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The Cities Mafia Queen. PT 11

Reverse Harem Story

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 3 months ago 33 min read
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Emmi: Issues

This morning was awkward. Weird and fucking awkward. I hadn’t even considered when I was due on. No, I just forgot, as if it no longer existed. Dante looked at me, waiting for me to go get in the bath. There was no way in hell I was going to stand naked and walk through knowing I had blood on me. So, I waited for him to leave then ran to the bathroom. When I emerged, the bed was sorted, and a box was on the bed. Inside were pads, tampons, tablets for the pain, everything I would have thought of, even chocolate! Someone had put chocolate in it.

I spent the day with Bear and Zane, although there wasn’t much excitement. Dante and Gunner had ‘gone to paint the cities red’ based on Bear’s words. From what I learned; they were trying to find out who ordered the hit on me.

That moment is burned into my mind. Dante hadn’t even hesitated. He just jumped and protected me, not caring that he could have got shot. What does that mean anyway? From how they spoke, I know they don’t jump in front of each other, but then again, they can fight and protect themselves. They don’t know that I can too. Still, why me?

I spent most of today considering it. Why would Dante protect me over himself? No one has mentioned last night either. Do they know I slept with Dante? Has he told them? I again have no idea. I also don’t feel any closer to knowing who I like the most. They each have unique sides, parts of them I can feel myself falling in love with.

But I’m still here, thinking about if I would stay if they were to give me freedom. If they gave me a choice to get out of the city and be free, would I take it? Would I take the freedom over them? I no longer know. I know they are trying to protect me. I know they disagree with the arranged marriage. Which I guess is why they didn’t just take me and decide between them who I would marry.

Last night though… I can’t help but smile as I think back to it. Actually, I can’t help but smile when I think back to every moment with them. The fact that they refused to fuck me until I was ready, even after I said I was ready, they still refused. Then this morning was awkward. I know they knew. Bear and Zane were looking at me like they were worried to speak. I remembered their sister, and I know sometimes we have mood swings, so they will be aware of that.

“Emmi!” I turn and look at Bear. “Stay close. When we enter, I will find you somewhere to stay down while I’m close.” Nodding, I walk to him, and he pushes me behind his back. I hear the whistle and a door breaking, followed by screams. Bear opens the door and walks through, his hands pushing me down behind boxes. “Stay!” Nodding, I do as I am told. As they launch their attack, I watch them.

I watch as Bear moves effortlessly, barely using any weapons, just his hands.

I see Gunner next, and I have to laugh as he jumps about like a giant psychotic madman, the blood around him growing as he cuts people doing cute dances in between each. But somehow, he looks angelic. He makes it look like an art.

Then I see Zane, and like Bear, he is using just his hands. His strength is impressive, and again, it looks incredible!

And Dante? He is… well. I’m captivated. He is incredible, just shooting effortlessly while avoiding bullets.

As Bear fights with two guys, I see someone creeping up behind him. I glance around, but none of the others seem to have noticed. I run to his back and pull out the knife from the strap around his leg. I feel him tense. Turning sharply, I swing the knife, lunging for the man's throat. He crumples immediately. Someone grabs me, but I know those hands.

“Thanks, little lamb.” Bear kisses me quickly as he kicks a guy to the ground.

“Like I was going to let him stab you. That’s my job.” I wink and smile at him.

“Clear?” I hear Dante call, and everyone echoes him as we walk through, my eyes on Dean.

“Is he dead?” I don’t even know. He doesn’t look too hurt, but he is out of it.

“No, he’s still breathing. Gunner don’t kill these two. They need to go back and give us information.” Dante turns to me. “He’s fine, likely just knocked out. He doesn’t look too hurt.” He wraps his arms around me as he sits and pulls me into his lap.

I watch as Zane and Gunner work together, as they force the two men to tell them everything. Dante’s arms wrap around me tighter as I hear how my mother placed the hit, that she is aiming to get it done as soon as she can to destroy the Wolversons. These cities are awful, at war with each other but clearly not fully. They are hiding things, doing it slyly. My mum is, anyway.

“We’ve been told the plan is to get Emmi, take her, go through with the original plan. But Candice knows. She can see you guys care for Emmi, so even if she doesn’t die and is just seriously fucked up, it will impact your fight,” one of the guards explains.

