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by J.S. Danielle 2 years ago in erotic

The Mind Hungers for It

I'm hungry for a taste of what I can't wait to see. Up close and personal, in my motherfucking face, you see...
I've been waiting for a long time for this day. The time when you'd throw your shit my way and tell me that is certainly okay.

You want to play, huh? Run your lips all around this, huh?

Lick it like a lollipop should be licked and pop those lips, I wanna kiss...lick them shits like LL do. Smile that crooked smile the way you do, too! I'll throw my thighs apart and wait for the wonders of your Perfected art of tonguing me down, swirling all around, not making no sound till you've heard me #sigh

Now...I could do the same. Make you say my name, over and over again until it's not a requiem, but a crescendo of Jesus' name. You know he know that wasn't right, but then, he knew I'd do that shit the right way and completely fuck your mind up, keep going till you've had enough. But what?
Don't say it. Keep playing in it. Swim all deep downtown in my lovely soft and delicious brown.

Creamy like your lips, glazed in my, "Honey Chile, Krispie Kreme ain't got shit on your Dunkin' Donut" grind my hips, till I can't on the dick. Say it ain't so...tell me you still want more.

I'm bent over the desk, not a thought to my exposed ass. Or am I inviting the firm pressed hand from the right man to be planted there? A sting to last?

Tingles permeate my clothing, the warm chill races up the right side of my neck, I think about the sex we made last night and I can't wait until it happens next.

I lick my lips because I'm tasting you, remembering your "O" face as I cruised up with each basting of my tongue. The can't stop, please don't stop faces you make that keep me going on.
"Fuck", each paddle to my backside makes fucking you worth it each pounding.

Reddening each cheek, feelings from head to my feet, rubbing right after around and around.
He looks at me stand there, ass tooted out for another lash; I can't decide if I want it now or if I can stave off for later, end of day better come fast.

Damn that, I'm heading to a quiet spot to relieve my hunger and what's due, nothing could ever replace the feel deep inside my She by the fullness of you.
I feel and I imagine, I rub and I grind. My hips pushing outward and rhythmic in its time.

It's coming and it's coming, I don't want it to stop right now, "Quiet" I tell myself, flushing sounds of the restroom drown out my orgasms.

I can recall sitting on the edge of the bed, this very scene in the forefront of my mind as it's being written on paper, legs spread as he stood between them - shirt opened, pants unbuckled but not dropped, abs on fleek and rippling every time I ran a fingernail over the peaks and valleys of each one.
He licked his lips (like LL does, women loving this move so much I never understood why, until now), I felt my She weep. 'Please lick me with that spirited favor', my inner thighs shook. I'm pulling him closer because ESP is a osmotic bitch and I wanted him to hear my thoughts. My legs full on parted - Moses couldn't have done it better (*sorry, not sorry for the biblical reference).

He reached down, slightly bending over and rubbed up the bedded part of my pussy up to my clit - pinching it ever so deliciously between his two fingertips. He smiled. I awed. I rocked forward. He showed me teeth. I awed and my wrinkled forehead, raised him a brow in exchange for that lip lick again.
'Fuck', I sighed. 'Damn right', he replied.

Coming in his hands twice was a feat, but his mouth on my She has me shivering skin deep. I held his head while his tongue did it's best and calling every name I could think that sounded like his, but I wasn't making any sense. Jibberish my new tongue.
He held onto my thighs. Fighting between opening wider or closing those muffs around his ears, I rode his wave of laps around my clit and grinded a mile or two off his exercise. But yoooo, when he stood up to shed the excess...I knew somebody like me, for his cock stood up proudly and manly begging for shelter.
I gave shelter. Enjoyed the company. Treated it like my own. Welcomed it with open-mouthed kisses and laved laces of love all over the shaft - base to tip and base again.

My head his branches, I grounded him as he swayed shakily on unstable roots. Not firmly planted, he bent to my will then as his leaves blew, the air left him leaning to one side across my shoulder I rubbed his trunk...uprooted his stance and laid him down across my bed.
And I plundered that tree trunk for all that its wood offered.


J.S. Danielle

Author. Poetess. Entrepreneur. Podcaster.

Telling the stories only imagined and said in private. Invitation into the minds of many experiences (men and women) who did not believe it too taboo to share.

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J.S. Danielle
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