn today to stay the hell away from my Queen. Gunner looks at me and I can see he’s itching to do something, but the first person he touches he will kill, so for now, he won’t.

“How about you tell us about your brother and his plans.” I can see the sweat already starting to fall from his brow.

“I don’t know.” He looks at me. Loosening my tie, I stand up, then take off my jacket.

“You see, he’s a bit dead right now and can’t speak, so until I find out the story, everyone will die. Starting with you.”

“I don’t know anything!” he shouts, raising his hands.

“You don’t know anything? So, you’re telling me that your brother, who lives here with you, who works here with you, didn’t say anything and you didn’t hear anything? Now I’m really getting annoyed, so speak.” I step closer, watching as he moves back.

“I know nothing.” His hands stay up, but the fact he panicked when he saw us means something. Hell, the fact his brother was shot dead last night, and he hasn’t even asked why says a lot.

“Anyone that comes for Emmi is coming for us. No one touches our Queen unless they want death.” I wrap my hand around his neck, my fist swinging down onto his face. His screams get louder as I keep hitting him. It isn’t often I get involved. Gunner and Bear enjoy this, but I need him alive, at least long enough to admit what he knows.

No one moves. They just watch as I throw Ryan over the bar and jump over, my hands covered in blood.

“Okay, okay! Kain told me he had a job. He said once he did the job, we would be out of debt. I swear, I didn’t know what, not until I heard about someone shooting at the charity event.” He looks at me, crying.

I look over at Gunner. “Don’t kill him, just make sure that every morning he wakes up, he remembers no one does anything in this city without my permission.” Walking away, I look at people, my eyes scanning them. How they react will tell me everything. Some are simply watching me walk through, while others are watching Gunner as Ryan screams. My eyes stop on Justin, his eyes darting around the room, his fingers moving fast. I cross the room, sit opposite him and smile.

“Gunner, leave him be. I think he will remember.” If he didn’t know what Kain was doing, then he’s fine. “Now, Justin, are you going to speak, or is your fate going to be the same as Ryan’s?” I look at him, waiting.

“He’s lying.” He glances between me and Ryan. Hell, that was quick.

“How so? How do you know?” I look at him, waiting to see what he says.

“Not long before you came in, I heard him on the phone. He was saying he knew he’d failed. He promised to succeed next time. He sounded pissed off and said his brother was dead because of it, but he would ensure it happened.” I laugh slightly. I guess Gunner gets to kill him. “I swear I just found out before you walked in.”

I stand, and my hand swings down as I grab his shoulder. He jumps sharply. “You got him a death sentence; told me he was lying. So, you’re safe. Take this as a warning, though. If I find out you knew more or knew before, you will see me again soon.” Turning away, I face Gunner.

“Keep going. If he doesn’t talk, then he doesn’t talk, but he dies.” I sit back down and put my feet up as I watch Gunner. Eventually, Ryan’s screams stop, and I roll my eyes.

“He’s dead. Grab his phone.” Gunner picks up the phone and throws it my way. Catching it, I scroll through it. “Justin, the bar is yours. Any issues, let me know. It comes with responsibilities, like telling me if you hear of anything.” As I walk out, I keep scrolling. Stopping at a name, I smile.

“Looks like we’re going to Solace City.” I smile at the name of the last person he spoke to.

“Who?” He looks at me, my eyes rolling, seeing the blood across his face.

“Danielle.” Now, I don’t want to torture a woman, but I may need to at this rate. Although women have weaknesses. I grab my own phone and hit the call button. “Zane, Danielle from Solace City, find her weaknesses. Send them in a message straight away.” I hang up, not giving him time to reply.

I continue driving, stopping outside the salon. I get out and check the messages from Zane. Women don’t need torturing. You just need their weaknesses.

Smiling, I walk in and look around.

“Can I help?” The woman at the desk looks at us, but I shake my head.

“No, we want Danielle.”

“She’s busy.” She stands smiling at me, her hand stroking along my arm. Pushing it off, I shake my head.

“Tell her I want her now. The place is closed. I suggest you all leave, now.” I step further in, watching as people stand and walk out, the woman rushing through. A moment later, Danielle walks out. My eyes are on her as she fastens her shirt, the man leaving just as quick as everyone else.

“Dante, I didn’t expect to see you.” She smiles at me. I shake my head.