“Then we want dates, times, and everything about other attacks,” Zane says.

“We can’t. We get the message to Danielle; we don’t get dates and things. That gets sent encrypted from Candice. We can tell you when she orders it again, but the date, when, who, we won’t know.” He looks towards Dante as he speaks, and Zane laughs slightly.

“Dante has that side covered. Before you send the message, you tell us. You don’t speak. If someone asks what happened here today, you say we came. We came to get Dean, nothing more. You two are simply alive because we wanted someone to send back a message.” Zane looks at them, and they both nod. “We will find out who wanted Emmi dead, and we will kill them.” Zane’s words are fierce. He looks different, and somehow, hotter than usual.

“Now leave, and don’t for a second think you can speak. I know where your families are.” Dante stands while he talks, pulling me up with him. We watch as they leave, Gunner smiling at me. The creepy fucking psycho is looking at me like I’m his next meal.

“The bloody look suites you, little kitten.” He licks his lips and winks.

“Right, home, cleaned up and food. We still need to find out how Candice knew. Get a team in to check the room, she was left for less than thirty seconds, but that is still enough time to place a bug.” Dante explains as he takes out his phone. I listen as he talks to someone called Danielle. Zane is on his phone ordering a sweep of the apartment. I know I need to stop, calm down and think, really think, but I know if I give my mind a chance to think about everything, I will break.

Was this my father's idea? Did he just want to use me for the deal to keep my family in power? Is it just my mum who plans to make sure I get hurt, or does Jamie know as well? We’re twins, and we were close, but now? He seems to have turned into dad. Or worse, mum.

“Come on, let’s get home and cleaned, little lamb.” Bear hugs me as we walk out and get into the car. Once again, I sit quietly while everyone else talks. I know Dante had a few guys take Dean somewhere safe. Apparently, he will have guards with him until everything is figured out. That makes no sense. They don’t protect, sure they request to be told if anything is planned, but they don’t go out of their way to protect anyone, but they are for Dean?

Back at the house, I decide to go with Gunner and Bear through to the kitchen. We cook together and I find it takes my mind off everything. I am amazed that they can all seem to cook, and they always try to have breakfast together.

The week passes quickly, I find myself sleeping alone because I don’t feel comfortable sleeping with them while I’m bleeding. They seem to be planning a lot. I haven’t asked about much, just concentrated on getting through this week. But somehow, I have craved them even more this week, knowing I can’t have them.

I stand in the kitchen cooking, Gunner and Bear cooking, I am more watching. I am excited for tonight to have one of them cuddle me again as I sleep.

“Little kitten, little kitten.” I laugh at Gunner. Turning, I look at him.

“What, psycho?”

“Take these through. We will be right behind you.” Nodding, I take the plates and walks through. I stop when I see Dante and Zane talking. Something feels off. I watch as Dante smiles slightly.

“Food first. Eat, Zane.” His words are quiet but not quiet enough that I can’t hear. Sitting down, we eat, my eyes constantly going between them as they talk. Dante explains that they found a small microphone bug stuck under the chair where my mum had sat, that they managed to trace that bug back to her. The same damn chair that Dante had thrown me into that night. I smile remembering that amazing punishment. But I know that means my mother heard everything.

She heard them telling me about everything she had planned. She heard me choose them. She heard him whipping me and fucking me with his fingers. I feel my cheeks go red thinking about it. Was she listening alone or with others?

“Dean is fine, he’s at the hotel with a few guards. He’s been awake all day today. The doctor said he is fine.” Dante’s words seep through and break me out of my thoughts.

“I want to speak to my mum.” The words escape before I can even stop them. Everyone’s eyes suddenly come to me. Why did I say that?

“What? Are you crazy?” Zane looks at me, shocked.

“No, but she’s, my mum. Surely there’s a way to resolve this? Surely if I speak to her, she’ll stop.” Hell, even I don’t sound like I believe that. The alternative, though, is either they take over the city and leave my mum and brother without power and money, or they are both dead. Surely, she realises that?

“We will see. For now, there’s too much risk, Emmi. I can’t say for sure. But I also won’t say it’s a straight no. She knows you chose us. She knows you know everything,” Dante says.

