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Strip Club Etiquette - Part 2

Confessions from a VIP Room

By Johnny VPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Inside the underlying world of strip clubs, the private dance becomes the highlight for those who decide to embark into the VIP private room. There is a mystery of what happens behind the closed doors of the VIP room or the curtains of the private area section. In some clubs, the rooms are set behind an open doorway usually guarded by one of the members of the floor staff. This is known as the VIP Room section. A bright neon sign may hang above the open doorway with the letters VIP or a framed sign displaying PRIVATE ROOM. The doorway leads into a dimly lit section of the club with a cubicle seating arrangement crammed into a tightly spaced area. Other clubs have VIP rooms, a private room containing a couch, a side table and a door that is either left slightly opened with a door stop while occupied or it is left completely closed for more privacy.

To get into the VIP room, it usually takes a lot of effort from the stripper who is trying to convince you to sell you a private dance. There is a process to it. The first stage is the Approach—this is when the stripper unnoticeably approaches the customer at at given time. If you happen to be a regular or VIP customer, one of the members of the floor staff will introduce her to you as a sign of courtesy. But most of the time, you’ll notice many of the strippers will be constantly walking around the club looking for that one customer. To my observation, this act of approach is similar to watching vultures flying around in circles in the air searching for their prey, then minutes later, they swoop down and catch their prey. Sometimes, the girls may be standing next to one of the floor guys who will advise them on who to approach, and other times they will stand or sit and wait patiently at the bar before they approach the customer. The customer walking into the club may be alone or with a group of friends. Sometimes that one customer may be a familiar face to the club—a regular/VIP, or they may be an out-of-towner. The stripper will do a first take glance at the customer(s) as soon as he walks into the club. Once the customer settles down with a drink in hand, she makes her move and calmly approaches the customer. This is when the second stage— the Conversation—occurs between the two.

The conversation is the process of getting acquainted with one another between the stripper and the customer. Breaking the ice is key to the conversation. She may ask if she can sit with you. She may ask a wide variety of questions from, "What's your name?" to "What brings you to the strip club this time of night?" As the conversation continues between the two, she will reach out to him with her hand and slightly rub the customer's inner thigh. Sometimes, she will affirm her position by leaning closer, delicately listening to every word you say. There is this flirtatious banter that goes back and forth between the two. You can see in her eyes or the way she presents herself to you. It's a flirtatious dance that reveals a lot of unknown and excitement for both parties. As the conversation continues, there will soon come a time in which the opportunity to embark into the VIP private room presents itself. It usually starts with a few simple table dances. As each song ends, tension builds between the you and the entertainer. You become overwhelmed and in awe, especially if she happens to be your type. After your second or third table dance, she will divert the conversation into an offer you can't refuse. This is the Hustle.

The hustle occurs when she asks you if you want to have more privacy when it comes to the lap dances. The theory is the greater the hustle, the greater the incentive. Almost 70-90% of the time, the customer will acquiesce with no reservation. These are the customers who are very new to the club and don't hesitate with their decision. They are the ones who immediately head into the private room without realizing the cost. There is an exchange of questions and answers that happens. The customer will ask about pricing and what will happen in the VIP room, and in return, she will explain to the customer about the different pricing structure and ensure that she will make it worthwhile. Pricing varies and the cost is usually based on the time that is spent in the room.

Once the hustle is completed, it's time for the girl to close the deal. When this happens, the two parties will walk towards the VIP private area, whether it's a private room or the cubicle setting. Before they reach the area, the stripper will usually check in with the attending floor person or a hostess. Clubs differ in many ways, as each has their own unique process. She will notify them of the length of time that she will be in the room or area. The member of the floor staff will mark her name on a room schedule that is attached to a clipboard. It lists the number of private room reservations that have occurred during the shift and the length of time. Once they arrive in the room, the bill is settled and a percentage will go to the club, collected by the attending floor person or hostess, while the remaining amount goes to the girl.

Once the door closes, you sit down and thus, the private dance begins. It’s time to enjoy. At this point, I won't describe what a private dance entails or what actually happens. You'll will have to experience one and find out for yourself. A few tips to consider:

  1. Wearing dress pants is best when receiving a private dance.
  2. Removing your belt is a good option, as it will give you a better overall experience.
  3. Wear a button down dress shirt, unbutton one button, and you're ready for business.
  4. Never be short of cash before entering the Private Room; you will end up at the ATM machine with the stripper overlooking your shoulder.
  5. Know the code.
  6. Not all dances are alike, so choose wisely—ask friends who've had one.

After all is said and done, enjoy the experience.

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