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The Breeding Train: A Father’s Day Special

This Father’s Day was a gift for both of us

By Elle A. WildPublished 3 years ago 11 min read
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This erotic story is intended for adults 18+.

My husband Mark is full of wonderful surprises, and this Father’s Day was a case in point!

But let me start with the initial ‘why’ behind the surprise…

Mark is basically infertile. We found out just a few months ago after a year of trying to get pregnant, and we made no immediate plans.

I let it lie for a while. Eventually, he came to me to say he was okay with not being the biological father of any baby we might have. As long as I got to carry it as I was so intent on, he said that would be mission accomplished. Someone else’s sperm wouldn’t make a baby less ours.

Again, we left it there — no appointments at the clinic, no talk about how to choose a donor.

And then the other week — the week before Father’s Day — Mark told me that he had some big sexy plans for us that next Sunday.

Not only that, but he said that he and I wouldn’t be the only people involved in those sexy plans…

Now, we didn’t have an open marriage per se, but bringing in other people had never been taken off the table. Mark had always known I’d be into some sharing, and open to many versions of it. We’d just never, well, done it.

So this ‘sexy Sunday’ he had planned — I had no idea what it would entail beyond at least an extra person, but fuck, I was excited for it. So excited I must have initiated sex at least once or twice a day every day in the week leading up to it.

When the day finally came, Mark cooked me brunch and then suggested I take an afternoon nap so that I had all my energy for our evening, which really made me wonder what I was in for…

I’d need to be ready at 6 pm, he said, and dressed in something that made me feel sexy.

I was all tingles and smiles.

When I woke up after my assigned nap, I dressed in a white see-through teddy I rarely wore but that made me feel like a goddess. And as 6 pm approached, Mark brought me a glass of my favorite wine to the bedroom where he told me to wait.

I sat on that bed, wine in hand, bouncing my leg up and down in nervous excitement. I heard a car in our driveway, then our front door open, and then quiet conversation in the living room.

But no one came to the bedroom.

This was followed by at least another couple of cars and the front door opening again and again. How many people was he collecting in our living room?

Thank goodness for the wine because I would have been a nervous wreck.

Instead, I felt warmth spread throughout my body, all the way out to my fingertips, down to my toes, and of course, to my pussy where warmth turned to wetness in my matching white lace panties.

Finally, Mark opened the double doors to our bedroom and slipped inside. He came up to me at the side of the bed, and at last, revealed his plans.

“There are four men out in our living room right now,” he said. “They’re all waiting to fuck you, one after the other.

“Oh!” I said, and a little shiver ran through me.

My mind returned to the day Mark had caught me watching one of those insemination train porno videos while masturbating…

“I know you’re scheduled to ovulate tomorrow — I checked the old calendar. Honey, we’re going to get you pregnant.”

“Oh my god…”

I didn’t know how or where he’d found these men, although I trusted that he’d done it sensibly. “Oh my god.”

“I’m going to be with you the whole time,” Mark said. “We’re doing this together, albeit with a few more cocks involved.”

I laughed and kissed him. “Okay,” I said.

But I was more than okay. I was thrilled, shaking, and suddenly very wet…

Mark moved down to the bottom of the bed and got between my legs. “I have such a sexy wife,” he said.

He brought his mouth to my lacy underwear and kissed me first over them, and then moved them aside to use his lips on my pussy. Mark went down on me, treating my sensitive pussy to his expert skills until I was squirming.

Then he stopped and climbed over me to give me one more kiss on the mouth before retreating back through the bedroom door, leaving me alone with my anticipation.

I shivered again.

When he came back, it was with four men who filed in behind him.

I was glad he’d chosen four — that seemed much more reasonable than the ‘hundred’ in those Russian videos.

His chosen men were handsome. All had different features, were of different heights and body types, and had different eye colors, but all could reasonably produce a child with me that could pass as my husband’s.

But was that really what I was thinking about?

As they undressed, I was perhaps paying a little more attention to their bodies… Getting a sneak peek, if you will, at what was in store for me.

Mark stripped down to his boxers and got in the bed behind me, his back against the headboard. He set my head in his lap so that I could look up at him, smiling down at me and then kissing me softly on the lips.

A well-built man — yummy pecs, green eyes, longish hair — approached me first, his cock already hard in his hand.

I took in the sight of him, forgetting to breathe a moment, and then I looked up at Mark. Mark winked at me and then began to trail his fingers up and down my neck. Breathe.

This first man, name unknown, brought a hand between my legs, first stroking me, and then slipping his fingers inside, one and then two. The unfamiliarity of that hand… Mmm.

He fingered me, massaging my G-spot until my pussy was making impossibly wet noises and I was moaning along.

And finally, he brought his cock, wet with precum to my entrance and pressed right into me. Yes. I closed my eyes.

How strange to know that some other man was fucking me while my husband watched. Not just watched — participated.

This was the best of both worlds — a naughty fuck with a stranger, and somehow, the loving care of my husband. Perfection…

Mark kept stroking me, trailing his fingers down my neck, and across the tops of my breasts.

