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Sub/Dom Drop and Aftercare

This is need to know stuff.

By Lena BaileyPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

So sub and dom drop is a drop that occurs after an intense scene. Some people also experience a drop after intense sex. This happens because adrenaline and endorphins spike during play, a scene and sex. Bottoms or sub types experience the drop more often. Most doms have never experienced a drop. This is because they may not experience as intense of a high as a bottom type does during a scene. The low percentage of reports of dom drop could also be because they maybe less likely to talk about it especially if it will cause them to be vulnerable.

Now the drop can be different for everyone it can also be different every time. The reason for this is everyone and every act is different. Even each time you do the act or scene can be different because of intensity and head space. There was a time when I would start laughing during or after a scene or session. I would start laughing then once I calmed down, I would be calm and in better spirits. I do sometimes cry or get emotional after sex or a few scenes. You have to learn what sub drop looks like in your partner.

Now aftercare is the most important things that a partner can do. It shows respect to your partner. It also shows that you know what you are doing. There are a lot of things that need to happen during and after this time of after care. One of the first things that needs to happen is that you need look for cuts and bruises and dress any wounds that you found. Also you need to ask what your partner wants or needs at that time. Just like drop can be different every time, care can be different every time. If it was an intense scene they may need more care. You just need to ask your partner what they need. Some people may just need to talk and have their partner validate their feelings. Validating how your partner feels and listening to them should in and out of after care. BDSM and the acts that go on are very intense sometimes so you will have to allow for vulnerability and talking in your dynamic. People that don't think vulnerability and talking have a place in BDSM are wrong.

So besides talking and dressing wounds there are a few things that are popular in aftercare. It all depends on the dynamic and person. There are people who are into ddlg who like to color as aftercare. Some people in all dynamics may like to be left alone. Cuddling and bubble baths may be popular among women. Eating something light before or after the scene may help with drop and be a form of after care. Eating and being hydrated before the scene may lessen the drop later. Rehydrating after is also important, water or Gatorade are the most recommended but some people may like tea or juice. Eating chocolate during after care is also known to help with the drop. I sometimes just need to be close to my partner have something to drink like tea or soda and I'm good. When I experience a laughing fit, I usually don't require much aftercare. It all depends on the scene or my emotions at the time. A lot of women are like that because our emotions and hormones are all over the place at some point.

If you have any questions about the lifestyle let me know, my email can be found on my pages and my page can be found by clicking my name under the title of this article.


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