“What’s your plan, Emmi? Walk up to your mum and tell her she’s your mum, and it’s wrong? She was happy to hand you over to us, to have you raped and beaten. Where in your mind can that be fixed?” Zane looks at me, his words are harsh, and I watch as Gunner nudges him and shakes his head. “What? She is in a fucking dream world. To think her mum will just say, okay, go live your life, Emmi. No, she won’t, Princess, and you’d just be walking into another trap if you try to contact her.”

My eyes widen as I stare at him. He called me Princess, and it was how everyone else does.

“Zane, calm down.” Dante looks across at him.

“No! We’re here trying to protect her, putting ourselves at risk, and she just wants to walk straight into the danger.” Zane’s voice is loud. Standing, he shakes his head. “Forget it!” With that, he turns and walks out. I glance around in confusion.

“He’s on edge. Someone was trying to shoot you. Plus, the fact both of the guards we sent back are dead, and there are no signs of Danielle, it means we’re blind again and have no idea when things will be planned.” Dante smiles at me. “He just needs to let off some steam. Once he comes back from the club, he’ll be fine.”

I stand up, but Bear’s hand grasps my arm. “Give him space.”

“No thanks.” I turn to walk away, but this time, it’s Dante stopping me.

“You’re a stubborn brat. Give him space, Emmi, he’s not in the right frame of mind to think,” Dante says.

“Then I’ll walk out. I can try.” I walk off through to Zane’s room. I know he will go fight, but surely there is a way to help him without fighting? I don’t bother knocking. Instead, I just walk in and close the door. Instantly, I can feel his eyes on me.

“What do you want, Emmi?” Smiling, I turn to face him.

“To help. Just let me help.” I step towards him, watching as his head shakes.

“I’m not in the mood right now for fun and games, Emmi. Go see my brothers and leave me alone!” His words are vicious. I step forwards again, but he pushes me back.

“Why won’t you just accept help! You act nice, then go cold. Do you do this to everyone you love or care about?” I step back slightly at the look in his eyes.

“Care and love? Do you really think right now I look like someone who wants care or love? Who gives a shit about that? No, Princess. I don’t want someone to stand here and cuddle me, to tell me it will be fine. Now leave!”

“Why wouldn’t you want people to care about you? This is why you’re so fucking crazy!” I feel like screaming at him.

“I don’t deserve it! Stay away from me, Emmi, because every time you try to help, try to care for me, it just makes me want to fucking scream!” His words are cruel, and his eyes wild, but I can see something else in his eyes. I will ask later what he is thinking about at this moment or the moments he feels like this.

Right now, though, he’s right. Me trying to care for him won’t work. He likes the fight. He likes the fact someone is attacking him.

“I hate you!” I scream the words at him.

“Good, so you should! You should hate us all!”

I look at him, considering what to say next. “You make out like my mum is a monster, my dad, and brother! You don’t have to keep me! You could easily let me leave the city, then I am free of you all. You’re just as fucking bad!” I shout, feeling tears in my eyes as I realise just how real those words are.

“I wouldn’t have you here if I had a choice. So don’t flatter yourself, Princess. You’re nothing but a fucking toy.” His words cut deep, but I started this, and I won’t quit!

“Look at you! Your life has been fucking perfect! So, your mum died, your sister killed herself, your dad as well. At least your family aren’t trying to rape and murder you! You act so hard done by, Zane, but really, you’re not. You just want everyone to feel sorry for you. Well, newsflash Zane, you’re just like every other piece of scum out there whose childhood was fucked up. The difference is the Wolversons saved you from sticking needles into your arms.” I shut my mouth sharply. Shit, I didn’t mean to go that far. His eyes are wide, and if he wasn’t pissed off before, he sure as hell is now. I thought hurting him would help. Maybe it’s just the physical hurting that helps him?

“Go back to my brothers, and tell Dante next time someone shoots at you not to jump in. If he hadn’t saved you, God, our lives would be so much easier right now! We’re protecting Dean for you! You know Dante is fighting doing anything because she’s your mum? Anyone else would be dead. So, once you are, then it’ll be easier. You’re nothing but a toy. You were to your family, you are to us, and even if we let you out of the city, you would be someone else's toy. That is all your worthy of, after all.” He laughs, turning to walk away, but that bit, that bit fucking hard, and there is no way I am letting him have the last word.

“Screw you!” I push him. “Your mummy would be so proud of the man she brought into this world! No doubt you're just like your fucking father!” My words are cut off as he throws me against the wall, his body pinning mine there.

