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The Best Tips for More Fun in Bed

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The two love each other, very much, but have sex at most once a year.

The Best Tips for More Fun in Bed

You want more desire, passion, and new love games in your partnership? Better sex is easier than you think! Our guide will help you to get more fun and eroticism in bed.

Life is not a concert? Right. You cannot always have everything? Probably. Sex is not that important? Oh, right. But is it not sad to see two people who are so happy to have found each other, who love each other and are happy with each other, but who—if it comes up—have mediocre sex once a month, which frustrates them a bit. After that, each other over the head, with a disappointed smile on their face, and in their eyes to read: Never mind, sweetheart.

Do something! Who have boring sex, at some point, will not have sex at all (what for?). Moreover, no love will last long if it is not felt. That is when love will one day turn off. Then life is empty. Rainer Grunert, a couples therapist, explains how it can happen that two people who love each other do not get happy in bed:

"Sexuality is a physical matter, a complex interplay of muscles. Like all our motor skills, we also learn sexuality. And depending on what we have learned in the course of our lives, we are tense or loose."

Most people are quite tense in bed—and often understand sex not as relaxation, but as a performance that must be provided, in addition to all the stress that is already there.

The result is a bit of a cramped exercise. In the worst case, man and woman bang each other like two boards. That's not nice. And in doubt even hurts.

Counselor for More Lust in the Relationship

But do not worry, you can change it. You only have to change the point of view. Decisive for good sex is the glasses through which he or she looks at the people he/she sleeps with. And if a woman ever sees her partner as a polite, lovely guy in a well-fitting suit, or as the father of her children, she'll have a hard time taking off a passionate number. After all, a woman just does not have sex with her bank adviser—and certainly not with someone who vaguely reminds her of her own father. Woman has passionate sex with one who is, first of all, a man. In principle, the same applies to men: A person who sees his wife primarily as a mother or sister has a problem in bed. So that two people can have good sex with each other, they have to put on erotic glasses. The man must allow himself to see the woman as an object of his desire. Then he will also be a good lover. However, the woman's job is to be sexy; that is, to feel sexy. Taking your body and loving it as it is—and rejoicing that it is lust rather than being ashamed.

Love Games in Bed: Dare!

An old-fashioned approach? Women are no longer ashamed of their sexuality today, right? Think twice. How pleasurable, how sexy do you allow yourself to be? Do you show it to a man if you find him exciting? Are you demanding? Have you ever really indulged yourself, even if it was dirty and definitely no longer camera-acceptable? (And without feeling slutty.) Somehow, we have not all yet freed ourselves from the sticky moral thinking, from our mothers, the churches, and the old men who have so long determined the social thought.

Maybe it will happen the next evening, when the man and the woman come home from work, after a long day. The clothes stick to their bodies, especially under the armpits, and he gets in touch with them in the kitchen from behind. If she just does not say, "Let me take a shower first." If she even admits and shows that she has been in the mood for something like that from her partner for quite a while. If he does exactly what comes first to mind. She sits on the kitchen table and opens her blouse. If she does not get upset about it, but allows it and reacts instead of complaining with a laugh. If both are brave and open enough to indulge in this situation, they will probably have passionate sex on the table this evening.

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