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The Cities Mafia Queen. PT 5

Reverse Harem Story

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 2 months ago 26 min read

Emmi: Secret Admissions

I sit in front of Zane, his eyes avoiding me. He seems different, I know he said no, but his knuckles are bleeding and need sorting. I sit and wipe them, waiting for them to explain why they killed Paul. He was trying to help me. To them, though, they thought it was payback.

“Look, the plan was we get answers without hurting them, then Gunner got to have fun with him in the playroom until he gave in and died. Unfortunately, he went too far, Zane lost it, and now he’s dead,” Dante says, and it is strange. He hates me, but he is talking to me now. I have a feeling it is to do with Zane. If it wasn’t for Zane, Dante wouldn't be sat here right now speaking to me.

He still didn’t deserve to die, even if he went too far.

“So, what did he do?” I look between them, waiting while I clean Zane’s knuckles.

“Made out like he had fucked you over and over.” Gunner smiles. “He claims it was amazing, so what, did you just forget, or was he that bad you didn’t want to admit it?” He laughs, looking at me.

“Never happened. I would have admitted to fucking him rather than lie and say I am a virgin, don’t you think? Even if he lied and made out that we fucked, it still wasn’t an excuse to beat the guy to death.” It wasn’t, and by the looks of it, it was Zane who did it? He seemed so calm and sweet.

“He deserved it! That just a small part of what he fucking said, and believe me, if they hadn’t stopped me, I would still be there stamping on his lifeless body!” Zane pushes me away and walks off. “I’m getting ready and going out to let off some anger.”

What the fuck? He seemed so calm and friendly.

“Look, little lamb. He needs time to come back to the real world. Paul brought our sister into it, compared how fucking you was to fucking her. I guess he knew he was dead either way, so admitted to being the reason why she is dead,” Bear says with a slight smile.

Their sister? They had a sister? No one mentioned they had a fucking sister. I look around, confused. What don’t I know? I want to ask, but looking at them, I can see asking won’t help. Dante looks pissed off. Is this why Dante lost it tonight at the party?

“I don’t know anything about that, your sister.” That is all I can say.

“Because people know not to talk about her, about us! I’m getting showered and going to bed.” Dante storms out. Well, that is two down, now to piss off the next two, maybe?

No, I feel awful for Zane. I want to check on him. “Which is Zane’s room?” I look at them, waiting.

“Woah, not a chance, little lamb. Give him some space.” Bear laughs and stands.

I can’t. I feel responsible for pushing over and over. “No, so you either tell me, or I go walking in and out of every room. I want to help him.” I will.

“For fuck’s sake, fine. Third door on the left. Warning though, little lamb, he is still high and won’t come back down until he’s either slept it off or kicked the shit out of someone,” Bear says.

Well, I guess I will just make sure I run fast. I turn and walk down the hall, stopping at the third door; I knock, open it, and walk inside.

This was a bad idea, a very bad idea. My eyes are fixed on Zane, and he looks angrier than before. I stare at his naked body, covered in burns, as he pulls on a robe – too late to stop me from seeing them.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?”

“I, erm.” Shit. Words flurry around in my mind, but none of them seem right to say now.

“A monster, right? Just walk the fuck out. Pretend you didn’t see shit.” He stands waiting, pointing to the door. So, he thinks I see him as a monster because of the burns?

“No, I’m sorry. I came in to see if you were okay and apologise, you looked even angrier, so I freaked out and couldn’t think of what to say. You’re not a monster.” He isn’t. Sure, he’s covered in burns, but still, he isn’t a monster.

“Just leave, Emmi. Go play with Bear or Gunner. They’re both safer than I am right now.” He stays stood away from me.

Stepping closer, I shake my head. “I didn’t know about your sister. I’m sorry. I also don’t know about you, what happened tonight. You were always so calm.” I expected it from the others, but him?