“Don’t you fucking dare speak about her! You have no idea,” he spits.

Laughing, I shake my head. “Oh, because poor Zane doesn’t like that, does he? No, he doesn’t like the fucking truth!” My hands move to push him again as his eyes growing darker. Maybe this is foolish, but if I can find a way to get him to release the anger without fighting, maybe it will help? I stare into his eyes, and I can see the pain, so much pain, but right now, he doesn’t care.

His lips crash against mine, and while I want it, I know that if I accept it, it won’t work. So instead, I push against him. I don’t care how much I have to fight, I will. I will fight him through all this, so he gets that feeling of me hating him. I will enjoy it, but this is for him.

Zane: Painful Pleasure

Her words cut deep, and somehow; it feels good. How fucked up is that? My lips crash against hers, a moan escaping my mouth. She pushes me back as she tries freeing herself.

“Get off me! You really think I want you? No one wants you, Zane.” Her words are sharp.

“Like I fucking care!” I kiss her again, feeling her fighting against me, my body pinning hers against the wall as my mouth kisses down her neck. Screaming, she keeps trying to push me away.

“You can’t fuck me!” She yells the words, which make me laugh.

“I can! Do you think we don’t know about you and Dante? We got back and heard your screams.” My hands move, pulling and ripping her dress open. I bite down against her neck, causing her to scream more. I feel her body shift, her hand swinging with a knife, but I knock it from her grasp, the blade catching me slightly.

I pin her more forcefully as my hands pull her underwear away from her body. Sliding my hand down her stomach, I stop between her legs, feeling the wetness. Hell, she is really getting off on this? My fingers push into her sex, a moan escaping her mouth as she pushes her hips to me.

“Don’t! Don’t you fucking dare submit to me,” I snap harshly as I move my fingers in her sex, her body now fighting again as she tries fighting against me. Her moans get louder as my fingers push deeper, causing her to cry out. Her hands grasp my hair and pull as she continues to struggle

Her foot stamps down onto mine. “Try harder, brat.” I wrap my free hand around her neck, my thumb rolling over her clit. My eyes stay on her as she screams and orgasms, her hips pushing to me, forcing my fingers closer. I begin to unfasten my belt, my hand staying wrapped around her neck as I begin to remove my clothes.

A grunt escapes my lips as she punches me in the stomach. Stepping back slightly, I shake my head and she turns to run, but I drag her back. Screaming, she kicks me. “Fuck you! Like I want you touching me.” Laughing, I hold her with her back against me.

“You do! You’ve practically been begging for it all month.” A small whimper escapes her mouth as I line my cock up, my hips thrust once, and I groan, holding her against me.

“I changed my mind! I would rather have a tramp off the corner than you.” She’s wiggling like she’s trying to escape, but her ass pushes back, pushing my cock deeper inside her. She reaches behind, trying to claw at my skin. Hell, she is perfect. I go to grab her arms, but I stop, letting her scratch and mark me. I grasp her hips instead as mine begin moving. Moans escape her mouth in between calling me names.

I feel her pussy tighten around my cock as she orgasms again, her nails digging in deeper, causing me to hiss. I release my grip on her slightly as I marvel at the feel of her milking me. I feel her move away, but immediately I’m grasping her, dragging her back to me and to the floor, towering overs her as I grasp her legs and wrap them around my waist. Giving her no time to recover, I thrust, a whimper escaping her mouth as I begin fucking her again.

She claws at my face and neck as her hips push up higher. My hand wraps around her neck, thrusting harder and quicker as she screams, her nails digging into my back.

“I fucking hate you!” Her words are screamed at me as I kiss her lips, my hips moving deeper and harder as I feel myself ready to release. She feels amazing, so fucking amazing. Her tiny screams are getting louder as I force myself deeper, my hand tightening on her neck as I keep going.

Her cries of pleasure claw against my soul and heart, like her nails on my skin. My release floods through me as my hips jolt, burying myself deeper inside her as she shakes with her pleasure. Leaning forward, I collapse on her. Shit. Raising my head, I look at her.

“Do I continue with the ‘I fucking hate you’ routine, or can I smile and admit I loved it?” she asks softly.

