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The Bus Stop

A chance encounter on a lonely night

By Chelsea RosePublished 28 days ago 10 min read
The Bus Stop
Photo by Darren Viollet on Unsplash

It was nearly a week after my last work contract ended, and I had no clue what day it was.

Is it the weekend? Thursday? Monday? Who knows! Anyway, it didn't really matter; I had nowhere to go until I started my next consulting assignment the following month. In the meantime, it was just me, my one-bedroom apartment, some leftover honey-glazed ham, cheese, crackers, and a quarter bottle of red wine to keep me company.

Hmmm, not sure if that's enough wine, I thought to myself. Plus, I was nearly out of toilet paper and hadn't been outside for a few days. Decision made. Off to the shops before it gets too dark.

Evidently, I had spent a bit too long browsing the aisles because the darkness enveloped me as soon as I stepped out of the store. As I raised my eyes to the sky, I saw the black, descending clouds. A storm was coming. It was a reasonable mile-long walk from the store to my apartment, but could I outwalk the storm? Probably not.

I decided not to risk it. I walked a few feet to the nearby bus stop and sat in its shelter. According to the schedule, the bus would be there in 3 minutes. I settled in for a short wait, yet after sitting for a few moments, I heard a voice calling, "Hey, Cassie."

I looked up to see him standing just a couple of feet away. Tall and lean, he bore the marks of time well, his dark, tousled hair catching stray beams of passing headlights and his hazel eyes dancing with mischievous warmth.

"James?" I replied with a mix of delight and astonishment.

It had been years since I last saw James. We had gone to school together and were even high school sweethearts for a spell before life and university separated us.

"What are you doing here?" I asked when the surprise wore off a bit. "I thought you were in Germany?"

"I was. I still am. I'm just back here for my sister's wedding. Frankly, I needed to get out of the house. It's chaos and a bit too much excitement for me."

"Cool, well, I was just returning home from the shops," I said, holding up the shopping bag. "If you're not ready to go home yet, there's a pub near mine, and we can catch up and have a drink if you wish."

I hadn't realised I had been holding my breath until he said yes.

The bus was only a minute away now, but I suddenly wasn't worried about the rain. James took my shopping bag from my outstretched hand, and we started back to my apartment.

As we walked, we caught up on lost years - the career highs and the relationship lows - all the while thunder clapped in the distance. Despite the imminent weather, I suspect neither wanted the walk to end, but life never gives you what you want.

Before long, we reached my place. Our eyes met on the doorstep, and the unspoken desire was as palpable as the violence in the sky.

"Can I come in?" James inquired.

"Of course," I answered.

The rain started as I closed the door.

"Take a seat on the couch," I instructed. "I'll be right there once I put the groceries away."

He followed my finger to the living room, and as I headed into the kitchen, I asked if he wanted a glass of red.

"Yes, please," came the enthusiastic reply.

After packing away the few groceries I brought, I grabbed the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and two wine glasses and joined James on the couch.

"Thank you," said James as I filled our glasses with a healthy serving of wine, and we cheered for a good night.

The glasses were filled with more than just wine, with each sip releasing memories carefully preserved like delicate flowers hidden within the pages of a neglected novel. We reminisced about indulging in sips of whiskey from James' parents' secret collection, dreaming of embarking on global adventures and promising to remain together forever.

We had shared secrets and dreams all those years ago, and the memories came flooding back over glasses of wine.

"Remember when we snuck out to the park to practice making out? We must've been, what, thirteen?"

I couldn't help but smile at the memory. "Yeah, I remember. We almost got caught by that nosy neighbour that night. What was his name again?"

"I think it was Mr. Tucker," James replied before they both burst out laughing at the memory of hiding from the surprisingly fast octogenarian.

Her enchanting and carefree laughter transported James to the scents of summer, nights filled with youthful mischief, and to his first experiences of rebellion, hand in hand with this girl, who now had a woman's laugh.

As the laughter stopped, she could hear the unasked question that lingered and echoed back from those summers at the park.

"Would you like to see my bedroom, James?"

"Yes," James replied softly, before finally kissing her.

I could feel my heart race as we headed to the bedroom, and I prayed that he couldn't hear the deafening thumping it was making in my chest.

As they reached the bedroom, the two locked eyes, a silent connection forming between them once again. James closed the small gap between them, tenderly holding the sides of Cassie's face, and kissed her once more.

It was a deeper kiss. A heartfelt kiss. A passionate kiss that seemed to transcend time, heal old wounds, and ignite a deep longing all at the same time. It was a kiss that made up for all the years that separated them.

Cassie was still thinking about the kiss when James pulled back and looked into her eyes. She couldn't suppress the small sound of dismay that slipped from her throat.

"What was that?" James asked with an inquiring look.

"I've missed you."

"I've missed you too. And I think it's time to make up for lost years."

As though a command had been given, they both started to undress. As he pulled his jumper over his head, James was taken aback by the effortless grace with which Cassie undressed, her movements fluid and tantalising.

As each garment slipped away, revealing more of her soft skin, a surge of desire coursed through James's veins.

"Wow," he whispered, barely audible, but I caught it and smiled knowingly at him.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked, standing in just my purple underwear, my voice dripping with a playful tease.

"Absolutely," he said as he unclasped the last button on his shirt. He let it fall away casually, loosened his belt, and allowed his jeans to slip to the floor, showcasing his blue boxers.

"Then you should come closer and see more," I urged seductively, my eyes inviting him. I sat on the edge of the bed, and he followed, his gaze never leaving mine.

As he settled beside me, he wasted no time. His fingers began their delicate exploration. He glided them along the nape of my neck, his breath warm against my ear as he murmured about the smoothness of my skin.

