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Straight Talk: Things Men Do That Women Hate

Women, speak up, please!

By Carla SofiiLove Garcia Published 3 years ago 6 min read
Women forcefully having to stop men

Men have this fantasy that life with a woman is supposed to revolve around the needs and wants of the flesh; women are supposed to constantly desire them or supposed to want sex all the time. Guess what, there’s things that y’all do that woman don’t like. Maybe if men took the time to ask what we accept or don’t accept, you’d know how to please us. But here are a few things that I personally don’t like, which I’m sure that I’m not the only one.


Believe it or not gentlemen, women don’t always want to be ready to verbally arouse you, or be worried about what they’re saying that may turn you on. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good phone session as much as the next person, but there’s a time and place for it. There had been times where I was at work, my ex would call me on my lunch break, we would start having a decent conversation, when all of a sudden he wanted to have phone sex; I was in the office lunchroom, with people around. Now, there were times where the thrill was great, I enjoyed the bit of adrenaline I would get from the idea of getting caught, but the majority of the time, I just wanted to have my lunch and have him ask me about my day. Or I would get home from a long day at work, exhausted from talking to people on the phone (I work in a call center), so I just wanted to relax and have some alone time. My ex would call me and start telling me about the fantasies he had been having about me all day; all I wanted was to relax. Honestly, I enjoy sex and dirty talk, but there is a time and place for it. Men, I word to the wise, please pay attention to the signs that your women are giving you, I promise you’d reap the benefits of doing just that.


Ok, I know I’m not alone in this, I really would love if someone answered this for me: who in the female universe actually enjoys receiving the unsolicited dick pics? By a show of hands, please! For one, I don’t, men send dick pics like they’re sharing the picture of their cars to their friends... like seriously! If you really wanted me to know what your little monster looked like, call me, ask me to meet you somewhere, and give it to me... don’t just show it off. I love me some dick as any woman does, but for actually being able to use it. What am I supposed to do with the picture of your dick? Lol. Maybe I’m not normal, maybe I’m overanalyzing it, but dick is meant to be physically touched, not just for my viewing pleasures. Tell me if I’m wrong.


I’m sure I’m crossing a boundary when I bring this up, but I feel it’s a subject that is so taboo, it’s not addressed as often as it should be; anal sex. Now, what women in the right mind actually enjoy this? I can’t imagine too many. I’m sure women just do it to please the men, or the few that do like it, probably have done this a little too much; to each their own. But I’m going to keep this one short and to the point, no decent woman on the face of this planet actually likes it. Take note gentleman, ask before assuming a position; pun intended!


We all have lives, whether with family, friends, work... we all have to balance our time equally, but the men I've known in my time have made it so difficult to balance their time and attention within their circles, that they just didn't seem ready to fit in another person into the mix. Naturally, women are better at multitasking, balancing schedules, and dividing their attention in many different directions. I have found it odd to have found a man that has been able to make time to be in a romantic relationship, have a full-time job, and make time for their family, therefore making it difficult to want to pursue anyone. A word of advice to men, if women for who have children, full-time jobs, and take on extracurricular activities (like relationships), then you can do it too. I don't think the excuse of "I just don't have the time right now to take on a relationship with everything going on" is valid, I don't believe women are asking men to devote their entire life to focusing solely on them, but simply make the woman feel as if she is desired and included. If you truly don't have the time, I understand, but at least be honest and take some personal time. I would just like to say this; make time, not excuses. Just saying.


This is a story as old as time, men have been unfaithful and not fully satisfied being with just one person. Men have paved the way for women to open up to the option of also playing the game. I think there was a time when women set the example of loyalty, trust, companionship, and romance, but from the decades of evolution, women have been empowered to one-up men in the cheating; I strongly believe women would not have the need nor the desire of doing so if men would not fear being emotional creatures and be more considerate. Now, I'm not saying that all men are unfaithful or men are fully incapable of being loyal, sometimes it is the women who drive men to find other options, but I feel that majority of the time it has been the man that has strayed away. I have been hamster spinning on the wheel of the "on again off again" relationship, either for constant arguments/disagreements, or for infidelity, and neither one is easier than the other. Starting over due to someone not being careful or careless is not easy for anyone that is fully vested in the other person; there was a time when I felt that life could simply not continue if my partner was not with me, of course, I was young and naive, felt like the world revolved around the two of us, but the older I got the better options got, the more appreciated my alone time. Now, I feel if I was cheated on, I'd just brush it off and go about my day, I wouldn't think twice, and I wouldn't dwell in my sorrows as I used to. So, gentlemen, I would like you to consider one thing; do you want to be the asshole that makes another woman insecure and create another broken soul, and would you be to truly live with yourself? Before you act on your flesh's needs, make sure you ask yourself if it's worth losing the one that is already head over heels in love with you.

So that we have a better idea of a few things that some women may not find attractive or compelling, I would hope that men will make a better effort and reconsider their actions, to allow women to trust again and feel respected. Against popular belief, women respect men more who respect and value themselves, not those who disrespect themselves unknowingly doing inappropriate things.

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