“I’m known as the Angel of Death. Gunner is a sick twisted person who likes to torture people slowly, for hours, hell, even days. People fear him. Me? I am calm, but as I said, I am known as the Angel of Death. A few are unlucky enough to meet a side of me that slips free. They push, and I break, and I show no mercy. I give up on questions. I give up on everything and just keep hitting and hitting until I can’t anymore. They know, if that happens, they are dead regardless.”

I stare at him. He lost control, no doubt over Paul bringing his sister into things. Not that I know that story. “So, what calms you down?” I step closer. I want to help - Paul was my issue, and I brought it to them.

“Nothing. I either go to an underground fight club until it runs out, or I try to sleep it off.” He looks at me, waiting for me to leave still.

“Nothing else helps?” Surely something does. Drinking? Screaming?

“My mind is too focused on his words, on hitting him, I need something to stop those thoughts, and they are the only two things I know help.” He steps back away from me.

“I’m sure there are other ways to make your mind forget.” I bite my lip. What the hell am I doing?

He laughs, looking at me like I’m crazy. “Yeah, like what, Emmi?”

The way he says that sends a shiver through my body. “Like fucking me.” I step forward, reaching out towards him. He moves and grasps my hand to stop me from touching him.

“I would kill you. If not kill you, I will hurt you. It would be wrong anyway.”

I look at him. “Why would it be wrong? It’s just sex.” People have sex all the time, right? Without relationships, just for fun and shit?

“Because I would want to fuck you hard and like a savage. It shouldn’t be that way for your first time. Go to bed, Emmi. I’m going out.” He steps away from me again.

He’s sweet, even though I can see how close he is to losing it again. He considered me, that is different and not like most guys. Most would have just fucked me and got it over with. I step closer, and he looks at me like I have lost my mind. He can’t go fighting. He will get hurt.

“What are you doing, Emmi?”

“Wanting to get something. It has been years since I had a guy grab my body in that way. Walking in and seeing you naked just made me crave you.” I pull against his robe, but he stops me again.

“Emmi, no. This would be wrong. For one, you’re meant to choose one of us, rather than us choosing for you. Second, this isn’t you choosing who you want to marry. It’s just fucking.” He laughs slightly, yet I can see in his eyes he has calmed down. I don’t want to sleep alone tonight, even if nothing happens.

“How can I be expected to marry one of you without knowing which of you gives me the most pleasure? How can I be expected to marry the first guy I fuck and never experience others?” I smile, biting my lip. It’s distracting him, so my plan is working. I move closer until our bodies are touching. My mouth moves to his ear. “It’s fun, that’s all.”

I hear his slight groan and smile at my success. Finally, he is giving in, even if he refuses to admit it.

“I’m not fucking you, Emmi. It would be wrong.” His words are quiet.

“Tell me again why it would be wrong? Why would it be so wrong for you to fuck me right now?” I bite against his ear. I liked the sweet Zane I have always seen. I want him back, even if it takes him fucking me.

“You really want me to list the reasons?” He breathes out a sigh.

My fingers stroke along his body through the robe. “Hmm.” I don’t need to talk. The fact he is means this is distracting him.

“One, you’re a virgin and not ready. Two, I would be fucking you, knowing that next week you could decide to want the sweet, loving Dante. Three, I’m in no place tonight to fuck you until you’re used to sex. Four, I don’t do this.”

But he isn’t pushing me away, and his breathing has changed, so he does want to. That last excuse, reason, whichever he wants to call it, is new. Maybe that’s why he keeps saying no? “I don’t do this either, so we’ll be doing things we don’t normally do together.” I smile at him, waiting. I want him to play, to do something to distract his mind. I can still see he is close to the edge of needed release. This is helping distract him.

I move, my mouth against his ear, and smile. I know exactly what to say to get him to touch me.

Zane: Taunted Words

I feel her mouth against my ear, but I feel powerless. How the hell is that right? I try to close my eyes, counting down from ten, just to keep my mind in a safe place. My body tenses as I feel her teeth scrape against my ear.

“Don’t you want to know how it would sound me screaming your name?”

I feel her hands run down my body. She’s stupid and playing a dangerous game. I go to say her name, but she continues.