“Now, because you’re a woman, you get a chance, so talk.” I can’t be arsed with all the tricks. I sit down, watching Gunner walk around the salon, dropping things onto the floor and smashing them.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

I stare at her. “Bullshit!” I shout, standing up. Walking to the sink, I pull, ripping it out of the wall. “Does Luke know about your secret affair? Actually, does Luke know that it is his brother?” She looks at me, shocked. “Maybe he should, or maybe I should just tell those around here he owes money to that the only way to get payment from him is by cutting him apart. You see, he’s in hiding, right? After owing over fifty thousand. Hiding at your mother’s old allotment.” I watch as the panic spreads across her face.

“I swear I didn’t know! I get information, I get paid, and I send it encrypted. I had no idea it was an attack on the Princess.”

“You did, though, from the phone call to Ryan, who by the way is dead. You knew.” I hear something else smash, but I keep looking directly at her. “He won’t stop until we get the truth.” I stand waiting.

“Okay, so I knew. One of the guards said it had to go untraced. Only this morning I got in shit because they passed the message on wrong.”

“What message did you put out, and what was it meant to be?” Why would Candice have someone kill Emmi?

“The message I sent was that the target was to be left with the Wolversons but dead. Turned out the guard who gave me information got it wrong. He was meant to say kidnapped and won’t be returned until dead.” So, it is Candice?

“Keep going. I want everything.”

She nods. “The guard's names are Elliot Monson and Wayne Costca. I wasn’t told who gave them the order. I heard something about past secrets coming back. Apparently, these past secrets, if others find out, it means someone loses power. There was another hit put out. This one was for some guy named Dean. They took him last night.”

I consider her words for a moment. Candice wants Emmi taken. Now though, she is taking Dean. I glance to Gunner, which means she knows Emmi knows about Dean, but how?

“Where did they take Dean?” I ask.

“I was told a warehouse that’s no longer in use, they were to drop Dean off there, and someone else will take over today. Here, this is the address.” She hands me the papers. More than the address, they also show everything that she got for these jobs.

“If anyone, and I don’t care who, sends information for Emmi or ourselves, you tell us. We will sort it.” I stand up and walk towards the door, but then I stop. “Two weeks. You have two weeks to sort out your husband’s money issues, or I give his location. Oh, and next time you put through any sort of hit on my family, I will make you watch as your husband kills his brother for fucking you, then as he is killed, before ensuring your death isn’t quick.”

I walk out, not even wanting to look back. I don’t need to see her face to know it affected her. Then, getting in the car, I send Zane a list of people to find. Those two guards to start with.

“Our plan?” Gunner asks.

“Go home, grab some things, and find Dean. You can play with your daggers Gunner, so bring them.” We need Dean alive, but now it looks like we have another body to guard. I know Emmi will be with Zane and Bear today. There is no risk for her. The guards can’t be killed, well they can be, but they will serve more purpose if they are breathing. I never thought, but if everyone finds out Candice was unfaithful, many will want her out of power. People will stand up against the family.

Back home, I begin to grab the things we need, laughing as Gunner straps daggers to himself. My phone begins ringing. Hitting answer, I speak.


“Not here. The word around this place is that they are with Dean.” I hear the screams as Zane talks.

“Bear, you got blood on me!” I laugh, hearing Emmi’s voice.

“Okay, I’ll send you the address, meet us there. Make sure Emmi comes, but do not let her out of your sight. I have no idea how many guys are going to be there.” Hanging up, I grab the rest of the things, and we leave. Gunner is bouncing in his seat the whole way there.

“So, do you think little kitten will play?” He turns, smiling at me.

“Maybe you should have washed some of the blood off, Gunner? Who knows with Emmi, but she is safer with us than left alone.” I stop the car and see Zane pull up.

I brief them all on the plan and on which places to enter. Emmi is staying with Bear. Gunner is likely to get too invested in cutting someone open to please her and forget she is there.

I hear Emmi’s squeal. Turning, I laugh - Gunner has her in a hug, the blood going on her dress. “This was my favourite dress!” she pouts as she hits him playfully.

“Then I will buy you all of them they have available. This isn’t going to be the last time it will get blood on.” Gunner smiles at her, licking her neck.

“Okay, focus, Gunner! Emmi, go to Bear.” I point out the places we enter and ensure that Bear has Emmi guarded as we approach the building.


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