Slowly, oh so slowly, his fingertips travelled down my shoulders, across my chest, before lingering near the sensitive area around my nipples. With an exquisite touch, he cradled each one, caressing them in a gentle rolling motion that sent tiny shivers through my body, eliciting a soft sigh from my lips.

I felt my breathing becoming more intense as his fingers gently traced along my thighs. Up and down, he caressed my legs and the curves of my ass. I really did try to maintain my composure and not succumb entirely to desire, but it was quickly becoming a losing battle.

Two can play at this game, I thought, as I reached over and found the outline of his cock through his boxers. Suddenly, it was James trying to keep himself composed as I grabbed onto his shaft.

"Fuck," he murmured softly as I held all seven inches of him in my grasp. The sensation of James' cock throbbing in my hand, pulsating with its own rhythm, sent waves of excitement through me.

I craved more.

I lowered myself to my knees and peeled his boxers down to the floor. With a playful smile, I locked eyes with him as my tongue gently explored the bead of pre-cum at the tip of his head. My right hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, moving in a slow, rhythmic motion.

As our eyes remained locked on each other, I took the first couple of inches into my mouth, applying a delicate suction while my hand continued its tantalising caress. James let out a deep, satisfied sigh, a sound rich with pleasure, as he watched me, his desire palpable in every tremor of his body. His hands found their way to my head, fingers weaving through my hair, guiding me gently as he lost himself in the moment.

I took more of him in, feeling a slight gag before pulling back, eliciting a moan of astonished delight from him. With a teasing glance upward, I increased my pace, my hand now moving faster along his length. The sounds of his growing pleasure were music to my ears, his body tense and responsive, subtly syncing with my movements as he pressed himself fully into my eager mouth.

I withdrew my lips, slowing the rhythm of my hand, and met his gaze once more. "I don't want you to cum just yet," I whispered, standing up to kiss him deeply. "Not before I feel you inside of me."

To my surprise, he grabbed my waist as I stood and pushed me onto the bed. As I felt his fingers firmly grasp the sides of my panties, I instinctively raised my hips and legs, allowing him to remove the fabric.

"Do you want me?" he asked, his voice thick with anticipation, though he already knew the answer.

"What do you think?" I responded cheekily, my eyes glinting with playful desire.

I didn't have a chance to say anything else before I felt his finger slide inside of me. At that point, I could do nothing but shut my eyes and tilt my head back into the pillow, my breath catching as he pleasured me with his expert touch. First, one finger, then a second, with each movement deliberate and tantalising.

James' lips trailed along my elegant neck while his fingers moved with increasing speed inside me. He could hear my soft breaths grow faster, savouring the moment. I was absolutely captivated in my state of pure bliss. "Mmmm," I moaned, the sound low and throaty.

He let his fingers go deeper, marvelling at how wet I had become. He increased his pace, solely focusing on my pleasure, while I could distinctly sense his desire pressing against me. I firmly grasped his arm, instinctively pressing myself against his hand as the intensity within me built.

"Fuck me! I want you to fuck me now," I said breathlessly. Without hesitation, James eagerly pulled my legs to the edge of the bed, his eyes darkening with lust.

The first touch sent shivers down my spine; his fingers traced the outline of my desires, igniting a fire deep within. I was so wet and burning with need. Letting go of all restraints, I wrapped my arms around his neck and back, drawing him closer, craving every inch of him.

I watched, breathless, as his cock slid into me inch by inch, the sight and sensation overwhelming my senses. I couldn't help but moan, the sound escaping my lips unbidden as my body eagerly welcomed him. Each slow, tantalising thrust drove deeper, sending waves of pleasure coursing through me.

His movements were deliberate, and each stroke was measured and intense. Slow out, slow in; he filled me completely with every thrust. Our lips met in a searing kiss, my moans mingling with his as we moved together. Every stroke sent a shiver of pleasure through my body, his cock claiming me over and over.

I was so wet and burning with need at this point. Letting go of all restraints, I wrapped my arms around his neck and back, drawing him even closer, craving every inch of him.

The sight of Cassie was irresistible to James. With each thrust, I could feel the tightness of her grip around me, her arousal evident in every gasp and whimper. The intense pleasure she experienced was mirrored in my own sensations, a shared journey towards ecstasy.

I teased her, withdrawing completely, and saw a flicker of disappointment cross her face, a silent plea for more. When I drove back into her, her eyes widened in surprise and delight, her body arching to meet mine. Almost immediately, the whispers of pleasure returned, this time growing louder with each thrust.

With every passionate movement, I pressed deeper into her, our connection growing stronger, our desire more insistent. The rhythm of our bodies created a symphony of longing and fulfilment, a dance as old as time itself. Her sounds grew more urgent, the loud whispers turning into cries of ecstasy, each one pushing us closer to the edge.

Her body urged me on, "Don't stop," she demanded, her voice thick with need.

She was consumed by me. Her breath came in quick, erratic gasps, and her skin flushed crimson from head to toe. The grip of her cunt around my cock was so intense that it made each thrust a delicious challenge. Her legs tightened around me, holding me firmly in place, her entire being focused on her building orgasm.

As I felt the passion build within me, I knew I was nearing a moment of undeniable intensity. I knew where I wanted to release my desire, but hesitation lingered - did Cassie want the same?

"Oh, I'm about to cum," I growled, my voice raw with anticipation.

"Don't you stop, don't you dare stop," Cassie cried out, her words a command that sent a thrill through me.

Her plea pushed me over the edge, my body responding with a surge of intense sensation. I released into her, every nerve alive with pleasure. As I looked down, I saw her mouth open in a silent scream, her eyes squeezed shut, and her nails digging into my skin, marking me as hers.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, we clung to each other, breathless and spent, the air filled with the echoes of our shared ecstasy.


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