“How powerful would it feel, Zane, to be the first guy to make me scream like that, to be the first guy to give me that sort of pleasure?”

Shit. Counting is no longer working. I can feel my cock pushing against her stomach. She is that fucking close.

“How would it feel, Zane, to know for your entire life that you were the first one to do it? The first guy to give me that pleasure, to know that every time I think about the first time, it’s you, here, fucking me.”

I move, spinning around with her in my arms. My body pinning hers against the wall. I lift her and she wraps her legs around my body, my cock pushing against her sex.

“How does it feel knowing you’re the first guy to do this? The first one to pin me against the wall, the first to have my legs around you?”

A low growl escapes my mouth as I pull her top, tearing it open, my hands grasping her breasts as hers pull up her skirt to around her waist. I kiss along her neck and her moans of pleasure get louder. Shit. Groaning, I grind against her, my cock pulsing and begging to be inside her. Grasping her ass, I lift her up more. She’s lucky she still has those perfect red panties on, protecting her.

I grasp her hands and pin them above her head, my hips moving as I grind my cock against her sex, my mouth taunting her as it moves across her skin, her moans getting louder as my hand slides along her body. “Shit.” What the fuck am I doing? I freeze and feel her pull against my grip.

“Don’t you fucking dare stop! I will scream, I will fucking cry! Zane don’t do this! Don’t leave me like this.”

She’s pleading, almost crying. But I can’t fuck her. It wouldn’t be right; it would be fucked up to fuck her right now.

“Please, Zane, please!” Her begging making me nod.

I won’t fuck her, even if she cries and screams. My hand strokes along her body, slowly rubbing along her sex above her panties, and God, she is already so wet I can feel it. They will stay on until next time. I slip my fingers inside and feel the wetness. A small whimper escapes her mouth as my fingers stroke down along her opening, then slowly back up to play with her bud, rubbing it gently. The sound of her moans fills my ears.

“How much do you want this?” I ask against her neck as I bite her.

“Please!” Her body trembles against mine as I keep rubbing.

“I want you screaming, so fucking loud they know I have you in here. I want you screaming so loud they know they have some fucking competition.” Her body falls forward onto me as I release her wrists, my fingers rubbing faster, feeling her swell. I want her to feel worshipped. Her tiny cries of pleasure begin getting louder as I keep going. My hand moving from her neck, I grasp her breast.

“This is only the start,” I growl at her as the storm builds inside her, her body tensing as she gets closer. “I want to be the first one to make you scream in every way, the first one to have my mouth around your cunt and taste you, the first one to fuck every hole you have. So, you better be fucking ready.”

She cries out at my words, grasping my robe and she trying to pull it open. But I grab her hands in one of mine and slam her against the wall as my fingers rub harder against her pearl. “Don’t fucking touch the robe.” Her scream is loud as she finally orgasms, her body shaking against me. My fingers slide down along her crease to gather her flavour. I lift them to lips and slowly suck them, her eyes fixated on me as the pleasure finally dies within her. The image of me fucking her fills my mind, and I have no reason to fight it. Not anymore.

“For fuck’s sake! We heard the bang and her scream, and thought you’d flipped and were killing her.” I turn and see Dante, Gunner and Bear stood at the door. “Clearly, she didn’t need saving.” Dante walks out, quickly followed by Gunner and Bear. What the hell am I doing? I look at her and step back, releasing her back onto her own two feet.

“Don’t stop!” She moves towards me, but I push her back.

“Go to bed, Emmi. It’s late, and you’ve got shopping to do tomorrow.” She is bad for me. I wasn’t thinking.

“Can I sleep with you?” She steps closer.

“No, Emmi, don’t push it!” I’m more on edge now than I was before. If they hadn’t walked in, I would have kept going. My mind replays her screams and how her body felt as she finally had her first bit of pleasure from me.

“I won’t try anything, I swear. I just don’t want to sleep alone tonight. This house is too quiet.” She looks at me, waiting for my answer.

