Stormy Sex

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Cowboy Love

Stormy Sex

The sky darkened as the clouds rolled in. Thunder could be heard rumbling, minutes later lightning flashed across the sky. The wind picked up, bending the tree’s under its pressure the long grass swaying in the wind as the storm blew in.

Realizing we were far from the barn we rode swiftly over to the old Indian caves, looking to be sheltered for the duration of the storm. The horses becoming more and more skittish as the raindrops began to fall. Fat blobs, hitting us slowly at first then suddenly coming down in torrents. Trotting up to the mouth of the caves we dismounted and led our horses into the canyon, a rocky ledge high above offered the animal’s shelter.

Inside the cave, we relaxed enough to laugh at ourselves. Soaked from head to toe he pulled off his shirt and shook it out. Suddenly, I realized that my white t-shirt had offered me little dignity and he had already noticed.

I had answered an ad for a Quarter Horse that was for sale. Richard had been kind enough to offer to take me on a trail ride so I could get to know the horse. Now we were trapped inside a cave while the wind and ran carried on outside. Two strangers, in the middle of nowhere...

He caught me looking at his well-defined chest and rigid abs. When he caught my gaze, I tried to look away but it was too late. I could see his steely eyes looking at me from underneath the brim of his cowboy hat. Suddenly, the air became heavy and tension filled the room. I could feel the electricity in the air. He stepped closer, the heel of his boots dragging across the stone floor. He stood before me, trying to read me. Looking to see if I was feeling the same thing he was. Inhaling sharply, I caught my breath and stood there holding it before taking a step forward and kissing him firmly on his mouth. Suddenly I felt his strong arms grabbing me around my waist as he pulled me in close. Kissing me, his tongue probed and explored my mouth. Burying his face in my chest, I could smell his hair as he kissed my bare skin. Pushing my bra up over my breasts his tongue found my nipples, licking and suckling on them. Tenderly kissing each one making them harden, begging for more. Spreading my legs he found me wet. His fingers exploring me, teasing as he massaged and manipulated me. Bringing me so close to climaxing before he stopped. Pulling away, I looked up at him, my eyes hazed with the desire of wanting him. Reaching down he unzipped his pants, revealing his large, throbbing cock, proving he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

Pushing himself inside of me, I could barely take him. His massive size catching me by surprise. Inhaling sharply I tried to control myself when I felt him enter me, pushing himself all the way in. He reached down, stroking me as he pumped me full, rocking me on the hard, cold floor. I exploded, I couldn’t hold it as I cried out loud in sheer ecstasy. Grunting loudly he shoved his shaft deeper and deeper into me, cumming inside of me.

Soon the clouds parted, giving way to the sun. Mounting our horses we quietly rode back to the ranch. Occasionally, I would catch him glancing over at me with a grin on his face.

I bought the horse that afternoon and paid for six months full board in advance. It was a good ride.

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