I opened my eyes to smile at him, still somewhat nervously, and then I looked around the room. The other three men all had their own quite satisfactory cocks in hand, getting themselves ready for me…

My pussy squeezed around the man inside me at that thought. He must have liked it, because he sped up then, and I started making open-mouthed sounds of delight in time with each of his thrusts.

He groaned, and I felt the telltale spasms of his release inside me, the cum shooting into my pussy, and I whispered a “Yes.”

Knowing that he had cum inside me — it was so wrong and dirty and hot as fuck.

Mark kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “All good?”

“Mhm,” I whispered back.

I imagined those little sperm on a race, searching out my eggs…

The second man, darker skinned and with short-cropped hair approached me next. He spread my legs wide, taking a moment to appreciate my messy pussy before he slipped his own cock inside me.

I watched this man as he fucked me, enjoying how I could see the first man’s cum on this man’s cock each time he withdrew and sank back into me.

Mark nibbled on my ears and let his hands play at my breasts, circling my nipples, first gentle and teasing and then more insistently, his touches making my whole body shake as this other man fucked me.

Man number two came inside me with a primal groan, and it made me wild. I looked up at Mark, reaching for his mouth to slip my tongue inside.

When had making out with my husband been so hot? I hoped my enthusiasm was alright…

I didn’t even see the third guy approach. His cock was inside me before my tongue had left Mark’s mouth.

But from the sounds this new man was making as he thrust into me, I could tell he wouldn’t last long. That was fine — I didn’t need him to.

His cock felt good in my pussy, but I was far more interested in the cum he was about to spill inside me.

I’d always had a thing about men cumming in me. Always loved it, maybe a bit too much. And this — man after man — this was my dream.

Mark stroked my cheeks, placing kisses on my neck and beside my lips, whispering sweet and sexy things in my ear, while in the background, I heard man number three preparing to release inside me.

I sighed happily as the man came, feeling how wet and sticky my pussy and thighs were. I worried for a moment that too much was slipping out, but reminded myself of some basic sex ed facts.

Those sperm were coming for me, regardless of how much semen seemed to be pooling on the bed underneath me.

When man number four approached me, I made a very audible sound of approval. He was not only delicious, but the cock in his hand was my perfect cock. The way it curved upward, I knew it would hit just the right places.

“Come on in,” I said to him, and then I closed my eyes, a smile on my lips.

When he pressed into me, it felt great, but when he withdrew those few inches, it felt unbelievable. I found myself moaning louder with every stroke.

Mark caressed my arms, his fingers tickling the insides of my elbows where he knows I’m ridiculously sensitive. That combination of sensations — perfect cock inside me, sensual attention to my upper body — it drove me crazy.

My mouth never closed for any subsequent moan, which soon enough turned into wild cries of pleasure. They were going to make me cum.

I felt my body tensing, legs shaking uncontrollably, pussy spasming with little jolts of pleasure that grew each time.

And then that wave of pleasure rose suddenly, growing to a height where I had no control of it.

It washed over me, sending me into the throes of an orgasm that went on and on as man number four continued to thrust into me and Mark continued to stroke and attend to me.

But the man inside me wasn’t immune to my body’s pleasure responses. As soon as I had begun to cum, I heard his breathing change.

His thrusts changed too, and soon enough, he was cumming, releasing what felt like massive loads inside my happy, tired pussy.

When he finally slowed and slipped out of me, I pulled my legs tight against my chest to try to keep whatever I could of all that seed inside me.

I closed my eyes and Mark stroked my hair.

There was a rustling of clothes being put back on, but it felt very distant. I may as well have been somewhere else.

“Thank you,” I heard Mark say. “Do you think you can let yourselves out?” There were, I think, sounds of agreement, and the bedroom door opened and then closed.

Mark shifted in the bed, slipping down in beside me, and then pulled the covers up over us as he rolled me onto my side.

I thought I heard the sound of cars exiting the driveway as Mark wrapped me up in his arms, spooning me. He kissed my neck as he moved strands of hair out of my face and tucked them behind my ears.

“That was so hot,” Mark whispered, and my pussy gave an extra little spasm at his words. “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“Of course, baby.” If he only knew. “It was so thoughtful too.”

As he shifted in the bed, I felt his erection press up against me.

“Can you take one more?” he whispered in my ear.

“Of course,” I said, rolling onto my back as he climbed on top of me.

“I can’t wait to have a baby with you,” I said, looking up at him as he took out his cock.

“I can’t wait either.”

He slid into my very slick pussy.

“Happy Father’s Day,” I whispered.

“Happy Father’s Day, indeed.”

“Now,” I said as Mark began to move inside me. “Let’s agree that we’re never telling the little one where they came from…”


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Elle A. Wild is a city girl who loves writing character-centric sexy stories that surprise even herself.

Elle writes from a perspective of female empowerment and pleasure, and if you’re not into that, well, she’s probably not for you.

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