I should say no. I should push her away. I know, though, there would have been more noise in her house - it was full of people constantly. Here it’s just us and the few guys who stand by the main door. “Sleep, Emmi, and don’t touch me.” I pull her to the bed, and she removes her clothes, my eyes widening as she strips entirely. This wasn’t a good idea.

I try to ignore her while climbing in bed, my eyes fixed on the ceiling. I feel her body move and her arms wrap around me.

“Are you really going to sleep in that?” She pulls at the robe.

“Emmi!” I’m covered in burns, so right now, I would rather hide my body.

“What? Just remove it. I won’t look, I promise.”

She might not look, but she with her hands and her arms over my chest, all that, she will feel it.

“Please. I won’t touch you or look.” She moves her arms off me and turns, her body curling up next to me so that she is facing away.

I take the robe off and climb back into bed, my eyes fixed on the ceiling once again. It feels wrong, having a woman sleep in bed with me. My hand strokes down her body before coming to rest on her hip. Hours seem to pass by with me awake staring at the ceiling, part of me considering getting up and dressed and sleeping anywhere but here in this bed with her. So eventually, that’s what I do. I wrap the robe around myself and walk out. It’s nearly five, and I should sleep. Pouring a drink, I sit down.

“You good?” I turn to see Dante working away in the corner.

“Yeah.” I do feel good, which is strange, but I do.

“So, she chose you then. No surprise, to be honest.” He laughs slightly.

“No. She hasn’t decided.” She hasn’t. Tonight, that was just her trying to get something.

“You did that anyway?” He looks at me, shocked.

“She had a very good argument to prove her point as to why I should.” She is right. We can’t force her to marry one of us and know that she will only ever have had that one person.

“Which are?” He raises his eyebrows at me, waiting.

“That it’s wrong to expect her to choose one of us before knowing if she gets pleasure from them. That it is wrong to push her into marrying the first one she fucks, knowing she hasn’t experienced any other guy before.” I wouldn’t have fucked her.

“So, you fucked her.” At the sound of Gunner’s voice, I look over and we make eye contact as he walks towards us.

I shake my head. “No, even I knew fucking her when I was that fucked up was wrong.” I wouldn’t have.

“She did it to help you.” Gunner sits down. “She said she wanted to, so she tried the one way she could.”

She is crazy. “Which she shouldn’t have. Like I said, she hasn’t decided. I doubt she will pick any time soon.”

“I took her dagger; it’s locked in the room with everything else. She doesn’t want to be here, so her having a weapon isn’t a good thing,” Dante explains, and I agree.

“I’m getting some sleep. See you two tomorrow.” I walk off, taking off the robe. I climb into bed. I place my hand on her hip again and slowly feel myself falling asleep. My dreams shift, and I feel myself crying, back again as that little boy locked in my parents’ room with my mother as the fire rages through our house.

My screams and pleas for her to save us get louder as she tries protecting my body from the fire. The dream takes the same course as always; I feel myself crying and shaking, slowly breaking down more. Suddenly my body begins to relax, the feel of soft fingertips stroking along my chest chasing away the memories, slowly bringing me back into a peaceful sleep that I can finally get rest in.

Emmi: Digging for the Truth

I feel shaking, something shaking and waking me. Opening my eyes, I turn and see Zane asleep. It is him that’s shaking. He is sweating and having some sort of dream. Small whimpers escape his lips as he calls for his mother. Mover closer to him, I move my hand slowly. Reaching his torso, I let my fingers tenderly caress him, trying to soothe him from the dream that’s holding him captive. I glance at his chest and see the burns, actual burns. They only add to his beauty.

I want to know how it happened, but I know he won’t tell me. I know he will hate knowing that I looked, that I touched him. So I decide to try and help him out of the dream that’s making his body tremble, then I will turn around. I cuddle closer to him, my fingers stroking along his chest. Ages seem to pass, and I feel my eyes slip close as I fall asleep.