“Don’t go soft on me now, or I will have to do it all again.” My words are quiet as I move and lie next to her on the floor. I feel myself relaxing as her hand strokes along my chest. It should freak me out, but somehow it doesn’t.

“Fine, I still hate you. All of you, but I’m tired, so now it’s time to sleep, I think.” She laughs slightly.

I carry her to the bed and lie down with her. Her arm stays wrapped around me.

“I really do hate you all,” she murmurs. Her words make me laugh.

“You hate us, I know. We’re big bad monsters that taint your innocence and stole your virtue.”

“Technically, yes. I should really scream rape.” She laughs slightly.

“Yeah, scream it while you're pushing yourself back against my cock, moaning in pleasure. Hell, even the CCTV will prove it wasn’t,” I tease, pulling her closer. I feel fine now, calm and refined.

“Technically, it is. Just saying, you know. Kind of like manipulation, forced, not giving freedom to choose. You know consent, right? Consent is where someone agrees freely without any coercion or impact on their decision. I have no choice; I have to choose one of you.” She laughs again, and I stare at her. Shit!

I feel sick.

“Zane, I was joking! It was a joke, consensual and all.” She looks at me, her hand stroking up my chest, but I grasp it. Was it, though? If we had let her go, would she even want us?

“I’m going to get a drink.” Grabbing my joggers, I walk out. The crazy thing is, she’s right, how isn’t she? This is an arranged marriage, one she didn’t want and feels pushed into. So technically, she has lost her right to choose. Shaking my head, I walk through to the main room. I felt great until she mentioned those words. Now, I don’t.

“What happened?” Dante asks. Instead of answering, I grab a drink and sit down, them all looking at me.

“We should let her go.” The words escape before I even have a chance to think.

“She was meant to help you, not make you fucking worse, Zane!” Dante looks at me, annoyed.

“She did, I was fine, but afterwards, she said something.” And she was right.

“What? What did she say?”

“She pointed out that all this is technically rape. We’re not giving her the freedom to choose. She has to choose one of us. Consent is someone agreeing without any coercion or acts from others that impact their decision. She’s right.” We just went along with it.

“Gunner, take him out and let him fight. Think about it, Zane, she won’t see it that way. Arranged marriages happen often, is that rape?” Dante asks.

“If they’re happy and choose to, then no, but forced to?” I look at him.

“She wasn’t forced. She had a choice. We could have taken her brother she refused. Hell, we gave her a chance to pick a side. She chose us. She didn’t choose her mum or brother, so her claims that she came to save her brother are crap. She just turned her back on him.”

I know he’s right, but still, this doesn’t feel right. Getting ready with clothes just washed in the kitchen, I leave with Gunner. I feel worse. How is that even possible?

Emmi: Mistakes

I watch as he walks out, and I know I made him worse. He was fine, but I know he took my words to heart. I just wanted to help, and somehow, in the process, I made him worse. I lie still, my body wrapped around the thick throw, waiting, and watching the door. Slowly, I feel my eyes slip closed as I wait for him to come back.

The bang has me jolting awake.

“Why would you say that? Don’t fuck around with Zane because I swear you won’t be breathing.” Dante stands next to the bed, Gunner beside him. Hell, they both look pissed off.

“I didn’t mean it! I told him I didn’t.” I should never have said it. Why did I? He didn’t even act like this when I mentioned his mum.

“Clearly you did, to think of that. If you see it as us raping you, then stay the hell away from us,” he says. I look to Gunner as he shakes his head at me.

“You agree? Do you guys not know me?” Of course, I didn’t mean it.

“How can we? We thought we knew your family, my dad thought he knew them, but hell, we had no idea of the secrets they kept hidden. You’re just like them.”

Standing up, I face him.

“Fuck you!” I go to push past him.

“Already did, Princess, and it just reminded me why I would rather use any other woman that isn’t you.”

His words cut deep. Wordlessly, I turn and walk out of the room to my own. I get it, I hurt Zane, and for some reason, they all seem more protective over him? I don’t get why, but clearly hurting or upsetting Zane is a bad thing. Slamming the door shut, I fall backwards onto the bed. A scream erupts from my chest as I feel the tears fall from my eyes.

It feels like Dante is finding excuses to push me out again. Why though? He agreed. He was so different, and now, now he has gone right back to how he was at the start. Did he really not change his mind, does he still regret having me here? If so, was him fucking me purely for release, not because he wanted to?

