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My Swim Coach Gave It to Me Rough

A bit of naughty age-gap 'training'

By Elle A. WildPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
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This story erotica story is intended for adults 18+.

My swim coach Trevor and I have always seemed to have a different relationship than he did with the other swimmers on my team.

It probably helps that I’m eighteen — still a senior, but technically an adult, so he knows he can talk to me differently and maybe let his guard down a bit.

We’ve got that back and forth banter, and perhaps because he makes so clear that he really does want the best for me, I’ve always felt close to him.

But it can be a tense relationship. Really, he’s a bit of an asshole sometimes.

His coaching method is to give each swimmer what he thinks they need, and so with some of the girls, he’s soft and encouraging.

With me, on the other hand, he yells and holds me to account — refuses to let me ‘get away’ with anything. God forbid I have a bad day — not allowed with Coach Trevor…

So yesterday at practice when I was a bit off, wasn’t hitting my pace on the main set, he started going in on me. “Get your ass off the wall, Fran!” “Stop being fucking lazy.” “You better make that next two-hundred!”

It’s not like he’d never talked to me like that — he had. Frequently. And usually, it kind of worked. Sometimes, I need to have my ass handed to me. I’m a stubborn asshole too.

But yesterday, it was not working for me. I felt like I was doing the best I could that day, and all of his yelling was just pissing me off.

When I didn’t make that next two-hundred and he started yelling again, I just pulled myself out of the pool, and dripping with pool water, walked away from him and toward the main building.

I could hear him yelling behind me as I stormed off. Let him yell, I thought.

But it wasn’t more than a minute before I heard his voice closer, and then the door to the women’s locker room next door open as he yelled in for me.

But I wasn’t in there.

He’s not stupid though, and apparently, I was because I hadn’t thought to lock the door to the private locker room I was in.

The door opened and he barged in, suddenly standing in front of me, his face red with frustration.

“What the fuck is with you today, Fran?”

“Nothing,” I snapped back.

He stepped closer. “Then get back in the goddamn pool.”


I looked into his eyes as though telling him he wasn’t going to intimidate me. I wasn’t doing this today.

He stared right back.

And then I swallowed, biting my lip as I saw something else flicker in his eye—

It was just a moment, and then his hands were gripping my waist and his mouth was on mine.

It was rough and ravenous as our lips and tongues collided. I was immediately hot between my legs, as I took in the taste and smell of him.

I’d known his scent for a long time, and I’d be lying if I were to say it had never done something to me.

It really did it for me. My heart was racing and my body was tingling.

Coach Trevor reached his hand back and locked the door. Then without missing a beat, he turned us both around and pressed my back into it.

He pulled down the straps of my swimsuit as our mouths continued to play, and once my breasts were out, his hands were on them — cupping them, squeezing them.

“Fuck,” he whispered, and that harshness in his voice made it somehow all the sexier.

I reached out and cupped his cock in one hand through the swim trunks he always wore. It was hard for me, and big.

And I’d never admitted to myself before that I wanted it, but fuck, I wanted it.

Coach Trevor brought his mouth to my neck to kiss and nip me, and I moaned, more turned on than I could have imagined.

He spun me around again, this time to face the door, my hands and cheek pressed against it as he slid his hands down the back of my body.

He whispered into my neck, “Is this what you need? You need me to fuck you against the locker room door?”

His voice was harsh and it sent shivers through me.

“Yes,” I whispered.

He pulled my bathing suit down under my ass, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. The cold air against my exposed skin left me covered in goosebumps.

His hand slid down my ass to cup my pussy, his fingers slipping between my soft folds, forcing a sound of pleasure out of me.

“Jesus,” he said, apparently feeling how wet I’d become.

I let out an “Ohh,” as he slipped a finger inside me, my pussy clenching immediately around it.

“Had I known you were just asking for it,” he said as he massaged me from the inside, “I’d have pulled you out of the pool myself.”

My breathing was heavy as I waited for what he would do next. His hand moved away and I heard him pull down his swim trunks. Yes.

Coach Trevor pulled my hips back toward him and his cock was there at my opening.

“Yes,” I whispered involuntarily, and he answered by sliding into me, filling me.

“Oh god…”

He wrapped one arm around my waist, to press his hand against my clit. The other grabbed my breast.

“I know you’re going to be good for me now, aren’t you?” he asked as he began to rock in and out of me.

I just moaned. This was so so so not allowed, but I was ready for him to fuck the hell out of me.

He started rubbing my clit as he plunged into me, my pussy squeezing him, already doing little spasms of pleasure for him.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered.

He quickened his thrusting, and each time his cock slid against my front wall, my legs shook a little under me.

I couldn’t control the sounds coming out of my mouth and I was getting louder.

He brought his hand up from my breast and pressed it over my mouth to muffle my cries.

“Shh,” he whispered into my ear almost tenderly as he fucked me harder.

I was shaking so much that he eventually had to hold me so I didn’t slide down the door. My pleasure was mounting, everything inside me firing.

“Now cum for me, Fran,” he directed. And boy, did I…

It was Macy’s fireworks level explosions that shot through my body, and I cried out into the hand he had pressed over my mouth as little lights flickered in front of my eyes.

He didn’t let up, and I just kept cumming, his cock driving into me, extending my orgasm out as far as it could go.

“I’m going to cum in you,” he said.

He didn’t ask; he told me. And I was gripped by the sexiness of it.

His cock spasmed and then I felt how each new thrust sent more of his cum into me while my pussy happily took it all.

“Fuckkk,” he groaned.

He slowed and eventually stopped and let his cock slide out of me, sending drops of cum onto the locker room floor.

I stayed pressed against the door as I heard him pull up his trunks, his breathing ragged.

He bent down to lift my bathing suit back up, pulling it up over my legs and ass, sliding it back over me, my arms through the straps. His hands were gentle.

He turned me around then, his face inches from mine and took my chin between his thumb and forefinger. “Are you going to stop being such a pain in the ass now?”

“Are you?” I asked, my voice shaking but the fire back in me.

He shook his head and his lips formed the hint of a smile.

“Let’s see how this goes,” he said. “Maybe I’ll have to start fucking you before practice.”

He thought a moment and then added, “Or maybe I should only fuck you after practice if you’ve performed for me.”

He smiled, and I bit my lip, my heart beginning to race again at the thought.


About the Creator

Elle A. Wild

Elle A. Wild is a city girl who loves writing character-centric sexy stories that surprise even herself.

Elle writes from a perspective of female empowerment and pleasure, and if you’re not into that, well, she’s probably not for you.

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