I smile, feeling a hand stroke along my back, slowly squeezing my ass before releasing it. A moan escapes my mouth. I push myself closer to him, happy to have Zane’s hand touching my body.

“Good morning, little lamb.” My body freezes, hearing Bear behind me.

“For fuck’s sake, really, Bear? I was asleep!” Zane grumbles, and I now realise I have my head on his chest and my hand against it. His body stiffens. Do I move? Say something? Or just stay quiet?

“It’s past eleven, we’re going shopping. You two get your asses up, especially this one.”

A squeak escapes my mouth as I feel him grasp my ass tight.

“Fuck off, Bear!” Zane turns to look behind me, and I hear Bear laugh but walk towards the door.

“You two missed breakfast, but there is some on the table. We leave in half an hour.” He walks out, and I stay exactly where I am. I don’t know what to do. I said I wouldn’t touch or look, and here I am, cuddled against him, hand and head on his chest, my eyes fixed on it.

“You can move, relax. Your whole body is stiff. I get it. You can move, Emmi. I won’t mind.” His voice is quiet. He has it wrong. He pushes me off him. “Go get ready in your room.” He walks through to the bathroom and shuts the door. I’ll have to explain later.

I wasn’t stiff and shocked because of his body. I was because I was scared as hell. I thought he would scream at me for touching him. Once in my room, I get dressed in the only clothes I brought. I had only brought a small bag because, well. I don’t even know. Tying my hair up, I walk out and see Bear sat at the table, smiling as I walk towards him.

“Fun night, little lamb?” He pushes the plate towards me. “You need to eat and regain that energy you lost.” He keeps smiling at me.

I forgot about them walking in while I was pretty much still orgasming, with my legs wrapped around Zane.

“Aww, blushing suites you, little lamb.” He winks at me and I face the place, eating in silence, because, well, I don’t exactly feel as comfortable or brave as I did last night with Zane, and talking about what happened with others is freaking me out.

“Morning, brother.” Bear smiles, and I turn to see Zane walking over. He sits and pours himself a coffee, then pours another before he slides it across to me. I need to talk to him later when we’re alone about this morning. About why I didn’t move and was so worried, I can still see it on his face; he thinks I find it a turn-off.

“What’s the plan, Bear?” he asks.

“The plan is to take little lamb shopping. She needs things for here. Clothes for every day and events if we decide to take her out. Whatever she had at home before to make her feel more at home here. Dante and Gunner left early. I caught them just as they were leaving.” Bear turns and looks at me. “Other than clothes, little lamb, is there anything else you would like to make you feel at home?”

I would like a lot, but there is something which I know they will refuse. “A key, so I can leave as and when I wish.” I watch their faces.

“Not happening, Emmi. For one, now you’re here, you are at more risk than you were in your own city,” Zane explains, but it makes no sense.

“How? How am I more at risk here than I was there?” It feels like an excuse to keep me locked up.

“You know things are done differently over there. Just as they are here. We have enemies, little lamb, ones who don’t cross the checkpoint, ones who we don’t even know. So, for now, the answer is no,” Bear explains.

I had hoped I would have more freedom here, but clearly not.

“Have you eaten enough?” Bear points to my plate, and I nod. I am glad the topic of conversation is staying off last night, me and Zane, and what mess I have created. I know I have. I should have waited, chose one brother. I like Zane, but then again, I like them all. I stay quiet as Bear drives and Zane constantly takes calls. I feel like taking his phone and throwing it, but I know it won’t help.

In the shop, I try on dress after dress, outfit after outfit until I have a few of each. I saved a few dresses until last. Smiling, I slip into the short silver glitter bodycon and walk out. Both Bear and Zane are busy talking on their phones. This has been the whole day, me walking out, them glancing and giving a slight sound of appreciation or acknowledgement, and that is it. So now, I’m going to get more than that.

“Well?” I look at them, Zane glances up quickly. The quick hmm sound escapes his mouth before his eyes turn back to me. Bear is just staring at my body. I glance down, pulling the dress up slightly. “I think shorter is better. What do you think?” Turning, I make sure my ass is facing them, my hands sliding along it.