I pace the room for hours, showering twice to try and relax, but it doesn’t help. I can’t settle, and everything is now flooding my mind. Finally, getting changed, I walk through to the gym and head straight for the bag. Stepping around it, my fists swing and punch, ages passing as I scream while kicking and punching it. My body burning with hate and love, hate for them all and love for them too. How fucked up is that?

Even this isn’t helping. Back in my bedroom, I close the door and lean against it. I look around the room; this isn’t me! Screaming, I start throwing everything onto the floor, hearing it all smash. Pulling open the drawers, I tip out everything until the whole room is covered. Finally, I collapse onto the bed, my breathing heavy. My body feels worn out at least, but there is still a burning throughout me: hate and love for them all.

Turning my head, I spot my toys. I pick them up and put them onto the bed. Slowly opening the box, I look inside and pull out the object, my eyes inspecting it. Sure, I had used that vibrating egg, but this isn’t like that. I had forgotten they bought these. This toy is long and pink, the tip bending slightly, and I know from the last few times with the guys, it is to help me reach that spot inside that has my toes curling and my body exploding.

Stripping, I lie back on the bed, my fingers sliding, stroking down my body. Stopping between my legs, my fingers tease around my clit, small moans escaping my mouth as I do. Grasping the toy, I slowly push it inside, hitting the button and feeling the vibrations flood through my body. Instantly pushing me towards the edge. The tip of the toy pressing against that perfect spot inside my warm body.

Moving, I slowly push it in and out of my cunt, my free hand grasping my breast, my fingers pulling and twisting against my nipple. My hips raise as the orgasm begins to build within my body, my hand moving the toy quicker while my fingers squeeze against my nipple harder, my head falling back as I chase my own release. My moans are louder as I feel it hit. My body shakes as I feel the pleasure rush over me, clamping my hand down over my mouth to stop the sounds from being too loud.

Once the orgasm passes, I turn off the toy, my body collapsing back onto the bed, the sweat dripping free already. Closing my eyes, I smile. Now I feel like I can sleep. Turning, I look towards the door, hearing heavy breathing, my eyes colliding with Gunner’s. My heart jumps in my chest and I go to remove the toy, but he shakes his head and steps into the room, closing the door. Hell, he’s usually fucking crazy, yet right now, he doesn’t look like the big psychotic bastard I fell in love with. No, he looks hungry, his eyes on the toy still inside of me.

“Leave it.” His words are quiet as he reaches the bed, his hand grasping the toy. My eyes stay fixed on his as I feel him move the toy, slowly becoming faster before pressing the button. Moaning, I pull him closer to me as I try to fight back the pleasure. “You’re so fucking perfect, show me again, do it yourself.” He moves back, kneeling in front of me. His eyes are fixed on my body as his tongue trails along his lip.

“Now, little kitten, do it again. I want to watch the whole thing, not just the end.” His eyes stay on me as I grasp the toy and begin to move it again, my moans getting louder as I get closer to the edge. “Both hands, little kitten, the exact same as before. I want to watch your fingers pull those perfect nipples.” His head leans down, a small cry erupting from within me as his mouth wraps around my breast, his tongue gently flicking my nipple before releasing it.

Moving, I grasp my breast, pinching my nipple and twisting it lightly as I move the toy in my sex, the orgasm happening instantly as he watches my every move, the hunger in eyes growing. His hand moves, pulling the toy from my sex as he leans over me.

“I’m hungry, kitten. Can you guess what for?” His eyes fall to my lips, causing me to moan. “You, that perfect cunt, do you have any idea how fucking addictive you are, how addictive you taste? I’m guessing not, so now, I’ll prove it to you.” He bites against my breast, slowly moving down until his tongue rolls over my clit, causing my hips to raise. I thread my fingers into his hair, a low growl escaping his lips as I do.

His hands stroke along my thighs and grasp my hips, holding me against his mouth as he begins to torture me sweetly with his tongue. I release his hair and grasp the sheets, my hips pushing higher and higher as the pleasure rises. Cries escape my lips as everything goes dark, the pleasure burning through me. I try to relax, expecting him to stop, but he doesn’t. Instead, his tongue somehow begins to work quicker, like he’s determined to get every last drop of my honey from within me. I fight to breathe as another orgasm erupts within me, my cries of ‘no’ getting louder.