“Ye- erm, yes. Next one,” Zane mutters. Smiling, I do as he says and walk through to get changed. The next one is just as short. See-through mesh sides and black latex. Walking out, I stand and once again, they’re on their phones.

“Again?” I look at them and watch as they look at me. Zane shakes his head, standing up, clearly ready to walk away. I’m teasing. Why not?

“Perfect little lamb, are you finished taunting?” Bear smiles at me.

“Yes, I’ll get dressed, I’ve picked. Let Zane know he can come back.” Laughing, I walk back through. I haven’t finished yet. I have one more outfit to try, not that you can call it an outfit. I take off my clothes and lingerie. I begin to put on the bra, then the tiny thong and suspender skirt. Not precisely a skirt, but that is what they call it. I clip on the stockings, put on my heels, and walk out again. My eyes roll, seeing them sitting once again with their noses in their phones. The gasps from others in the shop are loud as I step closer to them, everyone quickly averting their eyes. I want to laugh, but I won’t.

“Ready, Emmi?” Zane asks without looking up.

“You two tell me.” I stand watching as their heads raise and their eyes widen. “What do you think? I figured I would wear this when one of you brothers finally decide to give in and fuck me.” I grin, watching as Zane shakes his head. Then Bear pushes me back behind the curtain and pins me against the wall.

“Don’t do that. Ever again.” His eyes burn into mine.

“Why not? You two are clearly more interested in work, so I thought I would have fun my own way.” It worked. He came in here with me. I smile at him.

“We can’t ignore work, little lamb, but that, don’t do it again because I swear, I wanted to gouge out every person's eyes in the shop. Now get dressed, pick what you want and let’s go.”

I look at him, sulking. “I just wanted to make sure I got the right equipment to make you guys want to fuck me. Zane refused.”

Bear steps forward, his body pinning mine against the wall. “You want fucking, little lamb? You want someone to tear all this off you and fuck you like the dirty girl you are?” His hand strokes along my body, and I nod. “Well. No.”

I stare at him, shocked. I feel like screaming and stamping my feet right now. “Why not? What is your excuse, Bear? There I thought you were the brother who didn’t care.” I did. Actually, no, Gunner is no doubt the one who would fuck me instantly if I asked, regardless of where we were or who we were with.

“Because it would be wrong. This doesn’t need to be rushed, little lamb. Take your time, get to know us, and then decide. None of us will just fuck you anyway. You’re not ready.”

All this because I’m still a virgin? My hand slides between us and I rub against his cock, feeling its hardness beneath his jeans. “You want to fuck me, though.” I continue rubbing my hand along him.

“Any guy would, but the answer is no. More shopping, little lamb, you have far more to experience before someone fucks you.” He kisses my cheek and walks out, and I squirm slightly. I had hoped he would touch me, even just a bit. I remove the lingerie, get dressed, and carry everything out. Zane is stood by the door, not on the phone but clearly avoiding me now. Bear stands next to me and pays before carrying the bags out.

“Okay, Emmi, what sort of things did you enjoy doing at home?” Zane asks. What does that mean? They know I was restricted, so I didn’t get to do anything. “Hobbies, reading, knitting, I don’t know things like that, that women do.”

I laugh while looking at him. “Honestly?” Does he really want to know? I have things I enjoyed doing, but I am sure he will refuse.

“Yes, whatever they are.”

“Okay, so I enjoy collecting daggers, although I had to keep them hidden in the local bar, which no doubt have disappeared now.” That I know they will refuse. “I am okay with reading but can’t do it all day every day. I enjoy dancing, but that isn’t possible. I also enjoy fighting.” I know that isn’t possible either. They won’t learn just how good I am at fighting. That is my exit plan.

“Okay, well, we can go to a bookstore then. As for the other things, we will speak to the others,” Zane says and then leads the way to the next shop. As we walk around, I can’t help but notice how people react. Moving out of the way, giving us space, some even leaving a shop when we walk into it.


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