His head raises, and he smiles. “Yes, the word you want to say is yes, little kitten, because I haven’t finished eating yet.”

I scream as his fingers plunge inside me, his mouth tormenting my clit as he pushes in deeper, stroking along that perfect spot inside. My body begins to chase the orgasm as I feel his teeth biting down against my clit. My legs hold him hostage as another orgasm flows through me.

“How sensitive are you, little kitten?”

His words confuse me.

“Very, what happened to going slow?” Hell, I’m not used to this, and now, now I feel like I could sleep for a week.

“Screw slow. I had to taste you again before fucking you.” He stands, pulling his shirt off. My eyes go down to the v, my mind imagining licking along it until I make him weak like he just had me. I’m too busy dreaming about seducing him that I don’t even hear his words as he removes his clothes. I watch as he sits on the chair, his finger beckoning me over. Standing, my legs wobble as I walk to him, his hands pulling me into his lap, so I am straddling him.

“This time I will be nice, little kitten. Just this time, I will let you avoid my toys.” A moan escapes my mouth as he keeps a tight hold on my hips, stopping me from lowering myself.

“I quite like the idea of you and your toys.” Leaning forward, I lick his neck, feeling his cock against my cunt. “I’m just imagining all the pleasure you can give me with them.” Opening my mouth, I bite down, trying to push against his hands and onto his cock.

“Bad kitten!” His words are stern and make me smile. He releases my hips as I am trying to push down. I scream, feeling his cock push into me with force, his slightly chuckle making me angry.

“Fuck you!”

“Oh, believe me, I will, soon. One day soon, I will fuck you how I want. Of course, it will be messy, it will be bloody, but God, you’ll love it. You’ll look like an angel after.” He pulls me closer, a moan escaping my mouth as his hips move slightly.

The feel of something rubbing against my clit makes me moan, and I look at him, confused. One of his hands is in my hair, the other on my hip. What the fuck is it? I watch as amusement grows on his face and his hips speed up, but I can still feel something rubbing against my clit.

His grasp on my hip gets tighter, his nails breaking through my skin, the stinging pain making me smile as my hips move against him. His hand moves from my hair to wrap around my neck.

I watch as his head moves, his mouth teasing my ear. “You have the best fucking cunt in the world.” A small cry escapes my lips at his words, and he bites down against my neck as he continues to thrust. While it hurts, it’s still a pleasure. I pull him closer as I push myself closer to his mouth. His hands grasp my back as hips thrust deeper, the thing still rubbing against my clit. I feel the orgasm rising as his nails dig against my back, dragging down, causing a stinging feeling while his mouth bites harder. My screams are loud as I feel the release flood through me. His hips thrusting deeper and faster as I hear his quiet groan, his nails digging in deeper as he buries himself inside me.

His mouth releases on my neck, and I feel his tongue lick along where he bit me. “I fucking hope you get pregnant, and if I have my way, you will be soon.” His words shock me, I go to move back to look at him, but his arms wrap around me tighter, and he carries me to bed. I feel the thing rub against my clit again, a moan escaping my mouth.

He lies next to me, and I turn to him. “What is that?” He had something or used something.

I watch as he laughs. “It’s an implant, little kitten. Not all positions give access to your perfect plump clit.” I let his words flow through my mind.

“An implant?” What the hell?

“Yes, a small round ball. You know, people get implants in their hands, faces and such. I just chose to have one there.” His mouth licks against my neck as I try to wiggle away, but he stops me. “You like pain, little kitten.” His words are a clear statement, not a question.

“No idea.” How would I know?

“Oh, you do. If I bit any woman that hard who didn’t like it, they would have screamed in pain and cried, but no. You pushed closer, and well, because of that, it’s your fault your neck is bleeding.”

I go to argue.

“You know what. I don’t care, shh. I want to sleep.” I close my eyes and consider his words. Sure there was pain, but it made me crave more of him. Then, finally, I feel myself drifting off with his arms around my body.

“You know, seeing your blood just confirms when I really play with you, you will like it. I will hurt you, little kitten, just for my pleasure.” His words don’t stick in my mind as sleep descends and carries me away, too tired to even ask what the hell that means.


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Author Billiejo Priestley

Indie author of hot fiction, and taboo subjects. You can find my on all social medias and my books on Amazon.

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